Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 393

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Samedi’s fist was heavier than a hammer swung in full swing, and his kicks could crumble concrete walls. The monster’s eyes and mouth exploded, and its skin as hard as iron cracked into pieces.

“Ooo! He really is God’s warrior!”​

“This has to be a dream. The evil spirit’s getting beaten up!”

The Pygmy hunters’ mouths fell wide open. The evil spirit’s hide could bounce off spears and knives. But with every hand and feet movement of God’s warrior, the evil spirit’s hide split and bled. It was the kind of fight they never imagined. The Pygmy hunters lost their minds over the fistfight between monster and human.

“What do you think of Samedi’s fist, hm? S***!” Samedi, who was about to boast, flattened his body against the floor.

Whoosh! a thick tail thicker than a drum swept past his head narrowly. His hair trembled at the wind.

If the human’s weapon was his hands and feet, the crocodile’s weapon was its teeth and tail. Samedi felt the back of his head chill in fear. His head had nearly flown off at the unexpected attack.

Recovering from his falter, Samedi rushed at the monster and landed a solid punch on its chin. His waist which had twisted like a doughnut turned like a spinner. The spin-kick which increased in speed landed squarely on the monster’s chin. The monster was more agile than it seemed. It raised its head high and avoided the kick. Slash! Samedi’s heel slipped past its lower chin’s skin, tearing it apart.

The Sarcosuchus’s green eyes burned in anger. Kueeee! The howling which erupted from the large monster shook the ground. Leaves fell and the water trembled.

“Hhhhe!” The Pygmy hunters who lost their balance at the strong soundwave attack fell to their butts. The aura of the Cretaceous Age’s greatest predator had made their souls escape their bodies.

Whoosh! The Sarcosuchus flung its raised head back down like an ax. Samedi slipped out using the Water Strider Walk (the movement of a water strider). Whump! The head which had been falling downwards changed directions with a crack. The triangular muscle which connected its head and chest was strong enough to endure the sudden change and lag.


Samedi, who missed his chance the evade the sudden change of attack, curled his body up into a ball to prepare for the impact. Bang! It was the kind of impact a human would receive getting hit by a dump truck. Samedi rolled away like a spinning top without being able to scream. He couldn’t do anything about their difference in body size.

Kueeegh! The monster ran at him, leaping off the ground. It was planning to crush Samedi entirely. No cook, however, would give up cooking a perch just because it flipped around more on the cutting board than a flounder. Samedi was nothing but a prey fighting back the Sarcosuchus. It was slightly bigger and fiercer than his usual preys, but it was the same thing nonetheless.

Samedi shook his head and stood. A foul smell attacked him before he could regain his senses. He nearly lost his mind at the sight of the crocodile running at him like a greyhound.

“Damn creature, I’ll kill you.”

Samedi shot out like a bullet, unwilling to lose. He lowered his body and charged at the Sarcosuchus’ lower chin with his shoulder. It was the Head’s Antler Movement of the Five Combined Movements that he learned from Big Master. Bang! The kind of sound that shouldn’t erupt from two living beings crashing into each other rang out.

The Sarcosuchus’ head flipped back. Bang! Bang! Samedi continued his attacks, digging into the monster’s range. The Sarcosuchus grabbed Samedi with its front legs like a frog. The ancient crocodile and the world’s strongest prior zombie entangled and rolled into the bamboo forest. Bang! Crack! Flap! All kinds of sounds erupted from the thick bamboo forest.

The bamboo trees broke and were uprooted. Even the sharpest bamboo shard didn’t become a hindrance for them. The bamboo forest next to the lake suffered in silence as a violent reptile and human-not-human fought.

Their battle was drawn out. Samedi was unable to remove the monster’s hard hide effectively, and the monster was unable to catch up to Samedi’s speed. The fight, which was based on both sides’ enormous strengths, began to draw blood and change into a street fight.

The most entertaining sights in the world were fire and fistfights. Of course, being involved in either was the worst. The fight between Samedi and the monster was the kind of entertainment that one simply couldn’t buy a ticket for. The Colosseum in Rome wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to it. In fact, Black Mamba grew so entertained he lounged on a tall rock to watch.

“Ugh, that idiot!” Black Mamba continued to click his tongue. Samedi wasn’t using his best skills and was fighting according to the monster’s strengths. The greatest aspects of the Five Combined Movements were speed and jabs. Jabs decreased the area of impact.

While one would be annoyed if one’s hand gets stepped on by trainers, one would have to go to the hospital if it was stepped on by heels. The smaller the affected area, the deeper its impact went. To make the thick-hide monster stop charging, Samedi would have to attack one area continuously.

