Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 419

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China’s Ministry of State Security was a large organization that had control over vast lands, diverse ethnicities, and 1,300,000,000 people. The number of people in 18 administrative divisions, 15 direct companies, and three research organizations added up to 350,000 alone. It was the kind of scale the CIA would struggle to compete against despite being known as the greatest intelligence agency.

China’s ruling ideology, which Joseon upheld as a Confucian country, was the theory of yin and yang harmony and not practical theory. The yin-yang ruling ideology culminated in Deng Xiaoping’s Theory of Black Cat White Cat.

Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution advocated the purge of capitalism, but its true purpose was to get rid of the opposition faction led by Liu Shaoqi. Mao Zedong made the Ministry of State Security’s headquarters, the Central Investigation Department, and the Public Security Bureau actively recruit martial arts schools to turn them into vanguards of assassination and terrorism.

Deng Xiaoping, who survived the harsh Cultural Revolution, didn’t exclude those martial artists but took them in as agents of the Internal Security and Anti-Reconnaissance Department and External Security and Anti-Reconnaissance Department. It truly was the enactment of, “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is white or black, as long as it can catch mice, it’s a good cat.”

Belgium had colonized Congo until 1960, and the U.S. gained comprehensive resource exploration rights through the Kinshasa Contract in 1958. Independence was only a title as Congo was still buried under Belgium and the United State’s shadows. China had been aiming for Congo’s uranium and metals since the mid-1960s but could do nothing due to Belgium and the U.S.’ vested interests.

If the U.S. and Belgium were lions that were tearing apart the large elephant meat called Congo, China was the hyena that continued to circle them while drooling. Therefore, China was nothing but a thorn in the eyes of Mobutu, who was pro-American.

China, which gained no joy from its attempts, grabbed its chance when Mobutu started bumping heads with his right arm, Ntaganda. They aided Ntaganda’s Mai-Mai rebel force with large quantities of armory and sent military advisors. When the Damballa separated from the Mai-Mai and began to grow in force, they also sent the Damballa weapons and intelligence agents.

The head of all spies that China sent to incite a civil war in Congo was Sa Do Chung. Sa Do Chung’s formal title was the head of the Ninth African Division of the Internal Security and Anti-Reconnaissance Department of the People’s Republic of China’s Ministry of State Security.

Through Uganda, Sa Do Chung provided 500 Soviet-made AKMs and 20 RPG-7s to Kamuge’s army and was promised the uranium exploration rights in Mambasa and the development of copper mines in Goma. China, which had to be wary of the U.S., couldn’t provide its Type 81 rifles to the rebels.

The AK-47, which was said to have been released worldwide in over 100,000,000 in number, was actually the AKM. The Soviet Union stopped producing their machine-type rifle AK-47 in 1960 and started mass-producing the iron plate pressed-type AKM, distributing it to Third World countries. Poor guerrillas, regardless of who they were, wielded the AKM. Of course, no one could tell the difference between the AKM and AK-47. The AKM was a cheap assault rifle that could be bought with five sacks of cassava, but its performance wasn’t cheap.

Sa Do Chung’s role was to create chaos in Congo. The Areva kidnapping incident only occurred because Sa Do Chung’s aim to disturb France’s natural resources development aligned with Kamuge’s aim to strengthen his forces. In the end, China was behind the kidnapping incident.

The small Congo unit led by Sa Do Chung resided in a treehouse with two separate rooms. One was the leader’s room, and the other was a room for communications. All 11 members resided in the living room, which they called the “work room.”

Sa Do Chung strained his ears, but the gunshots didn’t continue. Only his team members’ snores continued to ring loudly. He was uncertain, but a martial artist’s senses were different from that of a normal human. Moreover, he was an intelligence agent who never let his guard down at any moment.

“Wang Yi!”

The snores immediately stopped at Sa Do Chung’s quiet call. They were martial artists before they were intelligence agents.

“Zen me le? You shen me shi ma?”[1]

Wang Yi’s voice rang as though he hadn’t been sleeping.


Sa Do Chung, who was wearing pants and a t-shirt, opened the door quickly and walked in. Wang Yi quickly erased the annoyance from his face and wiped his face with a cold towel. He felt his consciousness returning quicker.

“Wang Yi, the situation isn’t good.”

“What do you mean?”

“Gunshots. I’ve never heard any in the past months. This isn’t normal.”

Wang Yi immediately tensed up. If his team leader said it wasn’t normal, it wasn’t normal.

“Comrade leader, I’ll go check.”

Wang Yi buttoned up his pants and raised his Type 81 automatic rifle.

“Dong Geng Bo, go with him. Take a silencer and cold weapons with you too.”

“Fourth brother, let’s go.”

