Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 434

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“There is nothing to be sorry about. You can work hard as much as the main building worked hard. Is not this jungle better than the sauna room (nickname of the Operations Department on the 7th floor of the DGSE)?”
Black Mamba smiled vigorously. mekisi’s face rotted and rubbed.
“Do not even talk. A few days after the adviser repatriated the survivors and remains of the 2nd rescue team, Kabaye, the one who was called to the swimming pool (nickname of the Office of the General Manager on the 8th floor of the DGSE), and his jurisdiction were cursed for life.”
“Why are you being criticized when you made it?”
“Jermain and Kabaye shoveled. DGSE and the Ministry of National Defense, which excavated the remains of the rescue team and rescued survivors, have quickly become stars. The media that bit the Ministry of National Defense mobilized all the rhetoric and praised the government. Excited Jermain came out on Talk Show and talked about the successful fourth operation of the Fist of Justice. There is a problem here. There was no record of dispatch of troops anywhere in the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Home Affairs.. Only the shadow, special adviser, was put in, but there can not be a record of dispatch. If he survived, he would be stuck in the bureau….. When Jermain was cornered, his friend, Kabaye, slipped his call name into the media.”
“What? Are you crazy?”
Blood vessels sprang up on the forehead of Black Mamba.
“He might have wanted to put the brakes on Bonipas’ victory. Anyway, the competition for the general director is decided.”
“Miterang was so angry. The incompetent lumps of dung jumped for polluting National Treasure. The president and the upper class of DGSE, the one who clearly know the inside of the Fist of Justice operation, are bound to be amazed. Because he is talented and has shoveled on the subject of taking money. In fact, the incompetent Ministry of National Defense and the DGSE, which have not been able to resolve the situation for six months, are criticized and cheap. Minister Jermain resigned and Kabaye was suspended. Currently, Serfund is acting as the head of the information department. Serfund, the one who took the helm, suddenly kicked their butt and blew it here. It is true that if an idiot and diligent public official is in a high-ranking position, it is a natural disaster. (Laughs)!”
Mekisi smiled bitterly. The performance of Black Mamba has established an external face, but the inside of DGSE has boiled like a boil. Bonipas, the one who took power, overturned DGSE. The biggest victim was the intelligence department. In Operation Ruman’s failure of information and operation of the fist of justice, the power of shoveling as well as the Ministry of National Defense was put on Serfund’s table.
It was difficult for the Ministry of Information to raise objections. In Ruman, their sobbing hid and even shoveled the CIA intelligence officer as a guide to Black Mamba. Even after putting 50 informants in Ituri for half a year, Black Mamba found no signs of survivors and remains in less than 10 days. It was the difference between the superman and the criminal, but the excuse was not in a mood to work.
Serfund inspected the information system from the bottom to cut out rotten branches, downsize them, and cut budgets. When the crazy Surfund began to jump, the manager Kabaye wrapped his head around him and poured out. Maekisi was actually kicked in the buttocks, not in an investigative expression. The abusive language that he left the national ambassador to a team leader was also added.
Bonipas, the head of operations, is openly selected as the next general manager. Mekisi is in trouble having to run to Africa without squealing and face No. 1 to be avoided.
“(Laughs), the flood hit the grave of the dragon king. I understand. Ituri Jungle is an extremely unfriendly area for human activities. You thought of natural variables too easily.”
“Thank you for your understanding.”
Mekisi sighed inside. Another nickname for the angel of death, Black Mamba, is the exaggerated grinder. Before being held accountable, the operation of crying was successful. The advice of Manager Ariba to voluntarily pay taxes was correct.
“What about him?”
Mekisi looked at Samdi and caught his eye. He is a black man who was brought when Ange de la mort returned after Operation Ruman. It is memorable because he went through the process of acquiring French nationality himself. However, the appearance and atmosphere have changed a lot.
“He is my brother.”
“The younger brother of the special military adviser?”
Mekisi’s mouth opened wide. At that time, he was a big fool. Force flowed one after another as he held a heavy machine gun Meg like a toy in one hand, with a confident physique of 240cm, red skin, and one hand. The fact that he is intact after destroying hundreds of guerrillas is a new superhuman. The world’s Black Mamba called him his brother. Awesome. He came to his senses.