“Brat, did the crocodile ask you for a massage? Stop wrestling and jab underneath its neck with the Three Dusting Cannon Jabs! Decrease your area of attack!” Black Mamba ended up shouting out of frustration.

Wrestling with a five-ton monster in pure strength would result in nothing. Of course, Samedi was more advantageous in the long run. Crocodiles didn’t have good endurance as temperature-sensitive creatures. But the problem was, Samedi could be defeated before its endurance fell.

“Right!” Samedi came back to his senses and began seeking an opportunity while avoiding the crocodile’s tail and jaws slightly. The monster swung its large mouth as though it went crazy, enraged. Weaknesses were bound to be revealed by losing one’s temper in a battle.

Samedi chanced on an opportunity and clung to the monster’s neck. Crack crack crack! He gathered his fingers like a fang and attacked the monster’s neck continuously. The monster’s hide was unable to bear a concentrated attack despite being as thick as an iron plate. Its hard hide tore off, and its entire 15cm skin was pierced. Pssh! Blood poured out.

“Damn! I won’t be able to make a good handbag with a ruined hide,” Black Mamba exclaimed, disappointed.

The monster could provide 200 pyungs (1 pyung is 30 cm in height and width for hides only) considering its size. 200 pyungs meant 40 shoulder bags. And it wouldn’t be just any crocodile handbags, it would be an ancient crocodile’s handbag from 50 million years ago.

Strong women would rush at the chance to buy it. Receiving 100,000 francs each, he could make 4,000,000 francs. He could even earn that much at Sotheby’s auction. Or he could just give it to Bonipas.

“Hehehe, it’s money, money! Huh? Damn!” Black Mamba stopped muttering happily as lines creased his forehead. The battle has suddenly changed. Kugh! The monster, unable to hold back its scream, shook its neck as hard as it could. Samedi’s lower body swung like a clock weight as he clung to its neck. The Sarcosuchus grabbed Samedi’s left leg. The consequence of letting his guard down momentarily was large. The 20cm long circular teeth as sharp as fangs dug into his muscles.


Surprised, Samedi kicked the Sarcosuchus’ mouth with his right foot. Three or four large teeth popped out. The monster raised its head high, angered. Samedi hung in the air.


“We’re in trouble! God’s warrior has been defeated,” sad exclamations came out of the Pygmies’ mouths.

“Why isn’t the warrior’s master helping him?” Someone complained.

Fifty pairs of eyes instantly turned towards Black Mamba who was sitting on a rock.

“He needs to get beaten up a little to learn how to fight.”

Black Mamba didn’t care. The Chimera they met at Ounianga had been able to withstand his kukri which could slice through iron. He was going to wait and see whether the monster could actually tear off Samedi’s leg.

Whisk! the Sarcosaurus shook its head rapidly. Bang! Bang! Bang! Samedi’s 120kg body continued to land on the floor like a hammer. Samedi’s muscles were man-made muscles of fibers from spider webs and limpets.

The tensile strength of steel is 0.25 Pascal; the tensile strength of a spider web is 1 to 1.5 Pascal, and the tensile strength of barnacles is 5 to 6 Pascal. Even the most tenacious muscle several times stronger than steel was unable to withstand its sharp teeth and fierce power. This meant the Sarcosuchus’ teeth and jaw strength were enormous.

“Damn, that idiot!”

The strength a five-ton muscled ancient monster could bring forth wasn’t a child’s joke. There was too great a difference in body build. No matter how strong a muscle can be, it can’t stand continued use. Black Mamba was unable to bear the 50 pairs of impatient eyes in the end.

Whoosh! Black Mamba kicked off the rock. Rakshasa popped out of his backpack. Whoosh! Whoosh! The ground split. Rakshasa, which received more kinetic force, dropped down in a cycloid arc. Bang! A sonic boom that broke through the sound barrier rang out.

“The great spirit’s angry!”

The Pygmies instantly wrapped their hands around their heads and curled up on the floor. Crack! Kuuueh! A pitiful wail rang out. The Sarcosuchus opened its mouth wide, unable to bear the pain of Rakshasa landing on its head. Samedi, who was released from the Sarcosuchus’ mouth, rushed to a safer range.

“Uuu, this is embarrassing!” His left leg was covered in blood. His desire to show how great an existence he was shattered. Rage and embarrassment pumped out more adrenaline.

“I’ll tear your mouth apart.”

Samedi leaped onto the monster’s neck, uncaring of his tattered leg. His arm was too short to strangle it. So, he shoved his left arm into the hole where it was injured and wrapped his legs around its neck. He positioned himself firmly, grabbed its upper jaw with his right arm, and tightened his grip.


