Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 435

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Who will win if a man and a woman have a physical fight in public? No matter what, a woman wins. In so-called civilized society, each part of the body of a woman is a weapon. In other words, she encounter terrible criminal law terms such as harassment and sexual molestation.
Balisari pushed in with a sleek movement, or using her body as a weapon, like a tank. It is not even an intuition of a reporter. The only survivor of the battlefield, a man soaked in blood and sweat in combat uniforms, a man calmly sleeping at the scene where hundreds of guerrilla bodies are wrapped up, and the man in front of him are the call names that carried out the operation. It is a big scoop if someone get an interview.
“If you touch my body, I will sue you for sexual harassment.”
The mercenaries, who were pushed back by the force of rushing with outstanding chest, faltered. In an instant, Balisari, who broke through the blocking line, put a microphone on the face of Black Mamba.
“I am Balisari a reporter from Petit, France.. You are the consultant for this operation, right?”
Black Mamba, who woke up from a deep sleep, pushed up his heavy eyelids. A black bar microphone is aiming at its face like a gun. The red rouge-painted lips float on the gaze along the stick. The rat-eaten lips crossed the blood of the battlefield. He was annoyed.
“Do not cover the sunlight and get out of the way.”
“Sunlight is definitely good. Can you answer some questions for citizens’ right to know?”
Balisari slightly twisted her upper body and bent his back. The front of the black blouse opened up and her chest was clearly revealed. It is one of her coverage skills.
“Jeez! I think sunlight is a hundred times more important than the people’s right to know. If you hold out here for a day, you will find that sunlight is more important than gold.”
Black Mamba closed his eyes again. He had no intention of having a nutritious conversation with a woman who was self-centered, selfish, and narcissistic. The first rule of mercenaries is to maintain the best condition. Now is the time to make up for insufficient sleep.
Balisari is not a polite woman to step aside. Originally, courtesy with reporters is a word that is not very close. The French Intelligence Agency’s call name is veiled beyond the UK’s spy zero. There is no foolish reporter to send a close-up scoop. In addition, anger rose at the level of cheap eyes pretending to have seen luxury goods.
“You just have to answer a few questions. What’s your call name?”
‘Oh, I am going crazy. He slapped me when he wanted to cry in the Kabaya.’
He thought it was better. Work has been accumulated not only at home but also abroad. He has to find his mother and organize his salvation with the Jang family. Construction of Novatopia and factory construction of Samaria Farm are also busy. Murder is murder no matter how glorified it is. He has a lot of work to do, but he can’t hang on to being a human white spirit forever.
“Lady, I do not know what is your call name, but take care of your life first.”
Fit – The light glistened at the fingertips of Black Mamba. Chik- A black object attached to Balisari’s shoulder fell on the ground. A metallic glossy black spider with a dagger stuck in its head was habitually used.
“He is Latrodectus, a specialty of Ituri. If you raise your front feet and stick your tusks in, the lady will go into the pizza oven. After 5 minutes, the lungs start to fill up, and after 30 minutes, even if a wrap specialist gathers together, they cannot raise the lady who rolls down to Hades.”
“Oh my, thank you for your kind explanation. Will you take off your mask and goggles? What is your call name? Was it 007? Did you kill all these guerillas by yourself? Is that possible?”
Balisari made the call name a fait accompli and fired it like a gun.
‘Oh man, I will die rather than get sick.’
He tried to scare her away, but the persistent woman did not budge.
“Dude, stop talking like a beggar and help me evacuate the patient.”
Black Mamba, who could not stand it, roared. In addition to sadistic insensitivity, this woman is invincible to be brazen. He want to cover her mouth with Gongjinpa, but it is not something to do to innocent civilians.
“What? What did you say? Do you have no manners?”
The startled Balisari turned two wicks on his eyes. It is the first time in 10 years of journalism that such a common-sense human being has been. What kind of barbaric speech is this to a beauty like herself? She decided to teach this man manners first. The media must enlighten humans who satisfy citizens’ right to know and who are ignorant of common sense.
Balisari, who had been boosting energy, blew the air. The human who was smoking disappeared as he leaned against the tree right in front of him. The ghost was in trouble.
