Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 445

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“If you want to play with fire, you have to do that.”
There was little pride in Simon D’s face as he watched the grand fireworks show. Aklon Kuru (Servant) Ombuti preached the theory of the master and servant as one soul to the followers of Waqil at the construction site of the Spawn Bridge in Novatopia.
[Do you call yourself servants of Tubaiburpa? Not yet as I see it. A wife and children are recipients. A servant is the giver. No, the mind must go to the master without even giving it a consciousness. A lovely wife is once, and a cute child is once. The marginal utility of love is one year, and the marginal utility of loyalty is death. A true servant’s loyalty ends in death. The glory of the master is the glory of the servant, and the greatness of the master is the greatness of the servant. You are not yet servants. Examine whether you are loyal to your master without any ill will. Only those who are not ashamed of themselves deserve to be servants of the great Tubaiburpa.]
Simon D was moved by the interpretation of the ombuti-style Eungmu Soju Lee Saenggisim. I firmly vowed to become a true servant. When you meet a stinky master, your servants get sloppy too. You must be extremely lucky to have met a handsome owner.
Red flames swirled like hundreds of fire dragons, with white flashes that brightly illuminated the son-in-law. This was accompanied by the sound of strong winds being sucked into the crater as a ferocious plume of steam rose hundreds of meters into the air. A man must do this to play with fire. Destruction is also artistic if the owner touches it.
“The guy Bonifas called the owner a ‘natural disaster’. I had intuition, but I lacked eye level. That’s called ‘Creation of Heaven and Earth’. Anyway, the time has come for the monster to come out. Yes? What is this sound?”
Simon D listened. Before he could finish speaking, his sensitive hearing caught the foreign noise. A huge object fluttered beyond the thick cloud of vapor.
Soon, the howling became clearer. It was a cry full of anger and pain. Puak! A monster popped out of the cloud of burning vapor. It was as big as the giant tree nearby.
“What is that?”
Simon D’s eyes widened. It was a burning octopus No, it’s the chimera, the owner said. It couldn’t be an octopus because it had a protruding snout like a crocodile. The shape might be similar, but the size was the best part. If the size of the mouth alone was 3 meters, and the lengths of the legs is 20 meters, then it was a very difficult opponent. The diameter of the sucker alone exceeded 10cm.
“Did you put the octopus and crocodile heads in the frying machine?”
Simon D, who had lost his sense of humor, spit out a meaningless sound. It was surprising that such a monster was nestled in a narrow reservoir. But this was not the time to be surprised. As the octopus struggled, sparks flew in every direction.
Simon D assembled the MAG barrel and connected the bullet with his familiar skill. There is no reason to wrestle with a good gun and wield it with blood. It’s no different than a guy who puts his panties aside and hangs on his stockings.
“Hey, Rakshasa!”
The owner pulled out the Rakshasa. The Rakshasa wielded by the owner was a unique item. It was the supreme version of a ranged weapon. Simon D lowered his gun and sat down on a rock. It was a monster battle that was hard to watch. The popcorn and cola were disappointing.
Kururu! The atmosphere trembled when the Octopus shrieked. Its tray-like eyes flashed with anger. It had been eating well and resting comfortably, but now, it was suddenly suffocating and hot. He was unable to bear it and so he jumped out of the water.
Outside the water, things were even worse. A scorching firestorm was raging. It had jumped out of the water, confident that it could endure the atmosphere, but it proved to be wrong. Burning hot mud stuck to its skin. No matter how hard it struggled, its flesh sizzled without fail.
The Octopus was on the verge of going crazy. Its tissue burned in the white phosphorus and fell off, but new flesh grew in its place. Almost immediately, the newly sprouted flesh was also burned by white phosphorus, and new flesh grew to replace it again… It was an endless loop of pain that turned the Octopus into a fireball of rage.
A human entered its sights eyes and he gleamed with anger. It could sense something creepy, but it the feeling. Humans were on the list of prey engraved in their genes. Of course, they could eat it.
“Are you out!”
The Black Mamba had increased his whip space. Wei Ying! Rakshasa cried wildly when she met an opponent it could be beat. Buzz… Rakshasa’s cracker (pneumonia) gained centrifugal force and acceleration as it reached subsonic speed.
