Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 452

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“I have nothing to say. I will persuade you to bring it.”
Kabae shook her head. There is no other heron that picked up cyanide (cyanide) beans and ate them.
“Huh, are you trying to convince the Black Mamba?”
Boniface laughed. that sounds stupid Black Mamba is strong. Even a president is a funny person, but would you be surprised by the status and power of the DGSE intelligence chief? To move him, you have to show your sincerity. Of course, abstract sincerity must be converted into concrete money.
Black Mamba’s intuition is more frightening than combat power. If you try to test him, you will get a stir in a word. While trying to test him in N’Djamena, Balbue was forced to eat porridge with his left hand for the rest of his life. If Manager Ariva hadn’t jumped in and dried it in time, he would have eaten dirt instead of porridge.
According to Mackisey’s report, Sergeant Simon D, who protects the Black Mamba, is also a ruthless human whose hands speak louder than words. It is common for Kabae to go to Djibouti and die after being beaten up by Simon D. There is nothing wrong with the death of an incompetent public official who pays taxes, but the problem is that the number of sincerity increases.
“Stop it. You still don’t quite understand the Black Mamba. Valisari did the absurd thing to interrupt the Black Mamba’s activities and cover him. If Valisari had been a man, his neck would have been plucked. What do you think would happen if you found out that you had troubled me by sending an ignorant reporter? Miguel is burned to death, and Colonel Tangshi has his intestines removed from his house. Frightened, Joffre committed suicide in prison, and Landres and Valbuer left the company as morons. You want me to watch my senior scream and die?”
Kabae, whose face turned blue, looked back at Mackisey and Ariva, who were present. They both nodded at the same time.
“Sir, you can’t go. The bodyguards of the Special Military Advisory Board are beasts, not humans. Hundreds of voodoo fanatics were killed by the blade of a shovel wielded by Sergeant Simon D. The reason he went crazy was that the Voodoo had been rude to the special military advisor. If the Special Advisor is the best warrior, Sergeant Simon D is the worst butcher. Had it not been for the Special Advisor to dry it, the Valisari would have been decapitated without hanging from the tree. That crazy bitch didn’t even know that she saved her life thanks to the mercy of the special adviser, and she sang about a savage who doesn’t know how to care for women.”
Two words cou (neck) and pluck (pull) made Kabae’s face look like an alien. As if a transparent finger was pulled, the upper part of the nose went up and the lower part was drooping down. It is the face that sees the climax of a horror movie.
“The director-general has tamed that friend, so if you call him directly, he won’t come. help me once I will make a formal apology.”
Kabae fell flat. Listening to Boniface, it’s not the time to worry about Valisari. His neck is placed on the guillotine.
“Don’t make a big deal out of me. The Black Mamba is a beast. How do you tame a beast? He and I are on an equal footing. To be precise, he is G and I am Eul. Because there are many Bonifaces in the world, but there is only one Black Mamba.”
Boniface jumped. Therefore, when you are old, you should retire at an appropriate time. Kabaebae is obsessed with the old dogma and cannot escape the view of seeing the Black Mamba as a spy.
“What would you like me to do?”
Kabae raised the white flag.
“It has been a lot of hardship. I don’t have the confidence to convince the Black Mamba, and I don’t have anything special to do to ease the president’s anger. To be honest, I’m going to explode in my head trying to figure out how to convince the Black Mamba.”
Boniface just cut it. If you don’t want to die, then stop.
“Whoa, I see.”
Kabae sighed as if the ground was going to die out. With her eyes out of focus, she looked up at the ceiling of the office for a while and stood up.
“I will put my resignation letter on my desk.”
The footsteps of Kabae leaving the general secretary’s office trembled precariously. Mackisey’s and Ariva’s pitiful eyes were fixed on Kabae’s back. He is the general manager of Kabae, who was once called the legend of DGSE. In the later years of his life, he had his face painted over for misusing his penis and ended his 33-year public service. At the same time, the pension was also blown away.
