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Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 454

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Boniface was always envious of the Pentagon’s ability to develop new technologies. The Yankee weapons development system is a two-person triangle between the government and private companies. Some criticize the evils of the military-industrial complex, but in their view, the synergistic effect is greater than the harm.
Many of the new defense technologies in the U.S. have come from Silicon Valley. The general public knows that venture capital has grown in Silicon Valley, but that’s not to say. The midwife in Silicon Valley is the Pentagon. The nanny who raised Silicon Valley is also the U.S. Department of Defense.
The current Silicon Valley myth began when private companies backed by the Ministry of National Defense began to gather in 1948. At that time, microwave developers with the backing of the U.S. Department of Defense, who had a passion for radar development, gathered, and it was called Microwave Valley.
DARPA (Advanced Defense Research and Development Agency), a research and development organization of the U.S. Department of Defense, established in 1958, has grown into a high-tech industrial complex by leading technology development through industry-university cooperation with private companies and universities in Silicon Valley.
With intensive funding from Darpa, integrated circuits (semiconductors) were developed, and high-tech companies such as Intel and Hewlett-Packard appeared. Semiconductors, the Internet, radar, and GPS (navigation) are representative technologies developed and distributed by the Ministry of National Defense. The French arsenal is an elderly boat and a gutter compared to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Darfa. Even if the defense budget is increased without reforming the arsenal, it is pouring water into the deadlock.
The intercom rang. Boniface, who was pensive in thought, was startled.
– President Arevasa Javert has arrived.
It is the voice of secretary Durendal, who is wary of being eaten by the surf und. Boniface glanced up at the wall clock. I forgot my appointment time for an interview.
“I’ll see you in five minutes.”
– All right.
“Mackisey will embark on rebuilding the Humint organization in the eastern part of Zaire, and Ariva will send operational personnel to the Mambasa area to investigate the movements of the Yankees and Maimai rebels.”
Boniface, who had hurriedly sent the executive officer out, tapped the table with his skinny fingers. The smell of blood and money wafted from the areas of Ituri and Rwenzori, stirred by the Black Mamba.
“Ugh, this time it looks like the company’s slush funds have been stolen. I brought rice cakes, but I can’t be shy.”
Boniface sorted the numbers on the aluminum case and pulled out the report. The first page of the report lists the items.
[Basic data for calculating call name allowance]
1. Rescue 3 GIGN survivors
2. GIGN Hostage Rescue Team and Harpas Counter-Terrorism Team Collected 64 Remains and Oils
3. 14 hostages rescued, 3 victims’ remains recovered
4. Dambala 694 killed, 6 prisoners of war
5. Human biological weapon (mechanical honter) corpse and control chip
6. ADS system control computer
7. Laser-linked fire control system and 3 machine guns
8. Annihilation of 3 chimeric biological weapons and recovery of 3 sets of control chips
9. 350 pieces of genetically engineered laboratory equipment and related materials
10. Annihilate the Chinese duke team

Boniface said in the last line that it was the destruction of Ocelot.
“Hwiyu, this is Won! Should I call it a National Tresor or a natural disaster? No, the North Sea ridge that that friend told me would be perfect.”
An exclamation came out of nowhere. Once you make a move, you’ll see mega achievements pouring in. Black Mamba is not simply a call name with strong fighting power. When he moves, an optical illusion is created in which the original operational purpose is seen as a local activity. Operation Fist of Justice is an incident where a unique and super-special consultant, Black Mamba, showed the true value of a national treasure without filtration.
I once told the story of an ancient oriental thinker named Zhuangzi at a meeting where Black Mamba had haute cuisine. [There is a large fish called gon in the dark blue sea in the north, which is thousands of kilometers in size. When the time comes, Gon transforms into a bird called Bung. The wingspan of a bung is thousands of kilometers. Bung flaps its wings once and soars to a height of tens of thousands of kilometers.]
Tired of the absurd bluff, he shot a word.
“Black, the Earth is only 6,400 kilometers in diameter. There is no sea for thousands of kilometers of fish. It is said that if a bird called Bung flaps its wings, all living things on Earth will become extinct. Rather, Greek mythology is more realistic.”