Dong Geng Bo jumped to his feet. Wang Yi carried a small blade of two rulers long, while Dong Geng Bo fixed a three-section cudgel to his waist. The 12 Internal Security and Anti-Renaissance Department’s agents who were sent to Zaire’s eastern region were all brothers-in-training of the Mt. Heng faction. Even the ninth most powerful country in the world could only send a small elite force considering the nature of the East African forests.

“Make sure you check it out quietly, so those Blacks don’t notice.”


Wang Yi and Dong Geng Bo disappeared into the darkness. Sa Do Chung’s remained tense. Although it might be old-fashioned, everything had to be checked for peace to reign. The government took a huge interest in the Zaire plan. He was loyal if it went well, and he was a traitor if it didn’t. The situation became more chaotic when the Chinese intelligence agents stepped in.

Samedi appeared in the lab without a sound.

“Egh! What are all these?”

Samedi’s eyes widened as he stepped further into the bloody breeding room. While he was surprised by the modern facility, he was also surprised by the harsh features of the six dead monsters.

“They’re trash.”

That was the moment when the omas made with extreme care by Makandal Kamuge for the Lus Luwe were devolved into trash.

“Our targets?”

“They’re underground.”

Black Mamba pointed down and climbed up the stairs.

Master doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. Shouldn’t he be happy since we found the hostages?

Samedi tilted his head as he followed him upstairs.

“Samedi, use your strength.”

Black Mamba pointed at the large rocks scattered around the building. He didn’t know whether it was originally there or transferred there, but there were several ancient-looking rocks.


Samedi immediately understood Black Mamba’s intentions. He lifted a large rock of over 1,000 kilograms and blocked the entrance to the prison. He was just like a human crane fork. Black Mamba also helped create a mountain of rocks.

“Hehehe, this is strong enough to withstand an RPG.” Samedi smiled as he shook off the dust on his hands.

Sometimes, brute force was the most effective solution. As long as they didn’t bring a crane fork over, they wouldn’t be able to get rid of those rocks. Unless they released poisonous gas through the vent, their hostages’ safety was guaranteed.

“Damn it. I should ask for labor money from Bonipas.”

Hostage rescue operations required a lot of spare hands. Black Mamba continued to raise the fee he was going to ask from Bonipas.

Since they’d secured the hostages, it was time to beat the bad guys up. Black Mamba started checking his weapons. He adjusted the tactical vest and increased the number of MP5 ammunition from two to seven. He took out all the Dragunov magazines and ammunition and placed them in his backpack, and he attached five magazines with 30 MP5 rounds.

There was no more space for more ammunition, and seven magazines were all he had. Well, a sniper who carried around seven MP5 magazines and five Dragunov magazines wouldn’t be sane either.

Including the magazine in the gun, there were 240 rounds of parabellum bullets in total. Still, he was in a dreadful situation where the number of guerrillas was two times more than the number of bullets he had.

He took out four magazines of 17 rounds from his backpack for his Glock. He shoved two into his belt compartment and two into the pocket of his tactical vest, which was removable. No soldiers carried more than 16 magazines per person since Browning invented the outer magazine in the early 20th century for quick-fire purposes.

He took out a rolled-up pack that had 50 darts embedded from his backpack and rolled it around his upper left arm. He ended the equipment check after checking his Kukri, Glock, and Rakshasa.

Samedi was simple. He assembled his Squeaker’s second half and swung it across his backpack, and he rolled five MAG belts around his arm. There were 600 rounds in total. He finished his equipment check after ensuring that there was a clip of 4,000 rounds of 7.62-millimeter bullets.

“Samedi, don’t be more than 20 meters away from me. Even a lion gets taken down when hyenas attack in groups.”

“Ok. I will protect wakil.”

“Brat, don’t run yourself ragged. You won’t be able to survive a cannonball. Wait, what the hell?”

Black Mamba rushed to hide his body behind the mountain of rocks. Samedi disappeared in a flash.

“Nin zhao shen me ji ah?”[2]

“Wan le!”[3]

“Bu yong zhao ji.”[4]

Two short men, who were arguing, appeared. Wang Yi and Dong Geng Bo were returning after a cursory check on the Damballa’s base.

“F***. There’s even Mr. Wang now. No wonder those booby traps were familiar.”

He sighed. There were monsters and even spies around Kamuge. There was always something wrong or someone unfamiliar during his missions. He wanted the Sun Woo Ma Go mother and daughter to perform a purification ritual on himself.


A shadow loomed over them from the sky. It was Samedi, who had been hanging onto the Abyssinian tree branch. Dong Geng Bo’s waist bent like a willow tree branch when he sensed a sharp wind rushing in.


The foot that brushed Dong Geng Bo’s auricle slid to the side at a right angle. That move was only possible when the muscle strength per unit area of one’s body reached 10 times that of a human. As Samedi’s heel landed on his cheekbones, Dong Geng Bo’s head exploded like firecrackers.


