Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 448

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“It won’t be noisy for a while.” Black Mamba murmured. America is a pluralistic society. If the White House is the main body of the MK project, it is unlikely that the Predator will be used. This is because public brakes such as opposition politicians, the media, religious groups, and civic groups work. The problem is when a certain hawkish politician and a coalition of the military-industrial complex are behind the Predator. Those who have power naturally want to use it. A group that ate up on ethics and morals would not have created surfers, octopus, and turtles to help fish. The Predator is an asymmetric force that cannot be compared with existing weapon systems. When they are put in for the purpose of gaining economic gain or seizing power, great chaos arises. Callname Black Mamba has a consulting contract with the French government twice a year. Boniface is a human being who will tinker with the call name card right away when the Predator is installed. Unless you break your contract as an aggressor, you’ll be caught up in a long and tedious fight. Just thinking about it was terrifying. “Do you know about the Socrates Project?” “I hear it for the first time. I act according to the direction of the committee.” “Right!”
coolly admitted. From the beginning, he didn’t expect Mekphy to know advanced information. It is up to you to put together a puzzle by gathering fragmentary and external information.
“Where is Area 51?” “Everyone knows Area 51, but no one knows.”
“What are you talking about?” “It means being everywhere. It is called District 51 because it exists in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.” “Huh, it seems so. Rumor has it that it’s near an air base in the Nevada desert.” Black Mamba poked. The coordinates were confirmed by DGSE. “It is also in Washington DC. Not in Nevada.”
Mekphy replied sarcastically. 99% of the rumors circulating regarding Area 51 are nonsense. Area 51 is, in a word, an organization that prepares for the future of America. In short, it is a government-funded research institute that prepares food for the future. I don’t know much about it, but as a soldier, I can’t divulge state secrets. Mekphy was sneaky, but Black Mamba just passed. He knows more about Area 51. Only poop comes out when you turn the wheel. Mekphy is a strong-armed soldier. He killed Ollumbo by Hornter, but he did not excuse himself. He has done his job as an operational leader and is willing to take responsibility for it. He’s capricious, but if my will matters, so does the will of others. “Are there any other special forces that have entered Ituri?” “none.” “Did you say Predator? What other kinds of predators are there?” “I don’t know the details either. That’s all I’ve heard from Steve and CIA researchers. The real thing was first seen here. There are two types of Predator: Honter and Grendel. The Honter is a biological weapon with superpowers. A psychic honter is a person with psychic powers who exerts psychic powers. Mechanic Honter is a mechanically capable person with artificial muscles and a lightweight hydraulic stance attached. The Billy the guy who blew up his neck is the Mechanic Honter. Grendel is a genetically modified biological weapon that has human and beast types. All three individuals you killed here are beast-type Grendel.” “Hmm, it looks like the ones you killed in Nguanga were human-type Grendel. Except for the psychic honter, we finished the meeting.” Black Mamba murmured. The Nguanga Chimera was a hybrid of a gorilla and a chimpanzee with a human. He is smarter than the beast type, but his physical strength is inferior. The Voodoo priest created an immortal monster called Rusrufe, and Area 51 created the monsters Honter and Grendel. After all, the real monster is human. Whether it’s a Rusurufe or a Predator, the key is tough vitality. Physiologically, death is a phenomenon in which the heart stops and the activities of each part of the body that do not receive a blood supply stop. Brain scientist Dr. Guise has come up with a new theory that the renunciation of the brain’s survival is the death of living things. According to Guise’s theory, death proceeds as follows.
