Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 443

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The key to close combat was speed. The heavier the weapon, the slower the speed. The metallurgy of making knives has constantly evolved in the direction of increasing strength and reducing weight.
Korean Hwando 0.9kg to 1.6kg, Japanese Katana 0.7kg to 1.2kg, Western Long Sword 0.8kg to 1.5kg. The amniotic sword Zwei Hand weighed approximately 2kg. Maces, war hammers, and flails, which weighed about 5kg each, were striking weapons that can break iron armor. This meant that the weight of the melee pinch weapon was less than 2kg at most.
If you tied a string to a 1kg dumbbell and swung your arm around, you could see why swords weighed only a kilogram. When the center of gravity was formed in the front of the hand, centrifugal force and acceleration placed a great burden on the joints.
Just because the weapon was heavy did not mean that it was necessarily stronger. Force is proportional to weight and squared to velocity. There is no stall if speed is not supported even if the weight is excessively increased. Of course, if someone physically strong like Samdi wielded the weapon, the weapon would be even more powerful. This was because acceleration would be added to the weight.
A noise came from behind. Black Mamba was observing the iron rod nad stopped and turned his head.
“Girls are also varied!”
The source of the noise was the sound of the decapitated mestizo’s limbs hitting the ground. It wasn’t just the muscles spasming; it was a headless body writhing. A black substance, like coltal that was ejected from the cut of the neck, covered the blood vessels.
The bleeding eventually stopped. Considering the blood flow and blood pressure of the carotid artery, this was an impossible physiological phenomenon. Mammals are supposed to bleed when their necks are cut off. It was hard to believe even when he saw it with his own eyes.
But the surprises kept on coming. Thousands of tentacles protruded from the cut surface, all oozing with black liquid. The tentacles looked like tree roots, wriggling and snaking here and there. The shape of the search for the head that has left the house resembles a swarm of worms that put their tails in the sewer of a well and shake their bodies.
“Zombies are horrendous.”
The Black Mamba frowned. No one was going to be okay watching the scene where the tentacles were protruding out of a corpse. Even Black Mamba, who had undergone prenatal care, was so disgusted that it was difficult for him to keep his eyes open.
“Damn you! You made something disgusting. I’ll put a rug on you, so go ahead and do it.”
Black Mamba’s curiosity was aroused. He kicked his head away and moved it closer to the body. The tentacles reached out and dug into the cut edge of the head. The head was dragged towards his body and stuck to him. The joint area was covered with a gel-like substance such as black coltal.
“Oh my god!”
The body and the decapitated head was being reattached! No living creature on Earth could reattach a severed head. Even the right-wing Lupa, the supreme body of regeneration, couldn’t reattach severed body parts. Black Mamba, who had seen so many weird things before and after his birth, was incredibly surprised.
He placed his palms on Mestizo’s body to read the changes that have occurred. He could sense that the metabolism rate was going wild, as if he had dipped his hands in a bubbling hot spring. The cells at the site of damage had begun to divide and grow rapidly. Blood vessels were reconnected, cervical vertebrae were reattached and the nerves were connected. The heart was starting to beat again.
It was impossible to create something out of nothing. Mestizo’s body was noticeably emaciated. His body, which was as hard as a rock, had become as thin as an empty bag. This was proof that the accumulated fat and protein were being used as an energy source. It was a type of regeneration system that was different from Ocelot’s.
After the intense regeneration process, Mestizo was stretched out. It was the price of running the bio-engine. Upon awakening, the Epimedium Factor would inhale organic matter so that the body would revert to its former self.
“Huh, even Jesus, who was pierced with a spear, was resurrected on the third day!”
The decapitated Mestizo was resurrected in just 10 minutes. Even Jesus is a startling regeneration process. It was hard to believe with the naked eye, but since Mestizo’s body was formed by cancer cells, it might explain the phenomenon to some extent.
Lactic acid produced by cancer cells is a medium for metastasis and growth of cancer cells. Lactic acid binds to the NDRG3 protein to form blood vessels. The newly created blood vessels serve as a highway through which endlessly dividing cancer cells metastasize.
Maybe the monster that popped out of Area 51 was not rhetorical, but actually a real mass of cancer cells. If Ocelot is pure gold with a purity of 99.99, this is a 12k alloy mixed with impurities. That said, it was not worth preserving.
“Hey, what is this?”
