Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 432

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“Tsk tsk, you are doing so many things”.
Samdi Squeezed his tongue. There are only two types of humans imprinted on the consciousness of Samdi: those who are friendly to their owners and those who are unfriendly. If you do not like it, you can kill it. For him who did not understand complex human relationships, the event of the owner was not frustrating.
Anyway, it is difficult if the human being that the owner needs dies. He took out a water bottle containing Hibitor fluid from the backpack. Hibitor sap is good for quenching thirst and has an excellent awakening effect. Coffee is incomparable.
“Wait, wait a minute. “The blood stopped the airways.”
Black Mamba stopped Samdi. He put his palms on the prestigious blood of Lee Kang Chul and released the resonance. Woow- My internal organs trembled like a ship in full swing. When he shook his organs and slapped his back with his palm, he suppressed it and vomited a dead pit of blood. The expression of Lee Kang-chul became more comfortable.
“Oh! Tha.. Thank you.”
“Keep going!”
Black Mamba was cold – hearted. Lee Kang Chul almost died suddenly. When emotional ups and downs become extreme, the neurotransmission system can not accept electrical signals. When the involuntary root is silent, the brain and lungs stop. Of course, I am out of breath.
Human emotions remain an unknown area in the field of brain science. Does brain activity build the mind? Is brain activity a chemical interaction? The thesis is not a hypothesis that will be summarized within this century.
There are two ways in which human five senses acquire information and transmit it to the hippocampus. The path through the amygdala is accompanied by emotions such as taste and smell, and the path through the posterior cortex conveys objective materials such as color, shape, and mass.
Emotional information is blocked if there is an abnormality in the amygdala. The likelihood of developing affective disorder and Urbach – Bite syndrome increases. Conversely, when emotional information overflows without objective substances, the brain goes down due to excessive secretion of cortisol, dopamine, and serotonin. This is why when emotions of joy, sorrow .. etc are excessive, they die suddenly.
Lee Kang Chul, the one who was out of shock, looked at Black Mamba as he was far away. The spirit of leaving the house did not return home.
“You are a person who needs a lot of care.”
Samdi tilted a bucket into the mouth of Lee Kang Chul and spilled Hibitor sap. The focus was on the eyes of Lee Kang Chul.
“That day, there was a death accident in tool 12. It was hard to die from the most common death accident. I came home late at night to fix it. I wanted to cry because it was hard and lonely because the manager fell out and put off responsibility to me. When I walked through the gate, Kim Mal Soon was sitting on the Daecheongmaru. I said, “Malsoon, I am so tired.” Her expression changed like frost feet. ‘I told you five times not to call me that. There is no one in the world who can call my name.’ Then he turned coldly and went into the kitchen. I wanted to be comforted, but I was in despair momentarily. She was such a terrible woman that she was called the Snow White by the workers. It has been a year, but we have not had a private conversation. It is not normal to move away from your mind if you move away from your eyes. It was a pity for her, the one who was so obsessed with her husband who had already died. Those who live should not live. When she put down the table, the front of the jeogori slightly opened and I could see the breastbone. Looking at the secret part of the woman I love, I turned my eyes away. You are a young man, so you will understand. The pity of when the treasure you reach with your hands is not mine.”
Lee Kang Chul, the one who was out of breath, stopped talking and peeped at Black Mamba. The existence of mystery is looking at the brightening eastern sky. Lee Kang Chul suddenly felt a shudder. Can a terribly strong human being look so lonely?
“Lee Kang Chul, you have lived in vain. There is a feeling in the world that never changes. Novels, movies, poems, and paintings will have no meaning as long as they are blunt in absolute love, absolute loyalty, absolute friendship, and the world is good. Keep talking.”
Black Mamba murmured as if talking to himself. The love of mother and father was absolute. Hye Young, the one who I loved, left for the United States in search of ambition. Are Jinsun and Ethel in absolute love? I do not know about love yet.
The master, Kkamdoongi, and Samdi are the only beings that have touched the heart since they grew up. Ironically, not all of them are human beings. The master is already a good man, and the black one is Adras and Samdi is a zombie. I was hurt so much by the humans around me. There is neither distrust nor confidence in humans. However, chemical bonding is only difficult.
Flawless Lee Kang Chul continued.
