Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 429

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Do spiders become smarter when their bodies get bigger? Tarantula threw a web shaped like a net and jumped towards it. It was a double ambush; Tarantula was being secretive and insidious, just like a spider.

In the Ituri jungle, there were no such things such as sportsmanship, fairness or declaration of war. The only rule was kill, or be killed.

If it was a battle without rules, Black Mamba was all for it. As soon as he tried to leap away from the falling net, a black shadow popped out from behind the net. The dismal Black Mamba slipped all the way to the front. Phuac! The leaves and corrosive organic matter thickly landed on the ground behind him.

The tarantula swerved in the air with the help of a web attached to its back. The world’s Black Mamba Tarantula’s triple trick too was unexpected.

A black poisonous tooth popped out of a floating body that blocked the view.. Whoosh! The Tarantula’s poison tooth, which is longer than a bayonet, struck Black Mamba’s shoulder and pierced through his bulletproof clothing. Now that Tarantula had achieved its goal, it jumped and stepped down.


Black Mamba was in extreme pain. In retaliation, he hit the spider’s head, but it barely made a dent on Tarantula’s corrugated plates. The timing of the strike was just bit late. The corrugated plate that was hit was only grazed. It was merely scratched. Black Mamba was shocked to see it.

The poison spread through his blood vessels and lymph nodes like waves. He could feel the hear spreading throughout his body. It started from where the poison tooth first stabbed him, and quickly spread throughout his body. His skin burned red when the tissue’s antitoxin and Atrax (spider venom) collided.

Shoot! White blood cells poured out of his spinal cord. Atrax was quickly sucked and neutralized by his white blood cells. Black Mamba’s paralyzed body was relieved in an instant.

“This is really great!”

Black Mamba felt a sudden surge of energy. He did not think it would work any better if he had eaten a thousand-year Dongjasam.

Meanwhile, Tarantula was busy examining the condition of its prey. It raised its eyes and stared intently at its prey. It was anticipating its dinner. Although it was a fairly resistant prey, Tarantula believed that it had stopped resisting now that the venom had done its job. The spider’s venom would turn its prey’s insides into a thick porridge that would be a pleasure to ingest. The excited Tarantula jumped up and down.

The way that a tarantula attacks its prey is similar to what large cats do. They would leap with their powerful legs, grab the victim with its sharp claws and bite down hard with its teeth.

The difference between the two species was either to break the back of the neck or to inject poison. The power of the tarantula lies in its fangs, that were simply too powerful to resist. Even a palm-sized tarantula is able to pierce through human skin. If it was the size of a golden retriever, it could penetrate even armored vehicles.

“Poor thing!”

The imagination of a tarantula with its legs wide open is terrible. Of course, it is a normal human story. Woo-oo! Four front feet tried to grab Black Mamba, but they were immediately cut off. Tarantula was undaunted and it struck out its fangs once again.

But Tarantula made a mistake. Black Mamba’s hands grabbed the venomous fangs before it could strike him. The spider rolled from side to side, trying to escape. Black Mamba was hurt in the fight. Tarantula tried to resist and spouted poison like a fountain. The wet leaves around the both of them were burning in the poison and smoke rose from the ground. Black Mamba however, did not budge.

Kiaak! Tarantula snapped into two pieces and let out a desperate scream. The fierce battle ended in just three seconds. Steam rose from its spilled guts. The surrounding vegetation withered and turned yellow. The spider’s guts were highly toxic.

“Looks like it wasn’t a big deal after all.”

Black Mamba threw aside the two pieces of the monster Tarantula. Tarantula was a great predator but it had finally met its opponent. There was no venom on Earth that could poison Epidium. Although Tarantula was a boss-class monster, it had misjudged its opponent.

After catching his breath, Black Mamba hit the ground and barely had time to recover. There was no need for him to utilize his radar. He could smell the odor of voodoo in the air and it guided the way.

“It that it?”

It was not long before he noticed four water houses sitting up ahead. Dambala was the sanctuary of Kamugu, which was called the public garden.

In the Ituri jungle, a giant tree must be at least three to four in diameter and 50 meters in labor. The smaller trees in the jungle would rise frantically to survive the photosynthesis competition. The first branches extended at least 20 to 40 meters above the ground.

