Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 453

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The French press has a bitter memory of being hit with a mace while working alongside the Nazis. The publisher and editor were executed and property confiscated. The press, which has learned the lesson, tries to restrain itself and self-correct when it comes to national interests.
DGSE is neither a Ministry of Education nor a monastery. It is a national security agency known for its roughness. Or not, the cold-blooded is destined to be slaughtered. Valisari should have been more careful.
“Mekishi, how was the bodyguard’s investigation?”
“Sorry. There is no past as if it fell from the sky. The special adviser was never there to help the voodoo riot on a Samaritan farm in Toba. You likely met Sergeant Simon D in the Ennedy Plateau where the autonomous region is located.”
“Um, is it the demon of Nguanga Cavir?”
Boniface groaned. There is no effect without a cause. There is nothing new in the Bible. Boniface intuitively guessed that Simon D was the evil spirit of Nguanga. This is the present time of the forgotten Nguanga evil spirit. Otherwise, the sudden appearance of Simon D cannot be explained.
Twenty-three years ago, a platoon of engineers working on a military map in the Ennedy Plateau area discovered a mysterious lake group. Communication with the engineering platoon investigating Lake County was cut off, and the whereabouts of the engineering platoon dispatched for the investigation were also unknown.
DGSE’s predecessor, SDECE, launched an investigation, but to no avail. When Ennedy was seized by the Prolinat rebels, the investigation team withdrew. Relevant materials are buried in the DGSE archives, and the case of Nguyenga’s disappearance remains a mystery.
Boniface was the project manager for Arago. He vaguely guessed the identity of a being called an evil spirit. The demon is either an ocelot-like mutant or the ocelot itself.
After being confused for a long time, the Black Mamba requested the Ennedy Plateau area as an autonomous district. He gladly accepted. As expected, the Black Mamba cleared the evil spirits away. Boniface, who blew his nose without touching it, was delighted, and the Nguyenga evil spirit was forgotten.
‘Then what are the evil spirits that are said to have been killed and burned? Is it a good evil spirit?’
Boniface ran into another question. According to reports, the Black Mamba incinerated evil spirits. Ocelots are out of control. The Black Mamba likely killed him.
‘Billion, Ocelot!’
I remembered a promise I had forgotten. He offered to pay 30 million francs for dealing with Ocelot, and Black Mamba said he would deal with it when the opportunity arises. My heart was chilled at the thought that the Black Mamba was taking care of the ocelot and picking the hour hand.
“Is this friend testing me?”
Boniface was upset. I can’t live on debt. The pricked Boniface immediately added an item to the pay bill. Since Simon D beat Ocelot in the Ituri jungle, it is not a wrong calculation. As an ocelot in a titanium coffin in a state of being neither dead nor alive, it would be vomiting blood.
“Yes? What are you talking about?”
Asked Mackisey, surprised. It sounds like a lot of absurdity to test the general director.
“Oh no. continue.”
“Currently, we are trawling through the desert tribes near Ennedy, but to no avail.”
“It will. What is your fighting power level?”
“There are no eyewitnesses. The guide, Olumbo, is dead, and the pygmies are the only witnesses, but they do not speak at all. We analyzed the state of the Dambala fanatic who became fish meat and analyzed the approximate combat power. This is a summary report.”
Mackisey pulled a sheet from the file folder and handed it to Boniface.
[Sergeant Burpa Simon D’s Combat Strength and Estimated Physical Analysis]
The main battlefield consists of two places, a residence, and a training zone, separated by about 450m. Other battle sites such as floating houses are presumed to be the skills of a special adviser. More than half of the 698 confirmed corpses of Dambala cultists were hit by Sgt. Data are estimates based on analysis of stride length, footmarks, ground stress, and scars.
1. Main weapon: long-range MAG heavy machine gun, short-range weight 50kg Pele
2. Jumping power: 10~15m
3. Instantaneous power: 15~20m/sec
4. Strength: 1.5 HP

The level of controlling the recoil of heavy machine-gun fire with one hand, the spear is anticipatory damage, and there are no bruises. Estimated cutting at subsonic speed when seen as charring marks on the incisal tissue.
Total combat power cannot be estimated.
Boniface looked at the summary report and closed his eyes. I remember throwing away the Black Mamba’s combat power report years ago. Who would believe that the strength of a human is equal to that of a horse? Sergeant Simon D’s strength is 1.5 horsepower. An ocelot mutation was evident.
