Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 430

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Black Mamba had a great sense of sight and spatial perception, and could easily tell the difference between reality and shadow. He immediately recognized that Kamuge, the one who had appeared in the front of him, was a ghost. Indeed, objects with mass could not hide their attention and appear behind their backs. The ghost opened its mouth.

“Petro, thanks to you, my business is ruined. You are now by Dambala. You will never find happiness in your life, ever!”

‘From the psychobiography to the telepathic!’

Black Mamba was surprised. This came out of left field. He had never met a guy like this before. “Thoughtography” refers to a psychic photograph that reproduces something that the human eye cannot see, or reflects the images that the brain has constructed on a particular object. That is a shallow ability that is just feast for the eye. .

This was an example of a high mental power that embodied one’s thoughts or imagination in another space. If the ratio was to be realized, Kamuge possessed the highest level of techniques.

“Dae-up is a jerk. Are you Kamuge?”

Black Mamba used his skills to track down the guy’s true identity.

“Yes, you are right. I am the prophet, Kamuge Makandal. Because of Peter, the enemy of Rewa, Lusruhe, the god of good faith, has become the evil spirit that destroys the world. The people of the world will curse this man.”


Black Mamba’s mouth was gaping in shock. Talkin’ Sunny was just a hostage-taker. The common thing about hostage-takers was the transfer of responsibility. From now on, it was his responsibility to take on the seriousness that was going on right now. “The responsibility for the death of the hostage lies entirely with the government for refusing to provide the evacuation aircraft.” “The irresponsible attack by the police cost the hostage.”

“Man, the world is going to hell. Didn’t the Dambala originated froom the acts of good deeds? The funny hell turned into a boring hell because you contaminated the Klövre. When a man like you runs wild, heaven becomes hell.”

As he spoke, Black Mamba was secretly tracking the physical location of Kamuge. He monitored a creature called Ruth Luhweh. The moves of this Ruth Luhwe was extraordinary. He had a snout in the heart of Mambo.

“Hehehe, You are about to see hell.”

Kamuge lifted the wand of Mardu (a magic wand) and chanted a spell. [Luhre Rewa Nyorita Avriwadau Bungalé Kardingo’s Wamba Inhab!]

Just as he finished his chant, a light flashed from the tip of Mardu. The light hit Lusruhe, who raised his head and stretched his arms and legs out.

“Oh, my God! I think I’m really going crazy.”

Black Mamba could only stare in shock. Within two or three minutes, the creatures doubled in size. Their skin turned dark as they became vicious monsters. But he did not have time to wonder as the monster leaped towards him and shortened the space between them by three meters.

“Oh my god!”

Coocree passed through the creature. He could not feel anything in his hand. At the moment of surprise, the creature popped up.

A creature less than five minutes old can jump like this?

Black Mamba’s neck was bent to almost 90 degrees. The kick grazed his face and hit his shoulder. Puck! The impact of a rifle shot was delivered. Black Mamba’s face, which had receded far, was rotten and smeared. The monster had almost stamped its foot on his face. He was no less embarrassed. It was a dog-like situation in which one’s blow was not working and the other’s blow was working well.

Hehehe, Are you surprised? Ruth Luhweh was a massive creature. It was so huge that it seemed to cover the sky.

“This is all so crazy!”

Shuak! Coocri ran through the air at the speed of cutting the waist of a tiny fly. A hazy coating has been made. The creature in the coating should be cut like slice cheese… There is no weight on the blade. It is like wielding a knife to cut the fog.

“Oh, my God!”

As soon as it saw Black Mamba’s hands moving towards it, the eyes of the creature flashed.


Black Mamba stumbled away. As if a flash bang (blind bullets) had burst, it turned white in front of him and his mind became faint.

“Ha ha ha, figuration is Ruth Luhweh’s greatest power. It is an uncontrolled coming of God. It is the end of the world. You die, I die, and everyone dies. The next time we meet, Ruth Luhweh will tear your limbs and throw them to the dogs. Ha ha ha!”

Kamuge’s final comments was typical of a villain and he walked away. The body of goat went off with a thud.

“Oh my god, what just happened?”

By memorizing his true words, he drained his burning energy and regained his senses. The white curtain fell apart. The white curtain crumbled. Things started to brighten up again.

“What a crazy bastard! I’m going to destroy him when I see him.”