Sususu. Eight tentacles swept the ground. Because it was so large, a hundred meters was just a short distance away. Shuang! A huge bridge reminiscent of the mast of a sailing ship swept over a human. The giant tree blocking the path exploded.
“Come! Let’s taste the grilled octopus legs.”
Three octopus legs were captured by spatial perception. It drew an irregular trajectory, but the path was clearly predicted. Shhik! Rakshasa fell like an island war on a cycloid curve.
The Octopus snorted. Humans had such absurdly slender legs. It gave his strong tentacles a lot of force and slammed them down. The tentacles of the attacking octopus and the slashing Rakshasa were intertwined for a moment.
The results were disappointing. The longest tentacle, 30-centimeters in diameter and 30-meters in length, was immediately cut off. The other two legs that had been stretched out were retrieved saying they were too hot. Just because you have eight legs doesn’t mean that one cut isn’t painful. Kururu! A cry of pain erupted from the octopus as its huge snout flew open.
The Black Mamba stepped forward and slapped the body of the Octopus, throwing it 20-meters away. Black ink covered the 10-meter area of Bangwon. If it was underwater, 100m of Bangwon would have turned into black ink.
Chijik chijik… The vegetation was burned down. The surface of the rock was splattered. The ink was acidic in high concentrations. The Octopus sprayed it ink continuously. The head of the Octopus had transformed into the head of a crocodile, but it continued to spray ink everywhere. A new version of Black Mamba bounced off like fallen leaves in the cold wind.
Octopus stretched its mast-like legs again when the ink attack had no effect. Churr! Two tentacles cut through the air and swooshed like a whip, hitting Black Mamba. Black Mamba’s new model quickly escaped the attack range.
Octopus swung his long legs at random, but it wasn’t enough to match Black Mamba’s speed. No matter how powerful an attack is, if it doesn’t hit the opponent, it’s in vain. Only the jungle was left in ruins.
“I’ll give it to you.”
Black Mamba’s eyes flashed. The power analysis was complete. Octopus Chimera’s skills were spanking and hitting with its legs, spraying acid ink, and biting.
‘Huh? The other one!’
The Black Mamba, who was about to switch from evasion to attack, was startled. He detected another person coming out of the cenote. The water in the swamp was boiling in the flames of over 2,000℃. If you don’t want to become a well-boiled Jaratang, you have no choice but to run away.
Kuo! The cenote’s steam column swayed at the sound of an explosion. A gigantic fireball burst through the clouds of flames and whirling vapors. A flaming tortoise leaped out of the swamp and landed on all four legs like a crocodile. The saying that a tortoise was slow obviously did not apply to this monster!
“Oh my God, what now?”
Simon D screamed. The tortoise looked like a normal tortoise, but it was much larger. Its thick legs were the size of an elephant’s, and they supported its 10-meter wide body. It had two rows of shark teeth on its long, snake-like head. A loud bang was heard as the tortoise rolled on the ground. It was trying to put out the fire on its body.
“I’ll make you a beehive.”
Tutututu! MAG spit fire. The turtle was completely covered by the powerful 7.62mm rounds at a close range of 150 meters. The result was unexpected. All of the 7.62mm bullets that hit the turtle’s shell bounced off without leaving a mark.
“This is a scam!”
Simon D’s face, who enjoyed the heavy firing vibration, was rotten and rubbed. Even a chimera grandpa, not a chimera, couldn’t deflect heavy machine gun bullets. It was hard to believe what he had just seen.
“Nimi Giotto, nothing is easy.”
Tutututu! Simon D continued firing bullets relentlessly. Even if the turtle’s bulletproof armor blocked the penetration, the damage was not easy. The turtle hid its feet and head in the carapace of its back. Tung tong tong! The back armor shield did a great job blocking the bullets. The 200 rounds were emptied in an instant. The battle between the spear and the shield ended in a disastrous defeat for the spear.
“Inspiration, you know that only pain comes back only if you do something clumsy, right?”
Simon D rolled his eyes and ran out with a bubble wrap. McPhee didn’t even listen to Simon D’s warning. Saliva dripped out of his gaping mouth. His brain had stopped working. He never dreamed that he would see such incredible things in his 42 years of life.