“Do not think about useless things.”
Maekisi’s head went straight into the stern warning. He had the call name in mind, but Black Mamba was wrong if he did not feel like it.
Black Mamba bit his tongue. Intelligence agency guys have a bad habit of thinking about using only useful people. The call name of living in shadow was enough for himself. He had no intention of pushing his brother Samdi into the blood river.
‘Thank you, owner!’
Samdi’s mouth was wide open. The owner said to himself. The younger brother is the second cousin in Korean style. They are close after parents and children. It does not matter if it is a servant or a younger brother, but words alone warmed his heart.
“Nice to meet you. Long time no see.”
“I owe you a lot from the last time.”
Samdi slightly held Mekisi’s hand and greeted him with a heavy greeting. He will be in trouble if he hold the weak human hand tightly. Mekisi’s mouth opened wide. Less than a year later, the native, the one who could not even say a word properly, became perfect in words and attitudes. He became greedy. Did not Bonipas also succeed thanks to the discovery of Black Mamba? There is no way he should not be so successful just because he is.
“There is something else to deal with.”
Black Mamba has regained the spirit of Maekisi of drinking kimchi soup.
“Just name it.”
“It is Lee Kang-Chul, a Korean who became a hostage without luck. Treat and send it to Korea.”
“We will take care of it without a hitch.”
Maekisi quickly bowed his head. The more Black Mamba asks, the better. He is a loyal human being to the extent that it is widely said that the request of Black Mamba is worth a life.
“You are here!”
Black dots appeared one after another. They are the support team and the medical team that took off from Bucav. Some are helicopters carrying troops from the base camp to Bunya.
“It is good to land thanks to the burning forest of the camp.”
Paul muttered. Shuu-feng-feng-feng-feng- Paul fired a series of signals.
Tutatata- giant Chinook hovering from above. Fast ropes were thrown one after another, and the subordinates of Paul came down one after another. The landed mercenaries grasped the ground condition and waved white flags violently.
According to the instructions of Shin Ho-soo, three Chinooks and three gazelles fell one after another in the vacant lot that was burned down. The spacious camp was packed with helicopters that landed. A gazelle was on high alert in the air. As Paul said, if there was no fire, logging must be preceded in order for Edos to land.
Military uniforms and white gowns poured out of Chinook. Several reporters with cameras also jumped out. Eighty fully armed mercenaries lined up in front of Black Mamba. Black Mamba sat leaning against a tree of five Buddhas and smoked cigar smoke. It is enough relaxation to look arrogant.
The mercenaries saluted at once following the slogan of the commander.
“Rest, there are critically ill patients, so hurry up.”
The mercenaries began organizing the site. A dozen medical teams clung to the hostage and began first aid. Lee Kang-chul was treated first.
“I really will not forget your kindness.”
“Just raise your children strong.”
“I will tell him your story often.”
Black Mamba smiled silently without a word. Lee Kang-chul could not take his eyes off Black Mamba while being carried on the bed.
Patients who completed treatment boarded Chinook one after another. 80 mercenaries led by Paul and 20 members of the Barakuta team led by Holland were busy. Guerrillas’ bodies were collected in one place, and firearms and necessary data were collected. There were not many things to get out of the huge fire and heavy rain that occurred the previous day.
“Advisor, did you catch kamuge?”
“No, I lost him.”
“I have to catch him and bring him to court.”
Maekisi felt sorry for him.
“You should have really gone and caught him.”
Black Mamba pointed to the black forest. Maekisi couldn’t squeak and crushed. He is an ordinary human being, not a monster that stirs this trap.
“Manager Maekisi, if you go straight 500m this way, you will find four floating houses. That is where Kamuge lives. Examine there if you want to achieve results. There is a female hostage who was sacrificed by them.”
“Thank you.”
Black Mamba is a double-edged knife. If someone touch it wrong, he will get sick of it, but the rice cake you get is also formidable. Mekisi, who was full of joy, glanced back at Holland, the one who was busy checking his hostage. The person in charge of the fist of justice operation is Barakuta team leader Holland.
“Let’s go!”
