Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 446

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Hundreds of meters in a radius of the ancient Ituri jungle were devastated. Rocks cracked and the ground overturned. The beech tree was cut down, uprooted, and cut down. The blackened and burned vegetation and rocks were difficult to recognize. The blood-stained earth splattered from the shattered UMA (Unidentified Living Organisms) corpse shone with a blue fluorescence. In the middle of it, the Black Mamba is standing there with a whip in his hand. It is the embodiment of Asura who defeated the monsters of hell. Urleung- There was a big fire storm that covered the cenote. Xu Aaa-explosive vapor was blown into. Is it the mourning of the dead, or the lamentation of those whose regrets remain in this world? This is the Abyss of Hell Abyss. Water vapor from the rising air swirled around the Black Mamba like a cloud covered the moon and rose. The flame is the howl of the Abyss, and the vapor storm is the curse of the dead. The one who stands tall among them is the ruler of hell. “Abadon, I am Abaddon, the Judge of the End!” Saliva dripped down the corners of Mekphy’s lips. The cold-blooded McPhee was also fascinated by the terrible majesty of Octopus and the overwhelming majesty of the Black Mamba. The brain, which lost its computational power, was unable to link and analyze memories and information, and pulled out the bottom of the manipulated object. Abaddon is the code name given to the Black Mamba by Matilda, the head of the CIA’s Special Operations Division. Although McPhee doesn’t know, he saw Abaddon, the fallen angel of the Apocalypse from the Black Mamba. “Our Father in heaven, may your name be sanctified… … Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil… … .” Mekphy made his cross and began to memorize the Lord’s Prayer. After ten years of not attending church, the cold-hearted McPhee suddenly turned to a faithful saint. This is the power of the instant concept. A thousand times more effective than the priest’s 100 sermons and a thousand prayers of hope. If you are Abaddon, you must satisfactorily look around the earthly hell, spread your wings of darkness and disappear. Abaddon in reality picked up the giant Octopus head and sighed deeply. A creature that is neither an octopus nor a crocodile, a chimera created by human greed. Concretus, a distant and ancient intellectual, created Adras and Epidium to survive.
What was the purpose of the United States in creating psychics and chimeras? Living things are mortal. What Con Cretus and his committee seek in common is greed. In Concretus, the twilight age was advanced by the Epidium rebellion. Where will modern humans go? It was bittersweet. “It’s not something I should worry about.” The Black Mamba shed his thoughts and dismantled Octopus’s head. The bigger the body, the bigger the head. Puduk- Puduk- The downpour ripped the scalp, which is tougher than the aramid body armor, like a piece of paper. I searched all over my head to find my brain, but I couldn’t find it. It’s all about the tough muscles and tendons that support and work the jaws. “After all, it’s a beauty thing.”
I found the brain hidden in the corner of the upper part of the head. Despite the weight of 30 to 40 times that of a human, the brain was rather small. There is a chip embedded in the brain. Even if I did, it’s still the same. I ripped the chip off and stored it in an emergency pouch. This is a gift for Bonifas. After finishing the work, I looked down at the shredded Octopus corpse. White phosphorus attached to parts of the body is still burning flesh. The savory smell made me hungry. When I was a nightclub picky eater, my kitchen classmate would sneak away some German sausages and octopus sashimi. The taste of boiled octopus wrapped in old paper at the landing was excellent.
Octopus is an expensive fish. If you order boiled octopus at a Japanese restaurant, the amount is so small that you will cry. Of course, this is Black Mamba’s own standards. Black Mamba is the person who insists that each serving of ribs should be 5,000g. His claims regarding the amount of food had little credibility. In any case, it seemed that 10,000 people would be enough if the Octopus was cooked as a standard Japanese restaurant. “Hey, you’re a minute ago! How much Palma money for a Japanese restaurant!”
Black Mamba lamented. Abaddon incarnate was a perverted demon who preferred money over blood. Simon D wasn’t in very good shape. He gave up the MAG and started a close-quarter strike with a bubble wrap, but was blocked by his back armor, which exhibits a powerful defense, so it was not much fun. At best, he remains undefeated.
