Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 538

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Chapter 538 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chi Qian’s shock, Guoguo’s special skill!

But what does Lin Yuan mean by giving Guoguo some space?

What is about to happen?

Lin Yuan just continued to look at Guoguo.

Chi Qian, Yu Shanshan, Lulu, and Minmin stared attentively at the ragdoll cat Guoguo.

Under the watchful eyes of one man, and four women, a shocking scene occurred.

They saw the ragdoll cat, Guoguo, who was lazy like a half-dead pig, standing up straight suddenly.

Then it slightly tightened its body.

Its soft fur seemed to have risen.

Its claws are also firm and protruding.



In the surprised watchful eyes of Chi Qian and the others, this ragdoll cat Guoguo turned and did a backflip?!

Chi Qian, Yu Shanshan, and the two staff, Lulu and Minmin were shocked.

After Lin Yuan’s training, this lazy cat who didn’t even bother to move after lying on its stomach all day long like a dead pig suddenly backflipped?

And it was not just a simple backflip!

Deng Deng Deng!

Under the watchful eyes of the shocked girls, the ragdoll cat Guoguo turned and did 18 backflips in a row!

Chi Qian was so shocked to witness this.

The staff, Lulu and Minmin, were equally shocked as their eyes were about to pop out and their mouths opened enormously.

Only Lin Yuan remained calm.

He seems to have expected this already.

In fact, Lin Yuan had indeed really known it for a long time.

He had known about this ragdoll cat’s special skill.

It was described a little in the original novel.

This ragdoll cat Guoguo can do 18 consecutive backflips.

But it is just normally too lazy.

It requires feeding it a little cat food first and it must be lemon-flavored catnip.

Then, you must pull its tail a few times for it to move.

Doing all these is like turning on the switch of this ragdoll cat Guoguo.

With its ability to do 18 backflips in a row, Lin Yuan wondered if he could make a profit off of selling it.

But then he does not need the money.

He is just particularly interested in this particular female cat.

So he came here to get possession of it.

Chi Qian might actually also have a liking of the female cat Guoguo after this, but Lin Yuan likes it too.

So Lin Yuan decided to intercept it

But it is not impossible for Chi Qian to play with it occasionally.

Lin Yuan looked at the ground.

Currently, Guoguo is lying on the ground again after doing 18 backflips. It seems to have consumed a lot of energy

Although the ragdoll cat Guoguo looked like a lazy pig, its physique is not bad.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for it to do consecutive backflips.

But of course, after backflipping over eighteen times, one will definitely get tired.

Lin Yuan lowered his body and stroked the ragdoll cat’s back.

It also seems to work.

Although tired, Lin Yuan knows that the ragdoll cat actually feels more refreshed.

And the same also gives great benefits to the ragdoll cat Guoguo.

Lin Yuan can only marvel at this cat’s special constitution

If this is in a cat fantasy world, she will be a cat born with a forbidden eye, a cat with a chaos supreme bone, a very rare extraordinary protagonist cat!

While touching the soft back of Guoguo, Lin Yuan fed it another cat food to replenish its physical strength.

Guoguo also obediently ate it.

It also rubbed the back of Lin Yuan’s hand.

It seems like it already regarded Lin Yuan as its master.

Lin Yuan is not surprised by this.

After helping Guoguo turn on its switch, it obviously recognizes him.

Meanwhile, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan who is standing aside, and the two staff, Lulu and Minmin, had just recovered from the shock of the 18 backflips.

Chi Qian had also recovered herself.

The four girls all stared at Lin Yuan shockingly.

“Cousin, you are so amazing. You are even good at training cats? You are not human…” Yu Shanshan exclaimed.

Lin Yuan smiled and then replied: “Do you still want me to raise you as a pet? Show me when you pee.”


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