The body receives fatal damage -> Pain is transmitted to the brain without a break through nerves -> The brain that cannot withstand the stress gives up its survival -> Delivers a fatal substance to the heart -> The heart stops. In other words, it is the theory that the heart stops by eating the poison delivered by the brain. Conversely, if the brain doesn’t give commands, the heart keeps beating. The tortoise chimera was decapitated in an instant, and the heart and muscles continued to work. Had it been left alone, it might have been a riot all day. In his own experience, humans behaved similarly. All the humans who were fatally wounded died quietly? Humans who had been unintentionally decapitated often continued their in-progress movements. The one who was running kept running, and the one who was waving his fist kept waving. Even without a head, if the heart was alive, meaningless movements continued. There is also a vivid record that a decapitated chicken lived up to two years. It is the story of a chicken called Mike that happened in a farmhouse in Denver, USA in 1945. The farmer put water and food directly into Mike’s esophagus with a dropper, and Mike got along with the other chickens without much difficulty. When slaughtering a chicken, the head is cut off to drain the blood. If you miss a chicken that flaps hard, you will see a grotesque scene of a headless chicken galloping through the yard. It was because he did not realize that his head was cut off because of his bad head. What if Simon D kept sending messages to make him feel the fear of death before he beheaded Honter? Wouldn’t it have been the moment when the head was severed that the brain had to give up on survival and stopped the heart? Did you kill him too hastily? All kinds of thoughts ran through my head. ‘I don’t know.’ shook his head. Chimeric turtles are a special case. The gel-like fluid pouring out of his neck stopped the bleeding from the carotid artery, so he was able to jump. Generally, life is extended by 10 to 20 seconds at most. It’s important to scientists, but not so much to the military. Now is the time to get organized and jump out. “You already killed the humanoid Grendel in Nguanga? Unbelievable! Are you really Abaddon?” Hearing Black Mamba’s self-talk, MegPy was startled. “You sound like Abaddon. Grendel encountered in the Sahara was a mixture of humans and apes. Even though the beast-type Grendel is the same, the human-type is said to have created a monster by manipulating human genes. Experiments on humans have been conducted, which deserve ethical condemnation, not to mention a religious point of view. What do you think of this situation?” “Those who have no limbs and only a mouth are talking about ethics, morals, and human rights. Woojung, who lacks information and judgment ability, becomes their faithful limbs, so their voices grow louder. Ethics and morals are relative. It changes with time and place. The immutable definition is power. This alone is an unchanging proposition.” “Strength is justice. What a refreshing conclusion.” The Black Mamba roared. I hate to agree, but it’s hard to argue against. Could Korea make a chimera if it’s technically possible? I can’t even stand it because there is no power. He can’t even make missiles because he’s watching the US, but the chimera is ignorant.
To create a chimera, a human polypeptide must be embedded with an ape polypeptide to express a meaningful trait. Even though humans and apes have the same nucleotide sequence, amino acid assignments are different between heterogeneous organisms. This means that the polypeptide becomes a simple mass of amino acids. For proper translation, when inserting the target gene, the gene for the enzyme involved in the proteinization of the polypeptide must also be inserted. Let’s say we solved the diarrhea enzyme gene. Cells that have been plagued by virus invasions for so many years can’t be fooled. Viruses invade cells of living organisms in the form of single-stranded RNA or DNA. Invading viruses use ssRNA and ssDNA (ss=single strand, single strand) to borrow host enzymes and ribosomes to express their own genes. Here comes a serious and fatal disorder. The organism’s cells have evolved defense systems such as Dicer as a means of repelling viral invasions through evolution. Dicer is a scissors that cuts both ssRNA and ssDNA. Heterogeneous genes cannot stick together.
It is said that even a wizard grandfather, not a wizard, can’t actually create a chimera that appears randomly in a fantasy novel. Nevertheless, a human chimera appeared. It is proof that countless filthy human experiments have been conducted that are indescribably indescribable. Simon D is such a modified human being. Step on an ant There are teachers who walk barefoot, while others treat humans as tree frogs in the specimen room. No other species has such a broad spectrum as humans. I felt very dirty. “America has maintained peace and justice in the world for a century because of its strength. Without America, the world would have been communist or groaning at the feet of some imperialism. After two world wars, many countries gained independence. Korea is one of them.” “That’s a great arrogant remark by a cowboy gang.” The Black Mamba also groaned. Mekphy continued to speak without hesitation. “If America hadn’t crushed Japan, Korea would still be sucking it up and mining coal in Sakhalin. The comfort women are still being dragged away.”
