Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 447

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East African horseflies, both adults and larvae, suck blood and transmit infectious diseases. The difference is whether it attacks you from outside your skin, or from the inside. The horsefly is one of three infamous predators of East Africa.
Horseflies are large and their bites are painful enough to make you jump. They are easily detected, but there are still many cases where the victim had been attacked and they screamed to their deaths.
There were many more cases of disgusting animals and creatures that can’t be seen with the naked eye. More amazingly, they use survival tactics based on their evolution. Some flies are like carpet bombers; they lay their eggs in animal carcasses before flying away. Horseflies however, are parasites that lay eggs in living animals. And as with all parasites, they don’t require consent before laying their eggs in an animal.
Horseflies catch other small flies and lay their eggs inside their bodies. When the small flies come into contact with mammals, the warmed horsefly eggs hatch. The larvae that break out of the flies’ body detect carbon dioxide produced during respiration and burrow into the animal’s skin. The larvae burrow their hooks into the flesh and happily eat the flesh and suck the blood.
The larva itself is terrifying, but more importantly, the secondary bacterial infection is fatal.
Shakespeare said that innocence and cruelty go hand in hand. The image of Samdi digging into the turtle’s back with a shovel was similar to a horsefly larva burrowing into flesh.
Although Samdi’s intentions were apparent, the chimera was also a living creature. The grotesque scene directed by the innocent Samdi was disgusting to look at.
Kuo-o! The stricken turtle raised its head and roared.
Hwaak – The roar sent shockwaves of compressed air throughout the jungle. Thousands of insects and animals that inhabited the canopy fell like hail.
Samdi, who was caught up with digging his “trench”, was startled. Even zombies would get stung and bitten by poisonous insects. Buaang- He created a gust of wind with his weapons and swept away the falling insects.
The turtle seized this opportunity to attack. Shuak – A shark head protruding from its back shell attacked Simon D. The mouth had 60 teeth in two rows, forming a formidable weapon. Its long neck, however, was its biggest weakness. Surprised, Samdi jumped back in shock.
Turtle’s trick didn’t work against the formidable opponent.
Black Mamba however, didn’t miss this opportunity. Shhh- Rakshasha had been twirling in the air, waiting for a chance to attack, fell like a bolt of lightning. The puck-whip passed through more than one rum.
The turtle’s movement stopped for a moment. A red line was drawn on the beautiful neck of the turtle. Its huge head disengaged from his neck and slid smoothly to the ground. As soon as its head hit the dirty ground, blood gushed out like a stream of fire hoses.
Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa – The decapitated body struggled and writhed. Its thrashing body smacked into trees and threw up the rocks around it. Chimeras couldn’t survive without their heads. And yet, the fight did not seem to be over.
Shayak- Rakshasha stretched out like a whip. Puck- It pierced the monster’s heart.
Puak – Fresh blood gushed out like a water gun through the hole that Rakshasha had carved. Thump – The glowing body dropped to the ground.
The fight had been rough, but it had ended abruptly.
Fighting beasts is usually like that. Fights between herbivores and herbivores can last all day, but fights with large cats with deadly teeth and claws end in an instant.
Suddenly, silence came. Even the sounds of birds and monkeys disappeared. Even the insects, startled by the burst of life and the exploding air flow, disappeared. Tornadoes roared and the swampy area, previously filled with screams and gruesome shattering sounds, was dragged into a deep silence, as if it nothing had happened. Only the flames of the cenote hum without losing momentum.
Suddenly, Samdi rushed and ripped the chimera’s head into pieces. He managed to retrieve the chip, and smiled with determination. It was a struggle, but they had finally found a way to deal with the large monster. His master was also right in saying that one life-and-death fight is better than a hundred smaller fights.
The Black Mamba was troubled by the corpses of Octopus and the Turtle. He was deciding whether to hand over the Chimera to the DGSE. The conflict did not last long. The conclusion was no. You had to hand over the corpse to properly pay for the meal, but it was too shocking for the DGSE to control. If the chimera were to be unleashed in the outside world, the world’s attention would be drawn. This would increase the risk of his actions being revealed. He wasn’t afraid of being discovered, but it would be a hassle to get though all that.
“Samdi, just throw them all into the fire pit.”
“Got it.”
