Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 427

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Kamuge was a Marlboro cowboy that produced biased images. If Omok-nun was a Christian, then Kamuge was a cuckoo cub demanding the sacrifice of a church member. Just as Omok-nun did not recognize the large size and harsh impression of the cuckoo cub and saw only the red mouth full of open eyes, the pier members were possessed by unfounded promises and vain rewards without seeing the shady reality of Kamuge.
Faith alone cannot move mountains. But faith makes us believe that we can move mountains. Woo-jung, who had lost his self-consciousness, became victim to the group hypnosis as if he were swept away by a flood. He did not believe it, but he was fascinated. Why do voodoo people throw their lives away?
Humans possessed by certain objects tend to create irrational defence mechanisms. For example, what was important to the girl fans of certain idol singers was not the musical quality, but the singers themselves. No matter how bad the singers’ music was, the obsessive fans would not care or be persuaded. It would be a relief if he didn’t get his head stamped on the high heels.
Why was there such unreasonable and irrationality thing?
It could be considered some kind of disease. Destroying the amygdala located in the lower part of the monkey’s cerebrum showed abnormal behavior. The monkey tried to attack snakes and leopards, eat stones and soil, and mate with other animals. These were actions that it typically feared. These symptoms were known as Kluver-Bucy syndrome.
The herd of monkeys that attacked Black Mamba were suffering from the Kluver-Bucy syndrome. The amygdala of these monkeys had been damaged by the Evoravirus infection and as such, they had lost their fear and inhibitions. Instead, the monkeys became vicious and full of hatred.
When a human’s amygdala is damaged, the humans will also experience emotional disorders. They would not be able to read other people’s emotions, and they cannot control their own pleasure and discomfort. This is called Urbach-Vite Syndrome.
Patients with Urbach-Vite syndrome cannot control their emotions and can’t recognize other people’s emotions. They openly intervene in other people’s fights and are the first to throw a punch. They blindly follow certain politicians or celebrities and easily believe in the absurd words of scammers or shamans.
On Sunday morning, do they know how to knock on the front door of the apartment to shout “Hell of distrust” and reverse the situation? They also grab the sleeves of passers-by. [Typically, these people are terminally ill patients, and should be treaded as such]
But how does the Urbach-Vite syndrome occur collectively in groups? There was no established theory, but it has been observed that it intensifies when the dependence on others or the outside to judge thinking and behavior increases.
Voodoo members were considered to be patients suffering from Urbach-Vite syndrome. There were also numerous voodoo members in so-called civilized society. They tended to be shadows of who they were before.
“Wakir, I’m hungry. I’ve heard that Geumgang Mountain is also about eating.”
Samdi collapsed on the fallen old tree. He took out a pouch containing dried jujube palm and Hibitor sap from his backpack and held it out to Black Mamba. Samdi was becoming more and more habitual with his manners.
“Right. The purpose of life is to live. It’s to make a living, so I’m going to eat,” he said with a laugh.
His body had just endured a fierce battle, so it complained of hunger and thirst. Considering his words that life was a confession, and that Geumgang Mountain was also about eating, it was faithful to reality.
Black Mamba and Samdi each had a bite of jujube palm and quenched their thirst with the sweet hibithor sap. Before they knew it, the rain had stopped and the moon stuck out its head from behind the clouds. Edos in the moonlight was like as peaceful as a wooden Buddha dog. The two sat in the middle of the space and ate quietly. The purpose of life was to survive. Just a handful of jujube palms and couple sips of water were more precious than a hundred lives, and that was pure happiness.
They checked the clock. A It was 5.05 and they had 70 minutes before the helicopter arrived. It took 35 minutes to track down and wipe out the Dambala defeated disease. It was an electroluminescence operation that would remain in the warrior’s history, but it was not a short time. It wasn’t even enough time for a cheating woman to finish her makeup, but it was just enough time for a man to eat, drink a cup of instant coffee from the vending machine, and read an online article. Even if he was a less energetic man, he would still have had enough time to go to the toilet and smoke a few cigarettes.
“Wakir, Kamuge hasn’t appeared yet”
Black Mamba smacked his forehead. He had forgotten the final boss because he had been so aggressive.
“Where is he? Is he stuck in the mess of the house? Do I have to search every corner?”
“Shouldn’t we check on the hostages first?”
