Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 425

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Samdi was startled.

‘He looks like an unpleasant person, but he has a really great sense of survival.’

The delicate features and blonde hair, which seemed to have been spun from gold, swept past his eyes. He stroked his own cheesy hair, which was tightly attached to his scalp. He did not like it very much. That bastard must disappear for the sake of his master and humanity.

Oselot had died, but he did not actually die. The bodies of zombies and Epidium have advantages and disadvantages. Zombies could feel no physical pain and they possess the fraudulent ability to regenerate. Epidium could not regenerate as well as zombies, but they could resuscitate themselves when necessary. Even if their heads were separated from their body, there was still a chance that they would survive.

Cell-activating substances produced in the spinal cord flowed into the blood. Neural ends stimulated by white grains delivered high concentrations of epinephrine to muscles connected to the diaphragm. Kurook! The paralyzed diaphragm vibrated violently. It was the Epidium regeneration system that operated regardless of the electrical signal transmitted by the brain.

The lungs, which had been drooping like a bull’s eye, began to contract this midsummer. The bubble that was blocking the amputated airway boiled up. Oxygen was sucked in in a large quantities. The end of the nerve supplied with oxygen released epinephrine to restore the muscles.

When the bodily functions have been fully revived, white grains flooded into the liver. Muscle-activating proteins released in large quantities by the liver poured into the neck and head wounds through the lymph node and the blood vessels. The recessed temple found its shape, and the respiratory tract and esophagus were connected.

“Huh, I thought the saying that a cat has nine lives was simply a rhetorical expression, but it looks like he’s really coming back to life.”

Black Mamba was amazed. This was not what a man who was laid on dozens of tons of coal burrs and revived after pouring guts into the leopard’s claws should say.

“It’s really annoying to carry around a broken man…”

Samdi was persistent. He crept up to Oselot. He was not a man who would help his owner, but a rude man who said that Norangie (Greenhouse millipede) was a bug. He pretended not to know what it truly was and to crush it by stepping on its head.

“Samdi, just throw him and hang him up on a tree.”

Black Mamba was quick to sense the truth. There was no way he did not know what Samdi’s ulterior motive was. With Black Mamba’s words, Oselot lost his chance to survive. Even Samdi’s hair had a better chance of surviving.

“Poor guy. Why did you call Wakir a bug? Tsk, tsk!”

Samdi made a face that seemed to bear all the sorrows of the world and grabbed Oselot’s ankle and twisted it. Crack! His leg was left deformed. Oselot gained consciousness as he screamed in pain.



Samdi put a finger on his lips. Oselot tried to raise Samdi. There was a blistering spark in his poisonous eyes.

“Do not look at me like that. Hey, you are making me feel bad.”

Samdi shut his mouth, stepped on his knees with military precision and lifted his calf. The shin bone snapped in two.

“Oh my god, you crazy psycho punk!”

“Dude, you’re the psycho, not me. I am Samdi, the escort of the great Tubai Burpa.”

Oselot shouted in pain but Samdi did not even blink. He threw aside the ruined leg and grabbed the other one. He did the same thing again. He smashed the ankle, fractured the shin bone, and broke his femur.

“Forever oh my! (Poor guy) Ppong-dip ♪ Oselot Pulver (Octopus) Ppong-dip ♬ Ppong-dip ♬ Ppong-dip ♬”

In total, Samdi had broken Oselot’s ankle bone, shin bone, femur, ribs, shoulder bone, and arm bone one after the other, all while singing the song. He seemed to be really enjoying his work. The sound of the chorus and bone cracking harmonized with the sound of rain and lifted the sense of dreariness. As if he were weeding his uncle in law, he also crushed his blonde hair.

“Oh, my!”

Eventually, Oselot lost consciousness and his head flopped down. Oselot has broken approximately 30 bones and his limbs were flopping around like an octopus’ tentacles.

“What a scary guy!”

Black Mamba got goosebumps. He could not believe that Samdi had taken his rhetorical suggestion literally. He really turned Oselot into an octopus! On top of that, why did he tear off his hair even though it had nothing to do with his movement? Black Mamba could not help but feel pity for Oselot.

