Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 450

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“Hey, this is so embarrassing. You don’t even have to do this.” Lips as thick as the steak served at the American camp were torn horizontally. As Ombuti said, even if you go into the shade, a large shade is good. All in all, if the master is great, the servants are also great. Simon D, who had lost his ego, received unparalleled teachings from Master Daewoo in a blank slate. The reset ego matured on the basis of mercy and retribution. He had no choice but to form a typical narrow-minded temperament. The pygmies reflected in Simon D’s eyes are just babies. It’s soft, it’s sad and it’s cute. It is, of course, something that needs to be protected and supported. So I wrinkled the shape and beat the villains and monsters. I didn’t ask for praise, but seeing the happy children made me feel better. Perhaps a transcendent being who pityes and protects a weak being, and a human being who praises and relies on that existence, this may be the true nature of instantaneous and realistic religion. ‘Wait, this is not the time to like this. If the Ombuti knew, at least it was slanderous. My heart was pounding. The day before leaving Novatopia with the owner, Joldagu arrived at Jipun Bridge. After reporting to Aklan Kuru Ombuti of the riots on the Samaria farm, Joldagu was punished for an entire hour called ‘Eolcha’. With his head in the hot sand and his hips raised, his hands interlaced on his back. The reason is that he forgot the servant’s text and went out to the sunny side, putting pressure on his master. At the harsh words that told him to leave if he didn’t like it, he turned into a rotten face and banged his head. I remember exactly what Ombuti said when he scolded Joldagu. ‘The servant’s place is in the shade. A servant is the one who keeps the master’s light in the dark. When a servant pursues the sun, he destroys himself and puts pressure on his master as well. Servants are living beings with the reflected light of their master. Anyone who wants to emit light on their own, I will make it glow.’
The appearance of himself receiving the cheers of the pygmies overlapped with the squirrel with his head nailed to the sand. Ombuti’s hollow eyes pressed the back of his neck. Simon D glanced at Black Mamba and slowly fell back. “Why is the guardian deity of the pygmies like this? You must be worshiped by the priests.” Black Mamba pushed Simon D’s back and stood in front of him.’ Oh, I’m crazy because of the owner!’ Simon D, with a depressed impression, forcibly raised his hand with Chunhyang and responded to the cheers of the pygmies. “Umar Samdi Mahada! (Praise the guardian god Simondi!) O Longe raised her arms and shouted loudly. “Waksan La Mahadi! (We all praise.) Hundreds of pygmies around them sang together. Float- “Hey, Simon D!” hard- “Hey, Umar Samdi!” The drums and banjo sounded, and the pygmies shook their chests back and forth and their hips from side to side in unison. ‘Heh, I’m in the mood to go into trance soon. That’s not bad either.’ Black Mamba rummaged through her backpack and pulled out a bag of leftover chocolates. There are roughly 200-300 chocolates the size of a fingernail. “Chief Simon D, this is the Eucharist. It’s good because you have a lot of fanaticism.” “Ugh!” Simon D’s face was rotten and bruised. The bad hand of the master who pushed him to hell was savage. ‘Oh, I don’t know either. What will happen!’ Simon D was also addicted to ‘What Will Happen’. Each time he was greeted by a pygmy, he gave out a piece of chocolate. “This is my flesh and blood.” “Umar Long Kun Kun Mazulka Ah! The pygmy man who received the chocolate showed his joy by leaping.” Hey ho, Simon D Umar il la Halla! (Wow, Simon D’s guardian deity is with me!)” The shouts of the pygmies shook the Ituri jungle. The Black Mamba’s operation was effective. The pygmies who ate the chocolate gained courage to protect their families and tribes. The master plagiarized the Catholic Eucharist and the servant deceived. It is dojingaejin who commits atrocities between masters and servants. The procession of the Eucharist (?) ended after an hour. The faces of the Simondi members who accepted the guardian spirit flashed with joy. Sergeant Lyon and Sgt. Bresson were taken aback by the bizarre event. The pygmies did not pay any attention to the Black Mamba. A generous smile appeared on the face of the Black Mamba, who had been treated as an invisible human. The Pygmies worshiped Samdi, the king of Bodun, as their guardian deity.
