Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 424

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Puck! Tuck! A dull rupture and a sharp metal sound rang at the same time. The blade that had dug into the skin and muscles was embedded into the bone. Surprisingly, despite being swung at the speed of sound, Bogum Yong-Yeon, could not cut off the arm of Samdi.

Samdi was the result of the MK project in Area 51 and the victim of zombies due to the magic of the pier bridge. As monsters made of genetic manipulation and artificial muscle transplantation, the physical abilities of these zombies had been increased dramatically.

Nevada’s 51st District used an enzyme called CRISPR-Cas9 (CRISPR-Cas9 enzyme) to cut off DNA from reproductive cells and then reattached the intended DNA to form someone like Samdi. In the process of culturing in an incubator, artificial muscles were attached and genes were modified. Other kinds of animals like Hunt (which is known as Dachshund and sausage dog) and chimera were made through the same process. Samdi, the one who was leaked to the outside due to coincidence and mistakes, fell into the hands of one of the Voodoo, Hounggan.

The body of Samdi was rebuilt through the zombiefication process. Vanadium dioxide artificial muscles absorbed protein and transformed into vanadium dioxide albumin. Artificial skin made from collagen changed the base layer of the epidermis and the dermis into an ultra-strong honeycomb multilayer structure. The barium tin alloy, which was a replacement material for bones, was combined with titanium acid and changed into a barium titanate tin alloy that exceeded the strength of a diamond alloy by three times.

There was a new intestinal bacterial system called “neomicrobiome” in zombies based on these changes. Zombie sorcerer Ogu uses Yorunba, a rare drug, to finetune the neomicrobiome system. Special intestinal bacteria separate elements in the air or elements of the material administered to form chemical bonds with the cell. Zombies gained a powerful body instead of losing themselves due to bacterial toxicity. But of course, no one wanted to be a zombie.

When science and religion are privatized to certain groups, ethics and morality are paralyzed and humans are reduced to tools. Area 51 had amazing biotechnology that was obtained based on biometric data from 731 Kwandong County. The monster who was born with biotechnology combined with primitive sorcery was Samdi.

Samdi was the final weapon that the Socrates Committee and the CIA, which conducted the MK project, wanted. Fortunately, Samdi entered the arms of Black Mamba and was returned to the humans with the new power of Daewoo Corporation. If the committee had known about that, it would have gone all out to track down Black Mamba.

“What is this?”

Oselot’s eyes were bulging wide and looked like they were going to explode. The arm should have been cut off and the head should be in two pieces by now. No matter how new the species are, the strength and elasticity of the biological tissues are limited.


Oselot worked hard. His biceps and triceps protruded as his lumbar muscle swelled. He tried to stand the blood on his eyes, but he could not even do it. The powers of Yong-yeon, who has lost his speed, falls to one-thousandth. The muscle with the knife’s blade in it remained motionless.


While Oselot was faltering, Samdi raised his back. Oselot was sweating nervously. Samdi pulled out his blade Yong-yeon and threw it aside. Although his arm was cut in half, Samdi did not even blink. Sticky bubbles poured out of the wound and quickly covered his arm. Before long, his arm stopped bleeding completely.

“Oh, my God! I really have nothing to say.”

Black Mamba put his butt back in place. He recognized it when he endured the master’s thunderbolt, but it was a fraudulent body beyond imagination. The real monster of this era was Samdi himself.


Samdi was furious. He grabbed the fallen tree and swung. Thud! It hit Oselot and he was folded in half from the unexpected attack. Wood as thick as a telephone pole snapped. The human back did not break, but the tree snapped in half. It is the same monster as the one who gets hit or hits.


Samdi threw the remaining half of the wooden tree like a spear, and immediately rushed after it. Oselot nervously cut out a wooden pole that blocked his view. Bbooak – A smashed wooden pole squeezed through a fine gap that blocked the view and a fist the size of a bowling ball was thrust into his face. Oselot’s head snapped back.


Samdi realized that he had made a mistake by underestimating his opponent. He forgot that his enemy’s body was flexible and elastic, as if it was made of rubber. Wing! Oselot jumped overhead and stamped Samdi on the top of his head.


It was a surprise attack of crushing limbs. Samdi immediately strengthened his powerful neck muscles, trying to endure the shock. He then wrapped his arm around Oselot’s neck. He put his left leg deep in close proximity. Oselot was fed up when his opponent, who had been hit multiple times in a row. So he jumped even harder.


