Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 449

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Damn why are there so many fouls? It means that Psychic actually exists!’ I sighed. Numerous theories, experiments, and testimonies about superpowers abound, but there are no cases of psychics such as Psycho Guinness, Psychometry, Telepathy, Kleiboyance, and Teleportation notarized in the Middle East. A person known as a mentally competent person is often found to be a patient with a mental disorder such as delusional disorder, cognitive dissonance, and schizophrenia. Scammers are often deliberately cheating. A representative figure is Yuri Gella, who made a lot of money by pretending to be a superpower. I don’t know what Matilda is, but if Mekphy warns, she’s not delusional. In a world where humans, Cenozoic monsters, and genetically-modified chimeras resurrect even after being decapitated, why are there no Esperians? The escaped Kamuge is an excellent psychic with the combined ability of telepathy, clayboyance, and teleportation. Voodoo Bridge and Area 51 are just different from science or occult. Woong- The water bottle in the emergency pouch vibrated. It’s a Rusurufe sealed in a water bottle and forgot. This guy that Kamugue left behind is the essence of a monster. Eokgobyeong Minced like garlic with balsamic vinegar and made with Gongjin wave, but it did not die. The Black Mamba did not realize that it was the one who destroyed the immortal being, Rusurufe. The niggers and the black mamba are remnants of the Concretus Twilight Century, estimated to be between 150 and 300 million years ago. Nothing could be more amazing than this. In fact, the Esper is not a very intimidating being if you know his abilities. When the Psycho Guinness Esper, who was also eating with the Black Mamba of the world, moves the fork to the heart, they scream and die. However, if you notice that your opponent is a Psycho Guinness and keep changing your coordinates or giving you time to concentrate, it’s not a big threat. Of course, this is a countermeasure that only a strong person at the level of Black Mamba can do. Stopped trying to ask Mekphy what kind of ability he had. Even if he wants to hide his ability, there are often situations where he has no choice but to use it. It is said that he is not strong enough to be recognized by ordinary people like Mekphy.
Mekphy leans her torso against an old tree and closes her eyes with her legs outstretched. The thick wrinkles and rough skin engraved on his forehead are the resumes of a middle-aged man who spent his youth in the field. Is there anyone who is not afraid of death? Her eyelids are trembling slightly, but she has a determined attitude.
Homo sapiens knows how to think and is afraid of the unknown. Death and darkness are unknown worlds. The fear of death is engraved in our genes. A person who accepts death calmly is someone who has mastered the extremes of bluff or knows how to die. The actions and words of the past become the shape of the present, and the actions and words of the present become the shape of the future. The pulpit of risking one’s life rather than divulging state secrets cannot come from forced patriotism. This man is pretentious to look masculine, but he knows how to die. This is the strength of the United States as a great power. The shadow team consists of 11 people. Converting their equipment, which is only one squad, into cost, it is comparable to the equipment possessed by the Korean military battalion level. By spending money, he raised his survivability to the highest level. The state gives generously for the safety of its soldiers, and the soldiers trust the state and are full of pride. I suddenly remembered the remains of the Korean War, which are often excavated at Mt. Wolsong. The immature children who viewed Wolsongsan as a playground would use their skeletons as soccer balls and their thigh bones as toy knives, but they gladly reported it to the police. Because they give you candy and chocolate. Most of the remains are the People’s Army (Chinese Army) and the National Defense Forces, but the remains of white and black people are found just like beans from the dead. The remains of the National Defense and People’s Army were roughly loaded by Korean soldiers towed trucks. Skeletons would rattle and roll around the truck bins. The US military was different. I scoured the excavation site to avoid missing even a single piece of bone. Even small bone fragments were wrapped in white paper and placed in a white non-woven fabric. Their actions were reverent and tragic. Even when I was young, I wanted to become an American soldier rather than a Korean soldier. I just found out The reason the torture was reluctant was because of the remains of American soldiers he had seen several times at Mt. Wolsong. Whatever the reason or purpose, the youth of Heukmyeon in Byeokan came to fight for Korea, and died fighting for it. The painful youth buried in the wilds of a foreign country overlapped with the thick wrinkles of a middle-aged soldier. “Each one has his own definition. Your definition also makes sense. You can get your hair out of your head by inhumane means, but you’ve changed your mind. If I continue to practice, it will be nothing but public harassment. A nation has neither permanent friends nor enemies, but people can be friends. If we hadn’t met like this, we would have been good friends… Major McPhee, I will remember you. Any last words?” The Black Mamba mumbled as if lamenting. Major McPhee slowly opened his closed eyes and looked at the Black Mamba. “Thank you. Also, the world is wide. I never imagined that a human like you would exist. Before you are a superman, you are a human with a warm heart. Invincible, I’m more afraid of your ability to attract people than your fighting power. I want to talk a lot, but Nemesis doesn’t allow it. I felt sorry for the black guide.” A smile appeared on Mekphy’s face. Puck- As soon as the words “I’m sorry” were finished, Black Mamba’s palm touched Mekphy’s temple and fell. In the time that one second was divided into thousandths, the brain turned into soft tofu. There was still a smile on Mekphy’s face, which was tilted back. “Psychic Honter Matilda! If four years had planned such a dirty thing, you shouldn’t have met me. I will teach you what the pain of not living or dying is.” The blue eyes flashed. He didn’t mind Mekphy’s warning. If the dam breaks, cover it with soil, and if the rats run wild, release the cat. In fact, the one that looks like a thorn stuck in his throat is the underwater Grendel. The Grendel met at the Ennedy Plateau and lived in Lake Nguanga. Serfund, Octopus, and Turtle have slept in Devil Spring. It’s all about underwater Grendel.