Puck-Pop-po-gi tapped his back. His blood splattered, but to a level that scratched his skin. Sniff – Turtle let out a snorting sound. Shuang- A huge tail reminiscent of a power pole flew in like an island battle. Simon D fell down on the ground. Wing-tail skimmed. The wind pressure dragged the curly hair clinging to the scalp. Bang – The rock hit by the tail exploded like firecrackers. It’s unstoppable power One hit will break your spine, and that’s the power that’s left behind.
He cannot be vigilant that he dodged the attack. It rolled like a top and shifted out of position. Boom- The tail that passed by struck the ground vertically. The rocks cracked and dust flew away. While its movement is slow, its maniacal stingray tail and spring-like shark’s jaws make it an island battle. “driving me crazy!” A cold sweat was dripping down. He wasn’t a good match for himself. Grasping – Simon D, who got up and leaped about ten meters. Now is your chance when the combo attack is over and the flanks are empty. Weeing – A flash of light fell on the turtle’s neck. It is a one-hit fatality that unites weapon, body, and mind. Kwaung- The shark’s head spread wide open in the back shell and let out a roar. The air shook like a haze. The problem isn’t sound, it’s compressed sound waves propagating through air as a medium.
“Uh-huh!” Simon D, who had been hit like lightning, was startled and his posture shook. The balance organ was hit by the sound wave. Tung- Pokpogi, who lost speed, took a picture of his back. There is no way that the back armor that deflected 7.62mm bullets would be torn by the bubble wrap that lost speed. The bubble popped out without force.
That’s it. This is the cause of the Turtle’s sonic attack struggling. When he attacked with all his might, he noticed it like a ghost and sent out sound waves. Simon D staggered away. The jumbled brain quickly found its place. Simon D’s physical regenerative ability is also not easy. Kuaa – The head of the turtle, who seized the opportunity, came out like a spring. Paat-Samdi jumped and climbed onto his backplate.
Just- teeth as big as the forearm missed the target with a few shots. Simon D couldn’t break through Turtle’s shield, and Turtle couldn’t keep up with Simon D’s speed. His head, which had protruded about a dozen meters, quickly hid in his backshell. The wing-tail swept the fly that sat on its back. “Damn it!” It’s like this every time. Even if he had a chance, he was caught in a sonic attack and was unable to deliver a critical hit. The attack ends with only the rim ringing.
“Ouch, tail!” Simon D, startled, jumped out like a grasshopper that met a mantis. A tail the size of a wing-electric pole passed by with a vicious blast sound. “Bye!” Simone screamed. It tumbling in the air like a lion on the horn of a buffalo. A turtle’s tail resembles a stingray’s tail. At the distal end, there is a bone the thickness of the forearm. The central part of the cracked hip was stabbed in the bone.
Simon D lost his balance and fell to the ground. Unknowingly, he put a hand on his hip. he was sloppy His lips were taken by the old man, and his anus was given to the tortoise. His red face was rotten and stained. Pain is pain, but face is not a word. I was stinged by a slow turtle, so I was afraid that anyone would know.
Wing – The tail, which received the most centrifugal force, came back again. Simon D’s medicine went up. “Nimi Giotto, you die and I die.”
Shuang – The bubblegum came out to meet the flying tail. Bang- Simon D bounced off the bat like a baseball. The weight difference was huge. Woojik- Washussu- Puak- All sorts of noises rang out. Trees were crushed, thorn bushes were pushed, and cycads that had stood for hundreds of years were uprooted. Simon D, unable to handle the energy, rolled over. “Wok!” If you were a human, your abdomen would have been ruptured by the pressure, but Simon D is an arc zombie. He jumped up as if he had been hit. His curly hair stood up stiffly, and a chest light flashed in his eyes. Life started working properly.
“Get away!” Shuang- The Black Mamba has arrived. He was caught by the CIA aerial reconnaissance. Koo-Woo- When a new enemy appeared, the Turtle turned his head. The air shook like a haze. This is a sonic attack presented by the monster of Nguanga. An image of flying circles overlapping each other was drawn. “Haab!”
The lion’s back exploded. A sound wave loaded with a resonant wave shook the atmosphere. A fake sound wave imitating a nigger’s skill collided with the turtle’s sound wave. Aww- The atmosphere created a strong vortex. Shang-Rakshasha fell like lightning on a cycloid curve. Turtle, feeling strange, hid his limbs and head in his back. Grasping – The carapace is cracked. Aww – A cry of pain erupted. Wing- A huge tail flew in. Shuang- Rakshasha turned. Bang- The tail of the reinforced biological weapon collided with Rakshasha, which is made of the hardest material on earth. Shockwaves spread out.
