Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 421

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The Ituri River, which originated from Lake Albert, was very warm, and the Eflu River, which originated from glaciers in the Rwenzori Mountains, was very cold. Apadombe, which was a mixture of both the warm and cold rivers, was an aquatic paradise.

There were many unknown creatures living in these waters. There were deadly parasites and there were ancient creatures that were known to already be extinct. There were also three or four types of fish that could gulp down humans in a single bite. Even so, a giant creature was playing in the water.

Kadanka was a load map that was built from ancient times when soil and sand from the Ituri and Eflu rivers were really far away. The stagnant river swamped the area around Kadanka. Kamugu released Oma, a creature possessed by Rwanda, in the east, west, south, and north areas of the swamp that surrounded Kadanka, and then called it the abyss of the curse.

The location where Black Mamba landed was the abyss of the eastern curse. In the abyss of the western curse, a sharp sound shook the foggy surface of the water. Kiuuu, a long-necked Water Dragon, popped out of the water to the surface.

There was a crocodile that was hunting food, and it was startled. It tried to rush ashore but it was too late. The Water Dragon opened its huge mouth and grabbed the crocodile by its head then threw it into the air. The monster was so huge that the four-meter-long crocodile’s struggle was futile. The monster was Titanovo, who guarded the abyss of the Western Curse.

Of course, it was not Titanovoa, the ancient old snake, but Black Mamba, possessed by Rwanda. If they increase the size of a centipede about a thousand times the size of a finger, It will be seen as an Artropleura (the old centipede, 3-4 meters tall).

It had been five years since Kamugi settled in Kadanka, but no Dambala voodoo would dare to catch fish in the abyss of the curse. The congregation caught the fish avoiding the possessed monster, and the town of Kidamba was also spotted and unhappy.

“The damn beast is making a fuss again today.”

A man in a crimson qipao fell as lightly as a feather from a water house overlooking the abyss of the curse. The golden dragon, embroidered on the qipao, wiggled as if it was alive.

There was only one man on Earth who was crazy enough wear a dragon-embroidered crimson qipao in the Ituri jungle. It was a blonde man with a delicate face that looked like a sculpture. It was another vestige of Epidium, and Interpol gave him the code name Oselot.

Oselot was a self-respecting human being, or Epidium. Oselot even abandoned his favorite pet disease under the sponsorship of Faya’s hotel and then ran away. He ran through Ennedi and Sudan to Goma, north of Kibuho, and entrusted it to Kamuge.

Oselot was a man who had lived on his own for decades ever since he gained strength in the Aragorn Cave. He was not a man who would endure any disgrace to even a single hybrid. With that said, he chose to hide himself not because he was crazy, but because he was not an idiot.

There was no better place to hide in than Ituri to avoid the pursuit of the Interpol and to disappear from Black Mamba’s view. He found Kabugy because he was a specialized tamer and was the best mental wizard.

Oselot had treated injuries, and more than tripled the power of the self-interested energy over the past two years. He had incredible speeds and the strength to tear through steel. If he used the powerful ideological faction, he was no longer afraid of Black Mamba.

Oselot raised his arms and tilted his head.

“Come, come, come to me!”

The swamp bubbled and swirled. A gigantic creature popped its head out of the water. An eyeball the size of a rice bowl gave off a grotesque glow. It was a terrifying look.

“Come, I’m the master. Come to me, the curse of the abyss!”

Oselot’s pupils turned white. Titanovoa, who was confused, hit the surface of the water and then leaped. Titanovoa jumped out of the water like a torpedo and landed in front of Oselot. It laid its huge head before his feet.


Oselot gave a cheerful smile. “I have finally brought him to his knees.” He patted the greasy head of the steel-like scales.

“Black Mamba, wait.”

Its teeth were chipped. As it got more and more excited, its sharp nails protruded like blades that were about 100mm long. In the last two years, every time a wound throbbed it tore its thighs with its fingernails and vowed for revenge. It scratched its tongue with its fingernails. Its blood was delicious, too.

“Black worm!”

There was a small hut built on a giant tree. The door opened and a black man stepped out.

