Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 451

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Paul looked at his friend with envy. I was lucky enough to take a break in Djibouti, but I didn’t know that Hercules would change the course in the first place. also, a great friend I was envious of the strength of the strong man who could look down on whether he was the president or the DGSE director if he didn’t like it.
Did I say “Musotoo Lee Saem-gi-deum”? A person who can do whatever his heart desires are a monk who is detached from the wisdom of the world or an absolute strong man who does not care even if the world is hostile to him.
Male lions roam the grasslands with ease, but antelopes and zebras do not keep their eye on it for even a moment. Humans are no different. Those born as males Who wouldn’t want to live proudly like a male? They say things they don’t want to eat and do things they shouldn’t do. If Sam-Sam Jang is pushed by the three generations, he will live with his eyes closed.
“My friend, what about the Okeophila Smaragdina waiting for her eyes to fall out?”
Paul was worried about Jang Sam.
“I will come to Djibouti if necessary.”
Black Mamba snorted. I spent 15 full days in the Ituri jungle alone. Although I was exhausted physically and mentally, the total time I saw the sun for a full moon was only three or four hours at most. All kinds of bizarre spores and pollen from the Ituri jungle piled up one after another. The body just before becoming cordyceps longed for the hot sun.
Hollande, the leader of the strike squad, is a major. Paul, a subordinate, can’t openly attack him, but Sergeant Simon D, the bodyguard of the special military advisory, is not harsh. The rank of sergeant is only given because the rank of the Black Mamba is Major (sergeant?), and has no particular meaning.
“Write, burlesque hair!”
Simon D looked at Hollande with bloodshot eyes. Hollande, startled, groaned quietly. Hollande’s liver was not bad enough to stand the gaze of a beast more fierce than a tiger and a human more like him.
On June 25, 1985, 14 Arebasa hostages kidnapped from eastern Zaire, 3 victims, and an Asian hostage arrived at De Gaulle Airport. The airport lounge, which was supposed to be crowded with domestic and foreign reporters, was quiet. This is because Canal Pli, who was asked to cooperate with a strong embargo from the government, kept her mouth shut.
While DGSE agents took control of the situation, a SAMU helicopter waiting at the airport apron dispatched the hostages to the Valdegras Army Hospital. Unlike other hostages, Lee Kang-Cheol was assigned a special room with a parlor. Manager Mackisey wasn’t big enough to handle Black Mamba’s request in vain.
“Heh, good! This is what despised me. If the call name is known to the outside, is it a big national loss? So please refrain from reporting? I can’t do that What the state has done to me, this and that. I’ll spit it all out Ho ho ho!”
Missing the hostage convoy at the airport, Valisari grinded her teeth. I caught a scoop in Congo but missed the catch and the catch because of a black guy bigger than a grizzly bear. Thanks to you, the interview notes are empty. Belatedly, I went to De Gaulle Airport to pick up some gleaning, but I became like a dog staring at the roof.
She is a persistent reporter who is called the crocodile of Canal Pli. He was humiliated by hanging from a tree while trying to cover the Black Mamba in Kadanka, so he was poisoned.
In fact, all she knows is a superficial side branch. Call name is real, he was sent to the Ituri jungle to solve Operation Fist of Justice, and he wiped out a group of cultists and rescued the hostages. Although the facts were lacking, she didn’t care in the slightest. As long as there is a storyline, you can add flesh. The public prefers fiction to be processed over facts.
“Valisari, are you okay? French courts have always favored the government when there is a conflict of values ​​between the people’s right to know and the serious violation of national interests. If you break the silence of the government and the media, you will get hurt.”
Photojournalist Pinol grimaced. All Valisaris are good, but they tend to be too naive. That’s the only warning and warning on the desk.
“Pinol, Ignore me and keep a picture of an Asian baby hanging from a tree. If the desk chews my article, I’ll sell it to Charlie Hebdo.”
“What? Are you crazy?”
Pinol jumped.
“Heh, I’m fine enough to recite A Midsummer Night’s Dream to the end, so don’t worry. The government will pay the price for ignoring Canal Pli’s crocodiles.”
“No, what are you trying to do? Serfund is the new DGSE Director. You will rot in prison for the rest of your life. No, I may be assassinated.”