“Is this a sign that the world will turn upside down? A monster calls a monster… The Black Mamba has wings.”
“According to the gazelle pilot Sgt. Bresson, the pygmies worship Sergeant Simondi as a god. As long as the special adviser carries him as a bodyguard, there is no need for words.”
“Stop the investigation. There is no need to touch the heart of the Black Mamba for nothing. What is Simon D’s current affiliation?”
Boniface did not feel the need to uncover Simon D’s identity. If you believe in Black Mamba, you must also believe in Simon D. Whether it is a black cat or a white cat, you can catch mice well.
“The last time I issued my citizenship card, I registered as a strike force belonging to the Operations Department.”
“Well done. Reinforce the security of Simon D to the same level as the call name.”
“If your security level goes up, you need to adjust your allowance.”
“Raise it to half the level of Special Advisor.”
Mackisey was stunned. Sergeant Simon D’s abilities are amazing, but he’s just a personal bodyguard for the special advisor.
“Then, it will be 20 times the starting salary of the boss of the Legion Etrangée headquarters.”
“Tseoup, can you defeat Sergeant Simon D if 200 strike teams from the Operations Department attack?”
“All right.”
Mackisey immediately lowered his tail. The strength of Boniface is that it treats them strictly according to their abilities. This is one of the reasons why they are criticized for having neither blood nor tears.
“Is there any progress in the investigation of Chinese agents?”
“The report from Black Mamba is correct. As a member of the Ministry of National Security (MSS), he was disguised as an NCNA (Chinese Xinhua) reporter and was actively supporting the rebels. They also supported Dambala’s weapons. Another team is currently attached to Mai Mai.”
“It’s like a sinister chink. If Ntaganta overthrows the Mobutu regime, it must be his intention to grab a big cake.”
“That’s right. He intends to support Mai Mai to obtain eastern Zaire, which is rich in uranium, copper, tin, and bauxite. I am in a state of panic because Black Mamba has erased the chateau (the Provincial Office) in charge.”
“Heh heh, the majesty of the National Tresor. If it collides with a black mamba, be it a dambala or a chink, it will be blown away. Embarrassingly, we didn’t even notice Chink’s movements, even after pouring tens of millions of francs into East Africa every year. Does it make sense to say that the ten-year performance of the East African Department of the Operations Department is not as good as the ears of black mambas?”
“No face.”
Mackisey and Ariva, speechless, bowed their heads.
“Damn, there’s a lot to eat, so dogs and cows are all attacking them. Anyway, the nickname Kanma is a perfect fit for her. Please include this in your allowance calculation. If the calculation is correct, there will be no disputes. Even local spies with a D level of importance are dissatisfied with the compensation, and betrayal sprouts.”
“I will keep that in mind. Did you report Charlie Hebdo to your Excellency?”
Ariva asked abruptly.
“You bastard, are you going to change your grandson’s diaper before the swivel chair gets even warmed up and bring him to the supermarket with his shopping cart?”
Boniface was upset. Ariva’s head snapped up. As I said, it happened.
“It’s enough to treat the Nazi remnant and its followers as a happening because they were jealous of France’s development. An ethnic traitor who does not care about the safety of the country and the safety of its citizens does not deserve to eat a baguette and drink Evian. I will report to your Excellency separately after the situation is settled.”
Boniface cut off the conversation as if it were slashing with a knife.
“I will arrange it according to the Nazi collaborators.”
Ariva prayed for Charlie Hebdo’s editor-in-chief and articles. Punishment equivalent to that of a Nazi collaborator was harsh. Two million people who cooperated with the Nazis were questioned, and 158,000 were sentenced to prison. There were 11,200 official executions and 100,000 unofficial executions. The media received harsher punishments. Newspapers that had cooperated with the Nazis were shut down. The owner was sentenced to death, and the newspaper’s property was confiscated. Other European countries also treated Nazi collaborators harsher than France. It is very different from Korea.
Valisari’s shovel caused anger to the photojournalist Pinyoll and even to the publisher who lent the copy. So, if you want to stay strong, you have to avoid the tough ones.
“How do you convince the Black Mamba apart from Mitterang? Whoops! To appease an angry beast, you have no choice but to give him a large piece of meat. Ariva, grab your gift and set off for Djibouti.”