The water house is installed on thick branches with long floor supports like masts, and the floor is laid first, and the walls and roofs are woven together. Water houses built on the branches and branches of large trees were limited in size. The house in front of Black Mamba exceeded the place limit.

“Hmm, let’s see what kind of goblin I’m up against.”

Black Mamba gave a very cool smile.

Cuck! Kamuge shivered and clutched its chest. When a psychic-connected Omar died, it was followed by a powerful shock. The trusted spider, Omar, had been killed. How many times has this happened. He had no idea who this powerful enemy was, but he was on his radar.

“Spy, cursed Petro!”

Kamuge spit out the pool of blood in his mouth. All 600 loyal believers led by Budsela, 10 zombies led by Ogu, and other friends with martial arts skills had been defeated. Surprisingly, even Oselot, the bodyguard of the guards, could not stop him.

The strongest Ohmine Spider also died with barely any effort. No matter how powerful the spirit was, it was based on the evil spirit of death and human malice, but it could not be this powerful.

“Ugh, three days left to go…”

If Ruth Luhweh were the only one to be wise, he would not have to stay here. The great work was over. Plans to rally voodoo believers in eastern Africa to subdue Ntaganta and push Mobutu down have gone up in smoke.

Should we wake up Ruth Luhwe and destroy him? Should we run away now? Kahweyum paced round and round in the room.

The reason why Kamuge did not come to the front was because he could not leave the sanctuary. What was his obsession with losing both troops and Oma? In short, he was a cursed immortal creature.

The voodoo was the state religion of the Dahomei Kingdom, which flourished in what is now the Benin Republic of West Africa. The three tribes that played a pivotal role in the founding of Dahomei were the Yoruba, Pong, and Ebe.

Legend had it that the chiefs of these three tribes took a long journey east under the guidance of God. Those who were lost and wandering on land where the earth split and lava soared found a meteorite emitting light. The meteorite contained three blue eggs. The three called the eggs the gift of the God, or the egg of the Angel.

When the three chiefs returned home, they hatched the egg of the Angel by using tribal magic and spells. The Yoruba came from snakes, the Pongs from spiders, and the Ephesians from eggs. The three tribes called the great Rwah from the egg Lusruhe, the deity angel.

Ruth Luhwe was a great servant of transcendent power. When he cried, there was a drought, and when he hit the ground with his feet, water rose. The unclean man called lightning and killed it, and destroyed the mountain to find jewels. The power of Ruth Luhwe transcended common sense.

The chief of the three tribes founded Dahomei and became king thanks to the transcendent power of Lusruhe. Hoongan dedicated a wealth of personality to Lusruhe, who defeated external enemies and suppressed the rebellion. Records say Ruth Luhwe the spider wiped out 10,000 insurgents in a day. Since then, human trafficking had become an important ritual in voodooism.

In 1740, the Kingdom of Dahomei lost the war against the Yoyo Kingdom. At this time, Ruth Luhwe disappeared and the war was lost.

Although the Kingdom of Dahomei was founded in the late 17th century, its traces remained a legend. This was because the royal family relied on Ruth Luhwe to rule mystically based on the voodoo religion. There was no way that ideas or cultures could remain since they ruled with snake heads, spider eyes, and crocodile tails. Later, the descendants of the Dahomei family survived by supplying slaves to Arab and European countries.

Kamugi was a great sorcerer who succeeded the dark horse of Dahomei Red Tong Hoongan. He happened to get the eggs of Ruth Luhwe in the Ituri jungle. To hatch the eggs, one must use the voodoo vision.

First, insert the egg into the uterus of a white woman. Only Kahweigh himself would know why he insisted on white women. When the egg was in place, it made the woman pregnant by intersection.

When the fertilized egg was conceived, the energy trapped in the egg of Ruth Luhwe would invade the fertilized egg. Ruth Luhwe is the host of human fertilized eggs. Wicka (bowl) is a white woman, to be precise, a uterus. Two out of five white women die of side effects, and Ruth Luhwe grew in three uteruses.

The timing of the birth of Ruth Luhwe from the bowl was not constant. It could be as early as 180 days or as late as 360 days. Houngan could tell the time when Ruth Luhweh was about to be born. Currently, the birth was imminent.