Samdi cut off some vines from a nearby fig tree and wrapped it around Oselot. He wrapped the vine over and over again until it looked like Oselot was wrapped in a cocoon. Samdi then picked him up and slung him over the branches of a tree, about 30 meters high. When he was finally done, Samdi brushed his hands with satisfaction.

The Avicinia tree produces sticky sap when peeled. Toxic insects such as ants, bees, and spiders hate Avicinia sap. Samdi showed compassion to Oselot in this small manner.

“Ugh, Petro! Petro killed the blonde Bodun.”

A rock wriggled only 50 meters away from the battlefield. It was a man disguised as a rock, and he retreated Baemil. Fwen, an item that suppresses sound and footsteps, was dangling around his neck.

The man looked up at the body of a blonde bodun hanging in the air. The fight between Bodun and Petro was terrible just thinking about it. There was no room for humans to intervene in the fight of divine existence.

“We have to let them know quickly. You have to run away.”

The black man disappeared into the jungle.

“Hehe! Tough guy, it is moving now. I like Kamuge. Samdi, let’s go.”

Black Mamba glanced at the rock where Dambala Information Service had been hiding and tightened the backpack string. He had always known that the man from Dambala was hiding there, but he left him unaware. Black Mamba and Samdi left the area.

The rain was slowly letting up. In the quiet air, only Oselot’s moaning was left, where he was strung up like a bug. It was called Soibulru, the Cheonmanghoehoe Association.

Oselot was no longer allowed to enter the cellar of Marina Port in Singapore. There was no need to think about whether to strangle the kidnapped humans with wires, cut their backs with saws, or dig their eyes with awls.

The number of young women and young children who went missing without a trace will also decrease. Oselot, who was now hanging from a big tree hidden deep in the jungle of Ituri, could no longer enjoy his hobby.

There was a primeval forest in the west of Kadanka, and a round clearing that was about 400 meters in diameter. The space looked as if it was cleared out by a mechanical insect. It was Edos, used by Dambala as a training center. Edos had no giant trees that extended beyond tens of meters, but his area could not be easily found because it was surrounded by lush shrubs and bushes.

In front of the shabby barracks at the edge of Edos, intermediate conductors were making a fuss as they recovered and reorganized the number of people. Budsela and Baron played a magic flute to recover the survivors. The ultra-high frequency sound emitted by the magic flute could be heard by believers 4km away. It means that the church members who had failed to gather there, were dead.

“Baron, how many members have been recovered?”

“They are 63 people, Sir.”

“Only 63 people?”

Budsela was angry. Exactly 396 Christians died. There can be no wounded soldiers in Ituri. There were numerous preys in Ituri jungle, including leopards, hyenas, vultures, eagles, large snakes, rodents, termites and fire ants. These creatures would devour any prisoner that they did not manage to rescue in time.

“Can blond Bodun and Chink overpower Petro?”

“I don’t know, actually. To be honest, I even suspect that we are entangled in the collective hypnosis of the Kran. I still feel like I am in a nightmare.”

At the words of Budsela, Baron looked around his men, looking depressed and ready to go.

“Why did you retreat immediately? When Bodun and Petro fought, you could have used your weapons to just shoot them both down.”

Budsela was not a coward. Baron found it difficult to understand Budsela’s instructions to attack the troops immediately.

“The name of Petro is not light it has its respect. If we can do it, we can do it to blonde bodun and chink friends. They are evils. The bullets we shoot can not kill them, the bullets they shoot never miss. That is what Petro is. I am eager for the blonde Bodun to get rid of Petro.”

“There are 100 batting squad members who are faithful to their equipment. There’s also a grenade launcher and a machine gun. Petro will also dies when he is shot.”

“Hhhh, if you use the bullet, you’ll die. Can you guess the Black Mamba that runs through the bushes? Can you guess the colobus running through the distant rump? Petro is faster and more secretive than them. Petro is not a human being. When there is a battle, you must focus on the fire.”

“Okay. Ogu Ungang and zombies have joined. Even if Petro beats the Blonde Bodun, he won’t succeed. But it’s worth a try.”