“Heh heh, if you’re stupid, be diligent or not. New wine must be put in a new bottle.”
‘Surf und!’
Mackisey’s and Ariva’s faces darkened. In the end, Kabae was eaten by his rival, Boniface. Both of them turned their heads at the same time. their eyes met each other
‘Is this the director-general’s direction?’
It is a question that both of them thought of at the same time. No one knows, but no one can say for sure. This is DGSE, where conspiracies and ghosts are commonplace. The wind from the Seine blew through the window. Charlie Abdo’s out-of-doors waters were overturned.
Under the provocative title, small letters filled the matte white paper.
[On December 18th, 15 out of 22 Arebasa scientists kidnapped from the Ituri jungle in East Africa were dramatically rescued. Fifteen survivors and three remains arrived at Jaro de Gaulle Airport on June 22 and were secretly transferred to the Valdegras Army Hospital.
The government was consistent with incompetence and lies in the hostage case from beginning to end. In the end, President Mitterrand, who appeared on the noon news, opened up a fraudulent play against the citizens. The president’s announcement is a blatant lie.
This reporter went directly into the Ituri jungle called the Devil’s Forest and saw the horrific battlefield with both eyes. The Mitterrand regime forced this reporter to remain silent, but this cannot be stopped, who regards the citizen’s right to know as a good on earth. It reveals the reality of the government’s fraudulent schemes related to the rescue of the hostages.
First, the introduction of the first team of the 4th Justice is a blatant lie. There was only one fist of justice put into the Ituri jungle, which is called the Devil’s Great Forest, and it was a call name that had only been rumored and the reality was unclear.
For the past month, the fair team, Réison Etrangée, Zinenne, and Jessépe did not move. The fact becomes clear when you check the operational records of special forces.
Call name is a slender man with a height of 185 cm and a psychic power. He couldn’t confirm his face because he was covered with a helmet, goggles, and mask, but judging by the skin color on the back of his hands, he is Asian.
Second, the kidnappers are not just a group of fanatics. Like the pygmies, they are cannibals that enjoy human flesh. All young female scientists from the Arevasa expedition were sacrificed. Did the Voodoo eat them? no. Of the recovered remains, two had abdominal eggs, and one appeared to have undergone a normal childbirth process. All the young female scientists died, and what was the reason for the unusual killing?
This reporter witnessed a giant reptile skeleton in the forest. It was a size that no other animal in our time could compare. The reason cannibals kidnapped scientists does not appear to be the simple intention of collecting a ransom. These may be aliens who have been hiding deep in the Ituri jungle and plotting to destroy mankind. The truth is known only to the government that covered up the incident.
Third, it is about the ability of the call name. Call name and only two large black men, who appeared to be his bodyguards, drilled 300 kilometers through the Devil’s Forest. Ituri Jungle is a devil’s forest where even the special forces with modern equipment have been destroyed three times.
How did the two of them survive in a jungle uninhabited by natives, a demonic forest teeming with wild beasts and poisons, hundreds of thousands of deadly parasites, and endemic diseases? Only two people annihilated a battalion-sized armed group and rescued the hostages without victims. Is it possible?
The battle scene witnessed by the reporter was devastating as if trampled by Hekatonkeir. There was no evidence of the use of weapons of mass destruction, such as bombs, poison gas, or biological weapons. The victims had their bodies ripped to pieces, their heads and backs cut off, and their intestines poured out.
Call name is an unprecedented psychopath. Just because they are fanatics who enjoy human flesh, there is no reason for them to die miserably. They too have human rights and the right to be happy. The government should be held accountable for this and bring the call name to court.
This reporter believes that the government has a different reason for hiding the call name. Call name is not human. This reporter found the Arago cave incident in sources from the Napoleonic era. Arago Caves are limestone caves in southern Provence, where dozens of villagers died.