‘no way!’ Suddenly, a creepy family came to mind. North Korea shares a border with the Soviet Union and China. Korea has only two neighboring countries, China and Japan. Although quarantined by the sea, Shandong Province can be heard with a cock crow, and Tsushima Island can be seen with the naked eye on a clear day. Both China and Japan are rogue countries, but China is a sleeping giant. On the other hand, Japan is a naughty neighbor who runs rampantly. There is constant friction with Korea regarding the Dokdo issue, and the issue of past history is becoming more and more twisted. Japan is floating on Earth’s most unstable tectonic plate. Japan is a country where the danger of super volcanic and mega tsunami still exists. There is also the theory that the collectivism and cruel nature of the Japanese are due to the threat of nature and the resulting anxiety. The reason why Japanese people flocked to Korea like a water wave during the Japanese colonial period is because of anxiety. “I thought he was a bad guy, but he’s not.” “Huh?” At Simon D’s words, I woke up from my thoughts. Shaking his head, he wiped it away. “What will happen?”
As always, it was cool. The root of defilement is not in things and events, but in the mind. Master couldn’t even eat and cook today, but he used to yell at me if I was worried about tomorrow. Alopecia areata only occurs when you work hard to bring the worries of the future to reality.” He is a soldier-like man. Simon D, bury the animals so they don’t eat them, and set up a tombstone.” “I get it. He’s a man with a lot of hands.” Simon D’s expression still wasn’t bright. He was saved by consecrating even his lips, but he went over the Jordan River without getting any nutritious information. If he had known that this would be the case, he would have been 100 times better off doing business in the snake’s stomach without wasting it. The bubble wrap did its job. It is a collaboration between a human with strong physical strength and a giant shovel that even splits rocks. Even thick tree roots and rocks were not an obstacle. A huge liquid metal shovel scooped up the soil at a frightening speed. “Forever oh my! (Poor Man!) Mekphy Rope (Bad Guy) Mekphy Rope (Bad Guy) Pong Bump Mekphy Le Le (Ugly Guy)”
Simon D made a rectangular tomb in just five minutes, buried Mekphy, and then pounded the soil with a bubble wrap. Even with two fork cranes, the speed of work cannot be kept up. When you’re done with the burial, you need to set up a log. He stood in front of a beautiful rose tree with an immovable nature. Wing- The bubble wrap fell at a 45 degree angle. Puck – A 40cm diameter rosewood was cut off with one blow. Simon D’s muscles are artificial muscles that are polymerized and processed from proteins extracted from cobwebs and chimneys. The muscle with a tensile strength of seven Pascals withstood the tremendous repulsive force. The bubble wrap demonstrated a power comparable to that of the incomparable double-edged ax in the past. In an instant, the branches were cleared and a smooth three mlong log was created. Chowk- Bokpogi split the logs vertically like splitting firewood.