“Oh my! That’s right.”
Yes, he had removed the obstacle that was blocking the hostages, but he had forgotten the purpose of removing the obstacle in the first place. The main force of Dambala had collapsed. He had even cleaned it up from spies, zombies, and Oselot. The obstacles were almost all gone. Black Mamba rushed to the Dambala camp as if he was flying.
“Nothing special happened.”
Rocks and boulders blocked the entrance of the underground passage. There was no way that the people of Kamuge would be able to move the rocks that weighed more than 500 kilograms; not without some heavy machinery at least.
Dambala had sent all of them on a business trip to hell. Samdi did not even pay the people any attention. He simply picked up the heavy rocks and threw them aside like they were made of straw. The heavy log entrance fell with a single kick. Samdi was cool and nonchalant as he did these actions.
“Huh? What was that?”
With the way now clear, Black Mamba was startled. The stairs were covered in blood. As soon as he got over the ominous feeling, Samdi pointed his finger at the steel door.
“That’s not human blood.”
Blood was flowing down the stairs from the tiny gap beneath the steel door. It was blood flowing out of the corpse that Oma had shot and killed by Black Mamba.
“I’m surprised.”
He let out a sigh of relief. Tung-tung! In the meantime, the generator ran smoothly.
Kung! Samdi roughly opened the basement door.
“Oh, it stinks in here!”
His nose tingled from the odor. Even if we mixed 1,000 rotten eggs and Wang Geon, a dirty toilet that hadn’t been cleaned for a decade, the stench would still be weaker than this. Even Black Mamba had to slow down.
The odor from the body was also formidable. It was almost impossible to prevent body odor in the hot and humid Ituri jungle, especially when they could not have a proper wash for 15 days. The smell that permeated the air was even worse in this confined room.
“Oh my god!”
“Ugh, it’s a devil.”
“Oh Lord, pity the sinner.”
All kinds of screams came out. It was pretty understandable. Black Mamba and Samdi mustered up the courage to smash down the door. The people with extremely weak minds and bodies could not help but be surprised.
Click. Black Mamba pressed a switch on the wall. The single, low-hanging incandescent lamp hanging lit up. The people of Kamuge were not just oridinary humans; not if they possessed electric lights in Kadanka, located deep in the jungle of Ituri.
“Oh, my!”
Black Mamba and Samdi’s eyes widened. The hostages were trapped in horrible living conditions. They were humans that were being treated worse than animals. It was difficult for Black Mamba and Samdi to get close because of the odor.
But they saw the figures crouching in the corner of the room. They looked like bags of bones trembling in the corner like monkeys cowering from a python. Their cheekbones were protruding, skin was parched, eyes were hollowed and their lips were white. There were even maggots living on their bodies. They looked worse off than the zombies you would see in Hollywood movies. (In fact, zombies were much healthier than ordinary people, as they were not crushed and skinny.)
In the middle of the room were three long wooden troughs.
“Oh my… I’ve never seen such a bad guy!”
Black Mamba roared. Samdi did not know what he was looking at, but Black Mamba, who had raised cows on a farm, had figured out the purpose of the troughs at a glance. Dambala confined the hostages in this room and fed them by pouring cassava porridge into the trough, as if feeding livestock. This was not just a horrid living environment; it was a deliberate insult. Was it simply hatred of white people? The answer was still unknown.
Black Mamba immediately understood why the hostages looked so frightened. When humans were forced to endure continued torture, harassment and humiliation, their minds would become terribly weak. Even students who continued to suffer from group bullying could not even think of opposing it.
Samdi and Black Mamba must have been extremely intimidating to look at. Their faces were covered in blood, and they were dressed in full combat attire that included reflective goggles and black masks. Of course the weakened hostages must have been scared to look at them.
“Are you guys related to France Areva group?”
No one answered Samdi’s question. Black Mamba thumped his chest. Would anyone be able to understand if a goblin appeared on a deep blue night and said, “Are you related to France Areva group?”
“Excusez-moi pour le retard. (Excuse me for being late.) Je suis un mercenaire français.(I’m a French mercenary). Vous êtes un otage? (Are you a hostage?)”
Black Mamba took off his goggles and mask and showed his face. His eyes showed that he was a rare beauty. Sometimes, a person’s looks is stronger than language, so Black Mamba tried to appear gentle and friendly. Finally, someone answered him.