Mekphy groaned without losing. Black Mamba grinned. That’s what an American McPhee would say. If it was the former self, one of the limbs would have been removed and we would have had a conversation. “I did not know that the Pacific War was the Korean War of Independence. If the United States had become a defeated country, American women would have been the recipients of the Japanese men’s semen. You, who are of the postwar generation, must have been born with claws and long legs.” Mekphy’s face flushed red. She ripped off her chest with only her own heart, trying to scratch her insides.
“Anyway, didn’t Korea become independent thanks to America? is that only America entered the Korean War without any payment. America paid all war supplies and expenses. More than 60,000 people died, and the United States was entirely responsible for the post-war recovery costs. Korea is a country with a long history. During its long history, it has been subjected to numerous foreign invasions. Has there ever been a country like America that fought with my own money and blood?” “…” Even the good-spoken black mamba was momentarily speechless. Yes. The United States, for whatever reason, participated in the Korean War without payment and shed blood. an irrefutable fact.
“There was only one time when Korea received foreign help. Did the Ming dynasty soldiers dispatched to Joseon properly fight the Japanese army? Did you pay the cost?” “…” “China sent a large army to disrupt Korea on the verge of unification, and Japan has invaded Korea since ancient times. Eventually, Korea was colonized, and the Korean War was used to suck honey. For Korea, it is like having a very poor neighbor.” “That’s right.” She nodded selflessly.
“America, at least, is not a ruthless country. People younger than scholars irresponsibly denigrate America as a thug country. Korea is especially so. There is a strange trend of being treated as an intellectual when insulting America. Then, have you thought about what would happen if China, Japan, or Russia had the power of the United States? When Korea became a colony of Japan, did you not realize how ruthless and vile Japan was? America is at least a country of moderation.” “She has no choice but to put her own interests first, whether it be her individual or the country. No matter how much power is called justice, the development of Predator has gone too far. America is running rampant.” “I admit it. I don’t know the details, but it is presumed that there is an agency running rampant among the vast information agencies. America is run by a small elite group. The military-industrial complex has long been a necessary evil in the United States of America.” “Hey, that’s different. Didn’t I say that earlier in the nuance that the White House is promoting it? After all, is it a military-industrial complex?” Mekphy’s face rotted and bruised. He bluntly said his true intentions. “America is different from Japan or China. Checks and balances work in American politics and administration. It is said that he has the ability to sleep. I am sure that the abnormal will soon become normal.” “It’s an immoral cartel, but they say he’s a good guy who feeds America. It might look good from an American point of view.”
“I am a soldier. I can’t speak badly of my country to foreigners. To be honest, I would like to inform the headquarters of the dangerous existence of Invincible, as long as communication is still available.” “I’m sorry!”Black Mamba checked the watch. It was time for the gazelle to arrive. MekPy is a blunt person, but he is a human being with patriotism and a military spirit. The great powers were different no matter what. The Americans he met were each faithful to his job and full of pride for his country. For him, it’s a stomach ache and an enviable phenomenon. “The level and prestige of a country depend on its people. I envy America with people like you.” Black Mamba puts sincerity in his sarcastic remarks. “Excuse me, I am envious of Korea that gave birth to an existence like you. It’s crazy to know who you’re doing this for and for what reason. The body that will soon die knows what to do. I am lucky to have met the invincible in the East. Cluckle!” Mekphy chuckled self-consciously. “I met a consultant named Zaytun in Syria. He was a secretly disguised commission agent. He was a man worth killing. And you are a soldier worth killing too.” “Thank you. Abaddon, no, I haven’t been living in vain since I’ve heard praise from the Magi. Let me give you one piece of information. Watch out for Captain Matilda of the Special Operations Department. She is a psychic honter..”
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