Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 437

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MecPee, the one who was waiting in Kisangani, was ordered to dispatch briefly. ‘Help Agent Steve infiltrating Ituri jungle.’ A simple command was shaped like this. Team B, led by Captain Lewis, is missing, and Team A has three people dead and seven remain.
Even after losing 70% of their subordinates, they know nothing about the absurd monster in front of them. It is literally hands and feet that move as they are told. It is said that the hands and feet can move as the head tells them to, but only then can the fever soar.
He knows nothing about operating Hansel and Gretel, which are currently in action. MecPee wanted to split the head of a desk head named Hansel and Gretel and look inside.
Of course, the foolish witch who was kicked and stuck in a burning furnace is the Soviet Union. Fathers and mothers who threw away a piece of bread in their children’s hands are third world leaders who oppressed the people and monopolized wealth. So who are Hansel and Gretel? No matter how much he thought about it, it did not seem to be his country, the United States of America.
His country is the strongest country that shakes the world. Like Hansel and Gretel, the witch is not a weak child with twisted wrists. Then, is it the witch who made the scary monster in front of her? He did not want to admit it.
The reality of the Socrates project, which includes numerous operations, including Hansel and Gretel, can be explained by the tragedy of the common land.
Take tuna as an example. Darang fish, which are called tuna, include (Thunnus thynnus) Atlantic bluefin tuna, (Thunnus alalunga) Albacore, (Thunnus obesus) Bigeye tuna, (Thunnus albacares ) yellowfin tuna, and (Katsuwonus pelamis) Skipjack tuna. The king of tuna is Atlantic bluefin tuna called Honmaguro in Japan.
Atlantic bluefin tuna is in danger of extinction due to overfishing in Japan, Spain, and France. Endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna is rejected every time, although the UN’s ‘The Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Wild Animals and Plants’ calls for an export ban. The reason is the lobby of Japan, the largest fisherman’s country and largest consumer country. It is reasonable as 80% of Atlantic bluefin tuna is consumed in Japan.
The extinction of flatfish (the most frequently consumed sashimi in Korea is flatfish sashimi.) is not even mentioned. This is because farming is easy. The danger of extinction of Atlantic bluefin tuna is not because of consumption, but because its farming is difficult.
Strategic resources such as oil, uranium, rare earth metals, and bauxite are no different from Atlantic bluefin tuna, which is difficult to farm. The person who take over Atlantic bluefin tuna in the open sea and take over the grass of the public land first is the owner. The United States has launched a Socrates project to secure resources buried in a common land called the Third World.
The target of the Socrates project promoted by a committee called the White House in the White House is the third world. The purpose is to secure resources in the third world to prepare for future resource depletion and to prevent anti-Americanism through continuous management. This includes a rather rough operation to cut the bud of a nationalist leader. The happiness and future of the people of the third world are not considered. The United States is a world-class resource rich country. Nevertheless, the extreme selfishness of saving their own resources, making a full living with the resources of the common land, and using their own resources when the resources of the common land are depleted is the Socrates project.
Hansel and Gretel were clearly a difficult topic to solve by MecPee, an accessory to a huge interest group called the state, and also the spearhead of eradicating the opposing forces of the interest group.
“Geez, he cut it neatly.”
Steve’s face, who checked the cut surface, rotted and rubbed. There are no signs of force tearing or sawing the cut surface. It was cut smoothly enough to be admired by something. Even if the head of tuna is cut with a blade of special material provided in Zone 51, it is not as smooth as this.
The problem was serious. There is a being who can cut Grendel’s neck like cutting off a radish. Is it a Predator developed by the Soviet Union? Is it an alien? Steve’s small head is filled with questions.
How did he cut it? If an alien with 10 times the power of an elephant swings the diamond blade at sound speed, will a smooth cut surface like glass be made? It may be possible with ultra-vibration blades under study in Area 51. However, it takes decades to commercialize. Steve, who did not know the existence of Balsara and Black Mamba, fumbled through his memory until his brain burned.
“there is nothing like this. There is nothing like this!”
Steve shook his head. No matter how hard he search his head, there is no weapon that can cut off the head of the fund. The only possible situation is when the Surfund’s honeycomb biometric structure collapsed for some reason.
