Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 422

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“I still can’t get used to it no matter how many times I look at it.”

Black Mamba nodded his head at Samdi’s words. Drops of water dripped intermittently even in areas that were covered by thick canopy. Meanwhile, waterfalls poured down in areas where rainwater had welled up due to their shallow overhead leafage. It brought me back to my sports day when I was very hungry.

The reason why I was looking forward to the sports day was because of the abundant school supplies. It always rained during the spring and fall session of sports day, as if the weather had already been decided. The U.S. (United States) military tent, which had been dragged out of the warehouse while we were sleeping, were already riddled with holes when they were chewed on by mice. The water from the rain would fall through the tent holes.

Heavy rains in the remote jungles of Africa overlapped with old tents surrounding the edges of the playground. The harsh noise of vegetation and hitting the ground turned into cheering for the evil spirits of childhood.

“Are you happy now?”

He asked himself. It was really creepy. Is a human being happier than a naked, hungry, beat-up cheonduck?

“Wakir, there’s not much time left. Sunrise is just around the corner.”

Black Mamba snapped back to reality when he heard Samdi’s words. He checked the time and realized that it was 04:20 sharp. It has been 20 minutes since the camp was first attacked. Operation lap time has already passed 80 minutes. The scheduled arrival time of the helicopter must be completed within 06:15 sharp, just 115 minutes. He could not be sure that the helicopter could function properly if the heavy rain continued to pour down. Furthermore, the hostages were soaking wet and were trapped underground. In fact, it was a luxury to have a moment of peace and relaxation like it was right then.

“Have you killed 400 people or 550 people? If you started it, then you have got to finish it.

Black Mamba stared into the dark forest. A shadow that had been hiding in the dark forest crept out. The people who had to surrender or retreat were plotting a counterattack. If two-thirds of the troops were killed by the military then they were already annihilated. They had about 150 troops, and they are even trying to imitate the Japanese lockdown….

“It was just the beginning. I’ve barely warmed up yet!”

Samdi turned his head left and right and spat on the ground. Neither of them was even relaxed enough to wait for the opponent’s attack. The Angel of Death loomed over the primitive jungle across the devastated camp.

“What the hell are they?”`

The jangirang, the one who was lying on his stomach behind the great tree of Abyssinia, rose up. No one could figure out what the hell it was. When he arrived, the voodoo residence that was the home of the Dambala guerrilla led by Kamugy, was already in a state of complete ruin. The 50,000-pyeong camp has already turned into a nothing by ashes. It had only been ten minutes since the king went out for reconnaissance, but within that short moment, the full-length battalion was completely destroyed.….

Why the hell was a slender, tall man and a giant man disappearing into the heavy rain together? The heart wanted to believe that the two had smashed Dambala, but refuted that the head refused to believe that this was true.

Where were these guys going now?’

Jang Ji-rang had a rather ominous feeling. It was called a fierce dragon and a river. The two men who had disappeared into the forest were not easy creatures. The slender man smelled even more sinister than the giant man. The master obviously recognizes the master. He was a master of walking without any disruption and seemed to be in complete control of this entire body.

“No way. That is incredible!”

His heart dropped at the thought that the worst might have already happened. Jang Ji-rang shook his head and put away the thoughts of the dangerous-looking men. He continued his search, but his view was extremely limited because of the heavy rain and thick water vapor. Even the most powerful lantern was of little use in this visibility.

“You have already killed a lot!”

There were a lot of other bodies outside the camp. His heart rattled whenever he accidentally stepped on a dead body. This was why the search had been unsuccessful so far. As soon as he realized that the search might be futile, he suddenly felt a heavy object. Jang Ji-rang was a master. He could roughly see the shape of the object by just feeling with his foot.


Jang Ji-rang’s eyes were 6completely torn apart. The child of the king was also a Taoist. At the beginning of Dovan, the Taoist deity disappeared and only the Taoist soldiers remained.

“Big Daddy!”

Jang Ji-rang searched around like crazy. Soon after that, he found the bodies of Donggeumbo, whose head was split into two sides, and Wang, whose head was cut off.

“Oh, my God!”

Jang Ji-rang flopped to the wet ground. It has been three years since he worked in eastern Africa, but it was the first time that he had lost his subordinates, or even anyone he knew personally. Hwang Mang-jo (黃蟒組), a member of the anti-acid group, could die so easily.

“Quiet! Ha ha ha!”

Jang Ji-rang wept. His eyes were wide open as he cradled Wang Yi’s corpse. Behind his eyes were the look of astonishment and fear. No wonder he was very nervous, the ominous foreboding was so compatible that it was a disaster. The wide back of the man who had disappeared with a mechanical walk came within his view.

“I will get my revenge against whoever did this!”