As soon as Samdi fell face down, Oselot wrapped his arms around Samdi’s neck and pushed him to his knees. In this position, they put the strength of their life into breaking each other. Samdi’s heels dug deep furrows in the wet ground.

Samdi desperately bit Oselot on the shoulder. In response, Oselot bit Samdi’s throat. The dirty fighting began to drag on, saying that even dogs avoid it. Zombies and Epidium were pushed around and thrown about like buffalos fighting with their horns.

The dumbfounded Black Mamba burst out.

“Hey, is it something a noble mutant would do to bite and stretch like a hyena?”

Oselot twisted his head and glared at Samdi. Bloody eyes full of malice glared at each other. Oselot pulled out his teeth first. Samdi let go of his shoulder.

“Ergh. You taste disgusting. Hey, what is this?”

Oselot spit out the bits of flesh stuck in his teeth. His voice was hoarse. It was proof that he was tired.

“You should clean yourself up, man.”

The same goes for Samdi, who was exhausted.

“Japjong, are you a new kind of people?”

“New kind of people? What do you mean”

“Old humans are weak humans. New people have chosen superpowers. You are a newbie.”

“A superhuman? A superhuman is a master or a big master. I am an ordinary person.”

Oselot was annoyed by the answer.

“You are being used by Black Mamba. These new kind of people will be the dominant one. How long are you going to live as a slave? Join hands with me and we will rule the world together.”

“The ruler of mankind! An almighty saint worshipped by billions of humans! That sounds amazing, but is it even possible?”

Samdi’s eyes dimmed.

“Hahaha, your eyes are getting blurry.”

Oselot called for Kwae-Jae. During the conversation, he crept surreptitiously in the ideologist. He doesn’t know that his clothes are wet by the sprinkle. During the battle, he kept throwing thoughts, but the man’s mental defense was so strong that it did not work. It had the effect of simultaneously attacking both ideologists and a self-conscious person at close range.

Samdi was even more insidious. He had sensed the negative energies persistently trying to invade and penetrate his mind. The great master said that Gingorju restrains murder while protecting the mind from evil sorcery and hypnosis. As the great master said, the energy could not easily penetrate the brain. Samdi pretended to be beaten and sought opportunities.

“You bastard, you are the fist of the master. As you said, you are a recruitment and the owner is a new kind of people.”

Samdi laughed at Oselot. He felt sorry for him. Oselot did not even realize the contradiction of his logic.

Oselot’s left knee was ripped and raised by Wagnaq (a ninja weapon similar to tiger claws). It was Oselot’s that protruded like hardened bones and attacked the enemy. Swag! His knee connected with Samdi’s abdomen. Danger! Samdi clutched his abdomen but he continued to cling tightly on to Oselot’s back, like a sticky piece of paper.

The battle between these two masters was a battle for space. If either opponent were to gain even an inch, it would be an advantage to them. Although he had prepared in advance, he never expected a blade to pop out of his lap. The teaching of the owner stopped the instinct to step down. Samdi’s left hand managed to hit Oselot’s neck. The left hand, which only had three fingers that resembled a crow’s claws, could tear into 10-millimeter steel plates. The frightened Oselot hurriedly pulled back.



At the same time, a scream broke out. Oselot’s throat was cut halfway, and Samdi’s abdomen was torn up. The yelling and shouting suddenly stopped. The battle had devastated a radius of a hundred meters and had gone on for ten minutes. Oselot stood in place, staring blankly at nothing. Samdi was pushing his guts back into his body. The battle, which had come to a standstill, had ended in a moment of silent and contemplation.

“Whoa, thanks to my master, I survived.”

Samdi let out a long sigh. He was not expecting his opponent to have a sharp bone protruding out of his knee. If he had not defended himself in time, his guts would be splayed out on the ground right now.

He still retained half of his pure physical ability. His endurance and physical recovery skills were ahead of themselves, but he lagged behind when it came to strength and speed. The owner’s words that the surviving one is strong were now understood.

“Good job. Well done!”

It was now dark. Samdi had bandaged himself tightly with a pressure band to hold in his torn stomach. He suddenly smiled to himself. It was a business that remains because it has been lightly hurt and recognized by its owner.