That guy was a real nut job. Regardless of age, clubs are medicine for crazy people. Unexpectedly, he got his nerve up close. If it was 30 meters empty, it meant that he was living in another water house.

Just as he was about to kick out of the floor, Ruth Luhweh stretched out as long as it could. It was a movement that seems to defy gravity, air resistance and physics. Wooon! It his Gongjin on the head with its claws.

The cuffs undoubtedly split the space. Puck – a part of the body stretched like a rubber band slapped and disappeared. Ruth Ruhwe, the one who had been given a blow, fell far away and stared with eyes that had only white spots. No, it seemed like he was looking.

“Oh, shit! This bastard!”

It was the first time it had been slapped like that. Deep in the eyes of Black Mamba, bright red fury came out like ink smudging. He was activating slaughter mode. Brain activity began to work solely in line with the death of the opponent.

Ruth Luhweh had a physical impact through contact. This proved that its body was composed of some sort of matter. Balsala was the right weapon to subdue him. Deconstructs an object called launch on a molecular basis. Black Mamba opened his emergency pouch and held Balsala in his hand.

Squeak! Ruth Ruhwe seemed to be in high spirits, but it shrank away when it saw the weapon. Its pale, lifeless eyes were glued to the Balsala. Zoom! Black Mamba rushed forward. Fit! Fit! Fit! Balsala shot into the air straight at the monster.

It was just as Black Mamba had thought. Regular weapons would not hurt the monster, but Balsala cut through. Suak! Balsala chopped Ruth Luhweh up like garlic. Kwu! A terrible scream rang through the air. Hundreds and thousands of pieces of Ruth Luhweh fell to the ground limply.

Black Mamba reacted quickly. He quickly grabbed the fleeing monster that had turned into liquid and was trying to escape through the floor boards. It felt like he was trying to catch wet dough. He held the dough-like material in both hands and shot out the resonant waves. Whoosh! The creature was flapping in his hands as it struggled to get away.

‘Aha, this guy is weak on Gongjinpa.’

The excited Black Mamba hit the Gongjinpa faction with all his might. The black dough turned white and his arms felt heavy. Thud thud! He hit the floor like a hand-pulled ramble. The struggling dough sagged.

[Argh!] Ruth Ruhwe can not do this. You are not a Petro. What the hell are you?]

It was a telepathic message from Kamuge. It seemed like he was watching the fight without actually being there.

“I am Tuvai Burfa.”

[This was a curse of Dambala, Tuvai Bourpa.]

The last words faded away until it disappeared quietly. It means that his energy was declining or that he had run away.

“Curse me or not, you madman. I will take care of him and cut off his dirty neck.”

Black Mamba took a bottle of water out of his backpack. He squeezed the remains of Ruth Luhweh, which was was the consistency of wet pizza dough, into the bottle. Then he screwed the top back on tightly. In novels, liquor bottles or pots were often used to seal goblins.

“What a ridiculous mess.”

Black Mamba grumbled as he walked out the door. The Ituri jungle was as messy as the world. He looked at Ruth Luhweh, was wriggling in the bottle. Balsalara was a monster that has no way of overpowering if it had not been for an accent.

“By any chance. is that real?”

The egg form was the most stable to withstand changes in the external environment. Would not Adras, the one who endured his years in the form of eggs, have been given some kind of concept and become this form? Black Mamba continued with his logic and reasoning. It might sound like absurd reasoning, but there was more to the world than the eye could see.

“This woman must have been really unlucky.” Black Mamba was looking down as the corpse of a young, white woman. Her eyes were still wide open. She must have died when Black Mamba was fighting Ruth Luhweh. She must have been a rich and confident woman who was a member of the exploration team. She was so young too! Somehow, she had fallen into the hands of a voodoo sorcerer, played host to a monster, and met a miserable end.

There was no possibility of surviving even if Daerasin came anyway, but it was sad. Black Mamba reached out and closed her eyes. The eyelids that had been closed suddenly opened again and a hollow eye appeared. Anger flared up.

“Kamuge, you bastard I will kill you for sure.”

All of a sudden, the body flew up. Its chest and belly were pulled tight and its back muscles and broad belly muscles were stretched to form a U-shape. Using a soft joint, it contorted its body into the shape of the letter S. SAAA – Humans swam through the air in a parallel position to the ground. This is a non – sasin method that I learned from the sight of snakes flying from tree to tree.