The Pygmies and Bantu, who farm on the outskirts of the Ituri jungle, worship the great spirit Mahaduraka. The power of Mahaduraka is revealed to the world through Bodun. When humans come into contact with the great Mahaduraka, they cannot withstand the power of the gods. die or become seriously ill. It’s not a sin if you don’t know. The pygmies are pretending not to see the descending Mahaduraka. I am not a black mamba to blame for the pygmy innocence. The noisy event is over. Olonge walked back and forth in front of the Black Mamba wearing the AK47 he was given. While protesting to ask for a look, his eyes are on the wrong place. The Black Mamba laughed at the sight of her eyes closed. Besides Olonge, there are twelve pygmy men with guns. It is said that they voluntarily searched the corpses of the Dambala and collected guns and bullets. This is a surprising change for obedient and passive pygmies. A wind began to blow in the pygmy community. “Olonge, have you decided to face the hostile forces?””Mr. Kosukei is here. (I protect my family.)” Olonge looked at Simon D and said. It was like hearing the voice of Umar, not Mahaduraka. Even without Olumbo’s interpretation, the meaning was conveyed. Olonge did not disappoint his expectations. “Good!” He tapped Olonge’s narrow shoulder. Olonge’s face was wrinkled with wrinkles. Olonge called the young man with a gun. “Bambo! So Kuda Waxaraha Ravani. (Bambo, bring the things of God.)” “Tusal, Adonga!” A young pygmie called Olonge Adonga. Adonga means slave of Mahaduraka in Bantu. Olonge with Black Mamba was revered as an adult in the pygmy community. The emergence of the black mamba had a huge cultural shock on the pygmies. The warriors under the direction of Adonga Olonge brought the Sarcosuchus hides and the Dinofelis cage. Krre- Dinofelis exposed its teeth spanning a span. “Wow, what is this?” Sergeant Lyon was ecstatic. An unheard-of monster with fangs spanning a span of length, exuding a bloody majesty. “Well, not a tiger, not a leopard, not even a lion… ” The Bressons do not know of fossils dating back tens of millions of years. Gurru- A heavy roar flowed out of the reverberation tube.”Damn, you can’t be quiet!” Black Mamba shouted loudly. King- Dinofelis, who received the attention of the Black Mamba, exposed her belly and turned over. The size of a Siberian tiger pretended to be a Chihuahua. “Jumma, I’ll live a long time.” Simone was amazed. In the world of barbarism, those who recognize the strong live long. Dung-Dong- “Hey!” Dung-Dong- “Hey!” A group of warriors came carrying huge crocodile shells to the sound of drums. Underneath the 14-meter-long sarcosuchus skin, the appearance of small humans walking in close harmony with each other is the eponymous toy centipede. “Kuk Kuk!” Lyon and Bresson couldn’t help but laugh. The image changes one hundred and eighty degrees depending on the production of surprising and terrifying objects. Lyon and Bresson, who returned to Djibouti, said that the most surprising thing in the world was crocodile skin. He said that the funniest things in the world are crocodile skin and pygmy. He said that the most absurd thing in the world is a human who throws a crocodile skin into a helicopter cabin. Although no one understood, the two enjoyed the reactions of their incomprehensible colleagues and were fully satisfied. It is an honor for the family to have contributed one arm to the operation of the Special Military Advisory Board. It is a military secret that cannot be revealed for a lifetime, and at the same time, it is the pride of a lifetime.