The blood pouring out of the wound on Oselot’s throat gradually stopped flowing. There was thick foam wrapped around the wound. Blazing eyes directed at Samdi directly. Any normal human would not have survived Samdi’s attacks, but Oselot was an Epidium. He would heal and recover over time.

“Aren’t you afraid of death?”

His voice rasped as it leaked out of his torn vocal cords.

“The owner said he would live if he tried to die. The words of the owner are always right. Let’s call it a day. I am tired, too.”

Samdi swung his fist with full power. Thud! It hit Oselot straight in the temple, and he collapsed. Samdi raised his foot and stepped on Oselot’s shoulder, pinning him down. He then grabbed Oselot’s neck with both his hands. This was no longer a man; it was just the shadow of a man. But it did not matter who or what he was; all creatures die when their neck is snapped.

“Samdi, wait for a moment!”

Black Mamba stopped Samdi and opened his mouth to the huge rock ahead.

“8 people to the best. Do you want to pay a high admission fee? Do you want to talk?”

“What? Electric notes?”

Sadocheong, who was out of his mind, was surprised. Despite the sound of thunder and rain that rang the sky and earth, it sounded clear as if talking with its mouth in its ears. It is not wrong to say that it is a whole tone because it was blown with sound waves in the resonance.

The face of Sadocheong was rotten and rubbed. The Electric notes were a legend, not a reality. And they even know their numbers exactly. He was the master of the high-altitude. He looked around at his men. Everyone’s faces were white.

“Do you have any intention of talking to me?”

“Yes, I am going to talk to you.”

The surprised Sadocheong was evil. The king’s revenge faded away. With his hands raised, he got out of the hidden rock. Black Mamba stared at a Chinese man with a parched body and sparkling eyes.

“You are a martial artist. You are a Chinese spy, aren’t you?”

“That is right.”

“I will not ask you about anything. If you leave here with your men, I will save you. Get out of Kadanka immediately and leave Ituri.”

“Who are you?” he laughed.

Sadocheong screamed. The price of asking back was great. An unknown weapon cut through the ear. He did not even see his hand moves. Blood dripped down through the fingers wrapped around the left ear.

“There is nothing I can do about the chicken head. I can not tell whether it is excrement or soybean paste.”

Tutututu! MAG fired fire.



Three agents pointed their guns and shot their bullets. Human blood and flesh splashed against the rock. The red blood diluted in the rainwater flowing down these rocks.

“You fools, you cannot stop me!”

The frightened Sadocheong shouted. Why do these ignorant people exist? The years of independence were nothing compared to these people. The opponent was not something Hwang Mang-jo can touch.

“Stop, stop. I am leaving right now.”

Sadocheong cursed the evil spirit covered with goggles and cursed itself for being lukewarm. These guys were not humans, but beasts. He knew that he could negotiate and reason with humans, but holding a rationale conversation with beasts was simply impossible.

“Go! This place becomes hell.”

“Thank you for saving my life.”

The drooping Sadocheong disappeared to the dock with four of his remaining subordinates. Black mamba cut off the nerves. It is their job whether or not the Rats get out of Kadanka safely.

“Wakir, can I spare them?”

“I am not saving you just because you are pretty. They are helping the rebels. Mobutu is pro-American to the bone. If the rebels disappear, Zaire will be in the hands of the United States. That’s what they want.”

“Wakir is really smart.”

“Don’t say that to your superiors. I’m told you’re rude.”

“Oh, I’m being rude, am I? Fine, will never say he is smart again.”

Samdi was surprised. So far, he had never forgiven anyone who was rude to his master. He looked like he was going to blow his head off.

“Is there any problem with the wound? Today’s final blow was wonderful.”

Samdi’s mouth gaped open. He enjoyed hearing the the compliments being paid to his master.

“No problems at all. I’ve almost recovered. Why do you think he kept him alive?”

Samdi looked down at Oselot. He wondered what the owner was thinking by keeping this dangerous man alive.

“Well, he could be useful, right?”

“Are you, by any chance, trying to make him your servant?”

Samdi’s irresponsible answer made his heart flutter. The men belonging to the master were all good people. Oselot was not a good guy. According to the expressions of his master, his soul was dirty.

The owner was a benevolent person, so Aklan Crew Ombuti urged him to take care of the rough things. The owner also asked Novatopia to take Ombuti’s instructions.

“I am going to lift my foot off your neck.’

Oselot, who was still pinned down, wriggled helplessly.
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