Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 428

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Black Mamba came out for the worse due to this unexpected situation. He quickly retreated. When did the Lord come to Kadanka and join the Dambala? He and Samdi had done all the hard work and now the Lord was taking all the credit. That was nonsense. Operation Fist of Justice was reluctant from the start. He had only stepped in because he realized that no one was in any trouble. Although he was not expecting to receive any compliments, he did not expect to be pushed aside so quickly. As expected, he was a very great Lord.

“Another voodoo? What is this?”

Samdi murmured to himself. He looked uneasy. The doctor had said something about a hero to his master, and suddenly he was praising the Lord. According to his owner, the French commandos had failed to rescue him three times. It was a horrendous operation where he had to enter the stomach of a monster.

When he had saved the mortal, his master became a dog thief, and he only survived thanks to the wrong Lord. Did they even know that there were six monsters on their heads? Samdi peeked at Black Mamba. He wanted to leave them to the existence of the Lord and leave the stinking basement as quickly as he could.

Black Mamba could not help but laugh. However, he decided not to do anything about it after all. He had witnessed the behavior of religious men numerous times in Korea. Since France is a devout Catholic country, their actions were considered ceremonial. How desperately could the name of the God have been called in fear and despair.

According to the confession of Karungo, there were Koreans and other Asians among the hostages. He examined the faces of those hostages. He was curious as to which nerd had crawled into this remote African country and got themselves kidnapped.

He could not tell who was who, even when he looked directly at them with his eyes opened wide. They were all under a dim incandescent light. Their faces were completely stained and covered with their beards and greasy hair. They had been trapped in the basement for seven months.

“Are there any Koreans here?”


There was no answer.

“Are there any Korean people?”

He asked in Korean this time.

“Me! I’m Korean! Cough.”

Only then did he hear an answer in Korean, mixed with the sounds of heavy coughing. The voice came from a man lying in the corner of the room, away from the crowd that had amassed in the middle. He did not look like he was surviving very well, even at first glance. He wrist was visibly broke, and he seemed to have trouble breathing. The man struggled to draw a breath. Black Mamba had met many Korean people, but it was not very nice to see them. No, there was a strange antipathy.

“Why are Korean people here?”

“Are you Korean, too?”

Lee Kang Chol was delighted. He burst into tears when he heard the familiar Korean words in the middle of remote Africa.

“You don’t need to know that. Why are you here?”

Lee Kang Chol was startled by the response. He had asked out of joy, but the answer was a frosty response.

“I am a commercial official. I came to Gabon on business and was kidnapped.”

“A Korean person came to Gabon for business?”

“Yes, Korea Electric Power is exploring uranium in Gabon. I am in charge of liaison with the Gabon government.”

Black Mamba nodded. That was exactly what he had asked Bonifas to do. But what the man said did not add up. Gabon is an Atlantic country. It is thousands of kilometers away from the Ituri jungle in East Africa.

“Dambala went all the way to Gabon and kidnapped you? Are you that important?”

The words of Black Mamba were confrontational. They were like accusations.

“No, I was on my way to Victoria, but I changed my schedule, and I was kidnapped while I was touring Lake Kivu.”

“Tourism? You came all the way to Tanzania from Gabon to see Lake Victoria?”

Black Mamba was growing suspicious. Although Lake Victoria was worth visiting , it would be expensive for a civil servant to travel across the African continent. Furthermore, African countries receive and operate aircraft that are discarded by Europe and the U.S. for free of charge. It is a common name for carrying a coffin.

An airfield was basically a runway that had been built into the jungle. There were planes that had smashed as they landed on the unfinished runways, and aircraft that were abandoned due to failure to take off.

Crossing Africa by land presented even more problems. To get to Tanzania from Gabon, you would have to cross the Republic of Congo, which was a French colony, and Zaire, which was a Belgian province. All throughout Congo, armed guerrillas ran wild. This must be a Korean person who was out of his mind.

“My fellow congressman begged me to go see the Victoria. Local missions or accompanying civil servants are parliamentary servants. You are Korean right? So you will know that much. I landed at Buchav Airport because the damn junk plane broke down.”

