Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 440

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“You can’t ask the snake to give you honey. If you are looking for morality and ethics, then you should visit schools, churches, monasteries, and mosques.”
“You’re learning a lot today, Samdi.”
“Your words and actions will shape your future, and the knowledge and experiences you have gained today will assist you in saving your life.”
Unlike other times, Black Mamba spoke seriously. This was a topic that he had deep feelings about, all his life.
The reason he explained this in detail to Samdi was to add to his life experience. As his brother and the person who would become the center of Novatopia’s power. When Novatopia was fully developed, the wolves around it would reveal their teeth.
The conflict would mainly be in the form of irregular warfare. The weapons of irregular warfare were becoming more covert and more lethal by the day.. Samdi, who was usually able to avoid falling mortars, was unable to avoid the advanced technology booby traps. Because of this he must learn to adapt, even though it was difficult, for the sake of his future.
“Keep Wakir’s words in mind. How do I approach when I despise itching?”
“Hahaha, would you eat a soup made with dog’s nose? It is better to ride the canopy to track the smell of gunpowder. It’s simple, right?”
“Wow, Wakir is smart! Very wise.”
Samdi quickly changed his words. He almost became a rude human being.
“That punk!”
Black Mamba gave a bitter smile. Samdi, who was still relatively inexperienced, was cute despite the fact that he was absorbing knowledge at a terrifying speed.
“Wakir, why don’t you use Cantarella to feed Ocelot?”
If Ocelot had heard that, he would have made the sound of water bubble.
“That’s a good idea”.
Black Mamba slapped his knees. They had no idea when Kamdoong would emerge from the underworld. They simply had to wait to see if Kamdoong would use Ocelot, but it would be a good opportunity.
Ocelot maybe have been contained for a long time, but he was still a dangerous beast. It would be playing with fire if he were to recover and escape. Furthermore, he was well-known around the world. There would be more than one or two unpleasant things happening if it were exposed to the outside world.
If they could leave Ocelot, who was difficult to manage, in a brain-dead state, they would be able to manage him more easily. For fear of escaping, they wouldn’t have to commit atrocities that break bones every time. Cantarella is a rare example of a mixed poison that combines animal poison, mineral poison, and plant poison. It is also an excellent opportunity to investigate the effects of cantarella on his body.
Ocelot, who played with humans lives for his own amusement, became an experimental material thanks to Samdi’s words.
Duung! He grabbed the golden-bong porpoise with both hands, as if grabbing a basketball, and activated the resonant waves. Shua! The surrounding air and glass fibers were dragged into the palm of his hands. The air escaped the dense wave, while the glass fiber was trapped in the wave and swung around.
The continuity and dissolution of the resonant wave theory was used. As it had gone from simply spouting and pulling in to weaving a wave web. Wiwoong! The powerful absorption continued to attract the surrounding glass fibers. The glass fibers clumped together in the shape of beads. It was an extrusion method of pushing and pulling.
On Black Mamba’s palm was a lump of cantarella that glowed ominously. Even when the green bead shrank to the size of a bean, it contained enough poison to send 10,000 humans to the underworld.
“I hope it tastes good.”
Black Mamba made a lame joke and put a chunk of cantarella in a plastic pack which he pulled out of his emergency pouch. Going to the underworld is the excellent act for the general public.
“Let’s go!”
Samdi and Black Mamba scaled the tree. Two round baskets appeared above the canopy. Samdi and Black Mamba were both wearing bulletproof fiber vests. Their two faces were red skinned. It was a relic of the ruthless attack by enraged locals.
The canopy of the forest was home to a plethora of animals. According to the data, 70 percent of terrestrial organisms live in the rainforest, and 60 percent of rainforest organisms live in the canopy. Ordinary people were not permitted to ascend or descend the canopy as they please. After all, they laced the physical ability to do so, and they were unable to withstand any type of attack.
The endless green rugs, the red clouds in the sky, and the sun just about to enter the western basin greeted Black Mamba and Samdi.
“Oh, this looks so cool. How can something look this majestic?”
“Wow, heaven!”
In comparison to the jungle’s damp and stuffy interior, the top of the canopy was like paradise. There was a significant difference between the two areas that were with and without air flow. The air was sticky and humid but it was rife with life. Because of the scorching heat from the sun, the tree grew taller.
