Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 545

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Chapter 545 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain


After being silent for a few seconds, Yu Shanshan suddenly picked up the plate of sour and spicy fried potato shreds with her chopsticks and quickly stuffed the same into her mouth.

Her eyes then widened and said with a surprised expression: “Cousin, you, you…Since when can you cook delicious food?! Isn’t it that you never cooked?”

While talking, Yu Shanshan picked up a few more with her chopsticks and ate them.

It tastes more delicious than eating meat.

Lin Yuan just smiled and was not surprised.

Although he only fried it casually, but after all, he has divine-level cooking skills.

Even if he didn’t put too much effort into his dish, his cooking skill is definitely beyond that of the level of a highly-rated hotel chef.

Hearing what Yu Shanshan said, Chi Qian and Song Yuwei were slightly surprised.

Yu Shanshan did not even criticize Lin Yuan’s cooking.

Instead, she complimented his cooking.

It seems that it is so delicious.

Lin Yuan, the young master of the Lin Family, is good at cooking?

And it also tastes delicious?

Chi Qian and Song Yuwei are both curious.

And so, they both extended their chopsticks toward the plate of spicy and sour potato shreds that Lin Yuan had made.

They pinched a few and put the same into their mouths.

As soon as the potato shreds entered her mouth, Chi Qian’s eyes lit up.

It tastes just as Yu Shanshan said.

The same also happened to Song Yuwei.

Both of them were surprised because Yu Shanshan really made no mistake

Lin Yuan made the ordinary plate of sour and spicy potato shreds really delicious.

And it was even more delicious than they thought.

Although she does not cook that often, Chi Qian is confident about her cooking skills.

Ever since she experienced losing against Lin Yuan, she has always desired to compete and win.

But in terms of cooking, Chi Qian never thought of competing against him.

That is because Lin Yuan is a man.

And it is normal for a young master like him to not be able to cook.

But what happened now is out of her expectation.

Lin Yuan’s cooking skill seems to be better than hers!

Chi Qian couldn’t believe it!

Yu Shanshan vaguely told the taste of the spicy and sour potato shreds.

But it was different when Chi Qian experienced how it tasted.

Chi Qian is different from Yu Shanshan as she is not a foodie.

But the taste of the dish that Lin Yuan made her feel a little obsessed.

The slightly sour and spicy potato shreds will make your saliva secrete automatically and continuously.

It will also stimulate your esophagus and stomach wall, making your appetite involuntarily ignited.

Yu Shanshan doesn’t need to describe much anymore.

She had just eaten the food Chi Qian cooked and it seemed she had been given an extra stomach.

And yet she still continued to eat Lin Yuan’s dish.

Song Yuwei’s eyes also widened.

It is obvious that Lin Yuan’s ordinary fried sour and spicy potato shreds sell like hotcakes.

Obviously, it is just a common homemade dish, but it made her mouth drool.

If she doesn’t shut her mouth tightly, she is afraid that the saliva in her mouth is really going to overflow.

After swallowing, Song Yuwei looked at Lin Yuan in surprise.

Even if Chi Qian had a cold personality and strong control over herself, the throat on her slender neck appeared extremely small and so her swallowing looked almost undetectable.

Evidently, even Chi Qian was stunned by Lin Yuan with just a simple dish.

”Brother Lin Yuan, your cooking skill is so good…Even better than I am. It is really unexpected.” Chi Qian cast a surprised look at Lin Yuan.

She just wanted to cook for Lin Yuan to express her gratitude.

But she never expected that the casual dish that Lin Yuan made was this delicious.

It is almost the same as being drugged.

The competition has not even started yet and it seems she has lost again?


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