Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 352

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When Sai and the woman got on board, Lee Dae Gil flickered his lantern to the other side of the pier. Nam Myung Soo and Go Dong Pal walked out of the tetrapods’ shade.

“Nimi Ddugural, I’m going to die from the cold. Why do I need to go through all this to kill an old man who can’t catch a chicken and a woman?” Nam Myung Soo, whose lips were blue, complained.

His bones almost rattled because of the sea breeze. Flounder and Bullet Tuna were on the boat. The whole time, he had been complaining about how they, as veterans, had to step in too.

“Brother Moray’s orders, yeah? Let’s hurry up.”

Lee Dae Gil pushed Nam Myung Soo’s back. Lee Dae Gil released the bollard rope, threw it into the boat, and got on the boat.


The screw increased the RPM. The driftnet crab fishing boat shook its body at the knocking of the old engine and backed away. The fishing boat moved further away from the pier, turned, and slid into the sea.

Their guests were on board, but no one minded them. That was the custom of their business. The courier only had to deliver the package to the location, and the customer only had to pay the agreed delivery charge. They weren’t going to see each other again, so there was no need to get friendly either.




The old fishing boat began to emit black smoke as it moved further away from land. It increased in speed. The waves weren’t that high, but the crashing waves lifted and released the small fishing boat. The seawater that splashed over the boat formed a shining film of ice. The old fishing boat had a weak driving force. It failed to progress every time a wave crashed.


He lost his balance because of the sudden pitching. Lee Dae Gil, who only minded the rolling, slid all the way down the boat and bumped his shoulder on the safety rail. He barely managed to grab the hat that flew and almost fell into the sea.

Lee Dae Gil grabbed the chin strap of the marketman’s hat and tied it tightly. The sea breeze flowing against the winter sea was sharp that it could cut his skin.

Isn’t that old man cold at all?

The old man was standing upright on the deck and looking at the land that ceased to be visible, while the woman sitting on top of the carrier bag was minding her nails. Anyone in duck-down parkas would shiver in that kind of weather, but he didn’t look cold at all despite wearing a Burberry coat and hat. The woman wearing the fur coat and marten scarf didn’t look cold either.

Lee Dae Gil grew frustrated. He could only stay on guard if the old man and woman entered the pier. If not, the action division could move quicker.

Nam Myung Soo and Go Dong Pal climbed up the stairs from the pier as though they had overheard Lee Dae Gil’s complaint. Nam Myung Soo was carrying a handaxe while Go Dong Pal was carrying a motorbike chain.

Sai glanced at them and turned his head. It was as though he’d seen some flies. The woman glanced at Go Dong Pal. A faint smile was seen on her.


Sai glanced at Lee Dae Gil and headed toward the wheelhouse. Lee Dae Gil suddenly wanted to pee. It was terrifying as though he had just met the eyes of a reptile and not a human.

F***. What kind of situation is this?

The woman sat and focused on grooming her nails. Even an idiot would have understood the situation, but the old man and the woman were staring at their weapons like a cow looking at a chicken. Nam Myung Soo and Go Dong Pal stared at each other and laughed as though they found it funny too.


The wheelhouse’s door opened. A man wearing a leather jacket and a man wearing a U.S. military jumper came out from the room. They were holding a half-inch rebar and a sashimi knife in their hands equipped with leather gloves.

“Chinpirania![2] You-die-if-you-act-greedy.”

A rough sound that sounded like grating iron left his mouth. The words that came out one syllable at a time seemed hard-spoken. It was the kind of sound that bothered and frustrated the listener.

“This Japanese idiot is saying something stupid.”

Flounder swung the rebar that he was holding.


A dent was made on the ship’s floor made of FRP. If he intended to threaten them, he had failed. The old man didn’t even glance at him.

Lee Dae Gil moved slowly toward the boxes on the deck. There were four action members known to fight well. The result was obvious. The situation would be over as long as the ominous man and woman were thrown overboard to the fish and their belongings were taken back to land.

He suddenly felt threatened. The one-armed old man didn’t look at Nam Myung Soo or Go Dong Pal, who blocked his way. He also didn’t look at Flounder’s team, who were standing before him either. The old man was still staring at the land. He suddenly remembered the old man’s eyes that were as cold as a snake’s. Lee Dae Gil, who’d hidden between the boxes, moved to hide between the fish traps.


Nam Myung Soo, Go Dong Pal, Flounder, and Bullet Tuna all stared at the woman. No, their gazes turned toward the carrier bag that the woman was sitting on.

