Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 544

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Chapter 544 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Just eat and go to the hospital!

While Yu Shanshan gobbled the food on the side, she continued to praise Chi Qian. “Qian Qian, your cooking skill is so good and the food is so delicious. Your cooking is better than those professional chefs in my family.”

The other three ate slowly and only Yu Shanshan gobbled the food.

However, no one has an opinion.

After getting half full very quickly, Yu Shanshan said, “We have already tasted the food that you cooked. It is really delicious. But you guys have not tasted the sweet and sour tenderloin that I have made.”

Lin Yuan and the others followed Yu Shansan’s finger as she presented her dish, that is a black colored sweet and sour tenderloin that was slightly glowing.

Chi Qian’s eyes widened and blinked.

Song Yuwei, who had already tasted the delicious dishes made by Chi Qian shook slightly

Yu Shanshan saw that the sweet and sour tenderloin dish was closest to Song Yuwei, so she asked: “Sister Yuwei, why don’t you try it first?”

Song Yuwei forced a polite and sweet smile on Yu Shansan and then said reluctantly as she stretched out her chopsticks, “Okay, then I will try.”

Song Yuwei picked up a piece of tenderloin and put the same into her mouth as she trembled slightly.

She chewed it a few times.

Her complexion turned dark immediately.

However, she still smiled politely and said to Yu Shanshan, “Hmmn… Shanshan, you did a good job…”

Yu Shanshan smiled happily and replied: “Thank you Sister Yuwei for the compliment. By the way, cousin and Qian Qian, why don’t you try it also?”

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian knew exactly what it tasted like without having to taste it.

They are not as polite as Song Yuwei who is not close to Yu Shanshan.

Song Yuwei really ate it.

They just pretended to pick up a random piece and then put the same symbolically into their mouths which they in fact actually just threw away.

After seeing the two put down their chopsticks, Yu Shanshan asked quickly: “Cousin, Qian Qian, how was it? My cooking skills aren’t that bad, right? Is it at least 50% or 70% of Qian Qian’s cooking skills?”

Lin Yuan replied: “Why would you compare your cooking skills to Qian Qian? We don’t care about what you do. If we eat the dish you cook, we’ll surely end up in the hospital.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian smiled charmingly while Yu Shanshan puckered her lips.

Lin Yuan then continued: “Sister Yuwei, in order to avoid having diarrhea later, I urge you to take the medicine in advance.”

”Ahh, thank you Mister Lin for your concern.” Song Yuwei nodded gratefully.

Yu Shanshan was also aware of her cooking skills and how her dish turned out.

But hearing Lin Yuan’s teasing, she is unable to accept defeat.

Yu Shanshan then immediately puckered her lips and said, “Hmmph, how could you belittle the sweet and sour tenderloin dish? Let me then have a taste of the dish that you made cousin.”

After saying that, Yu Shanshan stretched out her chopsticks and drew them toward the plate of sour and spicy shredded potatoes that Lin Yuan made.

After all, he had come as a guest and shall just enjoy the dishes made by Chi Qian, Lin Yuan did not put much thought and effort into the dish he made.

The sour and spicy shredded potatoes is just an ordinary dish.

Compared to the many delicious dishes made by Chi Qian, it does not even share the slightest spotlight.

No one has also tasted the same yet.

Yu Shanshan picked up the ordinary-looking potato shreds unwillingly and put them into her mouth.

She was so ready to criticize Lin Yuan, but then she was stunned as soon as she tasted the potato shreds.

She thought it was some ordinary dish.

Neither Chi Qian nor Song Yuwei was also paying attention to her mischief.

But when they saw that Yu Shanshan looked dumbfounded, they felt strange and curious.

Lin Yuan’s plate of sour and spicy shredded potatoes actually looked presentable.

It’s just that this dish is not as dazzling as the other dishes.

Based on Yu Shanshan’s character, she will do anything just to get back at Lin Yuan.

But why is she quiet all of a sudden?


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