One day, a demon came out of the cave. A demon attacked a nearby village, brutally slaughtering villagers and animals. The demon that came out of the cave unexpectedly was an adolescent boy.
The Napoleonic regime imprisoned the boy and used it as a biological weapon, and promoted an evil human body modification to produce another Arago demon. This reporter is convinced that the call names and bodyguards deployed to the Ituri jungle are the products of the Arago project.
Fourth, the morality claimed by the Mitterrang regime is fiction. The government hid a sharp knife called Call name and shoveled three times by dispatching special forces unfamiliar with local circumstances. Rescue teams such as the GIGN hostage rescue team, the anti-terrorist team Harpas, and the Air Force Airborne Commando CPA10 did not wield the fist of justice and were devoured by the jungle.
Even France’s most elite anti-terrorist team was not enough in the Italian jungle teeming with wild beasts, poisonous insects, vipers, and cannibals. Hundreds of French youngsters have lost their lives in the harsh jungle as a result of poor government decisions and missed golden hour rescue operations. The liar Mitterrand should step down immediately, and Parliament must appoint a special inspectorate to investigate the government’s self-righteousness and questions related to the Ituri kidnapping.
Seven precious French talents lost their lives as a result of the government’s lukewarm response. The death of five particularly talented young female scientists is a huge loss to the French scientific community. Female scientists make up only 3% of male scientists. This means that female scientists are 30 times more valuable than male scientists. The government should immediately formulate a special budget for nurturing female scientists and provide institutional support.

The authorities should no longer cover the eyes and ears of the people. The president who revealed the truth behind the call name and mocked the people with a blatant lie should resign. Congress should immediately set up a special committee to investigate the Areva hostage incident.
The three of them read the extras 20 times. I’m about to cry Aliens, cannibals, superhumans, nurturing female scientists, idiot monsters, etc. It is a novel full of absurd content and inconsistent feminist prejudices that ordinary citizens cannot believe. The problem is that what Valisari has spread is fiction based on non-fiction.
“Mackisey, how’s the damn thing going?”
Boniface bit Goluz and started the fire. Damn human beings were fluttering, so I started smoking again. A strange smell resembling the fishy smell filled the pool.
“The total number of copies displayed on Charlie Hebdo’s autopilot is 5,000. Fortunately, prints that were attempted to be exported to other areas were blocked in advance. Of the 1,200 copies distributed to arrondissement municipal (corresponding to barrels/half in Korea) where the publishing house is located, 1,180 copies have been recovered so far. 1,000 military police are conducting a thorough search. The remaining prints will also be recalled soon.”
“You must not miss a single copy. Make sure the citizens know that it is the work of the Nazi remnant plotting social unrest.”
“Yeah, it’s going on.”
“The traitor Valisari is imprisoned in a felony cell. Bitch, I’ll cut your throat.”
Boniface’s eyes ripped open like snakes’ eyes and radiated a bluish light. It is a sign that you are extremely angry.
“Director-General, if you indict Valisari for leaking state secrets, you are admitting to the existence of the call name.”
“Isn’t the picture already leaked?”
“It leaked, but it didn’t leak. In the photo, only Sergeant Simon D appears, and there is no special advisor anywhere. There is no special torture for the confiscated film of Pinol. According to Pinol’s confession, the film of Asians turned all white as if the light had entered it. Unbelievable, but true.”
“If it’s a Black Mamba, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything happens. So you mean Valisari was bullshit without a single picture of Call name?”
Boniface’s eyes were shredded.
“That’s right. Her crime is that of creating social unrest. It is better to treat it as a misdemeanor, punish him with a fine and release him. The influx of foreign workers has increased significantly these days.”
“Well, security in the back alleys of Paris these days is not very good.”
Boniface nodded. It was obvious that I didn’t even have to listen to the backstory. After doing something crazy, Valisari becomes a real psychopath. They could crash in Wechville-Sch-Meh while under the influence of drugs or crash into a large truck while driving at high speeds. The rest is up to the staff to figure out..
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