“How exhilarating than a filthy god who often avoids the eyes of his wife and flirts with a human woman! How can you call a man who seeks only peace for himself? If you are a man, you should dream big, even if you don’t know.”
“Didn’t your dream to build a Korean-style house, eat miso soup (soybean paste stew), and read while lying on the floor?”
“I remember exactly. But that is more difficult than building a country.”
The Black Mamba’s face looked sad as he responded to his grimacing. Does even the strongest human being who can’t know the end have sorrow? Suddenly, the desire to protect Black Mamba’s wind arose like a flame.
Chiring- The intercom rang. Boniface, who woke up from his thoughts, pressed the call button.
– Director-General, one minute later, it is time for a meeting with Chairman Areva.
“I get it.”
Boniface cut the Gorouge with a cutter and opened the window. A river breeze from the Seine drove away from the cigarette smoke. Areva is a backbone company that feeds 120,000 French citizens. Javert is a wealth-creating entrepreneur and he is a wealth-consuming public servant. Of course, you have to deal with it.
A skinny, half-white man wearing a corduroy entered the office. Jacques Javert, chairman of Areva, the world’s No. 1 company in the construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants. Durendal silently closed the door and disappeared.
“Nice to meet you. I almost got thirsty waiting for the president.”
Boniface greeted Javert with a smile on his face at the subject who had forgotten his promise.
“There is no face. My mistake caused a great loss to the country. I pray that the souls of the precious young people may sleep peacefully in the arms of the Lord.”
Javert bowed deeply.
“As a result of the government’s poor response, seven precious human resources have been sacrificed. There is no facet. It is a pity for the hostages that were sacrificed.”
Boniface also closed his eyes and meditated. Operation Fist of Justice was finished neatly by Black Mamba, but it left a big scar. The loss of lives of the commandos deployed in the operation alone was 397, including the three GIGN strike squads.
38 DGSE agents were also killed. The Ituri jungle replenishes nutrients by swallowing more than a thousand humans. Javert and Boniface had a bitter taste that even Domaine de Vecignol (sweet French chocolate) could not wash away. Thanksgiving and consolation came and went, and we got to the main point.
“Because of the bounty, the president wouldn’t have taken a difficult step himself, so what is it?”
“This is the reason I requested an interview with the General Director.”
Javert put a piece of paper on the table. It’s an extravaganza sprayed by Valisari.
‘Damn bitch!’
Valisari’s curse was not over. Boniface took care of his facial expression like a surfer, but almost immediately spit out abusive language.
“What is this?”
Boniface snapped his hand.
“I am not interested in anything else. I am interested in the call name.”
“It is a novel written by a foolish co-worker who fell for the instigation of a remnant of the Nazis who were aiming for social chaos. The national traitor has been detained by the military police after the search has been completed.”
“Sir, I am the president of Areva.”
Javert spit a word and shut his mouth. Boniface read the pride and patriotism in the words of the old entrepreneur. Javert’s status is not low to ignore.
“It’s not all wrong. Let’s talk.”
As Boniface took a step back, Javert’s face turned red.
“The bounty promised with the Director-General is 30 million francs as a deposit and one million francs per hostage. With 14 survivors and 17 remains, that’s 47 million francs. I’ll add 53 million francs. Please introduce your call name.”
Some Boniface jumped too. My head suddenly throbbed at the unexpected request. On the one hand, I got tired of Javert’s distribution, which offered 53 million francs to meet someone.
“It’s not possible. Callname’s identity is top secret. There are only five security rankers who can view Call Name’s personal information. The Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense are also not included in the misidentification.
“You don’t even ask why you want to meet Kolname. Are you concerned about information leakage?”
A sign flashed on Javert’s face that his pride had been damaged.
“Of course. I am the head of DGSE. I have a firm belief that only the dead do not open their mouths. It’s obvious why the president wants to meet Call name.”
“I will not deny that it is for the benefit of the company. If that interest coincides with the national interest, isn’t their room to think about it?”
“It is impossible. I will not listen to the president’s proposal.”