“I couldn’t sleep.” Only her white chest went back and forth in front of me. I counted thousands of sheep and could not smoke string cigarettes, so I went out to the village well in the field and covered myself with cold water. I did not even have a chin. The passion that exploded was indescribable. I would not have gone crazy if she had given me a word, asking me to wait and saying I needed time to organize. I could not stand it at dawn and went into my bedroom. My eyes were flipped over. Hhhhh (Laughs)
Lee Kang Chul grinned. Humans seem smart and commit absurdly foolish things. In many cases, colleagues who used to live in a clean public office often take bribes and ruin their lives. There is something they say in common. He said he does not understand why he did that. It is not a foresight, but a guardian. Only afterwards do you realize your foolishness.
“I knelt down and begged you to accept my heart. She had a cold wind just like her nickname, Ms. Baek Seol. It was fortunate that she, the one who was weak – minded, did not yell.
She begged me that it would not happen if I stepped down, but my eyes were already flipped. Does it make sense that a young woman with beauty and dignity is tied to her dead husband? Becoming a leafboard, I forcibly took off her clothes. I thought I should free her from her dead husband holding her. I thought it would be different if I force myself to have a relationship like a widow. It is half crazy. She desperately resisted. There was a tooth mark on the right hand, but it was cut off. Hahaha! At that time, suddenly a lantern light popped in and someone rushed into the door. The unidentified man rushed in shouting, and in a state of confusion, I hit my hand with a lamp and ran away. I came back before I left the neighborhood.”
“Why are you back?” When was it?”
“She fell asleep wearing a body pillow and jeogori, but I tore it off. I was worried about her with her upper body exposed and went back. “I do not know the time because I am out of my mind, but it is probably been a long time since midnight.”
“It is past midnight?” I see. Keep going.”
Black Mamba was rotten and rubbed, but he held it in and urged. If you want to know the details of the incident properly, you have no choice but to endure it.
“I was looking for sympathy near the boarding house, and the mysterious man came back from the back wall. I hid myself in fear.”
“How long has it been since you ran away and a mysterious man came out?”
“It has not even been five minutes yet.” I ran to the new road and came back right away. The unidentified man got out of the new road and walked along the riverside paddy road to the bridge. That is all. I was timid, so I had no chance to see the face of Kim Mal Soon. I volunteered that way and moved the tool to Dangje Tunnel. That is all.”
“Did not you see the face of a weirdo?”
“I did not see it.” I was busy hiding my face in fear of being caught by an unidentified assailant. Since that day, I have cursed myself, who was stupid, and I can not forget her and have been living with regret. I want to sincerely apologize to her. “I was so foolish.”
Tears flowed down from the eyes of Lee Kang Chul. If I had persuaded over time, I might have opened my mind, but I missed the opportunity to get a real woman in a hurry and did what I could not do. He did not know how big the shoveling he had spread.
This is often the case with crimes of shameless offenders such as murder, theft, robbery, arson, fraud, blackmail, embezzlement, and rape. After primary damage, serious secondary damage occurs. There are common incidents such as a grandmother who pocketed the tuition of her grandchildren, the one who was pocketed, jumping into a train, and a female college student who was raped committed suicide because she could not overcome shame. The case of Kim Ma Soon is of a similar type.
Black Mamba looked up at the sky silently. Lee Kang Chul had calm brain waves, blood flow, and breathing. His words are true even if he does not look at them with spatial perception. If he wanted to lie, he had to take it off from the beginning. Although the price will be death. Lee Kang Chul was only a common timid man in Korea and a man who was Macho – Younger.
Samdi has a good sense of humor. The business of the owner is over. The old man among them is an unfriendly human being who has done evil to the owner’s mother. He took a step toward Lee Kang Chul. If you reach out your hand, the neck of an unlucky middle – aged man will break.
“Stop it!”
A gloomy voice was thrown. As if nothing had happened, Samdi picked the hour hand and stood behind Black Mamba and looked elsewhere.
“Who are you?” How do you know everything about that time? “By any chance?”
Lee Kang Chul, the one who did not know that he had just returned from crossing Samdocheon Stream, asked a vague question.
Fit Fit Fit- The sword shone brightly. Several Schiffari flies, led by the rotting smell of the dull wound, broke in two. A sword was pushed before Lee Kang Chul’s eyes. Three heads of chiffari, the size of a red bean egg, are placed on the drawing. Lee Kang Chul looked at Samdi with tired eyes.
“Lee Kang Chul, my master is merciful, but I am a demon from hell. You are capable of being stuck in hell whenever and wherever you are. Lee Kang Chul, you know what three heads of Schiffari are, right? It is your family. I hope there is no lie in your words. I am sure you are right, right?