It flew 40 meters horizontally. No matter what Black Mamba did the floating body would not fall. He immediately took out his gun and shot down the body.


The muscles of the output of two horsepower were stiff. The body that was falling was sucked into the water house where the body of Kamuge was detected.

“You gave up quickly.”

There was nothing inside the water house. Black Mamba placed his hand on the chair and found that it was still warm. Kamuge must have been sitting in the chair not too long ago. Duung! He activated his spatial perception, but could not seem to detect Kamuge.

“He’s a very talented guy.”

Black Mamba could not help but be a little impressed. If Kamuge could have disappeared in such short notice, it must mean that he was capable of teleportation. It seemed that Kamuge was not just a telepath, but also a sorcerer.

Black Mamba left Kamuge’s residence and went up to another house. He found more bodies of white women. Their abdomens were ripped apart and their necks were snapped. The bodies were lifeless and pale. He found the same scene in the next water house. Ruth Ruhwe was not one but three. Two objects absorbed blood and disappeared somewhere.

“Why did the man I captured come out of the way, but the other one tore his abdomen?’

A thoughtful Black Mamba sprang up.

“Kamuge, did you cut off the belly and take out the immature Ruth Luhweh?”

Black Mamba gritted his teeth. Although he was well aware that the voodoo priest did not consider humans as living creatures, the degree was severe.

“Shall we trace it?”

The odds were at 50 percent. It was a competition between the teleport ability of Kamuge and his spatial perception. Spatial perception extends up to four kilometers if there were no obstacles to block the way. In the Ituri jungle, which was densely wooded and has a lot of magnetic light, the sensing ability was terrible.

In addition, an unexpected ambush hindered the chase. Black Mamba’s lower limbs were obstructed and he could not move freely. This was because of the atrax poison that was running through his body after he fought the Tarantula. Atrax, a venom from tarantula, was a natural erectile that outperforms of the efficacy of Viagra by 10 times. This would bring the average human to the brink of death. But in Black Mamba’s case, he had become the biggest perv of the world.

“Nimi Jotto, Edel is in Ennedi, Jinsoon is in Korea, and Hyeyoung is in America. What should I do?”

Black Mamba grumble as he looked down at his pants. A lucky man said he would pick up money even if he was knocked over. Black Mambada, where 1,000 adults are addicted to the poison that will kill them immediately, has become more energetic.

The sanctuary and Dambala camp, the residence of Kamuge, were surprisingly close by. It was only 500 meters long. In the Ituri jungle, it would typically take a day to traverse 500 meters. But this did not apply to Black Mamba.

Back at the camp, Black Mamba grinned when he saw a number of bodies hanging from the trees in the open space. While he was handling Kamuge, Samdi had moved the hostages to the ground. As time went on, Samdi understood the situation and moved actively.

“I peeled the animal and laid it out for the patients.”

Samdi pointed to patients lying down like a national student looking for compliments. Three seriously ill hostages were lying on beds made from leather. It was very thoughtful of Samdi.

There were no medical equipment or drugs to treat the wounded. Gongjinpa faction could treat them, but the medical staff would arrive soon anyway. Samdi did his best. The rest was up to the support team to take care of.

“Samdi, you’re very smart.”

Black Mamba tapped Samdi on the shoulder.

“Samdi the nicest thing to hear is that you are smart.”

“Samdi, you can not use it when you are upset.”


Samdi understood what he meant and smiled.

“Wakir, what about the woman?”


Black Mamba shook his head.

“What a shame!”

“What do you mean?”

“What a waste of a woman. What about a cow crab?

“Missed it.”

“It was worth a try.”

Samdi turned around and said in a small voice.

“You are a wreck, you are a man of your word for your sake.….”

Samdi was right. It was worth it. All he got was Ruth Luhweh trapped in a bottle.

“What happened to the girls?”

Rolang approached and asked.

“Everyone is dead.”

Black Mamba became visibly uncomfortable. He looked at Rolang and walked toward the other Korean people. He cut the conversation short because he wanted to find a woman. A Korean lying on the leather bed raised his head.

“Nari, a Ministry of Commerce and Industry official, What is your name?”

“It is Lee Kang Chul.”


Black Mamba breathed in.
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