Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 534

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Chapter 534 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chi Qian feels being taken advantage of but there is no proof!

Both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian surrounded the carton box held by Chi Qian and the little kittens inside it.

Lin Yuan’s arms also surrounded her behind her back.

Chi Qian’s pretty face could not help but blush.

”I… I mean to surround and contain the kittens, not me!” Chi Qian said helplessly.

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “They can be completely surrounded this way so that they won’t fall down.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian’s flawlessly pretty face flushed.

But she couldn’t say anything.

That is because Lin Yuan was right.

The cats will be completely surrounded this way.

And she also said to Lin Yuan to surround and contain the kittens.

She did not say exactly how to surround them.

But the way Lin Yuan is surrounding her was like embracing her.

If it wasn’t for the carton box, the two would have been too close together.

Ch Qian feels being taken advantage of but she has no proof!

But Chi Qian did not resist that much either.

Chi Qian would normally be very uncomfortable when very close to others.

But when it is Lin Yuan, she does not seem to mind.

But the feeling of envy is getting stronger instead.

She feels envious of Lin Yuan because the cats like him more, including the newborn little kittens.

All of the cats wanted him so much!

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand slowly to catch the little kittens who were climbing up and out of the carton box one by one.

Upon doing so, his hands on Chi Qian’s smooth back were released completely, letting go of Chi Qian’s soft body.

”These little kittens are so obsessed with you. They want to be held by you.”

After Lin Yuan put down the kittens, Chi Qian handed over the carton box to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan reached out to take it.

Chi Qian did not think much about the slight burning sensation where the back of her hand was touched.

Chi Qian began to pet the little kittens.

Meanwhile, little by little, she put some food in her hand to feed the little kittens.

Chi Qian is now focused on feeding the kittens.

There was a slight smile on her face.

It is not her usual polite smile.

Because Chi Qian really likes cats, her smile currently is a happy, relaxed smile.

Her smile is more beautiful and charming than usual.

When such a beauty that makes ‘fish sinks and goose alights’ is placed in front of him, even Lin Yuan can’t ignore it.

Lin Yuan just observed Chi Qian’s every move as he fed the cat.

She really looked so tender and loving, very good-looking and charming.

Chi Qian’s gentle behavior now makes her naturally more attractive.

After feeding most of the cats, Chi Qian raised her head slightly.

Then she saw how Lin Yuan was staring at her.

Chi Qian only focused on feeding the cats that she did not notice that Lin Yuan was staring at her.

The eyes of the two met for a second.

And then, both looked away.

Chi Qian’s pretty face was flushed slightly.

[ Ding! Chi Qian’s Favorability +2! Reward: 2000 counterattack points! ]

The reason for the increase in favorability may be because of the intimate act of holding the cat.

That coupled with the throbbing after their lines of sight met.

Prompts for increased in favorability sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

In order to break away from the inexplicable embarrassment, Chi Qian took the initiative to talk and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, I will ask Lulu to put the little kittens back.”

”Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded and agreed.

Then Chi Qian picked up the carton box with the little kittens inside.

Then she passed it to the staff Lulu.

She let her put the kittens back.

Then they continued to play with the other cats.

However, Lin Yuan did not continue to play with the cats with Chi Qian.

He had already won the so-called competition and the favorability had already increased by 4.

He wanted no more in this aspect for now.

He came to the cat café with Chi Qian to play with the cats.

But in addition, he went for one more thing.

He came here, especially with another purpose in mind.

Lin Yuan stood up.

Then he said to the café staff, Minmin, on the side: “Your cats are grouped based on their breeds, right? I want to ask, where are the Ragdoll cats?”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s question, Minmin was startled for a while. And then she thought and said:” Ragdoll cat…Uh, over there!!!”

Minmin pointed to the cat breed Lin Yuan asked for and continued: “Handsome guy, Are you looking for a ragdoll cat? Do you want to buy one?”

Chi Qian’s cat café is both for playing and also selling cats.

However, very few people came to buy cats as compared to playing with them.

Most of the cats are also just for Chi Qian’s self-entertainment.

Faced with Minmin’s question, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Let me take a look first.”


Hearing Lin Yuan’s response, the female staff, Minmin, was very curious.

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan were also a little curious.

The cats in the café were very excited whenever they saw Lin Yuan, it is as if Lin Yuan is a walking cat stick.

Lin Yuan looking for a pet cat is like Lin Yuan looking for a cat messenger.

Including Chi Qian, all of the girls are also very curious.

So, when they saw Lin Yuan move, they also followed.


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