Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 436

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Steve chewed it out in a dry voice. Although unknown to academia, Ituri Tarantula’s poison is being used in biological experiments and maneuvers at the CIA. Ituri Tarantula venom, similar to Atrax, blocks electrical signals transmitted to muscles and destroys cells. His heart and lungs stop at once, so he does not have time to do anything.
Swalsky’s pupils swelled up as if they were protruding, and his facial muscles twisted arbitrarily. The pain of the brain that has not been supplied with oxygen is beyond imagination. MecPee picked a Beretta. The intention is to relieve the pain of the subordinates.
“You do not have to do that.”
Steve shook his head. The light slipped out of the victim’s eyes. MecPee attached an index finger and a middle finger to Swalsky’s carotid artery.. He could not get the hang of it.
“Shh! (Giving him Middle finger)!”
MecPee’s face rotted and rubbed. Less than 60 seconds have passed before Swalsky screamed and died. Shadow, the elite of the elite, was bitten by a spider and killed. Unbelievable, his heart collapsed.
Two victims have already occurred. One member bitten by a black death stalker is on and off. They both were hit by a bug. It would not have been unfair if they had lost their life to a black mambana leopard.
“Oh, Swalsky!”
Tutatata- The partner of Swalsky went wild with MP5. The new guest meaninglessly vented. Wasusu- There was a sound of raindrops on the leaves.
Someone shouted. A black shower poured from above his head even before he finished talking. A tree that senses vibration like a ghost. The two-leaf tree with white stripes on a blue background is a medium-sized tree with a body length of 30mm to 60mm.
There are several reasons why I am scared of him. The first is cover-up. It is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye if it is attached to clothing or equipment with a thin body like a paper. If they cannot catch it right away, make a hole in their clothes with dental floss and put a straw plate on their skin. The leech’s saliva contains hirudin, which prevents blood clotting, and Haementin, which anesthetizes nerves. Even if blood is sucked, there are no symptoms of awareness until it is checked with the eyes.
The second is the ability to absorb a large amount of blood. When a 60 millimetres leech sucks blood, it increases to 120 millimetres. The amount of blood a single person sucks reaches 100cc. Anemia occurs even if only five animals are snouted. The third is parasites and bacteria that are infected during the blood absorption process. It causes multiple abnormal symptoms such as chills, redness, knowledge (literacy), and diarrhea, and loses combat power after three days.
Shadow has already been overwritten twice in leech showers. He had no intention of distributing wasteful blood to persistent vampires. He ran to death and got out of the protection of Avicinia. Outside the dangerous area, Shadow was in a hurry to spray DDT on clothing and equipment and wash his body with alcohol.
“Ugh, I am tired of it. I am sick of it!”
Steve got sick of it.. This is why he did not want to come to Ituri. It is the third time attacking a leech. He wanted to get rid of it right away and get out of the jungle. Of course, it is just an idea.
“Sergeant Stove, is the direction correct?”
“The GPS signal is clear. The Devil Spring is 4.5km west of the current point.”
Sergeant Stove, the one who checked the screen, guaranteed it.
“Good. Go!”
Surfund’s biogenerator has stopped, but there is no way to lose its direction as long as Tutle and Octopus continue to send location signals.
“Wait a minute!”
MecPee stopped Steve and pointed to a giant tree 30 meters ahead. Steve increased the sensitivity of the night view. The bark of a giant tree is peeled off. He looked back at MecPee. accidentally? It means that. Elephants or monkeys sometimes peel trees. MecPee pointed his finger at the sky. An artificial structure hung with leaves was seen at a distant height.
“Are they Pygmy People?”
“The Pygmy do not make such elaborate structures. I roughly make it, use it, and throw it away. Sam, check Doves.”
“Old stories!”
Sam and Doves narrowed the trees and streets as they crossed mutual concealment and approach. Aboriginal weapons are arrows and spears at best, but there is nothing bad about being careful.
Ulumbo, looking down at the ground from Boma, gently bit his teeth. Unexpectedly, a group of soldiers appeared. It is not a poor guerrilla, but a special disease with highly restrained movements.
“Hey? Is there someone up there?”
Doves screamed under the tree.
