Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 444

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The corners of the Black Mamba’s mouth curled upwards as the corners of his eyes drooped. It was the facial expression a woman would make when she found out that her expensive wedding ring was fake. Black Mamba had tried to get information about the Area 51 monster, but it was all in vain. The shadows he had defeated were just the hands and feet of an organization; they knew nothing. Had he known this would happen, he would have captured the guy who handled the machinery and interrogated him.
“What are you?”
Dozens of question marks floated across McPhee’s face. It was only when he became the Shadow Team Leader that he realized the existence of Hunter and Grendel. The strongest biological weapon that the motherland had created was astonishing. Human dignity? Pan-Human Ethics? Such was the nonsense of those who have only mouths and no fists.
After all, a handful of powerful fists rule the world. Were there any rules when the Mongol horsemen swept Europe? Was there a cause when the private fleets of European empires waged naval battles in the Atlantic?
To survive, you had to be strong, and the one who survives is the strongest. This is why his country, the United States of America, was aiming for Pax Americana.
The opponent smashed the strongest biological weapon, the Mechanic Hunter, like a mouse. What unimaginable strength! The motherland is unaware of the existence of all dangers. He is a dark warrior who protects his country. He wanted to know the identity of the other person even by selling his soul.
“You bastard!”
Samdi’s eyebrows rose when he heard the harsh tone. He looked at Black Mamba and gently stepped on his ankle. Puddeuk – The ankle bone was crushed.
McPhee clenched his teeth and endured the pain. His training as a Shadow taught him not to succumb to this kind of torture. Patience brought another pain. A palm as large as a pot lid covered his right hand. Pududuk- The bones of the fingers were crushed as if they had been trapped in a vice.
McPhee endured the pain but he felt like his eyes would pop out. A Shadow does not divulge secrets even at the moment of death. He took pride in his patriotism and enjoyed his mental victories. McPhee didn’t even know in his dreams that the giant in front of him was tormenting him with self-interest.
“A has changed. I am G and you are B. Name?”
“It’s absurd for a yellow monkey to believe in his simple talent and hold weight.” McPhee, delirious with pain, spouted nonsense.
“Tttttttt, stupid guy. It is wrong to die gracefully.”
Samdi clicked his tongue. It’s a pity that he dared to curse the owner’s mother. Seriously, isn’t he the only person who knows if it’s poop or soybean paste? The Black Mamba moved as he was about to break his hands and feet.
Shhh- The palms stretched out and hit McPhee’s jaw on both sides. If the speed of the object exceeds the analytical ability of the visual acuity of the moving body, it appears as an afterimage. The mandible fell off. The joint was then dislocated by twisting both shoulders.
The pain of forcibly dislocating the jaw joint is unimaginable. A strange sound escaped McPhee’s throat. Blood gushed out from his gaping mouth.
“Black friend, no, Shadow man, biting your tongue isn’t going to give you an easier death. You seem to want to die quickly because you infuriated me, but it won’t be easy. I still haven’t heard what I need to hear.”
Black Mamba smiled coldly. He captured the bursting life in the blink of an eye. He wanted to kill them right now, but he still needed to get a couple more pieces of information.
‘This guy is a devil. You’re the devil!’ McPhee was lost in the illusion of the shadow of a giant demon. Shadow operatives were trained to the limit that the human body and mind can withstand. They underwent 120 hours of torture training during their training program. During this time, the trainees had to experience all forms of psychological and physical torture. This forced them to cultivate the mental power to withstand torture.
There are more than ten educated suicide techniques alone. What do you do with ten? He is a psychic who notices even the slightest movement of biting his tongue and pulls out his chin.
He’s a pro among pros. He was always ready to give his life for his country and was confident that he would not yield to any torture. But what is this?
His eyes turned white, and fear swept over him like a wave. As deep as the abyss, the eyes burning like lava are on the verge of losing my mind. His 42-year-old life fell into a gutter.
Samdi glared at the tortured man with his bloodshot eyes. “Wakir, let me grant this man his wish and put him out of his misery.” This guy insulted his master. He’s the one who needs to peel the skin off right now and sprinkle salt on it.
“Not yet. Bring him here!”
“Gah… fine.”