“Reason? It’s that you’ve got too much money. I don’t like Japanese, but I despise Japanese idiots even more. I really hate rich Japanese idiots. I want to kill all the old Japanese idiots who walk around Korea with a Korean woman by their side. Kehehehe!” Flounder laughed.

He thought he had said something cool. He didn’t know that he could speak so well.

“Kuso, kuchibashi tamare.”[3]

His low but heavy voice traveled through the sound of waves and echoed. Oddly enough, his syllables were clear when he spoke in Japanese. Resentment flooded Sai’s eyes. That was why the Joseon people were second-rate citizens. Before he found out whether they were bean paste or s*it, everyone he met was rude and reckless at their first encounter. All Koreans had rotten eyes.

“Is this old Japanese man crazy? Let’s break off his head and play baseball with it.”

The impatient Flounder went for the first blow.


The iron rebar swung in from the side. Sai moved a step back to avoid the rebar, moved two steps forward, tapped Flounder’s temple with his wrist, and returned to his place.


The sound of something breaking was heard.


Flounder, who had swung the rebar pompously, flew into a corner of the boat where the nets were piled up and collapsed. The remaining three members of the Tefal faction blinked. The old man was standing in the place where he was before.

Flounder had flown on his own, slamming his head onto the boat’s side before collapsing. No one saw the old man move. They thought Flounder had slipped and fallen after swinging the rebar too hard.

“What’s wrong with him?” Bullet Tuna whispered.

“Th… That’s?”

Go Dong Pal raised a finger, unable to continue. Blood was trickling from under the nets. Nam Myung Soo and Go Dong Pal’s faces turned pale. They didn’t know how, but Flounder had died without making a single sound.

“Brother. I think, Flounder, that kid’s dead.”

Bullet Tuna’s voice trembled.

“F***ing b*stard. Do you think he’ll still be alive after getting his head bashed in? Kill them!” Nam Myung Soo shouted.

Although the situation smelled fishy, they must finish what they had started. To maintain an organization and eat scamp food, one had to promise four things. Firstly, to kill others, they must be prepared to die. Secondly, to beat up others, they must be prepared to get beaten up. Thirdly, to rob others, they must be prepared to get robbed. Lastly, to avoid jail, they must be prepared to starve.

“Die, you b*stard!” Bullet Tuna bent down and rushed in.

Since everyone’s depraved, even some trash is trying to bite me. Sai sighed.

An injured tiger was still a tiger. It was like a red squirrel losing its fear after eating another squirrel and attacking a marten.

Bullet Tuna, who was rushing in, hesitated and turned to the side. From behind, Go Dong Pal slid down the deck like he was sliding on ice. Go Dong Pal’s chain flew in from the side.


As the chain closed in on the old man’s face, Bullet Tuna jumped off the deck and shoved the sashimi knife into the old man’s side.

“I’m going to kill you!” Nam Myung Soo shouted subconsciously.

The 20-ton fishing boat was barely over five pyungs. Go Dong Pal and Bullet Tuna had already secured the open space. The old man, who was being attacked on both sides, would have nowhere to escape. Go Dong Pal’s chain and Bullet Tuna’s sashimi knife demonstrated an excellent textbook example of long-distance and short-distance combined attacks. It also exhibited an outstanding battle mindset and artistic timing. It was to the point that their confidence peaked.

Chui Do Shik stepped once to the right. His body tilted 45 degrees to the side like an illusion.


Following the inclination of his body, the chain dropped and left a fist’s width of space in between.


By the time the chain hit the floor, Bullet Tuna’s distance was shortened.


Bullet Tuna exclaimed in surprise. The sashimi knife passed by the old man’s side in vain. However, Bullet Tuna was excellent with the knife. He changed the grip on his knife and dragged it like a fishing reel. It went from a stab to a drag-slice.

Close combat was a battle for space. Sai’s right hand tapped and raised Bullet Tuna’s elbow before his thumb landed on his neck. Sai’s thumb dug into his bones and came back out.


The sound of air escaping was heard before Bullet Tuna could even scream.


The chain, which landed on the ground, swung back up and swept his side. Sai sent a back kick without even turning around.


The tip of his toe landed exactly on the end of the chain, changing its direction. The chain flew toward Go Dong Pal instead.


Surprised, Go Dong Pal lowered his head. Sai flicked the sashimi knife that fell out of Bullet Tuna’s hand and grabbed it. He threw it back without looking.