Crunch. Jang Ji-rang gritted his teeth. He wrapped the head of his comrade with a tarpaulin and tied it around his waist. The bodies of Wang Yi and Dong Geum Bo were buried side by side in the ground. Post-processing was done according to the instructions of the team leader.

Crouch! Shoot! The rain continued without stopping. The signs of Dambala eventually disappeared completely. Space perception was useless as the primeval forest was already blocked and the very heavy rain kept on pouring. The space identified was only 50 meters in radius. Black Mamba and Samdi went into the old tree of Rimbali after digging their way out of the heavy rain.

“Wakir, where have all the homeless gone?”

“We do not know exactly because of the heavy rain. We’ve searched a radius of 200 meters but there’s no sign of these people.”

They had every means to find them, from space perceptions to radar to government vision and even sixth sense. Despite all their efforts they could only search within the 200-meter limit.

“Huh? It feels so familiar!”

Black Mamba tilted his head. Something was quickly approaching them. Creatures imprinted on spatial perception do not go through the memory regeneration phase but rise directly to the surface of consciousness. There is no mistake because it did not go through the recombination stage. Rough, fierce, and dreary vibes have been mixed up, but he was definitely familiar.

“Wakir, it smells fishy. It’s Dambala.”

The distance narrowed down to 400 meters, 300 meters, and 200 meters. Despite the incredible speed, there was no vibration. It was an object that seemed to slide without friction like it was skiing.

“No, I knew this man a long time ago.….”

Due to the heavy rain and unstable atmosphere, spatial perception failed to properly implement the shape.

Snakes, as well as mice, had some of the largest populations on Earth. It was no secret that these animals were sensitive as their brains were closer to the ground.

“Why is he stopping all of a sudden? Damn it, I was going to pay for it, but I really messed up my style.” Choot! Titanoboa could sense that an unusual enemy was nearby, so the giant snake stopped and flicked its giant tongue. Oselot sat on the top of the head and grumbled to himself.

On their way here, the heavy rain kept on falling and now they were completely drenched. The wet and soggy clothes that he was wearing left him feeling very irritated and uncomfortable. The clothes that Yellowberg gave him were no longer cool. One-piece dresses are clothes that only women can wear.

“You are obviously showing up at all sorts of course.”

The Black Mamba muttered. Two blue lights floated 4 meters high and 50 meters ahead. Churr! The creature was huge and its tongue was flicking in and out of its mouth. It was clear that this monster was a snake. It was not surprising that the snake’s head was bigger than a telephone pole, but what was surprising was that a man was sitting on top of the snake’s head. He was sitting in an arrogant position as he eyed the people around him.

“Huh? Is that man Oselot?”

The eyes of Black Mamba got bigger. The enemy was Oselot, the one who killed Sergeant Burimer in Sahel when he said he would meet on a single-wood bridge. At that moment, Bonifas’ promised allowance of 10 million francs flashed across my mind.

“LOL, I am a mercenary, too.”

A burst of laughter came out. Revenge will always be revenge and money will always be money.

“Hey, is that Petro that Carweight told you about?

Oselot was confident. His broken bones and injured organs had been repaired and were tightly fixed. He felt much stronger now. In fact, he was in his best condition.

‘Have you lost your mind in just a few years? No, is that Oselot?

Black Mamba tilted his head. Oselot was not a sorcerer but a warrior. There was no way that a guy who was trying to look cool would just appear like that.

“Wakir, is there a Chinatown in Ituri ?”

Samdi was really serious about the question. The owner hates the Chinese just as much as the Japanese. He had killed two Chinese men who were acting up, and this time, he is also a Chinese fashionista. It was inevitable if there was a series of coincidences. This could not have happened if there wasn’t a Chinese village nearby.

“Chinatown? Ha ha ha ha!”

Black Mamba could not hold back his laughter as he giggled uncontrollably. There was a joke that there will always be Chinese wherever there were cockroaches. The Chinese were the ones who will remain in Ituri jungle to sell to the Pygmies.

What were the bugs saying?’

Oselot decided to experiment with the reinforced version of “Thinking Wave.”

“Petro or Peter, it is annoying. Go kill yourself.”

Brain waves raged raged through the sound of rain and penetrated into the minds of Black Mamba and Samdi.

[Go and kill yourself. Go kill yourself. Kill yourself..]

“Ugh! Is this a self-interest group?”‘

Petro felt faint and his thoughts became cloudy, as if he was sinking in water. At that moment, his self-awareness disappeared. The meaning of the word “suicide” became very appealing to him, like it was a positive thought. It was all he could think of as it dominated his consciousness.

“Oh my god.”

Gongjin, the one who was heavily influenced by the six-character Daemyeong Wangjin Eon, which drove away the energy from the fire, was on board. If Oselot doubled his mental power, The mental power Black Mamba became surprisingly strong. The band of thought was thrown out.