Samdi was feeling much better and sniffed his nose like a dog, following the scent of the gunpowder. He wouldn’t have had to struggle to track the shadows if Black Mamba had put Devil Spring on GPS in the first place. Of course, it was the guardianship designation that struck his chest after the incident.
Shadow camp was not vigilant either. McPhee had 15 years of experience in irregular warfare. He knew better than anyone else what to do and what not to do in an unfamiliar place. He was fully prepared for unexpected visitors.
“Steve, did you check the Agrippina system?”
“Yes, it works flawlessly. We detected five signals, but all of them were animals.”
Steve, who was staring at the screen, spoke up. The Agrippina spread for one kilometers was excessive. Many animals poisoned by Photomine and Cantarella will perish in agony. He used to pick up abandoned dogs and stray cats as an animal advocate. He was deeply depressed as a result of the indiscriminate killing.
“Guard system?”
“It’s working without any problems.”
The CIA Department of Technology developed the guard system, which was specialized in defending local points. Landmines and high-pressure nets are installed near defense bases, and electric nets are also installed nearby. Slender poles power the electric net, which is surrounded by a sparse, soft metallic net. A powerful transformer applies a 5,000V voltage across the metallic net. A metal thread is wrapped between the trees on the outside of the net. The outer metal chamber is subjected to a 500V voltage. It is a hybrid of an alert and an attack system.
“What about DAS?”
“It’s working without any problems.”
McPhee was unconcerned by the machine-like dry response. He couldn’t afford to worry about Steve’s mood. Lieutenant Lewis’ team was still missing. The term “Defcon” referred to a situation in which the entire operational team has vanished. Chinook and Gazelle, the two helicopters flying over their heads every few minutes, were also getting on his nerves.
“Check the guard system carefully.”
McPhee spoke up as he walked outside. The words of President Matilda, referring to Persona Nongrata, echoed in his ears. His mind was not at ease, and he was experiencing discomfort.
“An old story!”
A slogan with exaggerated force rang out from behind.
“He’ll be the boss forever”.
McPhee mumbled in hushed tones. While cutting-edge technology protects double triplets, the most important factor is humans. Even if an infrared camera is installed, it is a clean barn if the operator sleeps. After all, no matter how good the equipment is, it is dependent on the human.
McPhee checked the lamp angle, net height, and machine gun interlocking system directly. There are no issues with the defense. The missing Lewis team, on the other hand, continued to sound the alarm.
“It’s only one night, so it isn’t a big deal.””
McPhee sighed and shook his head. There was high-tech defense equipment and men with superior combat abilities. Predator Billy was at the top of the list. When the commander exhibited signs of stress, his subordinates would be alarmed. So, he overcame his fear and returned to camp.
The Black Mamba, who was looking, had come to a halt. There was a strong human body odor in the air, as well as a buzzing high-frequency sound, and their camp.
“Here it is!”
He put his finger on his mouth and pointed down. Samdi immediately went down the canopy.
“Oh my god!”
Puck! Samdi’s scream broke as a small flame erupted.
“Oh man, I didn’t think there would be an electrib barbed wire there!”
Black Mamba was taken aback. He pulled out his Rakshasa. Shoong! Rakshasa shot out, squeezing through the trees like a splinter. Churik! There was a large Chameleon that had wrapped itself around Rakshasa. Rakshasa’s cracker broke.
The chameleon was thrown into the electrically charged metal fence. 500V was lethal to small animals. The output of an Amazon electric eel ranges between 500 and 700 volts. Even a crocodile will become entangled if he comes into contact with an electric eel.
There was a spark and white smoke erupted from the body of the chameleon attached to the wire.
“Samdi, you’re surprisingly weak against electricity.”
Black Mamba didn’t think that Samdi’s powerful body would fall to a 500-volt shock. Spak! The guard system of the shadows finalyl noticed the abnormal behavior that was going on. Shual. Rakshasa wrapped around the trembling Samdi. The giant was dragged up into the air.