Ulumbo’s face was distorted. Yankee is Mahaduraka’s enemy. Mahaduraka expressed hostile feelings toward the Yankees several times. It was said that Yankee was behind the monster’s release in Ituri. It does not matter if it is Yankee or not. In Ituri, they are all enemies except Mahaduraka and Pygmy.
“Come down immediately. If you do not come down, I will kill you.”
Doves sent a hand signal and shouted.
“Are you crazy!”
He did not understand him, but it was clear that he wanted Doves to come down. Will they become surrender and save their lifes? Will they die fighting like men? Will they be treated as prisoners if they become surrender? They can’t even do it.
There is no word human rights or humanitarian in Africa. If you are not a colleague, you are an enemy. When you capture your enemy, cut your wrists and ankles and cut your genitals. This is to prevent revenge not only for yourself but also for your descendants. That is the law of Africa. Yankee is no different.
What if they are chasing Mahaduraka?
Came to mind Mahaduraka’s good face, which is more human than any other human. He also remembered the scary face of Samdi, who used to scold him for being a weak guy but secretly took care of him. Samdi, the one who beat the monster with his bare hands, was desperate. If they have a bow, they do not have to worry about Yankees.
Without the protection of Mahaduraka and Samdi, they would have already died ten times. The days with Mahaduraka were the most rewarding and happiest in my life. He was treated as a human being and praised. He does not want to cut his hands and feet, and he does not want to confess the deeds of Mahaduraka, the owner.
“Crap! I did not even hug a girl.”
He remembered Yaniku, the girl who was looking at him. Yaniku, she us the one who was 15 years old, twitched in front of his eyes. It was unfortunate. He was able to meet his master who would devote his loyalty and get married, but he was possessed. As expected, when something good suddenly happens, there is silence.
“I am not a weak human being.”
Ulumbo clenched his mouth and clenched his glove handle. There are 50 bullets. No matter how well-trained soldiers are shot, they die. There is also a grenade obtained in droves. He wanted to show Samdi he is not to weak.
Doves aimed at the structure on the tree in a knee shot position. If they don’t know who you are, you’re an enemy. Article 1 of the Shadow Rules is the extermination of the enemy. Doves lifted his left hand and bobbed (move lightly his head or finger up and down repetitively.) twice. It is a signal to overpower.
Tang-tang- Ulumbo was faster. He stopped breathing and pulled the trigger carefully. He learned how to use firearms when he was trained as a local source, and Mahaduraka also took a shooting posture before leaving.
“No way!”
Doves fell backwards. Blood poured out of his throat. Bulletproof clothing prevented chest skin, but it did not protect the neck.
Surprised Sam approached Doves with a burst of laughter. Ulumbo, who was staring down at the Sam’s movement from a height of 30 meters, fired consecutive hits. Puck- A bullet was shot in Sam’s back, but he couldn’t pierce the bulletproof plate. Sam jumped and covered behind a rock. Punch, punch, punch, Sam hit consecutive hits. Ulumbo fell down close to the floor.
“Oh, my. Was there a gun?”
MecPee, who was attacked unexpectedly, grinded his teeth. At best, he was unexpectedly slapped by the native arrow attack.
“Break it down!”
Kakakaka- Minimi two tablets fired up. Wooden debris splattered. Boma, who woven with very thick logs, endured a 5.56 millimetres Minimi bullet. Ulumbo fought back with Glock from time to time, but it was far behind. Ulumbo pulled out a grenade pin.
“Here you go. Eat and Get off.”
The grenade fell while drawing a parabola.
“It is a grenade. Avoid it!”
MecPee shouted. The shadow scattered like a spider child.
“Billy, take good care of him!”
Steve ordered him.
A giant Mestizo, who is more than 2 meters tall, kicked the ground. A man who leaped 10 meters hit a falling grenade with his palm and blew it. Boom- A grenade that bounced like a bullet exploded in the forest.
“Take good care of him!”
Billy pounded the ground and raced. The Parabellum bullet flying from the tree was stuck in Billy’s Body, but he didn’t care. Billy, who shortened the 40 meters space at once, threw a fist with running elasticity. Quang- The fist of Billy shook a giant. Boma was stubborn and shaken.
“What the heck! He is Samdi.”
Surprised Ulumbo spilled all five bullets left in the ammunition. Billy stepped down. The bullet was stuck in vain on the ground. Billy, who had stepped down, kicked the ground and flew like a shell.
