Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 423

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“Was that how it used to be?”

Black Mamba felt uncomfortable with Oselot’s looks. Oselot, who Black Mamba had met in the Sahel, was a wild and ruthless killer. That reminded him of what Dr. Giz said If the personality changes suddenly, suspect parasite infection.

Naegleria fowleri, Anisakis, and Cysticercosis were parasites that invade the brain and cause personality disorders. They were rampant in the Sahel and the rainforests. When infected by the Fowler amoeba, the victim would suffer from dementia, and when the parasites invade the brain, bipolar disorder or epilepsy occurs. Oselot had lived lived in Ituri for a long time, is it was highly likely that he was already infected.

Duung! Spatial perception radar scanned the Oselot. This type of radar was similar to sonar. Sonar could spot traps, mines and submarines underwater and contrast that with existing information. Similarly, spatial perception could read and project the biological waves that were inherent in living organisms into the brain.

“I see! Okay.”

There was a foreign movement in Oselot’s brain. He was infected by a parasite. Oselot was another vestige of Epidium that the black man said. It was easy to recognize because the bio-wave was similar to him.

The Black Mamba had a cool heart. The irony of Oselot being infected by parasites and becoming a defective epidium was not lost on him. It was simply a matter of predator and prey.

“Wait, can’t we just redesign the black man’s look?”

At that moment, a wild idea came to him. The black man was Adras. There was a bowl made by Concretus to transfer souls into the twilight century. The black man, an amorphous, non-concepted homunclus, became a giant black leopard by giving it the concept of a leopard.

Conversely, would not a black man be able to embody a human figure if it finds the right bowl? If a single parasite could control humans, then there was no reason why a higher creature, like the black man, could not take over the body of Oselot.

“Maybe I’ve been reading too many fantasy novels.”

Black Mamba shook his head. Having read so many extraordinary things, his imagination was becoming a bit too unrealistic.

If he really thought about it, he would feel sorry for his life though. Viral toxicity transforms the ego and causes parasitic infection to lose it.

“Hey, seems like your mouth is crooked. Say it right. You are not a mutant; you are a defective Epidium. A hybrid is a good name for you who do not even know your roots.”

Oselot flinched. Epidium? He had never heard of that term before, but he was used to it. He did not know what Epidium was, but anger flared up within him when he heard that he was defective. All the pain and suffering he had gone through resurfaced in his memories.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m a great rookie. You were just lucky enough to win the game while I wasn’t feeling well. I was busy riding a Lamborghini while you walked across the Sahara Desert and crawled through the jungle. While I was enjoying Michelin-class food at the Haute Güzin, you ate uncooked wild boar. You spent two years in a dirty jungle negotiating with yellow worms and black worms and recovering wounds. Do you even know anything else besides pain?”

“Oh, my God.”

There were more than a hundred deaths. It had been 70 years since Oselot was active. The slaughter that the Interpol committed before leaving data would be enormous. A psychopath that has his brains all messed up does not know what to do.

“He doesn’t even know there’s a bug in his head. He is not a yellow bug or a black bug. I am ashamed to mix words with you. Here comes another guest. You play with Samdi, if you are a fool and a strong man, you should recognize and honor the strong. You are a piece of crap that can’t even control your own feelings.”

Black Mamba spat out the cold words and turned to walk away. In the forest, large groups pf people carrying flags had gathered one by one. They were the colleagues of the Chinese that were killed by Samdi.

Oselot was in a fit of anger, but he had nothing to say. Was there really a parasite in his head?

“You will die!”

After avoiding the question-and-answer dance, Oselot hit the ground. Shuak! With just one leap he managed to cover 30 meters of space. Unwoldo fell soundly to the top of the head of the Black Mamba. Chichich! The water droplets on the body turned into haze and evaporated.

“Hey you crazy man, the master is busy. Let’s wrap this up quickly.”

Samdi threw himself aside and swung his weapon with all his might. Shuang! It hit the back of Oselot’s head. His blond hair was soaked by the rain and was flapping about wildly in the strong winds. Oselot instinctively defended himself. He subconsciously twisted his arm to avoid the blow, and Unwoldo managed to hit him in the back of his neck. Boom! Lightning flashed and the sound of the explosion shook Kadanka.