His opposite leg landed on top of Wang Yi’s head. It was the Secret Circular Bridge attack that Mu Ssang taught him. It was difficult to describe, but it was a simple skill that used physical strength to cross both feet in the air.


Surprised, Wang Yi raised his left arm rashly to block the attack. It was the right defense, but the difference between their muscular strength and power was too great. A leg that could be described as a lump of iron shattered his arm and moved down. Frightened, Wang Yi escaped with backward steps.



Wang Yi, who got his shoulder kicked by the heel, spun like a spinning top.


Samedi, who had failed to land a critical blow, chased after him like a shadow. The internal ki of Mt. Heng’s second-generation disciple wasn’t low. The anger of losing his brother-in-training overpowered his pain.

“Damn monster, die!”

Wang Yi bounced back up with the Following Compression Movement and swung his short blade with the beginning stance of Eight Motions Wind Stream. Wang Yi, who was fighting the greatest foe of his life, used all of his ki.

Samedi felt his eyes cross. He never imagined that someone could wield a blade so quickly. He couldn’t see his opponent, and all he could see were white lights. He wanted to end the fight quickly with his body, but the blade’s ki was terrifying.

What kind of monster is this? Is this a zombie Kamuge made?

However, the surprise was greater from Wang Yi’s point of view. A large Black man twice his size was swaying around like a weeping willow and avoiding his attacks, which were as close as the teeth of a comb. The 16th second of North Dragon’s Movement’s Eight Motions Wind Stream soon passed.

It wasn’t long before Samedi realized that there was a pattern to the blade’s movements. It sliced, went up, went down, and shot back up. It was child’s play compared to wakil’s Eighteen Beats of Shock. Samedi shoved his arm into the blade’s shadow.

F***. Damn it!

It was the critical moment when his blade reached its peak height. Blood vessels surfaced in Wang Yi’s eyes.


He reversed the direction of his blade when his elbow joints were on the verge of popping out.


A hand as thick as a pot lid shot up in response and grabbed the blade. Did he just grab the blade with 20 years of ki built-in? As Wang Yi’s eyes widened, the blade in Samedi’s hand struck his neck.


A strange sound rang. Wang Yi’s neck, now disconnected, soared into the air.

It took five seconds for Samedi to get rid of Dong Geng Bo and Wang Yi. 30 exchanges were made within that time. Although Wang Yi’s North Dragon’s Movement was admirable, their physical differences were too great.

“Wow! The blade’s good!” Samedi exclaimed over the short blade.

The pattern of waves on the blade, which looked like the scales of a fish, shook in the moonlight. It was prettier and clearer than master’s Kukri or Ombuti’s Tasenzoter.


Black Mamba shook his head. The devil, who crushed heads and sent heads flying with all of his limbs, turned into a child who just received a gift. It was said that the innocent ones were the scariest, and he felt out of place whenever he saw him.


Samedi looked at the short blade in Black Mamba’s hand. Why was it in his master’s hand? Black Mamba, who had stolen the blade with the Stealing Guard of Hundred Hands, flicked the blade with his fingers.


The blade that sparkled in the moonlight snapped off.

“Eck, what happened?”

Samedi’s face creased.

“China-made are like this.” Black Mamba threw him the broken short blade.

“Ugh, it’s cheap!”

Samedi threw the short blade away. A famous blade made by a craftsman with extreme care 500 years ago was instantly reduced to cheapness. Samedi had forgotten that anything in Black Mamba’s hand broke easily.

“Shall we start? We’re going to shatter them in the shortest amount of time.”

“Hehehe, that’s good.”


Black Mamba’s main specialty was throwing grenades. Samedi took out the entire grenade pouch from his backpack.

“What are those?”

Armed forces marched out of two tents. Nearly 100 people lined in neat rows and disappeared toward the dock and where they first landed.

“They’ve noticed. But, why are they the only forces moving?”

“What’s the point of wondering? We just have to wipe them out. Wait, there’s another one coming.”

The tent’s door creaked open. A large Black man staggered out as though he was still half asleep. However, he just had to be heading toward the place where Wang Yi’s corpse was located. The Black man, who was lowering his pants zipper, looked here and there.

“Tsk!” Black Mamba clicked his tongue.

That unlucky b*stard smelled blood.


The Black man fell back, now with a hole in his forehead.



A loud warning went off from the Black man’s hand. He couldn’t tell if it was a magical item or an electronic item. Now, a surprise attack was impossible.

“These b*stards are annoying even when they’re dead.”

Samedi flew and stepped on the man’s hand.


The item that looked like a razor shell and the Black man’s hand turned into mush. The sound stopped.

[1] “What? Is there a problem?”

[2] “Why are you in a rush?”

[3] “We’re late!”

[4] “There’s no need to rush.”
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