Titutu- The gazelle flew. “Mahaduraka Akbar! (The Great Spirit is great!)” “Umar Samdi Mahada!” The pygmies raised their arms and shouted loudly until the helicopter disappeared from view. The legend of the great great spirit Mahadurakha and the king of Bodun Umar was thus created. Afterwards, outsiders visiting the pygmies were forced to kiss the feet of a muscular black man with a torn, grinning catfish mouth. Arriving in Benia, the Black Mamba headed straight to the Northeast Resources Development Headquarters in Bucab as soon as the gazelle had finished refueling. “Hollande, have the goods arrived?” “Yeah, it’s in the basement of the hospital.” “let’s go!” Simon D carried Ocelot on his shoulders and followed. A rectangular, milky-white metal box is placed on an iron table in the basement of the mortuary. The box was smooth with no decorations other than external handles, locks and air vents. This is a 5mm titanium tube that Black Mamba urgently ordered. “You go out.” He let Hollande go and pierced the metal box with a torpedo. Yep- The metal box was pushed out. There are scratches, but not enough to pierce. “Good!” She pulled out Cantarella beads from her emergency pouch that had been tightly packed with resonant waves. It is the size of a little finger, but enough to poison thousands of humans. Holding the Cantarella marble in his hand, he looked down at Ocelot. He is a villain like no other, trying to feed a man-like creature with a formidable poison. “Do it like the karma of the evil you have committed in the meantime.” Simon D tapped Ocelot’s mandible to open her mouth. The Black Mamba threw a chunk of Cantarella into her gaping throat. Simon D hit her chin and closed her mouth. Cantarella neutralizes neurotransmitter ion receptors in neuronal networks. A huge load is placed on the nervous system. Black Mamba’s face tensed slightly. It was highly anticipated that Epidium would overcome its toxicity. “Turn it off!” Ocelot’s body, which was in her dying state, trembled. Her eyes flipped open, revealing her white spear and her limbs shrunk. She’s about to run out of breath at any moment. “This one is weaker than I thought. Is it because of the Oh Geum-yeon Labor Law?” Black Mamba tilted her head. In Capaluja, the botulinum toxin was hundreds of times more toxic than Cantarella. Although her muscles stiffened, she detoxified in 5 minutes. Ocelot’s anti-toxic ability, which is stronger than him physically, did not live up to expectations. The reason why the Black Mamba has stronger detoxification ability is her ability to use her cleavage method, but she is thanks to Master Daewoo, who secretly consumed the Jinwongi without her disciple, and gave her interrogation and blood. No matter how faithful a disciple is, he cannot fathom the deep feelings of his teacher.
Ocelot’s trembling limbs spread. It looks like a large octopus that came up on land was hit in the head with a club and spread out. Simon D touched the carotid artery. “Matten did not have it. run slow.” “What about breathing?” “It leads to about 10% of humans.” “It went roughly as expected. The thinking function is destroyed, and only the life-sustaining function remains. Throw it in!” Simon D picked up the ocelot, put it in the metal box, and bound the lock mechanism. “Good work. Thanks to you, you saved me a lot of trouble.” “It’s all thanks to Waqir.”
Simon D’s mouth was wide open. Hercules, with Black Mamba, Simon D, and Paul, flew off the poor runway. After a while, the aircraft heading southwest and west turned over and changed course to the northeast direction. “Special advisor, you can’t do this. The new general is waiting for the snow to fall.” Hollande’s face was rotten and bruised. Going to Djibouti for a tan? The words he had just heard echoed in his ears as if they were hallucinations. “Bonifas became the general director?” “Yes, 14 Areva hostages and three remains were appointed by the president the day after they arrived in Paris.” “Tell me congratulations.” The Black Mamba reacted sarcastically. Although timing was an issue, Boniface’s promotion was a matter of course. “Hey, it doesn’t matter. Please give me directions to change course.” Hollande was sweet. When a special military adviser goes to Djibouti without a report, he himself is eaten by a serfund. “Hollande, I want to play with this guy.” The Black Mamba pointed to Dinofelis.
Creur- Dinofelis, who was lying at the feet of the Black Mamba, raised her head and looked at Hollande. The span of a geomchi glistened in the light of Kevin’s ceiling lamp. “Haw!” Hollande took a breath. The flesh that drifted in his yellow eyes made his neck numb. If I said one more word, it felt like I was going to bite off the trunk of his neck. If you’ve caught a wild beast, you’ll have to lock it up or put it on a leash. What if you release it? “Hollande, stop whining. Manager Mackisey took my report and left for Paris. What matters is the report, not my face. I need a break. They need the Djibouti sun.” “Special advisor, in that case, you would only give the general manager one phone call. If you just go to Djibouti, I won’t be a snack for the surfers.” Hollande cleared it up. He was good before his eyes when he saw himself buried in a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean or in a Greenland ice sheet. “Dude, I’m shaking my arm, so it doesn’t matter if it’s Mitterang or Bonifas.” “Shock! You say that I shake my arm and eat it?” Paul turned his head and suppressed the burst of laughter. The Black Mamba is a human with a strong back end and a narrow inside of her. Hollande was stamped firmly..
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