“What a bunch of shit. Tsk tsk!”

Black mamba clicked his tongue. He remembered the saying of Hye-young that she was not a lawmaker but a member of the National Assembly. Regardless of the tight foreign exchange conditions in Korea, tourism with busy government officials was also taxed.

“What happened to the National Assembly?”

Lee Kang Chol could tell that his opponent’s words carried a strong sense of hostility. A white line was drawn on the dirty face. He had a lot of regrets for the dead.

“Jang Kyung Sam, the damn the damn bastard was killed here by sepsis, and the foreign resource director was shot dead.”

The answer was filled with a lot of emotion. It became this situation as humans trying to bury bean powder and humans approaching retirement age paired up.

Jang Kyung Sam, you say? Black Mamba found that to be a familiar name. What was this strange hostility that should be felt in a countryman who should be glad? When Black Mamba tried to say something, Samdi interrupted.

“Wakir, there are no women here.”

Although it was almost impossible for regular humans to distinguish the men from the women because of the current conditions, Samdi was a zombie. His senses would have detected the unique body odor of women.

“What did you say?”

Black Mamba was startled. He knew that there was supposed to be five women among the fifteen hostages. There were only fifteen hostages because but the rest of them had died. I did not mention it because I did not want to bring up a heartbreaking story.

It was a problem if there wasn’t a woman there. Women are more adaptable to the environment than men.

“Wait a minute, why are there no women here?”

Black Mamba’s voice echoed in the basement.


The festive basement suddenly became quiet. The hostages looked at one another while avoiding the gaze of Black Mamba. Samdi was more tactful than Black Mamba.

“Wakir, they are hiding something.”

Samdi’s whisper was eye-opening and intrigued Black Mamba. The Orthodox people of Kapparuza threw their lives to save the woman. He was annoyed by the mysterious actions of the hostages.

“We do not have time for this. They should have been saved too.”

Duung! The interference field spread out. It was a skill that stimulated the amygdala in the limbic system and triggered a temporary state of the Urbach-Vite syndrome.

“The guerrillas took all five women,” said a man in his 40s.

Black Mamba’s face twisted angrily. Hs own father had been involved in the Japanese military’s sexual slave trade and had often talked about the blooming age of Korea. The girl who was taken from the straw bridge was said to be fifteen and sixteen. Well, what can cannibals do?

“Did Guerrilla take you to the semen?”

“That is right,” the man answered equivocally.

“I do not think so.…. We do not have time. Should not they be saved, too.

Black Mamba slightly untied the ragged flesh. If you shoot life at a man who is weak in mind and body, you die of a heart attack immediately.

“Oh, my gosh! Whoosh!”

The breathless man grabbed his chest and stumbled. He is a more vulnerable human being than I thought.

“Roland, what happened?”

Black Mamba looked at Roland with a straight face.

“Phew, I am really sorry. I heard that five female team members are living somewhere else. Hey, Bernado, you’ve been there before right? Tell me the truth.”

A man with an exceptionally large frame stepped forward. It was the same as being nasty, but he was quite a superior guy.

“Do you know there the location is?”

“It’s in a place called the Sanctuary, but I don’t really know the exact location. Each time I was dragged there, I was blindfolded first. I think I walked about half an hour to get there.”

This is why no one knew where the location was. It is unexpectedly close if you spin around, and it is quite a long way if you move along the road. You can not expect much from civilians.

“What did you do there when they dragged you away?”

“I had sex with a woman.”


The eyes of both Black Mamba and Samdi grew bigger due to the unexpected twist. The word sex and hostage do not go too well together. “To be exact, I was forced to have sex in the presence of the sorcerer.”

“Then what?”

Bernado hesitated for a minute. When he finally spoke, he poured out his words as if he was determined to get though it.

“The women were living in a surprisingly good environment, with good food. A female sorcerer dressed in black attended them. The guerrillas weren’t even allowed to be near them. Those women must have betrayed the state and the company and sold our secrets to them. Traitors! While we men were being tortured, those women were…”


Black Mamba raised his hand to cover his mouth.