“Ha ha ha ha!”

He let out a painful groan. Samdi bounced up into the air, and Oselot’s legs sank into the ground, up to his thighs. The shock wave pushed the raindrops away.

The reason why he was afraid of the meteoric collision was because of speed. The weight of 9.2g and 7.62mm natotane bullets, which were driven at three times the speed of sound, was around 4,000J. With a weight of 40kg flying at the speed of sound, the amount is 2,000,000 J. It was a terrifying thought.

Oselot received 500 times the impact of machine bullets and 2.6 million J. Samdi received the same backlash, but Oselot, who was defending in an unstable position, suffered greater damage. Oselot was stunned and paralyzed for a few minutes, while Samdi lost his balance and fell to the ground.

The shock waves of Bbopgi and Unwoldo were bigger than expected. Sado Cheong and Jang Ji-rang, both of who were at the level of Yeon-hwa-shin, hurriedly used their internal skills to protect their hearing. However, some of the other members were still at the level of Yeonjeong Firearms, and their eardrums exploded with the deafening noise. It was like a shrimp trying to survive against a whale.

“Oh, my God!”

The Sa Do Cheong could not believe his eyes. He could never have imagined that there would be a human being that was as comparable to Oselot and a weapon to receive the dragon. Techniques become meaningless when the difference between speed and power increases. The elders of the temple wan far compared to the force of the two men.

When Sa Do Cheong entered Kadanka two years ago, he had recognized Oselot, the blonde killer. Oselot was a high-end killer who was being tracked by the Western intelligence department. When Sa Do Cheong recognized the value of having Oselot on his side, he ingratiated the killed with expensive gifts.

Unwoldo was not just a knife. Yongyeon was said to have been made from iron excavated from Mt. Gallo. Whether the legend was true or not, the fact was that modern Chinese technology could not make a sword that had the same elasticity, rigidity and ductility as Yongyeon.

Oselot, who had lost his whip, was delighted to receive Yongyeon as a gift. It was not easy to find a weapon that could endure his strength. The Sa Do Cheong commissioned the assassination of President Mobutu for 3 million dollars, and Oselot accepted the request.

“Phew, is the work done by man and done by heaven?”

So Do Cheong, the one who had lost its energy, sighed. Dambala was destroyed and Oselot had met a strong rival. The events that took place early this morning was a mess, and could not even be analyzed even by a person who has been in the intelligence service for 20 years.

With the advent of Black Mamba, Dambala, Oselot, and Sa Do Cheong drank water, but Mobutu saved his life. That was how the world worked. There was no department without phosphorus. Mobutu may have saved the neighborhood in his previous life.

So Do Cheong was depressed and his eyes glistened. The two monsters were unable to move after the crash. The muscles were temporarily paralyzed. A large black man was the one who killed the king and Donggeumbo. This was a great opportunity to pursue revenge and manipulation.



An agent, who was seeking a chance to attack using a huge rock as a cover, held out a gun. Although the timing was extremely bad, he was not qualified as a national security officer if he failed to shoot a target 80 meters ahead. Sa Do Cheong made a mistake. Body exposure on the battlefield targeted by God Sniper Black Mamba was considered suicide.

Puck, puck, puck!


“Ha ha ha!”

Both agents tilted their heads at the same time. Surprised Jang Ji-rang dragged the agent behind the cover.

“Oh, shoot!”

The face of Sa Do Cheong was rotten and smeared. Sa Do Cheong looked at Jang Ji-rang with confused eyes. Jang Ji-rang simply shook his head. This meant that he did not notice the sniper.


Sa Do Cheong collapsed. He had not lost any of his team members in three years, but now, he had suddenly lost four agents. Jang Ji-rang only snuck out a gun.


Jang Ji-rang missed his shot. The bullet hit the muffler of a Type 81 rifle exactly.

“Captain, he is a scary guy.”

The voice of Jang Ji-rang trembled in fear. The sniper was a colleague of the giant who fought Oselot. He had have never seen such a man in his life.

“First of all, stay behind cover, and keep an eye out for any opportunity.”