Boniface just cut it. Black Mamba is a shadow. When the light hits, the shadow disappears. Even when Valisari cleans the cheap shit, the fire is still on the instep. Even so, the black mamba is heartbroken. Money isn’t the problem if you arrange a private meeting and the shit goes wrong.
“I understand the concerns of the General Manager. But today’s decision seems to be left with regret.”
“Even if I regret it, I do it. I’m sorry I couldn’t listen to the president’s request.”
Javert had a sad expression on his face, but Boniface did not blink.
“Look at my mind. I’m getting old and I’m blinking.”
Javert, who was picking up his hat and wand, pulled out his wallet.
“Give it to Call name. In return for finding Areva’s precious possessions. Congratulations on your appointment as Director-General.”
With two checks on the table, Javert left the office.
“Are you sorry?”
Boniface felt something was wrong. A person at the level of Chairman Javert does not utter a single word lightly. Never, never say anything unfounded.
“Life itself is regret, but what’s the point of adding one more? How will it be?”
Boniface was also infected with Black Mamba’s ‘what will happen’ virus. He cleared his mind and checked the amount of the check.
“OMG! The rice cakes are great.”
Some Boniface also blew up a breeze. 39 million francs is the balance of the bounty promised by Javert. Another check is for 53 million francs. Chairman Javert had tossed out a huge piece of cake of 53 million francs. Boniface’ annual salary is 220,000 francs. Boniface tapped the calculator. It’s ignorant, but curiosity prevailed.
“Huh, the name of the DGSE general director is 400 years, but it’s not enough. If the black mamba is a pumpkin, then I am an acorn. No, it should be called Bung and Sparrow.”
A sigh came out. It was surprising to see Chairman Javert’s distribution and the value of Black Mamba.
‘Did you even ask me why?’
Curiosity arises, but curiosity must end with curiosity. Javert-type humans are ghosts of skipping. From the moment you ask the reason, you are drawn into the other person’s intentions. Unless you save the country, there is no reason to put the Black Mamba in the sun. I heard the intercom.
“Durendal, schedule the Falcon. The day after tomorrow at 10 am, the destination is the 13th Regiment in Djibouti.”
– All right. The media is in an uproar.
“A riot? Durendal, I know you’re a journalist, but avoid vague, provocative words.”
– Yep, I’m sorry. Newspapers and magazines alike went out of their way to find a call name.
“Uh-huh! riot again?”
– Oh, sorry again. It’s not a riot, I’m making an official offer to Call name. Le Figgart offers 2 million francs for a five-minute interview, French West magazine 3 million francs, and private TV broadcasters such as te ef en, Canal Pleu, and Dihec Witt are also offering 3 million to 5 million francs to appear on the air.
“Damn bitch!”
Boniface grabbed the hair around him, which was starting to thin out as if to pull it out. They want to imprison Germain and Kabae, who allowed Valisari’s accompanying coverage, but legal action is impossible because they exercised their authority under the current law. Awesome hair is a source of anger.
“Durendal, connect Captain Jean-Paul of the 13th Djibouti Regiment.”
– Yeah, I see.
“Damn it, quitting smoking is wrong.”
He stared at Goluz, whose waist was cut off, lying in the ashtray. Even if I couldn’t quit, my decision to cut the amount of smoking in half stumbled within two hours.
“I’m going to get cancer. Even though you are a civil servant, you have to pay taxes, but you have to pay them.”
Boniface, looking for an excuse, sniffed out a cigarette and lit it.
Djibouti is a small country located at the northern tip of troubled Somalia, south of the Bav el Mandev Strait, the bottleneck connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It borders Yemen to the north of the strait, Eritrea, the hometown of Afwerki toward the Red Sea, Ethiopia to the interior of Africa, and Somalia to the Gulf of Aden.
Djibouti, a small country twice the size of the District of Gyeonggi, gained independence from France in the 1970s. It is one of the few countries with less presence than Korea due to its small land, small population, and poor economic power.
There is only one reason why the 13th Réison Etrangée Regiment is stationed in Djibouti, where there is nothing to eat: the protection of the Bav el Mandev Strait, which is only 32 km wide..
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