There was a foreign object lodged in the brain. Duwoong! Back Mamba grabbed the head and activated his spatial perception. An image of a nail-sized foreign body stuck in the back of the head came to mind. The shape did not look like a bullet. The best way to find out what it was, was to take a closer look.
The quickest way to satisfy human curiosity is the attentive conception. The little son asked his father, ‘Daddy, what is a wart?’ It is difficult to obtain an educational effect by explaining a hundred times that it is a ferocious insect with its forelimbs shaped like a sickle and protruding eyes with a triangular head. He took his son outdoors and said, ‘That’s a mantis’ End!
Black Mamba stabbed the back of the head with his finger. It was not easy to pierce through it. If he forcefully pierced it, the skull would shatter. He took out the balsara and cut a small circle out of the skull. He lifted out pieces of the skull as if he was peeling a watermelon for tasting. A shiny, milky-white metal could be seen between the folds of the scapula. He grabbed the metal with his thumb and forefinger. A thin line hangs from a chip the size of a fingernail. It was an atrocity to be condemned, but he was not a surgeon and this guy was not a patient.
“Turn it off!”
Mestizo was shivering with foam. Black Mamba was indifferent. It’s the eyes looking at a dog fluttering on a rainy day. Mestizo’s struggles weakened and his breathing slowed. Even if the head was cut, the resurrected one was immediately neutralized when the chip was ripped out. It was said that the chip embedded in the brain was a form of a life support device.
“Dirty bastard. This is what those who interfere with human rights in the world do!”
Black Mamba gritted his teeth tightly. The Commission and the CIA used humans as biological tools. They manipulated human genes and inserted and controlled the machines in their brains. It was an atrocity that couldn’t be carried out be done unless you were someone with a cold heart. In this way, the Yankees were no different from the jjokbari who operated Unit 731.
The body of Mestizo was drooping. Black Mamba put his palms on the head and chest an activated his spatial perception. There was no signs of life. The dead man has been resurrected so strangely, and had died again so absurdly. One thing was clear. When you kill the monster that crawled out of Area 51, you have to smash the chip in its head.
Unlike the Nguanga Chimera, Mestizo was only bulky, and its appearance was no different than that of an ordinary person. What would happen if a human-like this ran rampant in the city? A human who could jump more than 10 meters and run faster than a horse while easily swinging a 50kg iron rod. A human who could deflect bullets and regenerate itself when a limb falls off. What if he was released into the city and ordered to kill humans? Just thinking about it was terrifying.
The monsters they had encountered so far fell into three categories: the half-human and half-beast of Lake Nguang, the chimera immersed in the Cenote Swamp, and this one, whose appearance was no different from that of a human. There may be other types of monsters out there.
What’s the point of the US incubating this kind of monster that will be of great international controversy? How many such monsters does Area 51 have?
“There is no reason for me to worry about lack of nutrition. I guess I’ll have to sell this guy to Bonifas. Again, the price of sweets will come out.”
Black Mamba coolly brushed off his worries. The trouble is with Bonifas. That’s why people pay taxes. No matter how much you try to shake your head, you can’t find an answer. Sending related data to DGSE may be a handshake, but there must be a check. Even gangsters must have multiple organizations rather than one powerful one so they can’t go wild.
The burning fire died out. The stronger the firepower, the faster the burning rate. At the site where the combustible water disappeared, only the residual fire remained. Black Mamba kicked Mestizo like a ball and moved it and checked the scene. It was uncomfortable to touch the lump of cancer.
A pit with a depth of 1 m and a diameter of 6 m was created in the center of the camp. As he approached the pit, the scorching heat hit him. The black carbonized object made a crackling sound. It was the sound of white phosphorus burning everything, even charcoal. The scene was nowhere to be seen.
There was nothing left where the firestorm passed. Except for the three shadows torn by MAG bullets, there was nobody that maintained its shape. Firearms and other equipment were also melted. He wanted to gift the Shadow’s weapon system to Bonifas, but he couldn’t find anything.
“I should take this too.”
Black Mamba picked up the square mechanism that Shadow was operating. The case had been shattered by shards, and the surface was charred, but at least it was still in good shape. Three machine guns linked to lasers were also collected by tracking the smell of gunpowder.
“Hey, you pathetic bastard. At the very least, you ate a lion when you died to turn into snake dung.”