When Ruth Luhweh is born, she feeds on the blood of Oma, raised by magic. During the parenting process, the bond between Ho Woong-gan and Ruth Luhwe was formed. Kamugi suffered tremendous damage from the Black Mamba. Not only because of the military damage, but also because six omas, Ruth Luhwe’s baby food, were destroyed.

Kamugi pressed his thumbs on his temples and set up four fingers. Mambo, who could receive telepathic messages, responded immediately.

“Mambo, wake Ruth Luhwe up.”

“Markandal, Wicka is dead, but it is hard to control Ruth Luhweh.”

“Wake him up immediately. If Petro comes in anyway, it is over. I will not hold you responsible.”

‘I will absolutely follow the orders you say.”

The three Mamboes, instructed by Kamugy, went to Wicka, which they were in charge of, without knowing the terrible fate that was about to come.

Mambo, the one who communicated with Kamugu, stared down at a white woman who was doing some housework. Wicka, the one who was about to give birth, was also doing household chores.

Mambo took a bottle of blue liquid out of his arms. It was the blood of an oma. He rubbed the blood on the belly of the woman, opened his mouth and poured in the yorunba. The abdomen of the woman shook. The disgruntled Mambo began to chant a spell.

“Dambala Utti Amule Amule Wika Luhwe Luhweh…”

Mambo is order has suddenly stopped. It was a god to be held in the clutches of a Black Mamba and to be able to chant a spell. Black Mamba shook his neck.

“What are you doing? Oh, my god!

Black Mamba untied his grip. Healmost smashed his backbone.


The black face of Mambo was bleached as white as a lie. Petro, the natural enemy of all Leahas, appeared. Her eyes turned white. The possessed Rwa went on a rampage.

“Ha ha ha ha,” he giggled.

“What is the wrong with you? Is there a show?

Black Mamba burst out. Mambo pointed back with his trembling fingers. The eyes of Black Mamba got bigger when he looked back.

“What is that!”

The belly of the woman, which was the size of Namsan Mountain, bulged. The other white women had no response. Black Mamba recognized that the mother was addicted to drugs. Oddly enough, when the woman’s bottom, which was clearly exposed, was caught in the eye, the heat rose and the bottom, which had been hanging, calmed down.

“What did you say?”

The eyes of Black Mamba gushed bright. His least favorite people were those who used humans as a means. Everything alive struggles. The weak are culled and the strong survive. Murder is acceptable for acts through struggle. But the act of human slavery, zombieization and cannibalism was unacceptable to him.

“Uxku Dasai, Uxku Dasai Oka Mead a Ruthruhe Wen Ruth.” The great Ruth Luhwe is born.”

“What the hell are you talking about, bitch?”

Come to think of it, he did not understand their language. It was a waste of time to question it. He threw away the Mambo in his hand. Kwajik- The wall was drilled through. What power would a wall made of cocoa leaves and Abyssinia leaves woven from mashed vines have?


Mambo crashed with a long scream.

“Oh, damn it, I forgot.”

There is no possibility that the priestess, who fell from a 30 – meter altitude, will escape death. I did not mean to kill him, but as a result I killed a woman.

“For the sake of the God, the clingy spirit will save you.”

The Black Mamba shook off its displeasure. The position of priest of a social group that uses humans as tools deserves to die. The problem is a white woman with haemorrhage. If you think that the thing that wriggles in your stomach is a cute baby, you are a human with a four – dimensional mental world.

Black Mamba was in conflict. The woman is dead or unchallenged, but alive. She hesitated because she could not decide what to cut off the woman and her stomach at once.

KEY- It ias out. However, he tore his stomach and escaped through the mountains so calmly that he was worried that the monster might pop out. His body was similar to a normal baby. At first glance, he is human, but at second glance, he is not human. The pupils are not black and white, and the mouth is as sharp as an alligator. There is a water knife on the hand, and an organ similar to a fish’s gills behind the ear.

“What are you doing?”

A crouching scarlet creature sprang up. A human baby is born like a nugget and cannot stand up immediately. It does not take at least a year to get up.


A dreary laugh tapped my head. Black Mamba spun like a top. The blade cut off the object that appeared at the back one after another, but the mass was not felt. On the other side, a sorcerer with a skull cane appeared.


The eye of Black Mamba got bigger.
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