The moment the blade flashed by the overhead dim light, a short scream rang.


A red line appeared on Go Dong Pal’s neck as he attempted to avoid his own chain. Go Dong Pal stopped moving.


His head fell on the deck.


The headless body collapsed.


The blood that gushed out of his neck soaked the wheelhouse’s door.


Bullet Tuna, who was staggering here and there, subsequently collapsed onto the wet deck head-first. Although it was a detailed fight, two gang members had died in a single breath. One had their neck cut off, while the other had a hole in their neck. The deck was covered in blood instantly.


Lee Dae Gil’s eyes grew wide between the fish traps. His mind turned blank. His hands and feet shook like trembling aspen.

F***, I’ve stepped on s***.

Nam Myung Soo was different from Lee Dae Gil. He understood the situation instantly like a veteran who had seen blood many times. The old man was a martial arts expert who appeared in martial arts novels. That was a pressing situation where he had to preserve his life.

Nam Myung Soo turned his body around as fast as lightning. He was aiming for the companion, the woman wearing black sunglasses. He grabbed the woman’s neck with his left hand and shoved a handaxe that glinted in blue under the woman’s chin.

“Oi, old man, let’s finish this here.”

“Orokana yako!”[4]

Sai shook his head. The guy was pitiful.


Nam Myung Soo’s mouth hung open. Blood flowed out of his open mouth. The woman retracted the knife stuck in Nam Myung Soo’s chest. Including its handle, the dagger was barely the size of a palm and made during the Tokugawa shogunate period for stabbing.

“You, you… f***ing…”

Nam Myung Soo’s soul scattered, and his chest was accurately stabbed. He collapsed onto the deck without completing his sentence. The pool of blood splattered. Nam Myung Soo’s body went cold after the final spasm. The woman wiped the dagger blade on Nam Myung Soo’s shirt.


Lee Dae Gil’s teeth started chattering at the sight of her licking the blade like a cat. They were horrible people, and that was a terrifying scene. Even the young woman was as poisonous as the old man.

F***. I know they look like grim reapers, but they are really grim reapers. That b**** is a grim reaper too.

The four humans became non-recyclable wastes in a single breath. The blood that gushed out of the four corpses soaked the deck. Every time the boat shook, the pool of blood flowed down the boat, swaying back and forth.

Even then, he recalled a saying from a martial arts novel. Be careful of old men and women.

He did feel like something was off when he boarded the boat. It was a misfortune that his premonitions were always accurate. Truth be told, Lee Dae Gil was planning to grab the woman to threaten the old man himself. However, with only determination and lack of bravery, he hesitated because he had never fought before.

He wasn’t part of the Tefal faction’s action division. He was in charge of operations, so to speak, taking care of guests and laundering funds. The brawny fights were handled by the action division, and he met the guests to receive the money in turn. Nam Myung Soo had died trying to go left to face the right. Lee Dae Gil felt like he had escaped the lion’s jaw.

Chui Do Shik glared at Lee Dae Gil with glass-like eyes.


Lee Dae Gil’s face was bleached white. He felt like he was being sucked into the mouth of a large snake. Yellow liquid dripped down his pants.


Sai ignored Lee Dae Gil’s stunned expression and headed for the captain’s room.

“Do you need a knife too?”

A pair of slanted eyes followed Lee Dae Gil. Lee Dae Gil’s hands shook frantically at the woman’s cold words.

“Uh, uhuh!”

“Coward, why do you carry around a d*ck?” The woman smirked.



Captain Kim, who was frozen in his place, regained his senses when he heard the knocking on the window.


Leaning against the window was someone with a ghost-like face and eyes with the whites revealed. Captain Kim unknowingly gasped when he met the person’s gaze. The old man who was like the devil, no, the old man who was the devil and had eliminated the Tefal faction in the blink of an eye stood there. Captain Kim felt his limbs stiffen before the eyes that looked just like a shark’s.

The old man wagged his finger. Captain Kim looked at the door in desperation. Could he survive? Never. Although it was a firm door made out of wood, it was the kind that would break with a single kick from the old man. Captain Kim slowly began to feel the space under the wheel. A thick handle was grasped. It was a gun that he had purchased from a black market gang member.

[1] “What a disappointment!”

[2] Scamp!

[3] “Idiot, shut your mouth.”

[4] “Stupid idiot!”

[5] “Useless idiot.”
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