Kuwawa- A different scream erupted from before. All three lobes on the tip of the tail fell off. Yuiying- Rakshasha created a whirlwind. Buzz-Bing-Buzzing overlapped. Upon reaching the subsonic stage, a hazy flattened membrane was formed. No one feels good about being beaten. An angry turtle rushed. It is a mountain that will be crushed by its size. It is said that even a tortoise has a knack for rolling, and a weight of 5 tons covered in iron armor struck like a landslide. “No way!”
A sigh escaped the ignorant attack. Black Mamba gently lifted her body. The tail flew straight like a spear. Even the tortoise knows how to use her head. Took- The new black mamba soared in the air as if it had a pedestal. Shuang-Rakshasha fell on a reverse elliptical orbit. Quang Woong- Turtle made a sonic attack. The sound waves compressed like a disk were pushed one after another. “Haab!”
Fuwang- sound wave collided with sound wave. Tail and Rakshasha entangled. Rakshasha, which has broken through the speed of sound, is the sharpest blade in the world. Plenty – The middle of the tail, which was 15 meters long, was cut off. Kuwawa- the turtle struggled. Blood was scattered like raindrops. “Haab!” Black Mamba counterattacked with a resonant wave. The air was compressed, inserted into its pinna, and exploded. The physical power is not very strong, but when it explodes in the ear, the situation is different. Queek- The turtle jumped. The protruding eyes grew as if they were about to come out, and blood gushed out from the nostrils. Although the shell was hard, the inside was not hard. They lost their center and stumbled. Black Mamba is not Song Yang Ji-in. Fast speed is special. Turtle plowed through the gaps in the thread that had been temporarily defenseless and rushed forward like crazy. Baba Baba Bak – Rakshasha hit the Turtle at a rate of 10 times per second. Her back was cracked and red blood splashed like a fountain, but the final blow wasn’t enough. The turtle’s back shell is a honeycomb double-layered structure, reaching a thickness of 500 mm, and its strength is comparable to that of a titanium alloy. The Black Mamba is a knock on the frontal armor of a heavy tank.
It was easy to understand why Area 51 made a relatively slow tortoise as a chimera even in the water. Because of its strong defense. Even Rakshasha, who cuts steel and rock, could not cut the back armor.
“If you don’t, I’ll beat you until you can.” Even rocks are pierced by water drops. Black Mamba’s main specialty, the fan, showed another new spirit. Puck Puk Pok Puk Puk Puk Puk Puk Puk Puk Puk-Flashes fell intensively in the center of the carapace. The turtle suddenly became a victim of the third stage of the Muchishivarage. The torn and shattered living tissue exploded like firecrackers.
Turtle is a chimera that sacrifices speed to increase defense. He wielded his severed tail and pulled out his long neck to use his evil to bite the heinous attacker, but he had no jaw to catch the new black mamba that was observing its movements. There is no business in hawk. Gear’s backplate was pierced. Fuwak- Fresh blood gushed out like a fountain. Aww- the turtle groaned in pain. Anger and sadness were mixed in the scream. Black Mamba was stunned. She felt herself the villain. “You’re lost!” Simon D, who was looking for an opportunity, jumped up and got on his back. As long as the sonic attack is neutralized and the back armor is pierced, there is nothing harsh. Simon D was tenacious and cruel. I just got angry because I was pooped. The bubble wrap is basically a shovel. As if digging a trench, Simon D dug the soft flesh with a shovel without mercy. Every time I shoveled, flesh the size of a soccer ball fell out.
The turtle struggled, but it stuck like a horsefly and continued shoveling. No matter how fast the shovel was, Turtle’s body regeneration could not keep up. The wound that Rakshasha had pierced expanded to the size of a manhole. “Aeg, you bastard!”
Black Mamba sneaked out of the full volume. Simon D, who does not fall off whether the turtle rolls or rolls, looked like a horsefly larva. Africa is plagued with all kinds of poisonous insects and parasites, but none are equally bad as adults and larvae as horse flies..
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