Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 441

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Ssamdi, who is simply ignorant and influenced by Black Mamba, has a narrow temperament. But, as Black Mamba, he valued justice and loyalty above all else. The only difference is that for Black Mamba, eliminating the chimera comes first, and revenge is a secondary concern. Because chimeras are a real-world threat.
The shadow team had a picnic in the Ituri jungle with a row of gimbap and a bottle of cider. The reason they were dispatched is related to the serfund they have completed.
The Surfund cenote and Camp are over 1,000 meters away. In the deserts or meadows, 1000 meters are nothing, but in the Ituri jungle, the situation is quite different.
Why did the Shadow team give up the open land around the cenote and move to a camp in the woods? Did they just come to understand the situation?
“Oh, I see!”
Black Mamba spit out exclamations that seemed to come from nowhere. The answer was the clear view. There are no bushes, shrubs, or weeds within a radius of 70-80 meters of the camp.. In the Ituri jungle, it is a rare primary vegetation zone. From a defensive standpoint, it is an area that has been thoroughly cleaned over the course of four seasons.
The Shadow commander is an expert in non-regular warfare and a cautious human being. He chose a campsite based on the assumption that the enemies would be more powerful than the allies. In addition, he had faith in the team’s boundary and defense systems. If the system prevents enemy access, these beautiful giant trees could become a natural barrier that prevents long-distance fighter weapons from being fired.
Direct-fire weapons such as grenades and anti-tank guns, as well as howitzer weapons such as grenades and mortars, are rendered ineffective by giant trees. He doubted that they were considering using long-range grenades.
As a result, they must approach the camp to attack it, but the triple defense system tightly defends the camp. The cost of ensuring the safety of the squad unit’s operation team was prohibitively expensive. The United States Special Forces were the king of money.
” Ssamdi, find the weakness points.”
Ssamdi focused his gaze and fumbled around the camp. At first glance, he noticed a wide nose net that blended into the forest, as if two large beans stuck in the peanut threshing yard. It was so well-hidden that it could not have been discovered if it had not been mentioned by the owner beforehand.
He was in a bad mood after experiencing an electric earthquake on the outskirts. The hum of the transformer was enough to numb his neck. And because of the trees, he can’t hit them from a long distance with a MAG. besides If he tries to enter the woods in a clumsy manner, he will be subjected to an electric steamer and become a target for automatic target-tracking machine gun bullets. He could also step on landmines and become levitated. He just wanted to hit the trees with a bubble wrap, according to his nature.
“I can attack for five seconds, so would you just shut up and run?”
Ssamdi threw out an unavoidable remark. It doesn’t make sense even if he thinks about it.
“How about landmines and automatic guns? If you touch the takeover wire, the claymore will be overwhelmed.”
Ssamdi’s face was crushed by Black Mamba’s question. It’s not that he didn’t know, but she pointed it out savagely.
“Wakir is the master and I am the servant. Thoughts belong to the master and actions belong to the servant.”
In other words, it is a dissatisfaction with why people ask difficult questions that make people or zombies uncomfortable.
Black Mamba giggled. It’s a major development. Now he knows how to twist logical expressions.
“It means you should think when you are facing a situation. The shadow team commander has a lot of experience, and they had a perfect defense system, but they also had a fatal weakness. They organized boundaries and defense systems for humans. We are human, but we are not human either.”
Ssamdi appeared to be thinking as he made a contemplative expression. Black Mamba smiled and pointed to the sky.
“It’s asymmetric power”.
Ssamdi got it right away. Asymmetric power was explained last time. Wakir exemplifies asymmetric power. Normally, humans are unable to move in the air, but this is not the case for the owners. Even without a rope, the owners can jump through trees more easily than a macaque.
“Let’s act as Eoreumsani (the clown who rides the rope of Namsadang).”
Shake- cracker dragged the army rope and soared into the air. Black Mamba, who checked the tension, grabbed the rope and ran up like a flat ground in a right angle to the tree trunk.
“I’m not even surprised. I also can ride the trees now.”
Ssamdi shook his head and wrapped the rope around his left hand. He clasped his massive body against the stem and climbed up he learn it from Black Mamba. A strong tension was applied on the top rope.
“Oh? Oh!”
Ssamdi was dragged up on a 50-meter-high branch.
“We don’t have time.”
Shake- Amirov took off 30 meters ahead, toward a giant tree. His wrist flexed twice or three times. At the target point, the cracker swirled around the branch. Ssamdi flew across the space as if he was flying on a single rope.
For Black Mamba, who has mastered the arsenic method, 20 meters was nothing. She grabbed the rope and gracefully skipped it like a flying squirrel. After four tightrope walking games, Asura and Ddolmani Nachal reached the top of the shadow team’s camp.
Three silver-gray tents 70 meters below drew their attention. For the general public, 70 meters is a dizzying height, but for them it was no different than flat land.
The perimeter system that Steve and McPhee installed with all their advanced equipment was temporarily neutralized. Although Mekphy is good at irregular warfare, he didn’t even think about being able to infiltrate by flying through the air. The scary thing about asymmetric power.
Security and surprise are the biggest reasons why Black Mamba’s attack is the opponent’s collapse. Security and surprise are the first factors that crush enemies in war/fighting. Security and surprise are the bases that led Israel to victory in four Middle East wars.
In a nutshell, security is hiding one’s plans and knowing what the enemy is up to. Zhuge Liang’s ability in the Three Kingdoms is also entirely based on security. A surprise attack is a blow delivered when the opponent is unanticipated. Of course, surprise attacks are only possible when security is tight. A security breached surprise is similar to an alligator leaping into a bag.