“Ugh! Director-General, I have five families to support. The only people who can appease the torture are the Director-General and General Philip.”
Manager Ariva jumped.
“It’s a joke. I also don’t want to put a capable subordinate in the mouth of a beast. Gifts are a problem… … .”
Tick-tock- Boniface tapped the table with his dry fingertips. It’s the behavior he sees when he’s in trouble.
“Chairman, the special adviser was concerned about Novatopia’s power problem.”
Boniface clapped his hands at Mackisey’s words.
“That’s good. How big is it?”
“Estimated to have a million inhabitants in Novatopia in the future, 800 MWp would be reasonable.”
“The Black Mamba rescued the Arevasa hostage. Ask President Areva to present a nuclear power plant.”
“Even if President Jacques Javert wants to give it as a gift, he cannot. Building a nuclear power plant offshore requires the consent of Congress. It also takes a long time to build. Even the Black Mamba wouldn’t like nuclear power plants. I have a nuclear allergy.”
“I had no choice but to build a thermal power plant. What is the cost?”
“It will cost approximately 30 million francs to build an 800MWp heavy oil thermal power plant.”
“It’s cheap for a national Tresor feel. Go ahead now.”
Boniface consented without delay. The development of Novatopia is in line with the national interest of France. No reason to hesitate.
“All right.”
It was said that a lucky guy would pick up money even if he fell. The Black Mamba, enjoying the sun in Djibouti, did not open his mouth, but a large-capacity thermal power plant rolled in.
Since ancient times, it has been said that a genius cannot beat a person who works hard, a person who works hard cannot beat a person who enjoys it, and a person who enjoys cannot beat a lucky person. Boniface’s misunderstanding filled Black Mamba’s pockets.
“At this point, adding Capt. Paul and Sergeant Emile to the promotion list will make the beast a bit softer.”
“Right. Black Mamba has a strong sense of companionship. Captain Paul brought biological test equipment and materials, and Emil provided special weapons. Enough justification for promotion. Go ahead immediately.”
Emile and Paul, who had a handsome guy as their friend, suddenly found a cake. A poorly tough guy deals damage to those around him, but a properly tough guy gives a mochi.
“Has the value of the equipment and materials that Paul recovered been analyzed?”
“I’m staying up all night in the tech department. It is not a quantity that can be analyzed in a day or two. The Ministry of Technology is astounding that it is a resource that can advance the level of biotechnology in France by more than 10 years.”
“Huh, that friend is money just by touching it. Midas is the friend to cry.”
“It’s not just that. There are two types of loot for which it is difficult to calculate an allowance. It is a computer equipped with a laser-linked automatic shooting system and a chip implanted in the heads of superhuman and chimeric monsters. We anticipate dramatic developments in semiconductor manufacturing technology, biological weapons, and fire control systems.”
“What cake! Isn’t that the technology we struggled to get out of?”
Boniface’s mouth ripped open. In semiconductors, fire control systems, laser technology, and bionics technology, the United States is a few ahead.
‘Yes, I’m proud of myself, but when it comes to advanced weapons and computer technology, the Yankees are ahead. This means that the special advisor has acquired Yankee’s advanced industrial technology. When the polishing is done, you will have a rough outline.”
“Damn, I need to organize a reserve again this time.”
His mouth grumbled, but his eyes were filled with laughter. This is really like sleeping and making a cake. If you report Valisari’s extravagance to the president while pushing rice cakes, you can move on without being insulted.
“Oilmen are very excited and stay up all night. At this point, like the United States, we need to start developing state-led technology.”
“Right. Large projects that are difficult to develop in the private sector should be taken care of by the government. Dismantle the arsenal that has been corrupted by corruption and bribes.”
“Heh, the nickname given by the Director-General of Natural Disaster is a perfect fit for him. It’s because the arsenal who were getting rotten weapons and acquired rotten weapons suddenly seemed to be driven to hell without doing anything, earning high salaries and taking back money from companies.”
Ariva giggled as if suing. Boniface nodded. As Ariva said, the arsenal was rotten. If you don’t pick out rotten apples, even healthy apples will rot.
‘If I delay it any longer, it won’t be porridge or rice. The iron should be beaten when it is hot.’
Boniface clenched his teeth. Big changes start with small changes. At this point, Black Mamba’s nickname is going to be a flat wind-wave in addition to a natural disaster..
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