Pinol’s face went blue. This woman is drunk on a few successes and doesn’t know the world is scary.
“Pinol, you must have two big boys. do you know what It’s a liver and a penis? If the penis is small, the liver should be large. is not it?”
Valisari smiled softly and glanced at Pinol’s underskirt. ‘Bitch, with a rotten snout. this doesn’t work, that bitch is a crocodile you don’t miss once you bite it. It’s crazy.’
Pinol was restless like a king ant on the lid of the cauldron he used to cook.
The scoop went, but the French press was silent. Because DGSE moved quickly. The DGSE used a fork crane to block the shoveling of Defense Minister Germain and Kabae.
Five reporters from Canal Pli who accompanied the Ituri jungle had to write a memorandum of confidentiality. A strong embargo was imposed on the press. The French press is free-spirited, but it has the attribute of being willing to cooperate with the government when important national interests are involved.
The next day, at noon news time, Mitterrand appeared directly on the national TV show. Mitterrand, somewhat arrogant, announced the blitzkrieg rescue operation of the 4th commando. Of course, this is a scenario written by Boniface.
An unknown number of French commandos, combined with the Air Defense Forces and Léison Etranger, carried out the 4th Operation Fist of Justice. The kidnappers are a group of evil Voodoo fanatics. The Fist of Justice team traversed the Devil’s Grove and raided the hijacker’s stronghold deep in the jungle.
The fist of justice destroyed the militants and rescued the hostages. Of the 22 hostages, 14 survived, and all were rescued. There were no casualties during the operation, and only 698 armed fanatics were killed.
The background of the operation’s great success lies in the French army’s excellent weapon systems, operational capabilities, and intelligence warfare capabilities. Above all, the power of the citizens who trusted and waited for the government was of great help. Mitterrand emphasized the power and morality of the government and praised high citizenship.
Mitterrand’s announcement caused a huge sensation. Cheers and praise poured in from all over France. Although some media and citizens questioned the fact that there was no damage to the allies who killed 700 militants, the conspiracy theory disappeared with cheers.
The stock price of Mitterrang went up without realizing it was sky-high. The trust of the government and military, which had fallen to the ground due to repeated operational failures, was rapidly restored.
The media that missed the scoop grinded it. The Mitterrand government requested an embargo and hit the back of the head. Angry reporters rushed to hospitals, presidential palaces, the Ministry of National Defense, and broadcasting stations.
However, the articles in the evening and the morning of the next day did not differ much from the government announcements. France does not allow unlimited freedom of the press.
The reporters could not even go near the hostage. The security authorities’ pretext that the treatment and stability of the hostages come first. So the identity of the Black Mamba was buried. The incident happened the next day.
The nameplates on the 8th floor of the DGSE headquarters, the general director’s office called the swimming pool, and the dull mahogany table has been changed. The nameplate of Pier Lagos disappeared, and the name Boniface took its place in Vernier. Of course, the man who took the swivel chair is not a bloated Lagos, but a bamboo-skinned man, a former chief of operations, and a surf und with blood flowing through his veins.
“Damn you, you’re going to shit to the end.”
Boniface held Charlie Hebdo’s surrogate in one hand and glared at the head of the Kaaba as if to kill him. When the article was chewed on the desk, Valisari sold the article to Charlie Hebdo, a journalist specializing in revelations, as promised.
The head of the intelligence department, Kabae, slipped into the throat. On the surface, he curses Germain, who accompanied the reporter, but in reality, he is cursing that he has to listen. You are the person who signed the request for permission to cover the Canal Pli team, including Valisari.
‘Damn bitch!’
hit the chest No quick regrets The word regret contains the meaning that the event has already happened, so it will be delayed no matter how early.
In 30 years of dealing with information, he has never eaten a single penny of black money and never asked for an unreasonable request. The only weakness was the squishy lower back. Germain’s request to dispatch a reporter was an opportunity to promote the government, but it was not a matter of simply allowing it. It was because the end of the operation was a call name. During the conflict, he withheld Germain’s official memorandum of cooperation.
Then a phone call rang. She was a beautiful 30-year-old reporter working for Canal Plier, her mistress, and her beloved Valisari.