“Major, stab it with a knife.”
‘You are telling me to just act like a hand and foot.’
Major MecPee grumbled inside and pulled out a sword. In addition to being uncomfortable, he stabbed the head of Surfund. Ting- Metallic skin bounced off the blade.
Surprised, MecPee took a deep breath and grabbed the sword as a counterattack and hit it down with all his might. Ttang- The blade penetrated the skin, but it bounced without piercing the dermis.
“Oh my god!”
MecPee’s impression was crushed. His wrist was sore from half elasticity.
“Amazing! Is this possible?”
McPhee was amazed. The head of the vicious snake was great in size, but its skin defense was more amazing.
“Whatever you imagine, your country’s ability is more than that.”
Steve was proud of what he said. When Grendel dies, the honeycomb structure of the skin collapses and the strength drops sharply to less than half. Even the skin with reduced intensity bounced off the steel blade. This means that the bio-structure of Surfund is no problem.
The biogenerator stops working when the Predator’s neck is cut off. The water in Devil Spring has a very high concentration of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. In other words, the body of Surfund was immersed in a preservative solution. The degree of corruption cannot be determined through sight-grabbing and time-division. It is impossible to estimate the time of death whether he cut off his neck or cut off his neck after killing it. One important clue has been lost to track the perpetrator.
“Why is not this coming out?”
Steve tilted his head.
It has been more than an hour since Billy went into the water to find the body of Surfund. The Devil Spring is deep, but it covers only 1,000 square meters. Billy’s ability does not take much time to search.
It has been another hour. Steve, who could not stand it, pressed the call transmitter. Ten minutes later, Billy’s upper body popped into the water.
“Billy, why are you late?””
Steve was annoyed.
“Oh, wow!”
“You idiot, you’re annoying me.”
Steve’s impression was distorted. As the Dachshund Predator became physically strong, his brain was broken and his language skills were lost. Steve took the equipment set out of the backpack.
It is a state-of-the-art device that outputs meaning by analyzing electrical signals and vocalizations. Billy’s head was covered with a Fiber with sensors and connected to the computer. The alphabet was displayed on the screen.
[There is no torso. Octopus and turtle belly are bulging. Octopus and turtle can’t be beat.]
“You are doing all sorts of things.”
Steve settled down. The biogenerator planted in Grendel also serves as an identification friend or foe. Turtle and Octopus recognized Surfund, who hid the biogenerator, as simple food. It is a simple logic, but it is a problem that no scientist in the project recognized. In other words, Surfund showed his weaknesses due to death.
Steve put the head of Surfund in a portable refrigerator case and sealed it. It is uncomfortable, but the operation is over. He has nothing more to do in Ituri jungle.
“Major, the operation to retrieve the Predator is over. Call a helicopter?”
“We can’t abandon Louis and withdraw.”
“The mission comes first. Do not dwell on small things.”
“It is a small thing~ so agent Steve should get out first.”
MecPee’s stomach was twisted. This is why he hates desk engagement. Colleagues are no different from brothers. Steve, who said that the life and death of his brothers were small, was very annoying. If he did not consider completing the mission as a ground goal, he wanted to break some bones. Before that, Mestizo Predator will tear himself apart…….
“All right. Let’s wait until tomorrow.”
Steve, who noticed Major MecPee’s uncomfortable signs, took a step back. Without knowing that the instant decision might bring about a catastrophe.
Kadanka Dambala Camp,
Fourteen surviving Arevasa hostage, three female bodies, and two Chinook rotors who recovered Lee Kang-chul caused a fierce wind. Chinook, who recalled a large body, has set its direction to the northeastern French resource development headquarters in Bucav. The hospital facilities of the Resource Development Headquarters are the best in Africa. Survivors are taken to their home country after being relaxed at a local hospital.
Black Mamba opened his eyes. Paul’s voice seemed to be deep in the water. His head felt numb as usual. He lifted the brain from the skull and felt dizzy as if it had spread a lot of foggym. It is a mental fatigue that occurs after a large amount of murder.
“You must be tired, but you have to sleep at home.”
Paul is smiling round and round in front of his eyes. Black Mamba stretched out and took a picture of tears hanging from the tail of his eyes with his fingertips.