Mekisi, the one who had hesitated for a while, led his subordinates and ran. If he looks for loyalty and reporting system, he will only follow other people’s tail.
“Hhhh, will not he get sleep paralysis at night?”
Samdi smiled. In the direction where Maekisi runs, there is a body of 600 millimetres in diameter and 15 meters in body length. He killed him, but he will be afraid to appear in his dream.
“Oops, Oselot!”
Oselot was hanging in the air. It is an item for the owner to use personally. There is nothing good about being noticed by humans. Samdi disappeared with a buzz.
“Is this why aristocrats and noblemen have lower tummy?”
Samdi takes care of it on his own, so it is comfortable to build. Maekisi will have a pretty hard time searching for a floating house hanging 30 meters in the air. The scenery of the water house is not very beautiful either. There is only a hostage with a torn abdomen and a torn body of Mambo.
Black Mamba only took a puff cigarettes deliciously in a comfortable position. The donut went up and the crane danced and flew away. A naked woman was formed and her mother’s face was also formed. It was not even about manipulating cigarette smoke with resonance waves to form a shape.
“Hey, Holland!”
Black Mamba called Holland heading to the basement. Holland heard a call, but he slipped away pretending not to hear it. If possible, he did not want to hang out with an ignorant human being.
“You are so rude!”
This is what Samdi always says. FYIT- The ARMY rope flew toward Orlangd 40 meters away. When he moved his wrist, a cracker at the end swung around his back.
“What is this? Ugh!”
Holland was dragged down without any surprise.
“Holland, If you do not run, your body will be cut off.”
The terrible sound rang his ears. A rope like a piano line wrapped around the body was tight and tightened. Surprised by the metal sincerity digging into the flesh, Holland rushed.
“Wh.. What are you doing?”
The face of Holland turned red. He was dragged as if he were suddenly attracted, and his pride was greatly damaged.
“Hey, you should come when I call you nicely. Would you be happy if a distant junior pretended not to hear it?”
Holland is speechless. Although he is very young, the special military advisory is at the vice minister level. It is a distant superior. He still did not realize that Black Mamba hated stiff humans.
“Holland, you need to make a contribution. You must be sad if you have no income after 6 months of rot in this jungle, right?”
“Then, tell me where else did you see it?”
Holland was not an idiot either. He already understood Black Mamba right away.
“You are smart. Go straight 2 kilometres to the west and you will see Edos. That is their second home base. There will be about 200 people. Hurry up and go before The Legion Entanger and I pick it up and eat it.”
“Thank you.”
As if when Holland was sulking, he checked the coordinates with GPS and dragged an intelligence agent to disappear.
“You have to work hard to get ahead.”
Black Mamba laughed at the visuals. To get to Edos in the west, where Dambala made its last resistance, swamps and poisonous insects must pass through the primeval forest. The battlefield is also a mess. He has to wake up to deal with it.
“Paul, go down to the basement over there. It is going to be salty.”
Black mamba pointed at us.
“Hehe (Laughs), thanks to having a good friend, you will get promoted again.”
Paul’s mouth is really torn. It is amazing if a friend says it is salty. Unlike Korea, Major is a high – quality officer in France. The most difficult course is to be promoted from captain to major. Paul ran to the cellar with his men.
“Well, it is good if your friend does well.”
Black Mamba, the one who had roughly finished organizing the traffic, leaned against a tree and slept.
The hunch of the reporter is more sensitive than the fly that found rotten meat. They recognized that Black Mamba was a VIP and flocked. Mercenaries guarding Black Mamba pushed the approaching reporter to the gun.
“Why are you blocking the coverage?”
“He really needs a break.”
“Are you saying That person’s rest is more important than the citizens’ right to know? Acually I want to tell you they There is no law in France to prevent the coverage of war correspondents.”
Reporters raised their voices very loud.
“That is not what I am saying, right? I mean, he is very tired. Who do you want to whine like a jellyfish when you do not even have the power to pee?”
“What? This person asked me to watch it.”
“Hey, What are you looking at? There is more coverage over there, but why are you whining here?”
There was a physical fight between a reporter trying to get an interview with Black Mamba and a mercenary stopping him.
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