Shadow team camp was relaxing. There was no separate alert. Two humans snore in hammocks on branches, a person uses a computer on a simple table, a person peeled his butt from a distance, and the rest are in a tent. The shadow team, who were unaware of Asura and Nachal’s descent, was dormant.
“Is this your last break? Ssamdi will help you rest well. Go to the underworld and say sorry to Olumbo.”
Ssamdi muttered and assembled the MAG barrel and pulled out a cartridge with 200 bullets. Black Mamba took out a heavy pouch from the backpack and hung it on a branch. It is a pouch with 24 grenades.
” Ssamdi, there are eight people.”
Black Mamba, who was pulling out the grenade safety hook, was startled. A large mixed-race mestizo came out of the tent with a 2 meters steel bar. The guy who was crooked like a gorilla was so sassy that his physique was comparable to that of Ssamdi.
The eyes of Black Mamba, who stood tall on the branch, and mestizo’s eyes just met after hitting from 70 meters away. She was able to read her opponent’s eyes, which flashed with raging violence and bottomless emptiness.
The jungle rumbled as the mestizo screamed.
“Did he get the Howling Monkey gene?”
With lightning-like movements, Black Mamba drew the grenade safety pin. Sh- Sh- Sh- three grenades flew in quick succession.
Mestizo swung an iron rode of thickness comparable to that of a rafter. Kang Kang Kang a loud sound rang out. And he was able to hit them as scoring a home run.
“Oh, my. Look at him! Is he from Major League Baseball?”
Black Mamba’s eyes got bigger. The best fastball pitcher in the Major League averages 165 kilometers per hour. The grenade’s speed is 450 kilometers per hour, which is faster than Hae dong- cheong’s rapid drop toward his opponent. He hit a grenade with a force of 10,000 J, as calculated by momentum. His physique is incredible.
Boom- boom- boom- An explosion sounded somewhere in the distant forest. Black Mamba’s impression was as rotten as the relief pitcher who allowed a comeback home run in the bottom of the ninth. What kind of dog is this?
Someone screamed. The two shadows lying leisurely in the hammock and shaking jumped up as if they were bitten by a centipede. They jumped off carrying their guns, rolled, and covered behind a rock.
“Grenade cannon, grenade cannon!”
From behind the rock, a yell rang out. Three black-clad shadows emerged from the tent. One ran into the shadow and touched the machine, while the other two quickly bounced back. It’s a surprisingly quick reaction.
“Oh, my god!”
Steve’s hand ran around the keyboard. Enemy? Is this making sense? Despite being struck by lightning, he did not forget what he needed to do. The ADS system was modified to become a Laser Tracking Projectile.
A laser tracking fire control system called a letrap which consists of a laser-guided aiming system, a target detection system, and a fire control system. When the laser tracks the body temperature of the target captured by the infrared lamp, the computer transmits location data to the shooting control device. The machine gun that received the data automatically tracks the target and emits fire. It is also a state-of-the-art weapon system at the level of a pilot plant in Area 51.
“They’re the most trained ones!”
Black Mamba was amazed. Their actions are the ones that will enrage Jamal and Aishe. She’d already decided to annihilate the Shadow. The first target, of course, is the one that bounces backwards.
Saeng-saeng- A black mass, accelerated by gravity, split the atmosphere. A 920 g piece of iron flew at a speed of 125 m/s struck a weak human.
Puck-Puck- The left shadow had a smashed head, and the right shadow had a smashed spine. Shadow crossed the Jordan River without even screaming after being hit by a grenade stone (?). The explanation is lengthy, but it took place in an instant. The fugitive was killed first by Black Mamba, and the Shadow Team missed their chance to use their powerful weapon.
The shadow that fell to the rear was the MK19 high-speed grenade gunner and assistant. Contrary to what Black Mamba thought, he was not running away, but he fell back to activate the grenade cannon installed in the trench. The MK19 is a grenade launcher supplied to the U.S. Marine Corps and Special Forces in 1981 and is a monster that fires 40mm grenades at 60 rounds per minute. It is a bullet feed type, and 48 rounds go into the bullet barrel.
Ssamdi counted. Boom- boom- A grenade exploded. As a result, two tents were set on fire. Until now, the shadows had been unable to reach the target. Who would have guessed that there is an enemy in the air at 70 meters?
Puck- A stray fiber landed on the table.
“Oh, Jesus!”
Steve couldn’t finish his work and took refuge under the table.
Mestizo cried, pointing into the air with an iron club. Only then did Shadow sense that the attacker was in the sky.
“He’s at the top of the tree.”
A torn shout was buried in the gunfire. Kakakaka- Behind the rock, two mini-mi fired fire. Pupapapa- There was no slow bullet, and the branches around Black Mamba suffered. The branches were broken, and the leaves were scattered.
The MAG, which had completed the bullet-barrage coupling, fired up. The power of the MAG is no match for Minimi, a light machine gun. Pieces of rock splattered, and holes were drilled in the tent.
In the meantime, Steve quickly reached out, entered the password, knocked on the enter key, and rolled under the table. He wanted to cover up behind a giant tree or rock, but he was terrified of machine bullets from the sky.
Letrap has been activated. The laser aimed at Black Mamba and Ssamdi. The motor was started by the fire control device, which had received location data. Wiing- Sophisticated motor devices accelerated the muzzles of the three machine guns to the point of laser irradiation. 7.62mm bullets were loaded into the engine compartment.
Black Mamba groaned quietly. Being targeted causes a tingling sensation on the temples. Who and how? She took out a safety ring and re-inserted the three grenades she was about to throw into the grenade pouch.
“Here we go.””
A unit containing 19 grenades fell to the ground. It’s absurd, but Black Mamba has never fought a sensible battle. Chewing – The pressure has increased. Shack- Amirov stretched towards a tree 20 meters away. Puck- cracker pierced the tree trunk.
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