Balissari’s surprise did not end. Suddenly, her body boosted up. A giant grabbed the back of Balisari and jumped up and walked as if hanging a coat on the branch of a giant tree. It is Samdi, who appeared with Oselot on his side. Balisari hung 3m high in the air like a balloon bug.
“Ugh, What is this? Drop me off. You big fool, I can’t let this go.”
Balisari swarm. Samdi followed Black Mamba, who disappeared due to teleportation, and entered the forest.
“Wakir, you looked so pretty. Why did you run away?”
“Hey, go to the cemetery and ask. Ten percent of men in the world died from nagging women. Besides, she is a reporter.”
“You are ugly compared to Lady Edel.”
“Why do you suddenly mention Lady Edel!?”
“I am afraid the owner will forget.”
“I am going crazy. Is he dead? There is no breathing.”
“If there was no scream, he died.”
Puck- Samdi threw Oselot, who was wearing it on his side, to the ground.
There was a strange sound, not a scream or breathing sound. The axillary bone where the bone body was barely formed was segmented. Oselot, who pretended to be dead, could not stand the shock and groaned.
“That is a definite way. (Laughs)”
Black Mamba giggled.
“Wakir, you are amazing. The injury has already stabilized and bones are sticking together.”
“that soon?”
Duung- he looked inside Oselot with spatial perception. Collagen at the end of the segment is proliferating fiercely. Ribs have already formed bones. It is a great regeneration system. In situations like this, bones stick in a week and calcify in a month.
“My fingers!”
Cells at the fingertips that have been cut off are regenerating. This is almost a phoenix. Of course, there are several animals that have the ability to regenerate the body. Lizard regenerates its tail and legs, and Mexican salamander Axolotl regenerates even when half of its body is cut off. The starfish also restores the body that has been cut off.
Turritopsis Nutricula, which belongs to jellyfish, is eternal through reverse reincarnation returning to the polyp state. Tardigrade, called water bears, endure vacuum and absolute temperature (-273℃), and do not die even after irradiating 1,000 times the fatal radiation.
Mammals do not have the ability to regenerate body organs. Humans are neither salamanders nor starfish. Oselot deserved to be proud of himself as a newbies. Of course, the truth is the residue of epidium produced by Conceletus through genetic engineering.
The monster in Area 51 passed by his mind. Sao was completely defeated by the monster Surfund underwater. Of course, things will change if he fight on track. When a monster at the level of Samdi strides, the Earth was terrible just thinking about it.
Living things evolve appropriately for the environment. In terms of the suitability of the global environment, it is difficult to say that Turritopsis Nutricula or a complement animal has undergone an evolutionary process on Earth. It is more reliable to say that space creatures were loaded on meteorites and introduced into the Earth.
Specificity conceives another specificity. There is no basis for claiming that higher organisms with the characteristics of completives have not been introduced from space. Rumors of aliens in Area 51 may not be a myth.
Human experiments with complex transplantation of spinal cord/bone/muscle/nervous were actually conducted in Auschwitz and Unit 731. It is a terrible experiment in which Maruta’s head is cut off and another Maruta’s head is attached, making it a perfect experiment for a romance novel.
Two Maruta people with similar body shapes are put on a coma state, and the neck is cut with a sharp scalpel. Exchange the necks with each other and join them to different bodies. It bonds the spinal cord with a special polymer compound and surgically connects nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and tendons. Experimental records show that the experimenter was alive for 10 minutes.
It is not known whether it is true or not, but head replacement is impossible even at the level of modern medicine. Even other people’s fingers have a low transplant success rate due to immune rejection. There is no way a lunatic operation to transplant the entire head is possible.
The biggest challenge in biological transplantation and genetic engineering is inhibition of immune rejection. If only reliable immunosuppressants are developed, technical difficulties are not so great.
The immune system of axolotl the salamander does not attack the transplanted tissue. Transplanting the DNA of a complementary animal into humans or animals and transplanting the DNA of axolotl to resolve the rejection can create a monster encountered in Ituri. Reptiles have a stronger immune system than humans and are easier to resolve immune rejection reactions. This means that if only immunosuppressants are developed, reptile monsters can be easily made.