“Ha ha ha!”

Opposite screams rang at the same time. When Samdi finally came to his senses, blood started trickling out from Oselot’s mouth. The backflowers weighed on the heart and hit the brain. The telepathic attack called upon the powers of evil spirits, and was actually a double-edged sword. It did not work against anyone who was mentally strong.

Oselot had never trained his mind before, nor did he ever or felt the need to. He did not realize that Black Mamba’s mental willpower was was strong enough to withstand the triplets Choi Do-sik. He was an entourage the one who has been constantly asking for infinite human conditions and focusing on mental training.

“Yikes. What a shame!”

Oselot was astonished. His own tricks did not work. The opponent was a sorcerer just likeKamuge. The spirit sprang up. If He were to give up now, he would feel like he did not try his best for the next two years.

“Die! Die! Go kill yourself!”

Blood trickled down Oselot’s nose. It was the aftereffect of the extreme mental strength.

Samdi came to his senses. As soon as the consciousness was far away, the spell of the owner returned to its senses. A cool breeze blew through his head. It was a long reminder engraved on the brain by Daewoo Shipping. The long – horned spirit kicked out the thought wave. In other words, Oselot met the worst opponent who did not agree with him.

“Ha ha ha!”

Oselot could not stand it and spat out a short scream.

“You’re a funny guy. Are you the one-man show specialist?”

Samdi tilted his head. There was no one crazier in the world than this guy. He had appeared in the heavy rain, in the middle of the jungle, wearing a re qipao. And now he was throwing up blood and twisting his own body while trying to attack them with his mind. That kind of person was not normal. Anyway, Koksuni was not the one who visited in a good way. Well, it had always been enemies in Ituri besides the owner.

“Eat this, you lunatic!”

Tu tu tu tu! Meg spouted fire.


A frightened Oselot pulled himself up. He soared 30 meters and flew again to disappear into the canopy of the trees above them. Kiek! A loud explosion followed. The huge body of the giant snake Titanovoa was torn apart in the gunfire.

Meg poured out 18 shots per second. The giant snake was riddled with a hundred 7.62-mm bullets, and the creature immediately died, flopping around like a rag. This was the end of the arrogant Titanovoa, who looked down on humans with its head in the air. No matter how large it was and how much magic had strengthened its body, it was still just a creature made of muscles and bones.

Xuang! A black object flew through the air and hit Samdi.

“What’s that!”

Samdi tried Cheongpabo and slipped like a wind. The falling object followed Samdi and turned in the air as if it had wings. It was Oselot’s specialty; riding the wind.

Boom! “Ha ha ha ha!”

Samdi was hit on his shoulder. He aimed with his Meg but missed, and ended up shooting a dozen meters off. Dozens of tough shrubs were broken and rainwater on the ground splashed everywhere.

“Whoa whoa!”

Black Mamba blew the wind in a sudden turnaround. When he grabbed the handle of Rakshasa, Samdi sprang up and brushed off the mud stuck to his combat suit.

“Who are you, man?”

Oselot’s eyes grew wider. He did not expect an elephant to be crushed. He was stronger than Black Mamba. The world seems to have gone crazy while he was stuck in Ituri jungle.

Crack! Crack! Samdi whipped his neck left and right. The big master was struck by a rock thrown by a lightning strike. The frame, which was as rigid as the flexible joint and stainless steel than the latex, absorbed the impact, but his ears buzzed and his mind went blank.

“You are so dead.”

Samdi picked up the goggles that had fallen on the ground and covered his eyes. It was very uncomfortable to stare at the pale eyes of this crazy man. Whenever he looked at the owner’s eyes, he felt dazed. Oselot’s idea turned into an unpleasant look.

“That is Oselot.”

Black Mamba belatedly announced its identity.

“Heh, that is one of the three Wakir talked about. I have met you before.”

Samdi’s eyes burned blue. Adrenaline exploded when he met his opponent.

“Do you know me? Oh you… Woah.!”

Oselot was frightened and took off his trademark Reiben. His goggles covered half of his face, but he could still be recognized by his facial bones and structure.

“Scream, Black Mamba!”

A shout covered the sound of rain. All kinds of negative emotions clung to the shouting. Anger, resentment, joy, pleasure…….

“Oselot, it has been three years? Seeing that you are alive, it must mean that you’re not even welcome in hell.”

The voice of Black Mamba was calm, as if he was talking to an old friend. Three years ago, he was an opponent to be nervous about, but now he was no match for him. If he had improved, it would probably take 20 seconds to defeat him. Only the strong could afford to be calm under pressure.

“Ugh, yellow, vulgar hybrid!”

I forget the one who hit me, but I do not forget the one who got hit.. Oselot, who was in a rage, properly did not have the ability to speak.
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