Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 442

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Because heavy machine guns, such as the MAG, had such high firing recoil, using a tripod to shoot was the norm. But Samdi didn’t require one. His strong muscles were enough to suppress the recoil, and he even enjoyed the off-beat vibrations that were similar to that of a motorcycle engine.
Human males, called men, tend to show off their strength instinctively. They admired speed and enjoyed vibrations ever since they were toddlers. Although the show of power changed from a sword to a gun, and the speed and vibration changed from a horse to a bike, the essence did not change.
On the weekends, large high-end bikes crowd the national highways 45, 46, and 6 along the Bukhan or Namhan rivers. It was not uncommon to see elderly men with gray hair riding a heavy Harley.
Instead of wondering what they wanted to do once they reached a certain age, these men were driven by jealousy. The man’s instinct was to put on a black leather jacket and the need to feel the speed and vibration would take precedence over everything else.
The heavy vibration and unusual exhaust sound from Harley’s V-type twin engine were something that knocks on a man’s heart. Samdi, who was virtually addicted to the MAG’s launch vibration, was dazed when his feet floated off the branches..
“Yes, yes!”
Without any surprise, he became like a sloth that was bitten by the claws of an eagle and crossed the air at a height of 70 meters and collapsed. Black Mamba was not in a pleasant mood either.
The machine gun linked to the laser completed the target line alignment shortly after Black Mamba was kicked out. Bababababa! Beautifully shaped twigs, epiphytic plants, and parasitic vines were ripped, broken, and scattered. It only took three or four seconds, but the shreds of innocent plants struck by hundreds of powerful armor-piercing rounds fell like rain.
Weiying! The laser followed the infrared light to track the moving targets, and the fire control system turned the machine gun barrel. Kirik – Kirik – The fire control system aligned the crosshairs by comparing the moving target with the coordinates it received.
“Oh, my!”
When Black Mamba recognized the source of the threat, his expression became distorted. A flash of light appeared just as he was about to leave his position. He quickly covered his ears. Quang! A violent sound erupted merely 0.2 seconds later. The shock wave rumbled through the forest.
The grenade that Black Mamba threw happened to land in a pile of M19 high-speed grenades. Following the first explosion, there was a continuous series of explosions that lasted for 0.5 seconds. Two grenade barrels caught up in the explosion were bombarded, and the explosion resulted in the other grenades exploding even without having their pins pulled. Although grenades were more stable than artillery shells, they were unable to withstand the tyranny and heat.
When an object produces sound, sound waves emanate around the object. The higher the pressure, the faster the sound wave. A shock wave is a continuous compression wave and a rarefaction wave, and the diffusion is attenuated. When the shock waves overlap, the sound wave pattern changes, and resonance occurs. The compressed wave and the surrounding atmosphere are separated, and the compressed wave forms a band in the form of a cone. This is the moment when sound waves exert physical force.
Puff! Shadow Camp was completely annihilated by the supersonic shockwaves, which struck Steve’s workbench 40 meters away. His outdoor table and a triangular tent containing intricate machinery and equipment were also ripped apart. Steve was also hit by the shock wave.
“Billy, kill them!”
A desperate scream rang out as Steve’s body was ripped apart by the explosion.
“I should’ve moved Billy first…”
The moment he lost consciousness, he blamed himself for not being able to use Billy because he was engrossed in the defense system. Steve blamed himself for wielding a stone sword instead of his famous sword, but he did not know that swinging the famous sword was of no avail.
Kurr- Fragments and flames hit Steve and his body burned violently. He no longer had to worry about the witch Matilda’s thirst.
Steve let out a long and anguished scream as he tried to communicate with the two Mini-Me shooters who were now behind cover. Although he was quite far from the blast and he was spared from the shards and debris, thanks to the rocks that blocked the way, the shockwave still caused his eardrums to burst.
The laser that was tracking Black Mamba and Samdi was cut off. And the three machine guns, which raised their heads and were looking for the targets, dropped their heads. Kururu! A crater was formed, and the flame covered a radius of 50 meters. As Bonifas said, the Black Mamba was nothing but a force of nature. The ancient primeval forest burned fiercely.
