Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 533

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Chapter 533 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Intimate! The strangeness in Chi Qian’s heart!

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian were too busy playing with the cats together so they did not pay attention to others around them.

While looking at the photos taken by Yu Shanshan, they discovered that they are already too close to each other.

And the two in the photo looked very intimate as each of them held the cat’s paws.

The cat also looked very cute.

The appearance of both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian is also full marks.

They both seem to be smiling happily, almost looking like a couple.

If their heads were closer to each other, it would really be a photo of a couple.

Lulu and Minmin, the two female cat café staff on the side also came to look at the photos.

After seeing Lin Yuan and Chi Qian in the photos, both showed an aunt’s benevolent smile.

And then they whispered: “Perfect match!”

”Perfect match indeed!”

”Really a perfect match!”

Hearing the remarks of the two staff, Chi Qian’s face blushed slightly

”There is a little bit of car litter. You guys may want to clean it.” Chi Qian said to Lulu and Minmin, trying to cover up her embarrassment.

Lin Yuan on the other hand just smiled at them.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s smile, Chi Qian turned her head immediately.

She continued to play with the cat and didn’t look at Lin Yuan.

Maybe she was a little embarrassed if she met Lin Yuan’s gaze again.

Chi Qian also did not go to Lin Yuan’s side anymore.

They also did not continue to play with the cats together anymore.

They instead played with them separately.

Meanwhile, Lulu the female staff who just finished cleaning the cat litter walked towards Chi Qian from behind holding a carton box.

With a happy smile on her face, she told Chi Qian: “Store manager! The kittens born last week have survived. They are all healthy!”

It turned out that Lulu’s carton was filled with newborn little kittens.

Kittens have a low survival rate.

Although the survival rate is relatively higher now, occasionally there are also some natural deviations.

This time, all the kittens survived.

They all seem healthy.

And so, Lulu was very happy.

She specially carried the kittens to show to the manager Chi Qian.

Hearing what Lulu said, Chi Qian got up and walked over.

As soon as Chi Qian came to her side, Lulu handed over the carton box to Chi Qian. “Here manager.”

Chi Qian reached out and took the box.

And then she observed the kittens in the carton.

There are five kittens inside.

The kittens who are just over a week old, are still not quite able to walk.

They are also shaking.

As a cat person, Chi Qian likes the cute kittens.

She stretched out her fingers and gently caressed the kittens.

Lin Yuan also stood up and glanced at Chi Qian who held the carton box

Chi Qian smiled back at Lin Yuan who was looking at her.

She was about to invite Lin Yuan to come and look at the cute newborn little kittens

But when she lowered her head, she found that the little kittens struggled.

But they can’t still walk yet.

The kittens with underdeveloped paws stumbled while trying to walk.

Chi Qian was taken aback.

Then she immediately remembered the other cats’ reaction when they first saw Lin Yuan.

It seems that even the newborn little kittens also wanted to get close to Lin Yuan.

The newly born kittens were so actively moving that it would have a detrimental effect on their development, as it would be terrible if they accidentally fell out of the carton.

Knowing that the little kittens were agitated because of Lin Yuan, she asked Lin Yuan to come over to her in a rather anxious tone: “Brother Lin Yuan, can you please come over? These little kittens also wanted to go to you.”

Hearing what Chi Qian said, Lin Yuan nodded and walked over.

As soon as Lin Yuan came to Chi Qian, the little kittens inside the carton box became more behaved.

But they were still a little noisy.

Everyone wanted to climb the carton.

They tried to come out and climb into Lin Yuan’s arms. The carton is not that high.

Seeing that the little kittens were about to crawl out, Chi Qian had to hold the carton box tightly with both hands.

And then she quickly opened her mouth and said to Lin Yuan: “Brother Lin Yuan, the kittens are about to come out. Help me surround them. Don’t let them come out!”

”How to surround them?” Lin Yuan asked.

“Wrap around your hands and keep them from coming out.” Chi Qian was a little worried about the little kittens and so she answered anxiously.

Then Lin Yuan stretched out his arms and did as Chi Qian told him to do so.

But then Chi Qian was stunned.

This was because Lin Yuan not only surrounded the carton box and the kittens, but he also included her!

Right now, both Lin Yuan’s arms were wrapped around Chi Qian’s back!

It looked like Lin Yuan is hugging her from behind!


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