“Yeah. We’re Areva’s engineers and scientists.”
“Le kidnappeur a été anéanti,(The kidnapper was wiped out,) vous êtes libre. (You are free.)”
“I survived!”
Someone shouted out loud.
“Aller, Légion étrangère française!”
A shout came out. The hostages jumped up and went wild. The gloomy basement suddenly seems to have transformed into a place of cheer and celebration. Some of the men stumbled forward with their arms open as they rushed forward to give their saviors a hug. . Black Mamba smoothly slipped aside. He was used to avoiding hugs from people.
Dr. Chateau Rollan, the head of Areva’s geological exploration team, shed tears. It was clear he was with the French Foreign Legion. Seven months after being detained in the basement, a savior came. He was trembling with the joy of hope for his life.
No longer did he have to fear for his life, or fear that his hands and feet would be cut off. He did not have to fear of being eaten. He won’t have to cut off his legs that were infested with maggots. The humiliation, indignity, and pain that he received for seven months passed by like a flashback.
Just a few minutes ago, Rollan was awakened by the sound of the explosion. He had listened intently to the shouts and sound of gunfire that overwhelmed even the sound of the rain. Was the rescue team here? Would they be able to defeat all of the guerrillas? Would the guerrillas come in here to kill them first? The awakened hostage buzzed with anticipation and fear.
The time to wait after the shot stopped was the time to determine life or death. Nothing was happening. The rescue team had failed. No, there may have been a battle between guerrillas. Everyone gave up hope and sobbed.
Rollan blamed God, blamed France, and blamed the company, when all of a sudden, the prison door was smashed opened and the savior appeared. “Vous être libre” was such a cool phrase!
He wanted to kiss the mercenary, but he refrained. He hadn’t brushed his teeth for seven months.
Black Mamba stared at the hostages. He had killed 600 people to save these 15 people. What would Buddha think? What did Jesus say? He was proud when he rescued the Orthodox and Kurdish in Caparuza. This time, there was no excitement.
Maybe it was because they were the best. Africa is a land of Africans. These are technicians from private companies who were put in to develop Zaire’s uranium. In other words, he was a subordinate of the group trying to take advantage of Africa’s resources. The world depends on the perspective of the perpetrator and the victim.
“Who are you?”
Dr. Rollan asked after he finally came to his senses.
“You’ll be in trouble if you behave rudely to Wakir. Give the official statement first.” Samdi, who was standing like a steel tower, picked up a bloody Bbokbogi.
The frightened Rollan quickly stepped back.
“Wh.. What are you doing? I’m Dr. Chateau Rollan, the exploration team leader.”
Black Mamba raised his hand to stop Samdi.
The hostage’s eyes were all focused on Black Mamba. Rollan raised his arms and shouted.
“Dubaiburupa is a true hero.”
“Wow! Hurray for the Dubaiburupa!”
“I’m not a hero, I’m a mercenary and a killer.” Black Mamba calmly denied it.
“No, you are the hero of this era and the pride of France.”
“Aller, Dubaiburupa”
Rollan and the other hostages shouted even louder. Black Mamba smiled bitterly. The French have often fallen into a hero-seeking game since Jeanne d’Arc. Was he really a hero? He had no desire to be an overworked hero.
“Where is the rescue team?”
“The rescue team is me and my colleague.”
“Where are the other people?”
“It’s just the two of us.”
Rollan’s eyes were busy going back and forth between Black Mamba and Samdi.
“Oh, my God! How many noble French young men have been sacrificed? Oh Lord, may you accept the righteous and noble soul.”
Rollan sat down and began to pray. Black Mamba and Samdi looked down at the middle-aged man who was making silly comments.
“Don’t worry. We’re the only ones here.”
“Oh my god. Is that even possible.”
Rollan looked at Black Mamba and Samdi with suspicious eyes. He could not believe that these two mercenaries annihilated hundreds of guerrilla soldiers. And yet, here they are standing in front of him. Rollan grabbed Black Mamba’s hand.
“Praise the Lord. How can I understand the deep will of the Lord? Let’s all pray.”
The other hostages all fell to their knees as they began praying at once.
“Lord, he destroyed the seed of evil and gave life to his children… Amen”
The loud chorus shook the basement.. Black Mamba and Samdi were pushed out and the Lord took the place.
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