Quang- The giant who was charged with the shoulder charging fight shook violently. A horizontal shortcut to support Boma was pulled out. Boma, who lost his support, fell. Boma that fell on the ground was smashed. The nest has been destroyed, but the eggs cannot be strong. Ulumbo became like a frog in the ground. The spine and ribs were broken and the organs burst.
“Oh my god!”
Ulumbo opened his eyes. Extreme pain awakened the mind. It is a Halo-Banjo phenomenon. He forcibly turned my head and looked up at the sky. Lastly, he wanted to see the blue sky, but he couldn’t see it because he was covered by a Canopy.
‘Crap, I wondered if flowers bloom in my life…….’
Tears flowed down from Ulumbo’s eyes. It was unfair. I could meet a good owner and get married, but at the end of the day, he was dawn. A black shadow covered Olumbo. Buddedik- He stepped on the weak neck with his heavy feet. This is the end of Ulumbo, a smart young man in Shangane Village.
“Oh, no. I need to get information.”
Major MecPee was sorry, but it was late. Once ordered, the Predator does not stop until another order is issued.
“Captain, I was hit in the neck with no luck.”
Sam appeared with Doves on his shoulder.
MecPee kicked the tree. Three out of ten members were excluded from the battle. Two were beaten by bugs and this time by a bug-like guy.
“Is Lieutenant Heyri and Lieutenant Lewis connected?”
“No, the signal is going, but it does not answer.”
“I am going crazy. What is going on?”
Major MecPee’s face rotted and rubbed. Nothing in the world is going right. It’s a mess.
“Did they drop the communication device in the water?”
“What do you mean, the communication device works for a month even if it goes 100 meters underwater.”
MecPee roared at the unfamiliar words of Steve. Communication devices are as important as firearms. Lewis can not manage it carelessly. This means that some kind of accident occurred in Team B. However, it is not possible to split the remaining seven subordinates and send them.
“Team leader, he used The Glock Gun.”
Sergeant Stove, who was investigating the destroyed structure, found an indigenous pistol.
“Native people are not AK but they use Glock?”
Local intelligence officers recruited from China or the Soviet Union sometimes use pistols, but at best they use 54 types of pistols copied from Tokarev Gun.
MecPee, the one who received Glock, frowned. The total number has been erased. The identity of the dead natives was very suspicious. Steve looked at Shadow, who was searching for native artifacts. Now is not the time to pay attention to clumsy things.
“Major MecPee, we do not have time. Do not forget that the mission comes first.”
Steve urged him.
“Oh my god, you punk! Go.”
It is no use trying to vent your anger. MecPee cursed the pilot who dropped his team member in the wrong place and ordered him to move.
The shadow team led by Steve arrived at Senote, called Puddle, around 11 a.m. In Kadanka, the emergency treatment for Areva hostage was completed, and it was time for Samdi to break Oselot’s bones again.
“Everyone, be on guard!”
Under Major MecPee’s instructions, Shadow entered the four-way boundary centered on Senote.
“Agent Steve, what are you going to do with the lifting when you do not even have an encouragement?
Major MecPee looked into the stiff Devil Spring like soup and worried.
“There is a Predator that is a hundred times more efficient than Kwon Yang-yang, so what is the concern? Billy, check out 3 types of Grendel and bring Surfund.”
“Oh my god!”
Billy jumped into the Senote without hesitation from Ilho. An hour later, a terrible figure that seemed to be a combination of crocodiles and snakes popped up on the surface. It was similar in size to the head of a buffalo. Billy threw the head of Surfund to the ground.
The eyes of the shadow team members widened. Surfund died with its vertically torn eyes wide open. He was told in advance, but the visual shock that the vicious eyeballs stared at was formidable.
“Oh my god!”
Steve was even more surprised. Surfund’s neck was cut off, and something impossible happened. The shell of Surfund boasts the strength comparable to that of the NIJ Level III bulletproof suit with ceramic bulletproof plates inserted. It is at the level of defending 7.62mm NATO FMJ bullets. It is not just the skin. Bones are as strong as titanium.
“Billy, find the body, too.”
Steve roared. Mestizo did not hesitate to jump back into the swamp. Major MecPee shook his head excitedly. It has been five years since he was dispatched to the committee, but there are many things that are incomprehensible.
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