Sa Do Cheong gritted his teeth. It was a dark jungle with very heavy rain. He instinctively knew that the shot had crossed the water. Now that the target was at rest, it was the best opportunity to strike back. But he was with a sniper that was terrible at hiding and staying behind cover. He did not dare to try again. East African branch agents of China’s National Security Agency could not even stick their heads out and hoped that Oselot would win.

Oselot could not attack his defenseless opponent.

“Oh, my God.”

Oselot pulled out the bridge that was dug into the ground and picked up Leiben, who had fallen on the floor. If muscles stronger than metal and joints with better elasticity than natural rubber failed to absorb the impact, the bone would have broken. He also moved his body back, and forth, left, and right to push the dislocated intestines into place.

Black Mamba shook his head. Compared to their physical appearance, the two were much funnier than themselves. At present, it was hard to say who was superior. The one who survived is the strong one.

He had no intention of intervening in Samdi’s fight. If he had not gone through the chaos, he would not have made any rapid progress. A sense of combat is obtained only through action. One real match against a strong opponent is worth more than three years of training.

A pinch hitter like Oselot needed to be found at least for money. He had entrusted Oselot to Samdi. He checked the Chinese spy team, which were hiding 80 meters ahead, and felt Dambala’s vanquished disease by releasing his spatial perception.

“Told you to kill me!”

Oselot launched an attack and hit the ground as if he did not believe it. Shuang! Unwoldo split the air. Samdi blocked the blade before it could land. Boom! A huge exploding sound rang through the air.

Baung! A log-like bridge rose. Surprised by the kick, Oselot leaned down as if to collapse. Bang! The tree that was hit by the kick exploded. Oselot’s knee was turned upside down when he fell over. Realizing what was going on, Samdi jumped back to avoid the attack. His left thigh was burning. Samdi jumped.

“I was lazy!”

Samdi regretted it. He believed in his physical ability and had neglected to train properly. If he had been transferred to his owner, he would have driven his opponent to the finish line, but he could not catch up with the speed, so it was hard to score a decisive hit. The same was true for Oselot. His body was more resilient than raw rubber. The blow did not work properly.

“If it does not break, just cut it.”

Oselot swung Unwoldo around wildly. He had learned only one thing from yellow. Samdi used a pack of ogeumgong to cut it with a shovel blade. The two of them have not mastered the techniques of the disease. It was a wild fight that was no different from a gangster wielding a baseball bat, with enormous speed and power.

Boom! Boom! Boom! There was a battle of equal strength. Every time Unwoldo and Ppokbogi hit each other, flashes of light and flames burst out. Not only weapons, but also when arms and legs hit each other, there was a throbbing sound. The battlefield became a mess. The ground was dug, the beautiful giant burst, and the rock was broken. It was like a camp shelling in a camp where coordinates were fixed and beaten.

“This is exactly it!”

Samdi’s blood boiled. So far, there had been no event to scratch the bottom of his physical ability. Man was so weak. The master and the great master are out of the world. This opponent was just like him. His bones were numb and his muscles twisted every time he moved. He had to rely on adrenaline to get past the pain.

Oselot’s eyes glistened with desire to slaughter. He hated to admit it, but the opponent was a competent person similar to himself. Just as sexuality triggers sexual desire, Oselot was the type who was driven and could only live when he had the desire to kill. He completely forgot about the Black Mamba and fell into the fight.

Shuak! Unwoldo, which was splitting the air, was easily blocked by a blow bag. Boom! Shock waves rocked the atmosphere. The stance that Samdi had been stepping back, shook off the shock. His foot fell into the mole hole.

Oselot did not miss the opportunity. Shuak! It flew in like a shell and took power. The poorly trained cutting was not smooth as if wearing unsuitable clothes. A fist would have been better.

Samdi’s shoulders sank. The fist that was aiming for his heart merely grazed his armpit. As expected, Samdi responded with speed. Crack! Oselot stuck close together and used his arm under the other arm as a lever to throw Samdi as a skewer. Boom! The tree that hit Samdi, who flew away without a hitch, broke.

Wing! Unwoldo split the raindrops. Samdi, the one who missed the bubble and lost the timing to avoid, crossed his arms and blocked the blade. Puck – a blue blade penetrated the log-like arm.

“Oh, you idiot!”

The Black Mamba simply got up.
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