Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 539

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Chapter 539 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Brother Lin Yuan, can I go to your house?!

“No, no!” Yu Shanshan shook her head repeatedly.

It turns out that the lazy ragdoll cat Guoguo is one unique cat.

Not to mention 18 times, she can’t even do half a backflip, or else her head would break!

It is better to act cute and eat and drink honestly.

“Handsome guy, you are so amazing! You actually made the lazy cat Guoguo move! I worship you!”

“Right! And Guoguo actually can do backflips 18 times in a row?! I worship you!”

Lulu and Minmin, the two female staff on the side, were both amazed.

They both looked at Lin Yuan with stars in their eyes.

They liked him at first only because of his looks.

And now they discovered that Lin Yuan is so good at cats and even training them.

And so they liked him even more.

They are also true cat lovers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have worked in the cat café.

So now, they admired and liked Lin Yuan even more.

They both decided that they must be petted by Lin Yuan!

They wanted to be like Guoguo.

They both wanted to be like Guoguo and have their switches turned on!

They wanted Lin Yuan to train them!

Lin Yuan just respond with a smile for the praise and admiration of the two female staff.

He leaned over and hugged the ragdoll cat Guoguo.

“Guoguo is really unique and has wisdom.” Lin Yuan said.

“Hmm!” the two staff didn’t have any doubts anymore and nodded repeatedly.

Then Lin Yuan looked at Chi Qian.

Guoguo’s unique skills proved previous Chi Qian’s conjecture but she just couldn’t find a way to uncover the same.

At this moment, Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan.

Chi Qian, who had just recovered her calmness praised: “Brother Lin Yuan you are really amazing! You can make the lazy cat Guoguo be reborn instantly.”

Lin Yuan responded: “It’s fine. Qian Qian, you also felt that there is something special about Guoguo, right?”

“Right.” Chi Qian agreed with Lin Yuan.

A satisfied and charming smile appeared on Chi Qian’s beautiful face.

Lin Yuan then asked Chi Qian: “Qian Qian, I will take Guoguo later, okay?”

He knew that Chia Qian must be very reluctant, but she would never turn back from her words.

And just as Lin Yuan thought, Chi Qian nodded and replied: “Like what I said before, I will give Guoguo to Brother Lin Yuan. I wouldn’t have confirmed that Guoguo is special if it wasn’t for you. It seems it like you also.”

But after agreeing to Lin Yuan taking away Guoguo, Chi Qian hesitated for a while and said again: “But brother Lin Yuan, can you let me go to your house to visit and see Guoguo when you have the time? I still like this cat and I… I also want to see its backflips…”

Chi Qian was a little embarrassed saying it.

After all, she already consented to give Lin Yuan the cat and yet she still wants to see it.

Besides everything is all because of Lin Yuan’s training Guoguo.

But Chi Qian really liked Guoguo.

And she is also curious and interested to see Guoguo’s backflips again.

Lin Yuan is not surprised by Chi Qian’s reaction.

Similar to him, Chi Qian really liked cats very much after all.

She also finds Guoguo very cute.

Guoguo is a special cat, so it is just normal for Chi Qian to want to see it more in the future.

So Lin Yuan nodded and replied: “Of course, you can, Qian Qian. Whenever you want to see Guoguo, just tell me directly. It’s not a big deal.”

“Hmm!” After Lin Yuan agreed, Chi Qian nodded happily.

“I want to see Guoguo too! Cousin, you have to let me come too!”

“Me too, Store Manager! We want to see it too!”

After witnessing Lin Yuan and Chi Qian’s conversation, Yu Shanshan and the others also exclaimed.

Everyone is obviously quite interested in Guoguo’s special skill.

Lin Yuan also agreed with everyone.

Chi Qian smiled and said, “Guoguo has become more popular after being owned by Brother Lin Yuan.”

Hearing this, Lin Yuan just smiled in response.

Chi Qian continued: “When the time comes to see Guoguo. Can Brother Lin Yuan teach me a few things about cats? I have a lot of questions I wanted to ask.”

Chi Qian feels that Lin Yuan is very powerful since he can make Guoguo change so much and so she wants to learn from him.

Lin Yuan nodded and said: “Of course. Come to my house when you have the time.”

In fact, Lin Yuan’s training of Guoguo is just a trick.

After all, it was already mentioned in the original novel.

Lin Yuan is afraid that there is nothing he can teach a serious cat person like Chi Qian.

But it is not bad to be able to teach and bring a beautiful lady like Chi Qian home.

They need not necessarily discuss about cats.

It is also a good opportunity to warm up their relationship.


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