Men who were dressed in black, suddenly appeared. They were wearing bulletproof vests, hats and combat shoes. They were also carrying guns. One of them took the fried chameleon from the ground. its dead body was still emitting smoke. The noxious odor of protein carbonization vibrated. The man smirked.
“Jim, I told you it was an animal.”
“The team leader didn’t have a good feeling about this, so we had to check to be sure.”
“God dammit! How many times has it been?”
The guy threw aside the chameleon.
“Let’s go back!”
Unfortunately, the Men in Black barely got the chance to return to the camp and rest on their hammocks. The predators that were eyeing them made the first strike.
A blast rang out as soon as the two shadows turned around. fit-fit- Thin staves like chopsticks flew into the air and pierced his jugular, as the blood escaped with his last breaths. Shadows, who had become like a fish cake skewer, collapsed without a scream.
Black Mamba caused a lot of flesh. Area 51 was conducting an inhumane project by securing the biological test data of Unit 731. That alone was enough to provoke anger.
The commanders of Unit 731, who committed atrocities, were not charged with war crimes. This was due to the fact that the United States and Japan carried out their trade behind the scenes. Interestingly, among the Japanese who received the medal from the Korean Ministry of Veterans Affairs is the commander of Unit 731. It can be declared that the Yankees an axis of evil.
After five minutes, Samdi came to his senses. If a normal person was electrocuted by 500 volts, he would have died, but Samdi was a zombie. It was refreshing to see him react as if he were a human being at 500V.
“Are you okay?”
“Yup. Feels like I just took a nap.””
Samdi got up and stretched, as if nothing had happened. Black Mamba laughed as his slow reaction. Samdi was the one who hung his head from Pomsaengpomsa. He understood and continued to be the same man.
“Ssmdi, the target is 180 meters away at out 3 o’clock”.
Black Mamba pointed to the black forest.
“It smells like peanut butter. I guess I forgot the C-Ration.”
In 1958, the US military renamed the C-Ration MCI (Meal, Combat, Individual), but it was still known as the C-Ration. Samdi’s tummy grumbled. It was almost evening time. Samdi, who had a fast metabolism, was already starving.
“Let’s take care of this quickly so we can go get something to eat.”
Samdi moved through the thickets as quickly and silently as a leopard. There was a strong odor of various human masses.
It didn’t take long for his vision to blur. Eddos or Janggabai were not the culprits. For unknown reasons, there was an open space in the Ituri jungle where secondary surface plants disappeared, and the ground was clearly exposed. The jungle with the ground exposed beneath the primary jungle and lined with huge trees that were difficult to see even with a close tilt of the head was common in Southeast Asia.
Three silver-gray tents were visible between the trees 110 meters in front. Black Mamba raised his hand, shook it left and right, and pressed it against his chest. It was a sign language to maintain prayer vinyl and approach it. As Samdi approached closely, Black Mamba pointed three meters ahead.
A thin bombardment line could be seen hidden between the bushes. It appears that directional cremore is tucked away somewhere. Landmines would be sprayed in the vicinity of the camp if Cremore was installed.
“Can you see the metal that looks like a trumpet”?
“I can see a machine gun”.
“It’s an infrared lamp. There are two more infrared lamps installed somewhere. It is a defense system called ADS (automatic defense system). When a moving object is detected, the computer calculates the distance and location by triangulation and automatically transmits data to a machine gun linked to the operator. It’s not technically difficult, but it costs astronomical money. It’s the world’s strongest American money.”
” Agrippina system, electric barbed wire, Cremore, Landmines, ADS defense system, what are these? Is it a human hedgehog?”
“That’s not the only thing. You can hear the buzzing sound, right? This is the sound of high-voltage electricity flowing through the net surrounding the camp. The last defense net is a high-pressure net.”
“How are those people?”
“Shadows! The U.S. best batting force that denies its existence externally. They are the ones who are involved in secret and dirty operations under the DIA.”
“I don’t know if they are the best, they seemed messy.”
Ssamdi spit it out and the red face turned into a burning face. They are truly evil to step on Olumbo’s neck and crush it. Olumbo, who had always chastised himself for being a weak man, died fighting them until the bitter end. He demonstrated that he was not a vulnerable human being.
If He knew that Louis was in a gang with these guys, he would not have killed them finely.
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