Samdi grumbled. The backpack containing his weapons and food and the backpack containing napalm and white phosphorus bullets alone weighed 450 kg. Three machine guns with strange devices, six 200 rounds, and a bag of drawers the size of a drawer tied with vines is 70 kg. If you include a large mixed-race mestizo corpse and MecPee, the package weighs a whopping 700 kg. A camel is too heavy to fall with its knees bent. It is a luggage bag that is impossible without the Ultra Super Porter Samdi.
It’s not difficult to carry, but the old shadow caught his heart. While giving artificial respiration, the guy opened his eyes and their eyes met. Just looking at that guy’s face brought back dirty memories and made him feel dirty. Moreover, he even insulted his master.
“We must defeat the monster in the Cenote Swamp and return immediately.”
“Are you going to Novatopia? Or are you going to the old master?”
Samdi’s eyes twinkled. Ituri Jungle was fun, but he was starting to miss the smell of humans.
“Which one do you prefer?”
“I like the older teacher and Jinsoon, but I want to see Miss Ethel.”
Samdi always spoke honestly. He didn’t know how to lie or beat around the bush.
“I need to find my mother,” Black Mamba said as his lowered his eyes. Some bastard leaves a comfortable path and keeps going only on a difficult path. Ethel, who was squeezing the filthy native blood pus in the harsh desert, felt pity.
“Samdi concedes. We must not forget Miss Ethel.”
Black Mamba turned away without answering.
‘Are you pissed off? I have no reason to be upset…’
Samdi tilted his head and followed after carrying a heavy bag of luggage. Samdi still lacks the skills to understand the complexities of human judgment.
Devil Spring, the cenote the CIA calls a puddle, remains turbid. The thick water surface, like a thin soup, cracked and cracked. It is the sound of methane gas rising from the floor and escaping into the air. Plants do not grow within a radius of 100m due to the toxic gas leaking from the swamp.
“Shadow-san, is the hybrid monster hiding in the swamp your pet?”
McPhee’s face was bloodied and bruised. They know more of Area 51’s secrets than themselves. Those who smashed the Mechanic Hunter in one blow and know secrets unknown to the sky, what the hell is it? It was difficult to even guess the identity of the person even though he thought about losing his hair.
Got upset if a predator jumps out of the swamp and attacks them, it’s perfect, but it’s a no-brainer. Neither Grendel nor Hunter can act autonomously. Steve is gone, so there is no one to give orders.
“You don’t expect that Keyhole and the Dragon Lady will send the video here to the headquarters, and the assault team will be dispatched urgently, don’t you think?”
McPhee’s eyes widened. Since his jaw was dislocated, he couldn’t even open his mouth in awe.
“Wake up. For the next 95 minutes, the sky is empty. The mid-orbit satellite RM444 doesn’t have enough resolution to pick it up.”
Black Mamba smiled and pointed his finger at the sky. McPhee’s face turned black. How do they know about the top-secret CIA satellite operation schedule? A clever human with ultra-physical and astonishing intelligence capabilities, the risk of interest is higher than that of the Ohio SSBN (Strategic Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine) with 24 Tridents.
“Wakir, long nights have many dreams,” Samdi raised his voice.
“Ha ha ha, that’s right. Get ready for the fireworks show.”
Samdi took out ten bags of 5kg white phosphorus bullets and 30 bags of 10kg napalm bullets from the backpack.
McPhee’s eyes widened as if torn apart. It has been 20 years since he ate jjambap in the military. It’s not McPhee who doesn’t know what dark courage is. Their next move was obvious. The Predator is going to be like a Thanksgiving turkey.
“Are you curious? Are you dying to tell me?” Samdi groaned.
“Shadow, don’t even dream of trying to kill yourself. What you consider to be extreme pain is nothing compared to what you’re going to feel. I don’t care about your patriotism and military spirit. Got it?”
McPhee nodded weakly. Pain was just pain. It was driving him crazy, but he was more overcome by curiosity that drove him to hold on. Tuduk- Black Mamba grabbed McPhee’s jaw and passed over the articular processes of both mandibles. McPhee’s dislocated jaw was put back in place.
“Name and rank?”
“Major McPhee, Onion McPhee.”
