Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 536

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Chapter 536 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Training a lazy cat!

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Lulu smiled and said, “Okay. It is for the better. We are eager to sell this cat, as long as the store manager agrees.”

Lin Yuan looked at Chi Qian.

Chi Qian nodded: “Okay brother Lin Yuan, if you like Guoguo, I will give it to you. Take good care of it and you won’t need to pay for it.”

After getting Chi Qian’s approval, Lin Yuan smiled and said. ”Okay, then. I will train this lazy cat and let you have a look.”

This cat named Guoguo is mentioned momentarily in the original novel.

Although it was not described enough, Lin Yuan remembers it.

That is because it was very interesting.

But Chi Qian only learned about Guoguo in the later stage of the original novel.

The cat is very weird yet special, so Lin Yuan kind of wanted it.

This cat is the reason why he came to the cat café today.

Seeing Lin Yuan quite confident, Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan curiously.

She felt that Guoguo seemed quite intelligent only recently.

She has tried a number of methods to make Guoguo move, but it remained too lazy like a pig.

She wanted to see how Lin Yuan could make Guoguo move.

How would Lin Yuan show and prove Guoguo’s intelligence and uniqueness?

Chi Qian then saw Lin Yuan go to get some cat food.

Then he threw the food into the cage to feed this lazy cat Guoguo.

Chi Qian, Lulu, and Minmin did not feel anything strange regarding Lin Yuan’s actions.

They have never fed Guoguo like this.

Guoguo was too lazy and behaved like a pig.

This cat does not eat cat food unless it is fed directly into its mouth.

Meanwhile, the cat did not even move an inch.

Seeing the reaction of the ragdoll cat Guoguo, the two staff nodded in satisfaction.

Chi Qian also smiled slightly.

That’s right!

That is the right reaction!

They have fed this cat for a long time and it has always been lazy and acted like a lazy pig.

If Lin Yuan can suddenly change its ways, wouldn’t they lose their faces?

But Lin Yuan seems to have expected it.

He is in no rush.

He is confident that it shall eat the cat food in the end.

Then from Lin Yuan’s pocket, he took out something.

Before he came here, he brought a lemon-flavored catnip with him.

The moment he brought out the catnip, something shocked Chi Qian, Yu Shanshan, Lulu, and Minmin.

They all saw the ragdoll cat Guoguo move after seeming to have smelled the catnip.

It looked very interested.

When Lin Yuan waved the catnip, the ragdoll cat’s ears that were originally draped over the cat’s head stood up in an instant!

And not only that, the cat’s body which people thought would never move, also trembled.

Using its feet, it stood up slowly from the cage.

And the eyes of the lazy cat also exuded a ray of brilliance.

It stares closely at Lin Yuan’s hand or to be exact at the catnip in Lin Yuan’s hand.

Seeing Guoguo who had always acted like a lazy pig lying on its stomach all the time now taking the initiative to stand up, both Lulu and Minmin were very surprised.

There was also a trace of surprise flashing in Chi Qian’s beautiful eyes.

They all do not understand what seems to be happening.

They obviously tried using catnip before.

Catnip is the spiritual haven of cats.

They have done this before to play with this lazy cat.

But this lazy cat Guoguo never reacted at all.

It has always refused to give them even the slightest response.

Why does it work with Lin Yuan doing it?

And not only that, but they also saw how the lazy cat Guoguo walked slowly out of the cage after Lin Yuan waved the catnip in his hand.

Those eyes kept staring at Lin Yuan and the catnip in his hand.

At a glance, one would realize that the cat was attracted.

This scene surprised Lulu and Minmin even more.

“What is going on? Is this the Guoguo from yesterday? It’s not right. I haven’t seen it like this before. Guoguo has always been cold…”

Lulu and Minmin were really confused about the lazy cat’s behavior today.

Chi Qian’s observation is more in-depth.

She let her nose do the job by sniffing the smell in the air.

Then she frowned slightly and said: “It seems to be a lemon-flavored catnip. And it seems a little special.”

Hearing what Chi Qian said. The two staff Lulu and Minmin froze for a while and then suddenly realized the same.

“Oh! Our shop has always used camphor catnip. And it is the same as what is used with Guoguo. Does Guoguo prefer lemon catnip?”

All these cats including Guoguo have been in contact with Lulu and Minmin for a certain period of time already.

After hearing what Chi Qian said, both of them were suddenly enlightened.

“But where is the intelligence and uniqueness of Guoguo?” Chi Qian and the two staff looked at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan can be said to be amazing since he can make Guoguo move.

But it only shows that Guoguo prefers lemon-flavored catnip and it’s really not so lazy.

But how can it prove that it is intelligent and unique?


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