Samdi grabbed the turtle by its tail and dragged it behind him. He pulled it for four to five meters and turned to look back at the Black Mamba with a puzzled face. Even Samdi would not be able to move the body of a turtle that weighed more than five tons for hundreds of meters. The turtle’s back shell is 500mm thick and boasts titanium strength. It was too much even for Samdi to cut it with his dagger.
Black Mamba managed to rip through it with Rakshasha but it took a lot of time and effort. Black Mamba pulled Balsara by her arms. Decomposed objects called balsa into molecular units. The Turtle’s back armor, which could not be penetrate by even a machine gun bullet, was cut silently.
Shuang- Rakshasha sliced through the back and cut it into pieces. After digging into the cut groove, Rakshasha could simply cut the turtle.
Black Mamba remembered how he used to min stones from the quarry. There was a time when he had a part-time job of drilling holes in rocks with a rock drill. If he learned anything then, it was that there were times when it is used directly or indirectly.
Samdi threw the corpses into the cenote without leaving a single claw. The fire engulfed the new combustion material.
The chimera had popped up about three minutes after the napalm bomb exploded. It had taken five minutes to subdue Octopus and Turtle. A napalm flame lasts at least five minutes. When exposed to high heat of 1,200 ° C for more than five minutes, any organic matter turns into charcoal.
The waters of the Cenote were more than half drowned by the powerful fire storm, but the clouds were already gathering. When it rains, the swamp fills up in an instant. The heavy rain would sweep away any traces left on the ground. The traces of the plants that sprouted will disappear within a week. Ituri Jungle was such a place.
16:10, It took them an hour to clear the Shadow Team and clean up the chimera.
According to Boniface’s information, after 60 minutes, the Dragon Lady passed over Ituri. Of course, it will transmit the photo information ‘No abnormality’. Black Mamba called the Gazelle chopper with walkie-talkie. After 10 minutes, he ordered takeoff and sat down down on the rock that Samdi prepared.
The Gazelle helicopter had been waiting at Dambala camp, and it arrived in 20 minutes. 20 minutes was enough to have an ambiguous conversation with McPhee, and the remaining 40 minutes were enough to arrive at Bunia.
McPhee was in a comfortable position with his back against a fern and his legs outstretched. His gaze was fixed on the cenote where the flames were extinguished, but his focus was not clear. It was like looking into another dimension that existed beyond the cenote.
“McPhee, why didn’t you run away when we were busy fighting? An ankle fracture wouldn’t have stopped you.”
“Huh, if I could have escaped, I would have run away. I couldn’t get myself out of your grasp unless I warped to the mainland.”
McPhee’s eyes found focus at the low and low question. These were the eyes of a person with an avoidant personality disorder who was forcibly summoned from the fantasy world to the real world.
“You are wise. I’m done with work, so let’s have a conversation.”
McPhee’s eyes lit up and then went blank again. “A conversation? Was it normal to erase the powerful shadow armed with high-tech equipment, beat the mechanic Honter Billy, and erase the traces of both Grendel entities? You wonder why I attacked you?” McPhee felt sick to his stomach, but he was still really curious. However, the atmosphere on the table asking for it is the one who shattered his subordinates.
“Why bother with finding a reason between hostile forces? The enemy is just something to be crushed.” McPhee questioned as he was bored.
“The hostile forces? Whoops!” Black Mamba grinned.
“I can’t even call it a hostile force. I don’t care whether you pluck chestnuts with your penis or pluck your eyeballs to play billiards. The monster killed my colleague who was dragged into the swamp to save him. It’s the same reason you were attacked. Because you killed my guide.”
“Guide?” McPhee tilted his head at the sudden word. The relationship that ought to exist between the word guide and the attack did not froze. “Did that black man shoot at you from the tree?”
“Yes. Olumbo was my comrade, and I took revenge on my comrade.”
“Ugh, you mean you played such a huge game with fire because of a little black man?” McPhee’s face was in disbelief.
“A black man? What has the color of your skin to do with your colleagues?”
“African men are no different from gorillas or chimpanzees. How can you compare a low, inferior negro to the value of Agent Shadow?”
“Would you say the same thing about your mom if she’s black?”
“That’s a completely different matter?”
“No it’s not. If you want to look at it that way, then… In my eyes, you look like a worm. Do you agree with me?:
McPhee, who was curled up in the corner, was momentarily at a loss for words. The existence in front of him is a Hercules class. If the gap between the Shadow men and the black Africans was two miles long, then the gap between him and Black Mamba was a thousand miles.