“Nari, did you call me?”

“Bring the gift of the yellow worm.”

“Yes, Nari!”

The black man went back into the hut and came out with a big knife. The blade, known as Unwoldo, had a wide reach.

“Black worm, you’ve done a great job.”

Oselot touched the blade of Unwoldo with his fingers. Whoosh! Unwoldo flashed in the sunlight.

“Thank you!”

The blade whipped through the air and the black man was immediately felled. There was not a drop of blood on Unwoldo.

“Ha ha ha. You’re not worth killing, but I’ve been missing blood for too long and you’ll be the perfect food to fill my pet’s stomach.”

Oselot kicked the black man. The snake’s head rose five meters into the air and it grabbed the black man’s waist. Tub! The poor black man was sucked right into the snake’s mouth.

That black man had done a lot for Oselot. He had prepared his residence, sent a church member to wait for him and have even trained him.

But Oselot repaid the favor with betrayal. He stole Taitanovoa, Kamugy’s favorite Oma, and killed the believers for no reason. When a bee drinks dew, it becomes honey, and when a snake drinks dew, it becomes poison. Oselot was unaccounted for by human standards.

Black Mamba wanted to become a human being through a fierce construction. Oselot was a person who had abandoned human conditions and refused to be a human. Even the great creature Concretus, was discarded because it was hard to control. To him, human morality and ethics were nothing but nonsense.

“Poor worms! Worship my generosity.”

Oselot made a ridiculous sound and jumped on Titanovoa.

“Let’s go!”

Whoosh! The gigantic snake slid off in the direction of the flame.

A fanatic whose faith had been eroded by society would have no common sense left. There was no purpose left in the world. Trying to understand the fanatic, trying to change the mind of the wife who left the house, trying to find the route of taking bribes, trying to save the dead child’s balls, etc.

Black Mamba did not understand the voodoo who rushed to death. Of course, it was difficult for him to understand this when he only knew about the voodoo shell.

Unlike other religions, voodoo was a religion that fears death. It believed that if someone was killed by Petro, he is would be raised from the grave as a zombie. Zombies were creature of nightmares and terrors. Dambala didn’t want to become a zombie, and so he was attacking hard.

The death of the voodoo did not lead to peace or a new beginning. It would become an evil spirit that would continue to torment its family and relatives, or it might even come the subject of a sorcerer. Because of this, the voodoo funeral was not even an event to comfort the deceased, but an event to build a boundary between the dead and the living.

In order to prevent this suffering after death, humans were required to kill someone and then sacrifice their soul as a bribe to Baron Samdi, the Death Spirit. If Baron Samdi was satisfied, the human may escape his fate.

This religious belief cleverly stimulated the humans’ self-interest. Makandal and the rebel leaders created a trick that would take advantage of the congregation, and the ignorant and greedy natives were willing to be taken advantage of. Ironically, the congregation fell into a trap of throwing their lives out of fear of losing them.

The Dambala camp was thrown into chaos in just 10 minutes. Black Mamba was not a person who believes in the insanity of sparing his enemies. Violence is an angel of death who insists on the belief that violence should be suppressed with greater violence.

These humans were the type who would eat other humans and use them as slaves. Black Mamba felt pressed for time and he was burdened by the safety of the hostages. Because of that, he showed no mercy. His MP5 gun shot red-hot bullets until the ammunition belt ran empty. Drunk with bloodlust, Samdi took Meg in his right hand and a bubble in his left hand, and shouted Dambala because the wide camp was narrow.

Soon, the sounds of heavy machine guns gradually ceased, and the resistance quickly subsided. The camp was left in fiery ruins covered with dead bodies.

Beep. Beep. A high-pitched flute sounded non-stop. The surviving Dambala scattered like insects and retreated into the forest.

“Maintenance, maintenance!”

Budsela continued playing the flute three more time. Beep. Beep. Beep. It was a sign to rally. The prisoners who managed to escape from the camp gathered again one after another. There were only 60 survivors. There may be some other who would join them later, but as many as 400 believers had been taken by Baron Samdi. Budsela’s eyes flared. For nearly a decade, he has endured hardships and persecution and lost his strength.

