Novel Name : I Beg You All, Please Shut Up

Chapter 175: One billion arrivals

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Chapter 175: One billion arrivals

Chapter 175: One billion arrivals

At 5:30 in the afternoon, after taking a bath, Li Sisi came out from the washing room and saw Chu Tian seated on the sofa in the living room.

Looking at each other, Chu Tian said with a smile, "Sis, you said you're living here alone. You're not alone. To be honest, after you finish work at night, you can simply come and stay at my place. It's nearby, so you won't have to travel back and forth."


With a smile, Li Sisi playfully kicked Chu Tian and expressed her concern about getting off work late. "I'm afraid that when I go over, I'll take a shower again. It will affect your sleep. Our schedules are different. You can stay right there," she said, pointing to a seat nearby.

Chu Tian moved to the side, making space for Li Sisi, and said, "Don't worry. Once we fall asleep, then we won't be disturbed by any noise."

Li Sisi smiled and sat beside Chu Tian. She didn't say anything and just leaned her head against his shoulder.

Seeing this, Chu Tian smiled and split the peeled orange in half, then stuffed it into Li Sisi's mouth.

"Chu Tian. "Li Sisi chewed a few times and said, "Today I am very happy no one has ever been so good to sister."

"So miserable?" Chu Tian smiled.

"Hmm." Li Sisi said, "Everyone thinks that Sis is an immodest woman, and it can be miserable."

"No, Sister." Chu Tian said, "I'll protect you in the future."

Li Sisi smiled and looked at Chu Tian, "Why did you suddenly give me such a good car? It's a limited edition. There are only two in the country."

"Actually, I've already wanted to give it to you." Chu Tian smiled and said, "I've always wanted to give you a decent gift, but I don't know what you like, and you're too strong. You have a room, a car, and a deposit. If you want anything, you can buy it yourself."

"So, sister, you are too invulnerable, don't give a chance at all. Also, the day before yesterday at dinner, Xiao Bai said you like Ferrari, then I know what to give you."

"What about the little one?" Li Sisi said with solemn face, "You gave me such a car. If she… she would be jealous."

"I won't." Chu Tian smiled and said, "Actually, Xiao Bai picked this car for you."

"Huh?" Li Sisi froze, sitting up in surprise, and asked, "The little one picked it for me?"

"Well, you pick a necklace for her, she picks a car for you. It's even."


Li Sisi stared at Chu Tian in disbelief. "What do you mean by ‘the little one'?"

Chu Tian smiled and said, "Sis, I told you long ago. Xiao Bai has always known about us, but you don't believe me."

"Uh… she… she really knows?"

"I know." Chu Tian smiled and said, "I said it before. Xiao Bai is actually quite clever. She just didn't tell you. I'm probably afraid of you being embarrassed. Actually, Xiao Bai likes you very much."

"Then… It's over." Li Sisi was annoyed. "Then, why would I have the face to see a little one in the future?"

Chu Tian laughed and said, "I don't know, big sister, you're so smart. You can do it yourself."


Li Sisi was about to say something when suddenly Chu Tian's cell phone rang, emitting a ding-dong sound.

Chu Tian took a look at his phone and answered, "Hello, Lawyer Zhu. What's wrong?"

"Oh, it's ready already? Alright, I'm free. I'll come over now."

Hang up the phone, Chu Tian looked at Li Sisi and said with a smile, "Sister, don't think about it. Let's go. Follow me to collect."

To collect protection fees?

Li Sisi pondered for a moment and tentatively asked, "Has Luo Dawei managed to gather the money?"

"Yeah, it's pretty fast." Chu Tian said, "It's only been two days, and it's already gathered. One billion. Hey, sister, we have money again."

Seeing Chu Tian's happy expression, Li Sisi also smiled and said, "Then just wait. I'll go change."

After saying that, Li Sisi turned around and returned to the bedroom.


It was six forty in the afternoon when Li Sisi parked the car directly in a parking space outside Success's law firm, accompanied by the impressive sound of the engine. The crowd's attention was immediately drawn as the butterfly doors opened, and Li Sisi and Chu Tian stepped out and entered the building.

"Wow, what kind of car is that? It looks so cool!"

Just as Li Sisi and Chu Tian left, a group of people quickly surrounded the car.

"It's a Ferrari. Can't you see the logo?"

"I know it's a Ferrari. Which one is it? I've never seen it before?"

"Darling is Rafah 20?"

"Hmm? Dude, you know him?"

"It's Rafah 20, my friend. The latest upgraded version is a limited edition. It's already been showcased on the official website. Only five of these are allocated to our country daily. I never expected to see one in Haicheng."

"Wait, you mean there are only five in the whole country?"

"Yes, it's a limited edition with just 30 units worldwide."

"Wow, that car must have cost a fortune."

"At least half a billion."

"Half a billion?"

"Of course, it's a limited edition. Whose car is it?"

"I don't know. The driver is a woman. She's pretty and sexy. She just went in with a pretty boy."


Five minutes later, Chu Tian knocked on the door and entered the office of the successful law firm with Li Sisi. Inside, Lawyer Zhu and Luo Dawei's lawyer, Lawyer Xing, were present.

Upon seeing Chu Tian and Li Sisi, both lawyers quickly stood up with smiles on their faces.

Lawyer Xing took two steps forward and reached out with a smile. "I'm sorry, Mr. Chu, but it didn't affect you, did it?"

"No, no." Chu Tian shook hands with Lawyer Xing with a smile and said, "I just came back from the psychiatrist and just finished today's psychotherapy."

The lawyer's forehead twitched slightly…

"So, that's not serious, is it?" Lawyer Xing said with concern.

Although he knew that Chu Tian was bullshitting, Chu Tian had already said this. He could only follow Chu Tian's words.

"Alas, not too optimistic." Chu Tian sighed, "Psychiatrist said; Because I killed a person, So, cause my psychology. There is a serious distortion. I must hurry to treat. Otherwise, I may become an abnormal killer. Psychology will be distorted very seriously."


Seeing Chu Tian's serious appearance, Li Sisi, who was standing to the side, immediately closed her mouth and almost laughed.

"It's so serious." That can't be delayed," said the lawyer. "We have to hurry up and treat him. Just in time, Mr. Luo's money has been collected. We have to pay for your treatment."

"Is that so?" Chu Tian said, "That's great. I'm worried about how to get this psychotherapy fee."

"Great, please have a seat, Mr. Chu. Let's chat."

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