“I am a soldier of the United States of America. The rest cannot be said.” McPhee shut his mouth tight. He was determined not to say any more.
“Shadow is a special squadron belonging to DIA, called the Shadow Corps. They are currently dispatched to the CIA Duchess to do all sorts of dirty post-processing. Was there a CIA agent among the guys in the camp? He came to investigate the dead serpent, and you are the Shadow Team Leader sent for security purposes, right?”
McPhee’s eyes widened in surprise. Those were classified information. For a moment, he was suspicious that he was a secret agent who inspected the CIA and DIA.
“No surprise. I killed the Serpent.”
“Ugh!” McPhee was speechless. Even if he collected all the moments that surprised him since he was born, he didn’t think it would be as surprising as this.
“Come on, even if you play, you have to finish work and play.”
1,000 square meters is about 300 pyeong. Black Mamba divided the cenotes by 10 pyeong like a checkerboard. They plan to throw 30 napalm bombs, one for every 10 pyeong.
It would take three seconds to adjust the fuse, and 90 seconds to adjust 30 fuses. Black Mamba’s hand moved like an island war. The first bomb was set at 95 seconds, the second at 92 seconds, and the last at 5 seconds. Samdi has never dealt with bombs. From a distance, he just watched his master at work.
Shish shish shish- The napalm bullets flew towards the cenote, biting their tail like a rosary. 30 drops took just 3 seconds. Chowk – 30 bombs landed on the surface at about the same time.
“Oh that’s amazing!”
McPhee’s mouth widened. He was already impressed by his captor’s physical abilities but his bomb-handling skills and error-free calculations were just as amazing. He was like a computer, not a human.
“One, two three…”
Before Samedi could finish counting to three three, the flames soared. The sticky napalm covered the water surface of the cenote as if it was paved with asphalt. The combustion temperature of napalm is 1,200°C to 1,500°C. The 1,000 square meters of water turned into a fireball at once.
The airlifted napalm ammunition is not an initial type, but an improved type. In addition to naphthenic acid and palmitic acid, benzene and polystyrene were added. The burning time increases and it explodes when water is poured on it.
It is a myth that napalm can burn even underwater. A combustible cannot burn without oxygen unless a chemical reaction produces oxygen, such as thermite. Napalm only burns by drawing in oxygen from the atmosphere and dissolved oxygen from the water.
Aww- Powerful firepower called a heat storm. Shoot-a-ah, the air was terrifyingly sucked into the swamp. The swamp was bubbling. Hot steam rose like a cloud. The heated atmosphere dragged clouds of water vapor and soared into the sky.
Unable to stand the heat from the fire, McPhee screamed.
“It’s not like a weak bastard pretending to be!”
Samdi grabbed McPhee’s back and backed away.
“Heh heh, I’ll give you a special white phosphorus as well.”
Hissing – Ten additional white phosphorus bullets were dropped on the cenote turned into hell. Puffok- Puffok- A white flash of light flashed in the red flames.
White phosphorus charcoal increases the efficiency by mixing several auxiliary materials. The worst white phosphorus projectile is a thermite white phosphorus projectile. Thermite emits heat of 2,400°C during chemical reactions. Thermite reacts in water, and the heat of reaction between white phosphorus and thermite rises to 2,700℃.
The white phosphorus bullet, which could not overcome its weight, was submerged in the water. Dededede- Cenote’s water soared into the air like a geyser. It is a vaporization phenomenon caused by the explosive chemical reaction of the thermite white phosphorus bullet. The water of the cenote evaporated terribly. The water level went down in an instant. The sound of the fire sucking in oxygen, the sound of steam spewing, and the sound of boiling water mixed, deafening my ears.
The Black Mamba stared at the cenote, which was swirling with firestorms and thick steam. When he implemented it, the power of the napalm and thermite white phosphorus was enormous. The burning duration of napalm is 15 minutes and thermite white phosphorus is 3 minutes. In its current state, it was likely that all of the water in the cenote would evaporate before the combustion time passed. It’s too much of a performance to bring out two monsters.
“Heh heh, no matter how strong a monster is, I doubt they can withstand that!”
Whether it’s a raccoon or an octopus, if you light a fire at the door, it will pop out..
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