Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 535

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Chapter 535 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Unique cat!

After all, as soon as Lin Yuan left, all the cats also followed.

Except for being curious, they don’t have cats to pet anymore so they just followed along.

In the ragdoll breed area, Lin Yuan looked at several kittens in the cage one after another.

Then he finally stopped in front of one lazy ragdoll cat.

The fur of this ragdoll cat is white, the whole body is bright white throughout.

The body is neither big nor small.

From the cat’s standard appearance, this kitten can be said to be sunny.

This is a very cute ragdoll cat.

But this ragdoll is currently lying lifelessly and lazily in the cage.

The door of the cage is open.

Those two cats’ ears draped over the little cat’s head.

It does not seem to be sick, just lazy.

It looked like a lazy pig.

Seeing Lin Yuan looking at the cat, Minmin who followed Lin Yuan said immediately: “Handsome guy, do you like this cat?”

Lin Yuan smiled and replied, “It kind of feels very cute.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Minmin said immediately: “This ragdoll cat’s name is Guoguo. Guoguo does look very cute. But don’t be deceived by its cuteness because this cat has an extremely cold attitude. Not only it is very cold but also very lazy.”

Lulu who just came back to put back the little kittens also ran over.

She also seconded Minmin’s sentiments and said: “Right, right, right! Guoguo is very lazy, too lazy like a pig!”

It seems in response to the two staff remarks, the ragdoll cat Guoguo stretched out its small paw and waved the same.

It seemed to be greeting them.

And then, it continued to lie on its stomach.

It looked like he was going to fall asleep and snore at any moment.

Compared with those licking cats at Lin Yuan’s feet a while ago, The ragdoll cat seemed too lazy like a pig.

Chi Qian on the side also said: “Guoguo is very lazy and cold, so although it is very cute, no one wants to buy it.”

The staff, Lulu, smiled and said: “This cat is too lazy. You have to put the food into its mouth. Minmin and I really wanted to sell it, but the store manager opposes.”

”The store manager has always said that this cat actually an intelligent cat, but it is just too lazy so she has been very reluctant to sell it.”

Minmin also continued: “Right, right, right! Store manager Chi Qian has always said that. But we did not see that Guoguo has that intelligence besides being just a pig.”

Chi Qian smiled and said, “I think Guoguo is actually quite smart.”

The staff, Lulu and Minmin shook their heads repeatedly.

They obviously don’t agree with Chi Qian.

However, Lin Yuan suddenly agreed with Chi Qian: “This cat is actually very intelligent.”

”What?!”Hearing Lin Yuan’s agreement, Chi Qian looked directly at Lin Yuan.

Lulu, Minmin, and the others also looked at Lin Yuan.

”How can it be intelligent?” Lulu asked curiously.

This is exactly what the others, as well as Chi Qian, wanted to ask at this time.

They are very curious.

Where is the intelligence of Guoguo that Lin Yuan mentioned?

Just now, Lin Yuan made so many cats go crazy for him as soon as he entered the cat café.

So the staff doesn’t doubt Lin Yuan’s words.

But they still feel a little weird.

They are curious about what Lin Yuan has just said because they only view Guoguo as a lazy pig.

What kind of intelligence is there? What is so unique about it?

Looking at Chi Qian and the others curiously looking, Lin Yuan smiled and continued, “Okay then. I will let you see the intelligence of Guoguo.”

”But after a while, this cat must be sold to me.”


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