“Did you also take out Lieutenant Lewis’ team?”
“That’s not right. The shadow team led by Lewis was forced to cross the river and they were attacked by hippos and crocodiles.”
“I was only watching humans being attacked by beasts.”
McPhee groaned.
“Why are you here? I’m not stupid enough to save a man who is pursuing him to kill my comrades. Ituri is not a school to learn public morals, and Shadow is not a Boy Scout.”
“But still, humans can’t do that.”
“I live by shaking my arm. Do I have any reason to live with your permission?”
‘Dirty man, if you can’t speak…”
McPhee was speechless and his jaw dropped. Lewis’s team had tracked down the uninvited guests. There was no reason to save them, whether by accident or intentional. It was a natural reaction.
Because of one black man, the Shadow team had been annihilated, and Honter and Grendel were also annihilated. It was too much. How could such a person exist! The mental barrier that had been forcibly lifted was released. The creeds and values ​​that have been upheld by being strong have lost their light.
“I don’t have enough free time to discuss racial issues with you. I’ll just ask you a few more questions.”
“Ok, I’ll tell you everything I know, except for state secrets.” McPhee sighed in dejectedly. It was meaningless to look at each of these people individually. The world suddenly turned ugly.
“Is there any reason why you want to cooperate so suddenly?”
“It’s gone awry. I will suffer from guilt and hallucinations for the rest of my life, but what if I lose all of my subordinates and have to survive alone? No, more than that, it’s because of the skepticism your existence has caused. I have lived with the pride that I am a great human being. A while ago, I realized that I am a human being, even if I have it or not. The world is being supported by a food chain of weak meat anyway. You are Abaddon who will make the world immortal. Your friend is also Abaddon’s servant. Humans don’t care whether the ants are large or small, whether they are black or white, or whether they are strong or not. In a world where a being comparable to God esists, what use is it for a small being like me to raise their chin?” McPhee spit it out hesitantly, as if lamenting about his own feelings.
Black Mamba looked at McPhee. He could understand his disappointment. McPhee was a devotee of power and overconfidence in his own strength and abilities. He was in a state of temporary collapse of his values ​​by overwhelming force. “I understand,” Black Mamba said. “I might deprive you of your ego and get the information I want. Do you believe me?”
“I do. I’m more surprised by the deaths of two predators than that.”
“There is no reason for us to make things difficult. If you answer me truthfully, I will let you go without any pain.”
“Before that, please answer one thing,” McPhee countered. “Who the hell are you? What is your nationality? What is your purpose? Are you even human? Or an alien?”
“Woah. This guy wants to ask one question but then asks several things. I’m going to die soon, so what do you know about that?” Samdi laughed. In a situation where a human named Lewis is about to die, he wants to know the identity of the owner, and this human is rising one step further. “So you are human. If I die in ten minutes or in ten years, nothing will change. Can’t you grant one wish of a man who will soon die?” McPhee’s expression darkened.
“I am invincible, I am Korean.”
“East invincible! It’s crazy, but it’s a name that suits you. You’ve heard of a French super-specialist consultant in the CIA’s Special Operations Department. The destruction of the Chad Prolinat rebels and the retreat from Libya, the earthquake collapse in the Kafaruja Valley, and Assad’s folly in Syria are said to be related. I never believed it before, but I do now. Hang on, Korean? Did you say Korean?”
The Black Mamba was neither a poet nor in denial. He turned his head to look at McPhee. His expression was grim, but a blue flash of light flashed from his eyes.
“Ugh!” McPhee quickly looked away. His eyes turned white as if he had been struck by a flash bomb.
“Shut up. No more questions. It’s my turn now. Is the production of genetically modified monsters at the level of the US government? Is it a secret project by a specific organization within the government with some sort of purpose?”
“I don’t have the clearance to answer those questions,” McPhee replied. “Those of you who are familiar with the government system of the United States of America are foolish to ask. From the outside, the vast governmental institutions of the United States of America may appear to be running lazily, but they operate in an integrated way with checks and balances.” McPhee avoided a direct answer.
Black Mamba however, was satisfied with what he heard. After all, it is said that the chimera is produced as a government-level project..
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