“Are you done organizing?”
“It’s almost done. The basement was amazing. These guys are not just guerrilla groups. The equipment is amazing. Thirty subordinates were put in and pulled out.”
“You did not touch the monster body, did you?”
“It is about you, but is there a reason why? They only loaded experimental equipment and data. In the room where six monsters were dead, I installed the composition myself and hung the white phosphan on the timer. Only ashes will remain in an hour. But~”
“Dude, I know what you want to say. It is a cursed creature. There may be unimaginable bacteria and parasites. Only confusion occurs when it is known to the outside world. Science development is not a necessary and sufficient condition for national development.”
Paul shut his mouth at a firm words. France is lagging behind in the fields of genetic and biotechnology compared to other powers. Paul, whose patriotism was triggered, secretly coveted UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal).
“Phew, I get it. Anyway, thanks for having a good friend, there will be no problem with promotion to Comangdang.”
“Les amis valent mieux que l’argent. (Friends are better than money.) That is why friends are good. Give me a treat.”
Black Mamba quoted an old French proverb.
“Of course. Let’s go to Djibouti. I have not seen the full moon or sunlight, so I will do Sunten properly. It’s also quite fun to lie on the beach and watch the oil tankers on the Almandev Strait with someone smooth like you.”
“You are paying for it, right?”
“Is not this a billionaire being too mean to a poor soldier?”
“It is noisy. The year-end dividend I received from the Wakill Chamber alone is 100,000 francs. If you cry, your wife will tell you off.”
“Hehe, got it! Okay.”
Paul raised his hand.
“Is the camp organized?”
“It was a mess, a building, a corpse, unlike you. The people who died in the seventh barracks were art. It was an amazing Garnazelle (Garnazelle, grilled frog skewers from Solon, France).”
“There was no time to fill the bullet, so I used a citation. Those who died harshly are Samdi’s skills.”
“phew~ Samdi is his item. If I form a duo with you, I will be the female leader who can steal about one division. But you could have taken out the hostage without destroying the guerrillas…”
“These guys are a group of Dambala fanatics who enjoy cannibalism as a part of the pier. They enjoyed eating young children and pygmy people. If you investigate carefully, you will find bone-stained areas or debris left after eating.”
“Vous les gars sales! (You dirty guys!) I only heard rumors, but it was true. That is why their bodies smelled disgusting.”
Paul’s face was flushed. A group of people who cut their hands and feet and even enjoyed cannibalism deserved natural punishment from the angel of death.
“Messenger, Lieutenant Cornus!”
The messenger ran to call the deputy commander.
“That is not the only thing. The real reason they kidnapped Areva employees was a conspiracy to use women as hosts to bring a terrible immortal monster called Ruth Luhwe to the world. Money and weapons are a bonus. I witnessed Ruth Luhwe myself. Just keep it to yourself.”
“Wow, the immortal monster! Is it a sign that the world is ruined?”
Paul opened his mouth wide. If it is not the words of Black Mamba, it is an absurd sound that would be dismissed as the sleep talking of a crazy man.
“There is a background that you will not understand when an unintelligible event occurs. This case is not just a hostage kidnapping case. There is a complicated inner story when you see the Chinese intelligence agent woven together. Do not try to know it deeply.”
“Of course. I only have to step on the red carpet laid down by my friend, so there is no need to buy it and suffer.”
“Are we going to bury the dead body?”
“There is no forklift. I was instructed to leave a picture of the data and put on makeup. The gazelle will soon bring small Napalm bomb and white phosphorus.”
“That would be neat.”
Black Mamba nodded her head. He can’t bury them one by one, or if he leave them as they are, the epidemic can spread. Fire is the best purifier.
A tired-looking subordinate commander has been called. The mercenaries have cleared hundreds of bodies that have exploded, broken, and burned for five hours. Not only physical fatigue, but also mental exhaustion.
“Cornus, do you remember the pit where a small bone was abandoned next to the restaurant?”
“It is a pygmy bone. Excavate there and look around more. It is a trace of their cannibalism. Leave the photo data thoroughly and collect it as evidence. Thanks to the special military adviser, you will also be promoted to captain this time.”
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