The fate of the three shadows who managed to survive luckily, was not very good either. Tututututututu! The MAG fired up and the shadows that were hiding behind cover were ripped apart before they could even recover or come to their senses.
A person was shaking in a clumsy position in an outdoor toilet 120 meters away from the camp. In the field, the toilet should be as far away from the camp as possible. This was due to the fact that the smell of ammonia, which was extremely pungent and would spread far and wide while mixing with the air.
McPhee couldn’t bring himself to raise his pants and instead stared far away at the burning camp. The attack was both sudden and majestic. It happened within the span of twenty, no, maybe ten seconds? The Shadow A team, which was capable of steamrolling Marine Corps, was so easily defeated. His mind went blank.
The assailant was nowhere to be found. Due to the overwhelming concentration hit, the subordinates were unable to fire a single bullet properly. He had never imagined himself in a battle like this.
“Ugh, that guy, that guy!”
They are the persona non grata (the intelligence world’s heresy, the antagonist) who annihilated the Louis team. Once again, his instincts were spot on. McPhee crawled on the ground to avoid being noticed. If he were to be apprehended, he would surely be tortured and killed. If he died, no one would know what happened here. It was his responsibility to convey the information.
“Wakir, I can’t see him.”
But before Sam could even finish his report, a scream broke out.
Mestizo appeared from the sea of fire. The giant jumped up to about ten meters and escaped the flames, propelled by a lightweight hydraulic stent. Only bulletproof clothing that has burned down and become ragged is draped over his upper body. Even the honeycomb double-layered chitin skin could not withstand hundreds of degrees of heat. It looks like he’ll see the carbonized and melted form in his dreams.
Billy swung the iron rode at them. The ground order to “kill” rang in his head. Ground orders were issued until the commander cancelled them. However, Steve, the commander, had died. As a result, Billy evolved into a true predator, annihilating life until he would be discarded.
“Oh, that’s okay”.
Black Mamba blew the wind. The mixed-race giant looked like a gorilla and was rough in appearance. Whether he dug into the ground or found protection behind cover, he endured violence and tremendous debris to the extent of the resonance shock waves that occurred. The MK project created a true monster.
Black Mamba looked at Samdi. That monster and Samdi were they same. They were both humans who had undergone genetic engineering and biotechnology procedures, and they both managed to escape the laboratory.
“You punk, you’re alive. Thank you.”
Samdi’s blood boiled the moment he saw the mixed race giant. That guy was the one who had brutally murdered Olumbo. Samdi misunderstood the look on Black Mamba’s gaze. Wakir’s rule was to take an eye for an eye. Since, Olumbo’s neck was broken, he must be decapitated too. He hung the empty MAG on the tree and pulled out a blade.
“I’ll cut him to pieces.”
Samdi charged at Billy, wielding a massive 2.4-meter shovel. The two monsters faced each other at a distance of 120 meters.
Fang! Billy’s head was hit by the massive shovel blade. Dust and debris floating in the air made a squeaky sound when they collided with the shovel blade, which was flying at almost the speed of sound.
Billy swung the iron rod instinctively, sensing the danger. Quang! It was like two runaway locomotives having a head-on collision. Huwang! Shock waves spread out. Billy’s legs slammed into the ground up to his knees. Samdi retreated by tumbling backwards instead of going against the rebound. Billy jumped up and pulled both of his legs out.
Black Mamba nodded in approval. The mestizo’s strength and speed were impressive, and the iron rod that endured the 40 kg metal blade flying at sound speed was also great.
Billy’s bust exploded. He rushed the iron rod.
“Wow, I’m ashamed of everything I see.”
Samdi’s face was hot. The opponent who rushes at random has many flaws. It felt like he was looking at himself from the past. His mind was strengthened, and his body was healed because of the life-or-death battle against the monsters and ocelots in Ituri. The owner was correct when he stated that strength comes from the mind, not the body.