When Baron accepted, Budsela closed his eyes. Fatigue flooded his body. Blonde Bodun was neither a friend nor a believer. He did not care whether he lived or died. It would be good if he could kill Petro, but if he couldn’t then he could relax. Kadanka was the home ground. There was no reason to hurry. In order to engage in a global war, he needed to rest whenever he could.

Ogu Ungang came out of the barracks with a dangling cane (a cane with a dangling stick that Ungang used to exert power).

“Captain Budsela, you look tired. Would you like some potion?”

“I refuse that.”

Budsela shook his hand. Taking drugs would help him to recover and feel better immediately, but it would ruin his body in the long run. Budsela was the only Dambala that was not drunk on Yorunba.

“It is time for the discharge ceremony.”

“Do I have to do it now?”

“Yes, you must do it as your opponent is strong. We have enough sacrifices. Warriors united with Rewa will be as cruel as Black Mamba and as secret as Owls. As time goes by, I will skip the complicated rituals, but only the Eucharist and holy rites. The captain is brave, so you do not have to eat. Hahaha!

As Ogu shook his upper body and laughed, the bell of transport rang.

“Failure, Peter will come to you at the sound of the bell.”

Budsela did not like Ogu at all. Previously, Dambala were not cannibals. But ever since Ogu joined the Kikuyu tribe, they began to eat pygmy and white people.

“Aide-de-camp, lead the warriors and start the ceremony.”

Budsela never wanted to see the pygmy in the iron pot. If you eat pygmy, you can accept ituri jungle’s Rua? He snorted in disbelief.

“Phew, where did it go wrong?”

Budsela sighed deeply. He threw himself at the pier to get rid of poverty and ignorance. It was a foolish choice. Voodooism was not a means to hope but a swamp of despair.

Congo, along with Liberia in West Africa, still had several cannibalistic tribes left in the 20th century. The main tribe was made up of the Kikuyu people. A female doctor from the Border Society, who was appointed near Lake Albert, heard this from the chief.

[White people say beef is the best, The Arabs say lamb is the best, and Asian people say pork is the best. If you try human meat, you will find that beef, lamb, pork are actually nothing. I will treat you to human meat today.]

The white female doctor was frightened, so she packed her bags and went back after spending only a single day with the tribe. This was what the native Kikuyu people said: “You eat beef and pork. We eat people. What is the difference?”

Unfortunately, The concern of Budsela was right. Black Mamba heard the bells of Ungang. Blood splattered from the back of the head of the man, who was stuttering hard in the forest road ahead. Black Mamba kicked the man down into the forest.

“You really did a great job with your guidance.”

Samdi politely greeted and followed. The pleasant odor of ammonia molecules bothered the sound of bells and smell were enough to track their staging areas.

They were at the carnival.

The smell that was floating in the air was the same smell found by the stream in Kidamba. It was the odor of human flesh being boiled.

“I already know, I’m going to kill everything here.”

The eyes of Samdi raged with anger as the smell grew even stronger.

Black Mamba raised his hand. Suddenly the dense forest disappeared. The school tree disappeared, and the wide open space with shrubs and weeds is Edos. The camouflage barracks, log – made obstacles, a target site made by cutting wood with a knife, and Black Mamba recognized the training ground of Dambala at a glance.

Squeak! Army Rope soared into the air. When he grabbed his wrist, the commendation swirled around the branches. Black Mamba flew in the air like a goblin and sat on a branch about 40 meters in the air.

The distance was 110 meters and the view of the training ground ahead was clearly visible. Six pots hung side by side in the open space where the torch was lit, and steam came up. There is a line of short pants of Dambala in front of the pot.

The mambo (voodoo priestess) was holding a knife and a ladle, as she took the meat out of the pot and cut it into smaller pieces. Some of the Dambalas were already sitting on a log and ripping into the cooked meat.

The eyes of Sniper showed that there were about 160 Dambalas visible. This matched with the number of Dambalas that had escaped. The conversation between Dambala and Mambo could be heard.

“Ppudas (Eyeballs).”

“Eggi Dunna and Naksan. (You will be able to see clearly).”

Mambo took round eyeballs from the pot and put them in the bowl of a Dambala.

“Degaha (Ear).”

“Shidu Kuma Magulan (You will hear me well).”

Mambo scooped out ears with a ladle and put them in a wooden bowl.
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