Samdi burst into laughter. A human in a black military uniform is wrapped around a giant python. It is a shadow that the owner asks to catch without seeing it. Even the shadows were not being hit. Standing on his knees and elbows, he rips apart the snake’s body with his greatsword.
They struggled, but the results were obvious. The snake grasped the breathing rhythm of the victim and tightened it with each exhalation. Once you get caught, there is no remedy. Over time, it tightens and eventually suffocates and the bones crumble. Then the whole thing goes into the snake’s mouth.
Kei – As Samedi approached, the snake raised its head. There was a hissing sound of tongue scraping. It’s a strong message that you don’t want to interrupt your mealtime. Of course, the message didn’t work. There was a glint of blood in Samedi’s eyes.
The yellow, emotionless eyes were unpleasant, and the fluttering, bifurcated tongue was also unpleasant. He remembered the terrible sight he witnessed when he first entered the Ituri jungle with the owner. Serpents are terrible creatures whose heads are cut off and bite their torso.
He had an out-of-shape fight with the shaman’s pet snake, and was beaten frantically in the cenote and entered the stomach. If the owner hadn’t saved it, it would have been shit. The worst disgrace in Samedi’s life is a snake. If it was a snake, it was boring.
“Sometimes the little things will open their eyes and lick their tongues!
Shhh – Bubbles broke the wind. The snake’s head, which had been raised, fell without a hitch. My body trembled like crazy.
Snakes do not stretch their muscles even when their necks are severed. The owner told me to get him, but he didn’t tell me to bring the body. Samedi is simply ignorant. I am not afraid of anything in the world. The only thing that scares me is the eyes of the owner with the meaning of pathetic.
The cold-hearted Samedi rushed back and forth. To crush the victim, the body of the squirming snake was mercilessly ripped off. The body of the snake, as thick as a mortar, was cut to pieces by the formidable force.
“Damn it!”
He pulled out the shadow, but his breathing had already stopped. Samedi, who was trying to perform chest compressions CPR, frowned.
“It varies.”
Shadow’s breastbone sank. This is the only way to breathe oxygen directly from mouse to mouse. Samedi repeated dozens of conflicts in an instant. Should I just throw it away and say it was eaten by a snake? should I kiss
“Huhu, a servant cannot deceive his master. Damn bastard, it’s Atarashi’s lips, damn it!”
Simon took a deep breath. With a half-savored expression, he clasped his thick lips against Mekphy’s.
“Wakir, I’ve caught you.”
Samedi threw the Mekphy he had on his side. It’s a very emotional act.
“Why did things go bad?”
Black Mamba confirmed Mekphy’s condition at a glance. Mekphy’s face is pale blue. It is cyanosis.
“It was on the verge of being eaten by a king snake.”
Samedi involuntarily rubbed his lips with the palm of his hand and answered as he was fat.
“Kukkuk!” Black mamba has a hundred eyes. He couldn’t hold back his laughter when he found the connection between Mekphy’s slumped chest and his fat answer. Samedi’s red face burned like a maple leaf in Guryongryeong.
“Well, it will be difficult to live long anyway, but you have to breathe.”
He placed his palms on Mekphy’s chest and activated a suction wave. Teddeuk- The segmented breastbone and ribs were pulled up whole by suction.
Mekphy’s breathing became more relaxed and his complexion cleared. Fortunately, there were no punctures in the lungs. Mekphy rolled his eyes. He is a man of great physical and mental strength.
“Ugh, you better kill me.”
It was a rumbling sound, but it was understandable.
“There is a lot of trouble with a missing, trying to live.”
He sat Mekphy upright and drove the dead blood from his body into the airway with the suction wave. Puck- The palm struck noble blood.
A bowl of black blood came out of his mouth. As the blood clots were pulled out, Mekphy’s face turned red.
“Kill! There is no use in torture.”
“I didn’t even save to kill. They said that even if you eat Seo-sook (Jo’s dialect), Lee Seung-gi is better. Why would you die leaving a good world behind?”
Black Mamba laughed. There is no rank insignia, but this guy is the commander even by pretending to be. I had a lot to ask. The focus returned to Mekphy’s eyes.
“Hey, Mechanic Hunter!”
Mestizo flinched when he discovered Mestizo’s corpse. The eyes wandering around Hunter’s neck shook wildly.
“Hmm, that was something called a Mechanic Hunter. Why are you surprised? With a severed neck attached? You don’t even know the story..”
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