The Black Mamba was looking at the full volume even while facing Octopus. The monster hiding in the cenote came out. He won’t lose with Simon D’s power, but he’s not an easy opponent either.
“I must finish it soon!”
Buzz buzz. Rakshasa broke through the speed of sound. The wave of pressure pushed the air out, turning the entire area into a large vacuum. Small stones, soil, leaves, and branches were sucked into the whirlwind and swirled around its vortex.
Kururu! The Octopus reacted. Its long legs, which had turned red, moved dazzlingly fast. Small rocks were lifted with suckers and large rocks were rolled up by legs. Shoo-ah- Hundreds of rocks flew towards the Black Mamba like hail. It was a skill that is reminiscent of Master Daewoo’s detonation technique.
The tornado that was rushing at the unexpected attack flinched. Bang-bang-kwang-jik- The rock that had collided with the tornado shattered into pieces. The tornado sped up and moved even faster. The Octopus lifted a rock with its five legs and threw it, and Epidium smashed it with a whip.
The Octopus’ red eyes were the size of basketballs as it scanned the area around it. It had already thrown all the rocks that were nearby, so it wrapped one of its tentacles around a tree. Wooji-jik-Uji-jik- Arumduri tree was uprooted. The Octopus pulled out three giant trees that were between 30 to 40 meters tall, and swung them fiercely. The Octopus’s reach had increased significantly.
“Oh my god! It’s changing tactics.”
Black Mamba blew into the wind and the tornado accelerated. There was a continuous roar. A sonic boom that explodes air trapped in superimposed pressure waves. A tornado that Sein later named ‘Asura’s Dance’ encircled the Black Mamba and swirled around him. The battle between the monster and Asura is poignant.
Bang! The tornado and a giant tree wielded by the Octopus collided. The tornado ate the giant tree. Kwajajak- Puak- Aumdeuri giant tree was torn into pieces like a log put into a wood shredder. Debris covered the sky.
Octopuses are known for being clever. This particular Octopus, knowing that it was at a disadvantage, widened his huge jaws. It sprayed out a black, ink-like mist. The black mist enveloped the Octopus and covered the bangwon.
Any organic matter that touched the black mist melted away almost immediately. The Octopus had blocked the enemy’s vision with this smokescreen, and now it pushed its bruised body. Its three severed legs regenerated violently.
The Black Mamba is the best at stealth. This also meant that he could easily spot hiding enemies. There were only three skills that would not be deceived by the poison mist: guan eyes, spatial perception, and resonant waves. Even without demonstrating these skills, the Octopus, who was hiding behind the smokescreen, could be captured only with his senses.
Poison mist could not do much damage to Epidium’s body. The Black Mamba jumped into the smokescreen without hesitation. As a result, Octopus made a mistake. He should have run away instead of attempting to regenerate its body.
Shuaang! The tornado pierced the poison mist. The mist was instantly caught up in the tornado. Rakshasa fell like lightning. The squeak is the sound of the whip and poison mist particles colliding.
Octopus realized that the smoke screen was useless and it decided to make its escape. It stretched out its long legs and wrapped them around the tree. Shuak! The huge tree moved through space like a swing. This was an amazing movement that only octopuses could do. Shuru! Rakshasha attacked the moment the leg that stretched out like a rope was wrapped around another tree.
Puchak! Light blue blood came spurting out. The tentacle it was using was cut off. In octopus, hemocyanin in the blood carries oxygen. Hemocyanin is a copper-containing protein that turns blue when combined with oxygen.
Keeek! A shout rang out, and the poison mist spread again. The evil Octopus gave up its escape. Three legs larger than a power pole hit the tornado.
The tornado exploded. Asura’s whip swung uncontrollably. Soon, all the tentacles were chopped off, the jaws were separated, and its body was shattered. Octopus’ huge body was left in dozens of pieces within just two seconds. Even if an experienced chef puts flounder on a chopping board and sears it, it is slower than this.
The power of the tornado gradually dissipated. The moment Black Mamba stored the Rakshasa, the crushed Octopus collapsed. It was the end of the Octopus Chimera; a creature that was created by human tools. The description was lengthy, but it took less than 20 seconds for Octopus to blast rocks, spew poison mist to hide himself, and shatter it to pieces..
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