“Stop talking nonsense. Are you prepared to refuse to exchange confidentiality with your hands and feet?”


The man could not answer and avoided looking directly at Black Mamba. Realistic and aggressive violence was directly linked to individual survival. How many people would offer their lives for the abstract value of patriotism?

“Samdi, keep your eyes on them. I’m going to find women.”

Black Mamba has disappeared.

“Dirty bastard!”

Samdi looked at Bernard with disapproving eyes. Colleagues, who could not protect women, talk a lot. He was a lousy fellow compared to Jamal, Ahmad, Jadri, Ibrahim, Aishe, and the pawns. The owner said that few people are sincere and loyal, with dark ink on their heads. The owner was always right.

“I am going to live.”

Black Mamba exited the basement and breathed in the fresh air. The hot and humid air at the end of heavy rain was heavenly compared to the stench of the basement. He used his spatial perception skills.

‘I don’t believe it.”

The width of the forest was 50 to 60 meters, at most. That was a fraudulent skill, but it was not very difficult for him to scan 4,500 meters. The viability of a hostage was inversely proportional to the time. Moreover, if the situation was changing rapidly like it was now, it may all already be over.

He leaped up from the ground and grabbed a branch that was about 30 meters high. He swung on the branch and flew upwards. He repeated this step a few times until he finally reached the top of the canopy.


He exclaimed in surprise. The world was divided into canopy boundaries. The moon set in the cloudy sky and the brilliant starlight filled the sky. It was a scene that he never would have imagined when he was standing on the dark ground.

Under the starlight, the black carpet stretched endlessly. It was six kilometers long and four kilometers wide. The entire island was covered with primeval forests. But he did not have the time to admire the view. Sshik! Black Mamba raced across the canopy with spatial perception. It took him 20 minutes to cut the entire island like a board and investigate further.

Ten minutes later, he went down through the canopy. As soon as he came down a huge bridge tree and reached the ground, he tumbled back 10 meters away. Phuacc! A net of vanity hit where he was.

“I’m speechless because I’m so stupefied.”

He had seen all sorts of strange monsters in the Ituri jungle, but this time it was severe. The creature standing in front of him had its front foot raised like a horse. It was like a furry spider similar to a Goliath Tarantula. The spider attacked by shooting out a web net the same way a human would throw out a net.

Almost one square meter wide net hangs on his wide open leg. The tarantula was bigger than a golden retriever, and the net was strong enough to capture a man!

Ho Woong Gan was a voodoo sorcerer that specialized in grandiose and strengthened magic. The spider was a creature created by Kamuge by magic. If voodoo takes control of the world, all kinds of monsters will roam the Earth.

The spider’s four yellow eyes burned brightly. The large eyes on the front of its head were the size of the bottom of beer bottles, and the eyes on the back row were the size of a tangja. It also had two black tusks which were the size of human arms. They looked very threatening.

Spiders have eight eyes. The row of four eyes in the front were relatively smaller and the four eyes on the back row were much larger. The reason why there are eight eyes is because the chest and head are a bundle. Spiders do not have neck joints like insects, so they can only look to the front. It is a case in which the square is reduced to the number of eyes during the evolution process of evolution. Spiders can not turn their heads, so they have no choice but to stare. It made Black Mamba feel worse.

Should he avoid this creature or kill it? While hesitating for a moment, the spider scratched its chest with its front paw. Poisonous fur on the chest flew like a blizzard.

“You are very doomed!”

Poisoned cheeks stung. Humans are almost dead if they feel self-awareness. There was nothing to see. Puck puck puck! About 10 MP5s bullets came pouring out. Kick! The spider jumped and clung to the trees. The bullet could not penetrate the carapace of the monster. The 9-millimeter bullet, which was only 800J, was not powerful enough.

The monster spider fell silent. The giant poisonous creature had been axed down. It took 0.2 seconds for a rattlesnake to put a venom into its prey that is within range. The time of the spider to hit the venom is only 0..1 seconds.
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