“Deputy, call the Baron.”

At first there was only static on the radio as the deputy cranked its handle. Tiric! Tiric! Budsela picked up the receiver.

“Budsela here!”

“Budsela, this is Petro. Ungang (the sorcerer who controls the zombies) has dragged the zombie troops. The Baron’s strike team will arrive soon. He is the enemy of Dambala. Be sure to kill him.”

“Okay I understand, I’ll definitely kill him.”

Budsela clenched his teeth. Petro’s reputation was legendary. Anyone who disappointed him were destroyed and lost their heads.

The huge black man who smashed the barracks and fired the heavy machine guns was terrible. It was unlikely that Ungang would be able to compete with the zombie troops. Fear overtook vengeance.

“What’s this?”

The face of Sadochong has become blue. Less than three minutes after Wang Yi and Dong Geum Bo left, heavy drinking and gunfire shook heaven and earth. The night sky of the barracks in Dambala County was blazing. He could have never imagined that this would happen. Kadanka was a natural fortress that he was not confident of occupying even if he led a regiment of the Gonggang Army. Even Yangsan Park, famous for being China’s best defense fortress, was nothing compared to Kadanka.

“Companion leader, someone needs to figure things out.”

Jang Ji-rang, the assistant captain, stood up holding a rifle.

“Wait. Don’t be hasty. We should wait for the king first.”

Sadochong believed in Wang Yi. There were not many people who were a match with the martial artists at Wang Yi’s level. He was a good student who could take care of himself.

How could a martial artist keep up in the age of guns and modern weaponry? However, martial artists were highly trained in more than just regular warfare. The army from medieval times could fight with rice balls and spears, while modern armies were dependent on the equipment they had.

For example, the 700-man U.S. mechanized battalion needed massive equipment and supplies to function properly. This included more than a hundred transport vehicles, a hundred machine guns, 50 anti-tank guided missiles, more than 100 sets of electronic equipment, 20 field guns and other many maintenance supplies.

The reliance on ammunition was yet another fatal dependency. The powerful equipment were useless if ammunition was not properly supplied. On the other hand, martial artists do not need to be supplied. All they need is a knife. Even if the knife breaks, they could use a stick. This was one of the reasons why Black Mamba was a national treasure.

“I believe in Wang Yi, Sir, but what I see is not everything. Bizik never imagined there would be a sorcerer like Kamuge.”

Jang Ji-rang was stubborn.

“Keep in mind that our mission is not a battle.”

Sadochong, who was secretly worried, agreed.

Click. Samdi reloaded the gun. The reason why the FN MAG, which had less destructive power than the M60, was utilized as a Western Formulation machine gun was because it had excellent reliability and maintenance. It was also fast and can be quickly reloaded. The FN MAG could be reloaded in five seconds even when it was in the firing position.

“It’s all over the place.”

The 500-meter wide Dambala camp burned red. Rainforests do not typically catch on fire due to its high humidity. The causes of this forest fire were white phosphorus and fire shell.

Black Mamba looked at the burning camp with a gloomy face. The shadows on his face fluttered with the movement of the flames.

“We’ve got about 400 people. Are there 150 surviving cockroaches? I don’t want the fire to spread to the goat farms.”

Black Mamba was worried. The humidity was high and the goat cage was 300 meters away from the camp. He was also secretly worried about hostages.

Lightning began to strike as if heaven had heard Black Mamba’s worries. Flash! Rumble! Hundreds of lightning bolts struck Ituri, lighting up the darkness as thunder engulfed all kinds of noise. Soon, heavy rain started pouring down.

The Ituri jungle always had an unstable atmosphere because of the high humidity and the enormous amount of evaporation in the area. No one could predict when the heavy rain would fall. Soon, the flames were all put out by the downpour. The whole area was filled with smoke and water vapor. A powerful upheaval rolled up the combat shreds and bloody smells. Black Mamba’s face could not help but react to the smell of blood and burnt bodies.. This was not a human world; it was purgatory.
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