[Mong Amuh (My Love) Did you see the list of Ministry of Defense? How about Royal Saint-Germain tonight?]
As if possessed by a single word that penetrated my heart like the spring rain sprinkling at dawn, I searched for the official document and checked the list. The moment I saw Valisari’s name, I opened the lid of the Montblanc fountain pen like a zombie.
The moment’s lust returned to a tornado. A horned bitch on her ass just bought and hit it right when she was vigilant that it was settled with the help of an embargo from the media. This is the biggest crisis in my 30 years of public service. Kabae decided to voluntarily pay his taxes. My pride is hurting, but to survive, I have no choice but to apologize.
“Sir, I have nothing to say. We mobilized our agents and the military police to collect the printed materials and detain the journalist Valisari for divulging state secrets.”
billions have collapsed He is the best among the three managers. When it comes to rice bowls, Boniface is a far-fetched junior. The trust of the top management was also strong. There was no doubt that he was the successor of Lagos. Is it Hosadama? The place, which was as solid as concrete, began to shake with the appearance of the Black Mamba.
The sly surf und was sprinting with a black mamba. The moment Mitterrang called Black Mamba a National Tresor, his dream disappeared. The reason I got a reserved swivel chair was purely because of the Black Mamba. The embarrassment they are experiencing now is because of the Black Mamba.
‘Damn Correan!’
One of the yellow guys blocked my way out. Even Kaba was unaware of the ripples of the case. From the moment Boniface took the seat of the general director, his eyes turned to greed and jealousy. So In-bae is strict with others and generous with himself, regardless of whether he is in the East or the West. You might be able to look back.
“Director Kabae, have you forgotten that phrase?”
Boniface pointed to the long picture frame hanging on the wall.
[Information is a normal function of government. It is not subject to criticism or praise.]
This is what Mitterrand said when it expanded and reorganized SDECE into DGSE. Kabae’s face was hot. Boniface is already aware of his deviant behavior. It is a sound that criticizes the privilege given to the abnormal function of a civil servant, namely, the Valisari of Canal Pli. The French are tolerant of the underbelly, but when it comes to the surface, nothing is more embarrassing.
“Are you the president?”
“exactly. The president must feel like drinking shit. When the damn bitch exposed the sole use of Call name, Mitterrand became a liar and was in danger of revealing the identity of the Black Mamba.”
“Charlie Hebdo made an extra on a copy. A thousand sheets at most. You can take it all back. The president’s face will never fall to the ground.”
As the head of information, that’s a poor excuse. Kabae, who had to make a cumbersome excuse, was rotten and bruised. Clearly, he did not fully realize the seriousness of the situation. His head became dull as if possessed by a ghost.
“Charlie Hebdo is a minor press. Otherwise, the loss of the president’s face can be prevented by driving him as an article of gossip. The problem is Black Mamba. Have you ever wondered how big the aftermath would be if foreign intelligence agencies became convinced of his existence?”
“I know. We confiscated the replica plates and copy papers and recovered more than 90% of the printed prints.”
‘Damn old man! The taste is gone. Are you infected with Ebola?’
Boniface’s stomach swelled up. The head of the intelligence department is not a human word. I’m not such a stupid person, but I suddenly became weird. You can’t do that without a virus eating your brain. Even the clever Boniface could not even read the regressive psychology of an old man engulfed in jealousy.
“Director Kabae, you have to detain a foolish bitch and collect the prints before you can touch the balls of your dead child. He must have already fallen into Adam’s hands. The problem got worse when Germain and you allowed Italian coverage. Why the hell did you sign the absurd request for coverage?”
“I’m sorry!”
Kabae, who had nothing to say, kept her mouth shut. I can’t say that I signed it because I wanted to spend a hot night with my lover.
“The Black Mamba refused to return and left for Djibouti. What are you going to do with this situation?”
Boniface put Charlie Hebdo’s hohuge down on the table and slapped it with his palm. Black Mamba simply missed the sun and headed to Djibouti, but Boniface couldn’t help but think that it was a pity. Even during Operation Luman, he misunderstood the unit of allowance and ripped out 300 million francs, and laughed bitterly. A common error in the relationship between A and E has plunged the beloved Kabae into a quagmire..
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