Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 542

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Chapter 542 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Talented Chi Qian!

And there is a huge possibility of this happening.

After all, she has taken care of Chi Qian for a long time ever since she was a child.

And so being able to understand Lin Yuan not only satisfy her curiosity but is also a very important task.

Lin Yuan doesn’t dislike either that housekeeper Song Yuwei chatting with him.

He gladly chatted with her because Song Yuwei’s speech and deportment were very decent, and both had a good time chatting.

Song Yuwei asked Lin Yuan for some information.

They also talked about some interesting things that happened before with Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan’s chatting skill is also not bad either.

It let Song Yuwei laugh from time to time.

As Song Yuwei chatted with Lin Yuan, she admired him even more.

Although Lin Yuan did not say much things about him openly, Song Yuwei was able to obtain a lot of information about him.

She concluded how excellent of a man Lin Yuan is and how much he is worthy of Chi Qian.

While Lin Yuan and Song Yuwei chatted, Yu Shanshan who was walking in front, saw a big space.

It looked a lot like the kitchen.

Yu Shanshan immediately turned her head and asked curiously: “Sister Yuwei, is this the kitchen in front of us?”

Song Yuwei who was chatting with Lin Yuan looked ahead.

Then she nodded and responded: “Yes.”

Yu Shanshan then blinked immediately and asked further: “So Qian Qian is inside, cooking? I really want to see her cooking and show off my cooking skills by helping Qian Qian. Can we go in and have a look?”

Seeing that this kid is becoming naughty again, Lin Yuan said to Yu Shanshan: “Don’t make trouble and just sit down.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yu Shanshan pouted and then looked at Song Yuwei.

The housekeeper Song Yuwei smiled and said: “It’s okay. Just sit and watch. The lady shouldn’t mind.”

“Hmm!” Yu Shanshan nodded.

With that said, Song Yuwei took Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan to the kitchen.

Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan followed her to the kitchen.

Maybe because the villa is huge, the kitchen is also very spacious.

There should be a number of people needed to clean it up every day.

The inside is very clean.

There are also several maids in the kitchen busy washing the ingredients.

A slender figure stood in front of the stove.

She was cooking dishes by herself.

She was obviously very hands-on.

Although she is a young lady, she has no plans to let the maids at home help her.

After Lin Yuan looked around, he then focused on Chi Qian.

Even if he can only see her back while cooking, she is still a pleasure to look at.

Chi Qian, who was cooking, wore casual clothes.

Her waist-length hair is all tied up and coiled over the head.

She was wearing an apron.

The two strands of the apron were tied around her white neck.

Chi Qian looked quite focused and her movements were quite smooth.

She looked very skilled and had done a lot of dishes, all of which smelled good and looked delicious.

Seeing Chi Qian cooking, Lin Yuan and the others did not bother her for the time being.

In less than half a minute, Chi Qian finally finished cooking the dishes she was making.

She also seemed to hear some movements behind her.

After turning off the stove. Chi Qian turned around.

She looked at the three, mostly at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan also looked at Chi Qian.

Although her waist-length hair was mostly tied up because she was cooking, her pretty face is still flawless and clearly seen as it is uncovered.

She looked even more beautiful and attractive.

Because she is cooking, Chi Qian was wearing an apron right now with a spatula in her hand.

She looked different than usual as she was now stained with the smell of cooking.

However, there is also a feeling of warmth of a maiden wife.

She looks as beautiful as a fairy in a painting.

She is also very talented.

Anyone who sees her can’t help but want to take her home and marry her.

Meanwhile, Chi Qian finally saw the three who were watching her.

She immediately smiled and asked: “What’s the matter? What brings you here?”

Song Yuwei explained: “Miss Shanshan asked if she could come inside and see the young lady cook. We happened to pass by as we were looking around.”

Chi Qian nodded and said: “Okay. It’s fine. You can watch me if you want.”

Yu Shanshan added: “Qian Qian! I also want to help you cook! Otherwise, I will feel bad if I just eat and drink.”

Chi Qian smiled and replied: “You are my guests. Anyway, you always took care of me at school. So you don’t need to help.”

Song Yuwei on the side suggested: “Young lady, let Miss Shanshan help you. If you like, you can cook separate dishes and taste the same. It feels good to cook with friends.”


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