‘Would not it be heaven’s providence that Kkamdoong appeared?’
The world moves in pairs. Even if it is not Yin-Yang and the Five Elements theory, the world goes back bitingly. As he went through the world, he felt that there was a great providence that moved this world.
In the real world, being like yourself or a black person is a foul. There is a good reason when fouls appear. A being like himself would not have been born to beat up poor terrorists, guerrillas, or evil voodoo.
“Wakir, this bastard is so annoying. Let’s pull out the neck.”
Samdi awakened the black mamba he was thinking about. The crumpled Oselot flinched. Black Mamba shook his head.
“It is such a waste to throw away the plates. Smash it again.”
‘He is crueler than evil.’
Oselot’s mouth bubbled and his eyes turned upside down.
“Paul, send a gazelle here.”
Black Mamba informed Ulumbo of the coordinates of the prime minister’s house.
“What is this place?”
“The broken guide was kept on the tree.”
“Is he still alive?”
Paul did not hesitate to contact him by radio. The gazelle floating in the sky turned around and headed east.
“Hey, boss!”
“Go to the dock. There is a monster in the river. Do not take the mokoro at the dock and cross the river by boat. If you shoot three guns along the river, two pigmies will appear. bring them.”
“Yes, Sir!”
The boss disappeared with two mercenaries.
Operation is over. The annoying back-up can be handled by the support team and 13th Regiment mercenaries. Hunger and fatigue flocked at once. Black Mamba dozed off with a cigarette in his mouth. Samdi quickly disappeared into the forest.
After a while, Samdi laid down the silver bag leather he brought under the tree and hugged the sleeping black mamba. Samdi committed the brutality of skinning the endangered mountain gorilla for the owner’s deep sleep.
His owner’s sleep was a hundred times more important than that of gorillas. If someone criticizes Samdi the one who will have a big distance, the human being who would say, ‘So what? Do gorillas save the Earth?’.
The Shadow team, led by Major Mekpee, headed east by reflecting on the path Black Mamba had gone through. Mekpee never imagined that team B led by Lewis would be over because of monkeys and hippos.
Steve cursed the pilot who mistook the target point. The 13km of Ituri jungle required infinite patience. The forest where sunlight was blocked was no different from the dark tunnel. He was exhausted by heavy and humid air and the continued attack of poison. Wet clothing and military shoes have become heavy due to external moisture and internal sweat.
Half of the crew had to pioneer a career path on the jungle road, and half had to be wary of fortune-telling with a lantern on the MP5 mount. Shadow’s fighting power is the world’s strongest. Three leopards, the silent assassin, were caught, and Black Mamba and Boomslang were undoubtedly hit or split in two. Billy made a silent bowl of elephant that suddenly appeared.
The problem is the poisonous insects. Wasps, meat fly, poisonous moths, fire ants, and unnamed poisonous insects frequently pulled their souls out. Without a powerful low-frequency generator and insecticide sprayer, they have to raise their hands.
In particular, trees as thick as pick-ups rising to the end of the sky were easy to be feared. This is because of a tree leech whose low frequency generator is useless.
“Try to keep the footsteps as low as possible.”
Major MecPee cautioned. Old Abicinian trees, covered with thick sichuan lichen, are home to leech. The shadow team tiptoed through the tree. The danger was not just on the tree.
One of the team members jumped with a low scream. The criminal, who penetrated the leather of combat shoes and inserted his tusks into the back of his foot, quickly fled. It is a big Tarantula twice the size of a palm. The toxicity of the yellowish brown Ituri Tarantula was terrible.
“Oh, my gosh!”
Kung- A member with paralyzed legs collapsed. The unlucky shadow crew immediately paralyzed his tongue and diaphragm. Dilute foam leaked out around his mouth.
“You fool!”
Major MecPee rushed in and administered epinephrine and steroids, but failed to save respiratory failure. Spider venom has not developed a suitable antitoxin. This is because there are many types of poisonous spiders on Earth, but there are only one or two types of spiders that can threaten human life. Of course, Ituri Tarantula is the exception.
“It is over!”
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