Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 537

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Chapter 537 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

I can meow too! Just pet me!

Just when Chi Qian and the others were wondering, Guoguo had already come to the edge of the cage.

And it is not known whether if it has not been down for too long or if it is afraid to go out or if it is just lazy, but Guoguo doesn’t dare to jump out of the cage to the ground.

Lin Yuan did not care much about the curious Chi Qian and the others.

Instead, Lin Yuan picked up the lemon catnip and waved it a few times outside the cage.

Guoguo then couldn’t help it anymore.

It jumped directly out of the cage and then to the ground.

It also meowed a few times.

Then Lin Yuan squatted down.

He then passed the lemon catnip in his hand to Guoguo.

Lin Yuan’s cat affection buff is still very handy.

Although Guoguo is very eager to get the lemon catnip, but the lazy cat Guoguo still rubs the back of Lin Yuan’s hand with its small head.

Of course, it also may be its way of expressing its gratitude.

Seeing Lin Yuan fed the lemon catnip to the ragdoll cat Guoguo, Chi Qian, Yu Shanshan, and the two staff, Lulu and Minmin, looked very curious.

They all wanted to know how Guoguo would react after eating the lemon-flavored catnip.

Based on the experience of Chi Qian and the two staff, after an average cat finishes eating a catnip, its eyes go misty and lie directly on its stomach.

Just like the average cat, this lazy cat, Guoguo, will also go to bed after eating, right?

What can be so unique about it?

Under the watchful eye of everyone, the ragdoll cat Guoguo nibbled the catnip.

The cat’s mouth opened slightly and yawned.

The whiskers around its lips trembled.

Then it really lightly lay down.

Seeing the ragdoll cat Guoguo about to sleep on the spot, Yu Shanshan, who was a little restless could not help but put her hands on her waist and ask immediately: “Cousin, where is the special thing you are talking about?”

“This lazy cat ate and then slept. I think we’re almost the same. If you want to raise it, you might as well just raise me.”

“I can meow too, and you can also pet me too! If you don’t believe me, just listen… pee… pee…”

Hearing Yu Shanshan’s meowing turned into peeing, everyone laughed. (T/N: She said ‘niao’ instead of ‘miao’ which means pee)

But the staff Lulu also asked curiously: “Right, handsome guy. It is normal for cats to sleep after eating catnip. There isn’t anything special, right?”

Although Chi Qian on the side did not speak, she also looked at Lin Yuan.

It seems she also had the same thoughts as the staff.

Seeing the doubts of the girls, Lin Yuan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, eating the catnip is just the beginning. The same has to be digested before we see the results.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian, Lulu, and Minmin were slightly puzzled.

They all waited for Lin Yuan’s next move.

As for Yu Shanshan, she shuddered when she saw Lin Yuan’s smile.

It seems to be saying that ‘If you eat my food, don’t think about not paying the price.’

Lin Yuan just ignored Yu Shanshan’s inner drama.

Lin Yuan waited for a little more than ten seconds before he turned to the ragdoll cat Guoguo, who seemed to be asleep now.

Then Lin Yuan stretched out the ragdoll cat’s claws.

Under the watchful eyes of the four girls waiting including Chi Qian, Lin Yuan first scratched the soft white-fur belly of the ragdoll cat Guoguo.

Guoguo twitched its nose a few times.

But there still does not seem to be much of a reaction.

But for Lin Yuan’s next actions, Guoguo had an extremely violent reaction in an instant.

They saw Lin Yuan gently pull the thick and long tail of this ragdoll cat Guoguo.

Then Chi Qian and the others saw that Lin Yuan seemed to have touched some switch of Guoguo.

The cat then sneezed several times in a row and then slowly opened its eyes that had been half-closed for so long.

And the soft cat’s body unexpectedly stood up again.

“Wha…what is happening?”

“Guoguo actually moved again? And it moved after eating a catnip and sleeping for only a short time?”

“After eating a catnip, shouldn’t you fall asleep and have a few dreams about handsome male cats?”

The surprised reaction turned into a yellow joke when it was Yu Shanshan’s turn. (T/N: yellow joke = lewd)

Chi Qian, Lulu, and Minmin both gave Yu Shanshan a weird look.

However, they continued to look more into the situation and they cannot seem to fathom what happened.

They can already feel it vaguely.

This ragdoll cat Guoguo might have some amazing performance later.

But they cannot guess what it is.

Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan who was smiling now.

She feels that Lin Yuan has become even more mysterious again.

Even a lazy cat like Guoguo can be taught by him.

It seems she has to find some time to learn more about cats from Lin Yuan!

Lulu and Minmin also looked at Lin Yuan and Guoguo in surprise.

But then Lin Yuan stood up and opened both hands signaling everyone to step back.

“Leave a little space for Guoguo. Don’t get too crowded. It is about to start.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian and the others backed away quickly.

They have set a certain space for Guoguo.


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