Lee Kang Chul trembled unknowingly. When Hongan’s Dueoksini pushed the face of the rice cake and growled, his mind became confused. The shape was scary, but the horse was scarier. If it is a lie, it is a terrifying threat to cut the hair of his wife and two children. Lee Kang Chul, an ordinary public official, was distracted by the rush of life. I could not think of anything.
“I mean there is no lie at all. I am an attempted rape offender. I have not felt comfortable in the past 16 years. I will take your sin. I do not know if I got paid for my sins like this…….”
The gaze of Lee Kang Chul remained on his blunt wrist. The wrist, which was not properly treated, rotted to the elbow. If you do not cut it off quickly, you will die of sepsis.
“Wow, the jumper of Samdi is improving day by day.”
Black Mamba was amazed. He is Samdi, the one who stands with his back against him with a huge size and threatens Lee Kang Chul by lowering his voice a lot.
Lee Kang Chul even hurt his organs due to long – term nutritional deficiencies and bacterial infections. In other words, he has stepped on Samdocheon Stream. Even if you receive treatment, you are wrong to live a normal life. Will I be able to last 56 years?
I heard the confession of Lee Kang Chul, but nothing has been revealed. Lee Kang Chul was found innocent that he could not help his mother.
“Les Miserables”!
Lee Kang Chul had also a poor life that has been harassed by fate. What is this? The attempted rape in front of him lost both wrists and became a moron. There is no word for revenge against dying humans. What kind of dog – like development is this?
The inside story of the day was roughly revealed, but the important question remained the same. The problem is the five – minute time that took place in the master bedroom on the day when the full moon went into and out of the clouds.
In the meantime, Lee Kang Chul, the one who has disappeared rather than an uncle, has been more suspicious. If it is not Lee Kang Chul, is it the uncle who disappeared beyond the back wall at dawn? It was unclear to conclude that he was an uncle. Lee Kang Chul said he returned in less than five minutes.
Humans are neither rabbits nor chimpanzees. The intersection of animals ends tremendously quickly except in some unusual cases, such as snakes. Perhaps the mating moment evolved toward ending quickly as it became the most vulnerable in the wild.
Humans feel anxious and threatened during sex only by men entering motels with women secretly. Human males who enjoy sex have made bloody efforts to increase mating time and evolutionarily fail to finish the situation within five minutes. This means that the uncle also did not curse Lee Kang Chul’s mother.
‘I see. That person entered the master bedroom. My poor mother, that is why you are crazy.’
While doubting, I wondered if it could be. Five minutes is not enough time to do terrible things. The problem is that a man named Baekbu stayed in his master bedroom for five minutes. When it comes to my father, I am a mother with mynosis. Whether you did something terrible or not, it is a mess for your mother.
The ruined human being smashed his mother and his happiness, and his family was also destroyed by the karma of Paeryun. In addition, it has become a time – limited life. It is amazing that he is in a position to commit another atrocity, and he is about to die. Do you mean there could be cases like this? My anger boiled up. There is no object to relieve the exploding flesh.
Black Mamba raised his head and giggled. Boom boom- A drum rang in my head. A bloody tent unfolded in front of me. My head is starting to turn incandescent. The magic of Epidium, which had been sleeping for a long time, raised its head. It is wild, similar to acute Urbach – Bite syndrome.
“Shouts! mum~”
An angry cry shook the atmosphere. It is a lower that surpasses the roar of lions by dozens of times. Long hair blew away Bunny Hat and stood stiff. His eyes turned red.
“In a world where you can not believe it, wow.
Kurrr- amplified sound waves pushed the bushes. Shrubs and weeds lay down as if they were being swept away by a storm, and huge trees shook. Kkirug- Quack-Ken-Ken-Ken-The forest was a mess. A flock of birds flew, a herd of monkeys went wild, and all kinds of animals were busy running away. The hostage in the rear also wrapped their ears and twisted their bodies. Samdi jumped up and hugged Black Mamba.
Black Mamba shook off, but Samdi has strong forearms like the Four Heavenly Kings did not budge. Samdi’s physique and pure muscle strength are stronger than Black Mamba.
“Hey, you!”
Samdi put a lot of strength in his lower abdomen and imitated the voice of the loud master.
“Oh, Master!”
Surprised by the master’s gang, Black Mamba’s struggle stopped. The moment passed like a daze. Black Mamba turned his head and looked back at Samdi. My hair calmed down and my eyes looked for the original black and white.
“Wakir, I do not mean to.” The big master ordered it.”
The defective Samdi quickly stepped down after loosening his arm.
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