All of the muscles, arm, shoulder, and back, increased. Kueegh! The monster shook its body in an attempt to shake him off.

“It’s nearly over!” Black Mamba nodded.

Large bodies can be a weakness indeed. The Sarcosuchus was unable to do anything about the human on its back. It was turned here and there by Samedi who had one-fiftieth of its weight, unable to use its true strength.

The saying that martens could catch tigers wasn’t a lie. Korean martens were the bravest and fastest predators. It always hunted with females. Sometimes the entire family set forth in five or six to catch larger prey.

While one distracted the tiger, another climbed on the tiger’s back, bit into the tiger’s neck, and held on. No matter how much the tiger raged, the marten refused to let go like a leech. By the time the tiger grew tired of its own rampage, the entire marten family rushed in to end its life. Samedi was just like the marten but on a Sarcosuchus’ neck.

Crack! An ominous sound rang out. The Sarcosuchus’ jaw muscles had surpassed its durability due to Samedi’s strength. The massive maxillary joint process and temporal muscle were destroyed.

Craaaack! In the end, the monster’s upper jaw was twisted at the most unnatural angle. Samedi was cruel. He grabbed the upper jaw with both hands and tore it out down to its throat. Samedi had done as he promised and tore out its jaw.

“Kwoo!” A short scream rang out.

Blood poured out like a fountain. The monster rolled around like mad. While any normal human would have turned into a jerky underneath its massive weight, Samedi was several times better than the monster in firmness and recovery rate.

“Huh, that brat’s tenacious. There’ll be plenty of bastards without mouths if I ever send him to Yeouido to fight mouth fighters.”

Black Mamba shook his head. He’d experienced many battles, but he’d never seen a guy fight so idiotically like Samedi.

Bang! The Sarcosuchus, which had been trembling and shaking like mad, flipped onto its back and turned limp. Not only would an ancient monster be unable to survive its head being torn in two, but even its ancestor also wouldn’t. The long fight finally ended. A sudden silence greeted them. The lake’s surroundings were ruined, as though a storm had passed by. They had been in a war against the monster for two hours.

“Uwawa!” Samedi shouted wildly as he stood on the Sarcosuchus’ body, raising both of his arms in the air.

His Wakil was cool with only one arm in the air. He thought he’d have to lift two to measure up.

“Unkulungkur akbar! (God is great!)” The Pygmies chanted, pressing flat on the floor.

The lake’s evil spirit used to hide deep in the forest and swallowed a Pygmy who left to hunt whole. Sometimes, it ate dozens instantly. God’s warrior had gotten rid of the evil spirit they had to serve as God. The Pygmies went into a frenzy.

“I’m Samedi!”

“Samedi Akbar!” The Pygmies praised.

“I am Samedi!”

“Samedi Akbar!”

Samedi, who enjoyed the chants and cheers, slowly glanced at Black Mamba and came down from the Sarcosuchus’ corpse.

“Kidamba, did you see?”

“Meio, meio!” Kidamba nodded like mad even before Ulumbo got the chance to translate.

“Kidamba, God’s warrior will protect you. God’s warrior will kill all the devils.”

“Meio, meio!” Kidamba’s dead eyes started to swarm with madness.

The Pygmy hunters swarmed around Samedi and made a circle that turned and turned. Samedi smiled at the small children(?) who barely reached his waist and smiled.

“Donzela Izino!”

“Donzela izino!”

The Pygmies shouted.

“What are they saying?”

“They’re asking if they can pull out the teeth of the evil spirit.”

“I allow,” Samedi said with a serious expression. Samedi was trying his hardest to act like Black Mamba.


Pygmies gathered around Sarcosuchus’ corpse like a colony of ants. The teeth of a strong predator are a special item hunters desire no matter the time and age. The Sarcosuchus was Earth’s worst predator. The Pygmies naturally wished to have a hold of its tooth.

“Ulumbo, tell the Pygmies this: Take off the hide carefully for me, and they can have its meat.” Black Mamba, who loved money, didn’t intend to give up the Sarcosuchus’ hide anytime soon.

“Yes, Great Master!”

Ulumbo’s nose almost reached the ground in his bow. The Great Master had ended the monster with one swing of his whip, the kind of monster which would appear in an old spell caster’s lie. The evil spirit which had shaken the Bodun here and there didn’t even stand a chance. All males had a romance for strength. Absolute strength was another term for respect. Ulumbo’s heart filled with genuine respect. He wanted to serve him immediately right before his feet.
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