Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 543

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Chapter 543 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Rightfully suitable as a wife!

Hearing what Song Yuwei said, Chi Qian turned her head and saw the longing in Yu Shanshan’s eyes.

Chi Qian then nodded and said: “Okay then, I will ask Shanshan to help. I will let you cook a separate dish, okay?”

“Okay! I will help and let you see my cooking skills!” Yu Shanshan said confidently.

”Qian Qian, what can I do to help?” Yu Shanshan asked.

”Actually, I do not need any help here as I am almost done. Shanshan, if you don’t find it bothersome, just follow sister Yuwei’s instructions and cook a separate dish.”

”The kitchen is substantial in ingredients. I am also very curious about your cooking skills.” Chi Qian continued.

Yu Shanshan touched her head and glanced at the dishes prepared by Chi Qian that looked very good then answered: “My cooking skill is not as good as yours but it is not bad.”

Yu Shanshan happily agreed to make one more dish.

She then lifted her sleeves and looked very energetic.

The kitchen is so big that Yu Shanshan ran to the other side to begin cooking.

Song Yuwei mentioned that cooking with friends should be fun, so Chi Qian’s eyes lit up, and then turned to Lin Yuan and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, would you like to make a dish too?”

Hearing what Chi Qian said, Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Just continue with what you’re doing. I will cook a dish very quickly.”

Chi Qian smiled and nodded, then she continued to finish cooking the dish she was working on.

As for Lin Yuan, even though he is a good cook, he just fried a dish casually.

Although his cooking skill is divine level, but after all, he came here to eat so he did not bother to do anything special. Although Chi Qian only prepared home-cooked dishes, Lin Yuan can tell that her cooking skill is also quite good.

Chi Qian is really perfect.

Whether being a girlfriend or taking her home as a wife, she is absolutely flawless.

Soon, the dishes are finished.

Everything is going pretty well

Except for a burnt smell coming from where Yu Shanshan is working.

After asking the maids to arrange the plates and the table, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian then were seated followed by Yu Shanshan.

They watched as the maids carefully arranged the dishes and served them.

Lin Yuan looked at the dishes.

Needless to say, Chi Qian really did a good job.

As soon as the dishes were served, the dining table looked even more beautiful.

The dishes looked quite the same as those served by chefs from star-rating hotels.

The color, the fragrance, and most probably the taste is all present.

Although most of the dishes are home-cooked local dishes: Kung Pau chicken, fish-flavored shredded pork, crystal shrimp, and braised meatballs in brown sauce, they all looked good and delicious.

Yu Shanshan sighed at the sight of this and said: “Qian Qian, your cooking skill is really amazing. They all look like they were made by professional chefs from five-star hotels.”

She also continued: “They also smell good.”

Holding the chopsticks in her hand, she wanted to dig into the food but was restrained.

Chi Qian smiled and said, “Shanshan, if you already want to eat, just go ahead.”

”Okay!” Yu Shanshan is in high spirits.

Chi Qian looked at Song Yuwei who stood aside.

She smiled at Song Yuwei and said: “Sister Yuwei, would you like to sit down and eat with us?”

”This…” Song Yuwei hesitated for a while.

Chi Qian and Song Yuwei have been together for many years.

The relationship between the two is very good.

Chi Qian doesn’t have any airs of a young lady.

So they often eat together.

But today, there are guests at home after all and they are Chi Qian’s friends.

So Song Yuwei planned to just stand aside and watch.

But Chi Qian took the initiative, which made her hesitant.

Chi Qian knew what was going on in Song Yuwei’s mind.

So she smiled and asked Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan: “Brother Lin Yuan, Shanshan, Sister Yuwei will eat with us. Do you mind?”

Yu Shanshan paused while she has a chopstick in her hand and then said: “Of course, I don’t mind. Sister Yuwei, come and eat together.”

Lin Yuan also nodded. “ I also don’t mind.”

”Okay then.” Seeing Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan don’t mind and the young lady initiating the same, Song Yuwei also sat down.

And Yu Shanshan, who was anxious, couldn’t help but move her chopsticks.

As soon as she took a bite, Yu Shanshan’s eyes widened, and exclaimed: “ Wow! Chi Qian, your dishes are delicious. This braised meatball is more delicious than it looks! Wow! Super delicious!”

As she talked, she kept on stuffing the food into her mouth.

Her face was bulging and looked swollen and her speech was unclear.

Seeing this, the other three people seated smiled.

Lin Yuan also moved his chopsticks and picked up a piece of rib.

While Lin Yuan moved his chopsticks to pick up food, Chi Qian’s eyes followed his movements involuntarily.

There was a sign of expectation in her eyes.

It seems she wanted to see Lin Yuan’s reactions after eating the dishes she prepared.

It is clear that Chi Qian cares about Lin Yuan’s thoughts.

Lin Yuan noticed Chi Qian looking.

After eating the ribs, he smiled and praised Chi Qian, “Just like Shanshan said, the dishes are really delicious. Qian Qian, you are not only beautiful, but you also have good cooking skills.”

Hearing Lin Yuan’s compliment, Chi Qian smiled happily.

Lin Yuan was not lying as Chi Qian’s cooking skill is indeed quite good.

The dishes are really delicious.

Compared to his divine-level cooking skills, she shouldn’t be far behind.

Hmmmn… rightfully suitable as a wife in the future.


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