Huang! The iron rod swept in. Samdi twisted his body, keeping his left leg grounded. He lowered his posture and with fearless steps, he let the iron rod flow through, digging into Billy’s chest. around his left leg. He lowered his posture and with fearless steps he let the iron rode flow through, digging into Billy’s chest. And finally, the middle of the opponent’s thunderstone and jade was marked by Hwidon’s shoulder. It is the exact center of his body. Billy’s chest bone sinking was also heard by Black Mamba.
Billy faltered and fell down, blood spewing from his mouth.
“You’re done!”
Samdi was satisfied. He was able to use Head’s Antler Movement that he had learned from the big master and the owner.
Samdi, who took advantage of the situation, followed closely behind. Wing! The iron rod flew horizontally over his head and poked the shovel blade. Puck- Billy broke his neck because he was late on his feet. His blood was splattered. The weight of the shovel blade was palpable.
“Hahaha! The owner is always right.”
Simon Dominic smiled strangely. The owner stated that the person wielding the weapon vertically is a fool, and the person wielding the weapon horizontally is suicidal. Life and death was a battle of space and time. Stabbing is the only way to dominate space and shorten time.
“Geu reu reu”
Billy’s throat, where his larynx and esophagus were severed, made a sound of air escaping. Billy stumbled down; his breath caught in his throat. It’s not because he’s afraid. It’s an attempt to recover by buying time instinctively. Simon Dominic was close behind.
Pitt – The bubble wrap tore the atmosphere. It’s poking again this time. Tteong- Billy barely blocked it aside with his iron rode. He was puzzled as he was able to bounce it off too easily.
It’s Simon Dominic’s plan. The shovel blade was adjusted to half elasticity and turned round and round, finally stabbing his lower body. Puck! Blood splattered from his thigh. Shek! Shek! Shek! The blade of the shovel rang. Billy couldn’t come to his senses. And when he tried blocking it with force, the opponent’s weapon attacked other areas. Finally, he lost his strength, bounced and dug into the iron rod.
Although Billy and Samdi had similar physical abilities, there was a significant difference between knowing and not knowing martial arts. Samdi never intended to deliver a lethal blow, but with slow movements, the damage was gradually increased. And Billy’s body was splattered with blood.
Billy, who had taken over the space, was pushed to insanity. His abdomen was ripped open and there was a piercing hole in his chest. His arms had also been ripped. His body was dripping with blood. His movements slowed noticeably, and Samdi’s eyes brightened.
” Hey rat!”
The blade changed its trajectory from stabbing to horizontal cutting. Spaul! Billy’s head snapped back. Area 51 Prototype Mechanic Honter, part number 18, codename Billy, had been scrapped.
“Oh no… This can’t be happening.”
McPhee sighed. The predator was unable to fight back and his head had been severed. This was the worst possible outcome for him, as he had hoped for Billy’s appearance to rescue him. But after what he had witnessed, he dashed into the forest. He knew that it was up to him to report the incident.
Samdi roared as he held up the iron rod. This time, he was able to fight properly. He didn’t run wild with excitement or push with force. He observed the opponent’s movements calmly and used the movements he learned properly.
“Good job.”
“Thanks to the great master and Wakir for teaching me.”
Samdi’s face shone with pride.
“Hahaha, now you’re acting so humble! Anyway, you know that someone just escaped and ran away, right?”
“Huh? Someone managed to get away?”
Samdi’s eyes got bigger. He had no idea.
“He’s over there. Get him.”
“That bastard pours cold water in my good mood.”
Samdi threw the iron rode and went to track down McPhee, who ran away.
“Kids have to grind for free.”
Black Mamba smiled nonchalantly.
“What did they make it out of?”
It was difficult to guess the material that the octagonal iron rod with a bluish luster was made off. The iron rod easily blocked the bubble wrap flying at the speed of sound. Despite the surprising impact, there was only a slight scratch on the surface. It is a stronger material than bubble wrap.
It weighted about 50kg, while the Guan Yu’s 80 geun (48kg) Cheongryong Eonwoldo which is the typical Chinese bluff. Human body structures cannot wield 48kg. Even if you train your muscles in a special way, joints and bones cannot hold it.
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