“Good!” Simon D praised himself. The surface of the subsonic cut wood was slightly tanned by frictional heat. That’s enough for nonsense. Thump – A huge tree stands in front of the tomb. It only took a minute or two to cut down the tree and make a timber tree. After finishing the work, Simon D paused. Black Mamba looked at me with puzzled eyes. “I have to finish. Do you have any plausible phrases?” “I can’t write.” His red face turned as red as pig liver. Dung~ Black Mamba grabbed the back of his neck. Because Simon D was humanized so quickly, I didn’t even think about the fact that he didn’t know how to write. “I’m sorry. When we get back, let’s learn from writing.” I’m really sorry. He brought his younger brother and brought him to this place to do all sorts of chores, but he didn’t even care about his personal affairs. If I didn’t say bro… … . “Wakir, the master must not say that he is sorry. The Ombuti said that a servant who makes his master feel sorry is not qualified as a servant. Ombuds are scary.” Simon D trembled. An ombudsman’s nagging is scarier than his master’s fist. His eyes go round and round after an hour of terrifying nagging with his head in the ground and his ass raised in a strange position. ‘Uh~ Ombuti, where the hell does this human over end?’ Black Mamba screamed. Tutututu – the rotor sounded. It is hidden from view by the canopy, but the sound is echoing from the southwest. I looked around the battlefield. The area where the two Grendel fought fiercely was devastated. The giant tree was broken and uprooted. The rocks were smashed and the ground turned over. Shrubs and weeds were completely shredded. I looked up at the sky. The canopy of Ituri was great. Even after such a fierce battle, the sky was still invisible. A single branch of a hagin tree covers a radius of 30-50 m. The thickness of the canopy reaches 10 to 20 m. Just because a tree is pulled out like a tooth is not enough to lift the canopy. Kurreung- Kurreung- The thunder sounded as if to leave. Hot water vapor evaporated in large quantities from the cenotes called cumulonimbus clouds. The atmospheric condition of Ituri Jungle is always unstable. Occasionally, cumulonimbus clouds erupt, thunder roars, and lightning flashes. This is because of the huge amount of water vapor that the forests spewed out. Patter – raindrops began to fall. A single drop of water that falls into a glass full of water overflows the cup. Chii- The cenote’s flame that had been extinguished rose like a dragon, and then went out. Tutututu – Gazelle hovered over Devil Spring. It is an all-weather aircraft that does not cover night or rain, but visibility was not secured for landing. The Black Mamba didn’t want the pilot to overdo it. The net slid down from the siding door. Simon D put his equipment, loot, and Mechanic Grandel’s corpse wrapped in non-woven fabric on the net and waved his hand. The winch rolled up the net. After that, Black Mamba and Simon D climbed the fast rope. Wei Ying- The gazelle raised its altitude. By a hazy coincidence, Hekatonkeir (a giant in Greek mythology, with 50 heads and 100 hands) covered the forest where his insides were exposed as if he was in a riot. The water level of the cenote, which had halved its water, began to rise. Nature healed the wounds stirred by humans without a word. The sound of monkeys howling, the sound of silverbacks tapping their chests to gather a flock, and the sound of rain hitting leaves filled the silence. The gunshots, screams, and shouts all disappeared, leaving only the sounds of nature. In the jungle where the traces of humans have disappeared, only the rough logs and logs remained alone. [The one who has defended his justice, Mekphy sleeps here.] Tutututu – The gazelle has landed in Olonge Village. There has never been a single instance of a huge vehicle landing on a village since the pygmy village was established in Ituri. All the pygmies with strong legs and eyes, regardless of age or sex, came out. When Black Mamba and Simon D appeared, shouts erupted. “Sam D Umar! (It’s Simon D, the guardian deity!)” “Wow!” Fire control officer Lyon and pilot Bresson were bewildered by the warm welcome. “Sergeant, you think we are messengers sent by God.” “Wake up, pygmies are not stupid. We welcome the special advisor.” “Superheroes have fans everywhere they go.” Sergeant Bresson gave an envious expression. “Wake up your dream, can anyone be a hero? You and I are doomed to die floating in a bed.” “Wow!” A shout broke out. Six strong (?) pygmy young men appeared from inside the village, carrying a huge wooden statue that reached 5m in height. Curly hair that sticks to the scalp, thick lips that will be enough for two plates if you cut it, bulging eyes, a huge shovel hung over the shoulder, and Sam D. “Sam D Kinito Uduma! (Praise Ssam D!)” Crack-tock- The old pygmy warrior pounded the halberd. “Umar Wedel Armandra! (Worship the Guardian God!)”Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-dum Hundreds of pygmy all at once bowed their backs toward Simon D. Crack- crackle- the half-bell rang twice briefly. Adult pygmys lined up in front of Simon D. Crack-tick- As the bell rang, I kissed Simon D’s feet in turn and raised both hands..
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