Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 455

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The Bav el Mandev Strait is divided by the island of Perim. The route to Yemen, called Bab Iskander, is only 3km wide and 30 m deep. Large tankers cannot enter and exit. The Dact el Mayun route on the Djibouti side is 25 km wide and 310 m deep. It is a passageway for tankers and ships between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.
Small rock islands called the Seven Brothers are lined up near the coast of Djibouti, and strong currents pushing them toward the coast impede the operation of ships.
Although the width of 32 km seems wide, the strait that large ships can enter and exit is only about 15 km wide. This narrow strait is the channel through which Middle Eastern oil is sold all over the world. Accidents at sea due to overcrowded large tankers and ships are common, and when the bottleneck is clogged, the world becomes noisy as if a hotteok restaurant is on fire.
The Horn of Africa mentioned in the media refers to the Somalia Peninsula, which includes Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Somaliland, and Djibouti. France has acquired Djibouti from the 19th century, which is located at the apex of the horn in terms of securing an oil channel.
Simien Beach, Djibouti, has a gentle dune lined with palm trees in the front and the Bav el Mandev Strait in front. The sun blazing in the cloudless emerald sky, and the endless sea seem to stretch out the width of white silk due to the sparkling scales of water. Although the strait is narrow, the horizon that humans can see from a height of 1.7 m above sea level is only 4.6 km. Standing on the beach, the seawater fills your view and the floating tankers are relaxing.
Dozens of beach chairs are lined up in the shade of palm trees. The beach chair is littered with only clothes and accessories, and only one man is occupied. At the man’s feet, a huge black-and-blue-haired animal was lying on his face. The animal with its chin on its front paws like a dog is a mixture of a tiger and a Caucasian obcha.
A large black man is squatting next to the animal. A black hand rushed back and forth between his legs and his mouth. If you look closely at the bizarre behavior, it is bizarre. With his saliva-soaked fingers, he takes an ant that climbs on a log-like calf and slides it into his mouth.
Unparalleled party in the world, no need for explanation, Simon D, and Dino Palace. There are only matchless humans who can turn ancient beasts like Dino Palace into puppies. Simon D is the only human who enjoys live ants as snacks like chimpanzees.
Returning to Djibouti three days ago, Paul immediately invited an old colleague. Unfortunately, Bellman was the only colleague who accepted the invitation. Emile was out of contact with her new girlfriend because she was traveling to Corsica. Zhang was unable to leave because his wife, Hou Ying, underwent a liver transplant.
Adam Davis, a thriving California arms dealer and former CIA field agent, got on the plane as soon as he answered Paul’s phone call, locking his arms depot and sales office. My friend and boss, the Black Mamba, is there.
The only matchless companions who have survived from the Sahel are Paul, Bellman, Emil, and Zhang Sheng. Three out of five survivors gathered. They put everything down and spend the third day enjoying Djibouti’s indigo sea, burning sun, Islamic cuisine, and women.
It is close to noon. The sun hanging from the sky poured out unstoppable radiant heat. Djibouti is one of the hottest places on Earth. The average temperature in July is 43℃, and December is the coldest, with an average temperature of 34℃. At the end of June, the midday temperature rises to 48°C.
The pair fully enjoyed the scorching sun while wearing only a Ray-Ban that covered half of their face and a pair of panties. Djibouti was not a bad choice. He praised his excellent choice.
Sweat gushed out from the bones, running down the copper-colored body. There is no dry sauna. The scale accumulated in the Ituri jungle also melted one after another in the sun. Dino Palace slowly woke up. With his tongue as rough as sandpaper, he licked and licked the sweat he had shed.
“He’s not even a dog, what is he doing?”
Simon D tilted his head. Dino Palace fears its owner but obeys it very much. It was hard to tell whether he was serving his master or he liked salty sweat.
‘Isn’t there anything fun? Shall we play with him?’
Simon D looked at Dino Palace with a squint. The guy has a strong skeleton so it won’t be a problem even if he’s hit hard. Dino Palace caught the attention of Simon D and secretly avoided behind the matchless.
Musou changed his posture to take a more active and intense resting position. It is not known whether Boniface’s stomach is rotten or not, and it is not known whether the Parisian magnates fight over the existence of the call name.
The beach was noisy with a group of men and women shouting. Five women and one man, who barely covered their national wealth with a piece of cloth, split up and are enjoying a beach volley game. The black skin jumped up and smashed the ball picked up by the slender blonde hair. It’s a fairly experienced job.
Puck- A man who had his eyes on a woman’s legs was hit in the face by a ball and fell flat.
The hat and Ray-Ban he was wearing came off. Gray eyes, a narrow forehead, and thin lips, as if drawn with a razor blade, were exposed. Captain Jean-Paul.
“Ho ho ho ho!”
Anyone can see it’s too much slapstick. A high-pitched laugh spread across the beach.
“Whahahaha, game out! Paul, focus on the game. What do you do when you look at the ball without looking at it?”
Kaisel’s bearded man, who was watching the referee, chuckled.
“Bellman, look directly at you and the referee. It means that he has already made his fifth coming.”
“Oh my gosh. A poor carpenter blames the tools, and an incompetent player blames the referee. Come on, pretty girls, you should get the prize money for the championship.”
“Ula, Meh!”
The women rushed in. Djibouti is the French of Africa. The Afar and Isas that make-up Djibouti do not speak French. Independence has long since disappeared in all fields of politics, economy, and society.
Bellman generously inserted stiff 10-franc bills into the bras of the white and black beauties. The women clung to the bellman and trembled with all kinds of aegyo.
“Ho ho ho, Mr. Meh de Bu Donna va de Pene. (Thank you for your hard work.)”
“Ula, Mr. Meh de Bottch! (Oh, thank you!)
“Ho ho ho. Seth maheung! (I love it so much!)
The women who received the money rubbed their ass on Bellman’s groin, rubbed their backs with their large breasts, and trembled as they kissed.
“Anangshyap (wait a minute), nu bonu ben serkin tuwa (should we suck our fingers?)”
Two women who ate the same side as Paul raised their breasts and argued.
“Ooh Nong! A Beau Cheval Bon crab (a good horse is given good water; a French proverb says that hard work is rewarded)”
Bellman pointed his finger at the woman’s large breasts.
“Oh, Nong Prablam!”
The two girls took off their bras without hesitation. Her breasts, larger than melon and smaller than a watermelon, protrude and protrude.
Laughter and exclamation broke out. Paul put his hands together to cover his mouth and made a beatbox sound.
Whoops- pupa pupa-
The women shook their chests to the beatbox rhythm. Bellman and Paul attacked the woman, and she retreated to and fro. In the mess, even other women took off their bras and heated the atmosphere. The beach was so hot that the June sun was discolored.
The beach striptease ended with five girls side by side in their bikinis and lying on their backs shaking their big asses. When the vulgar performance was over, Bellman gave a happy smile. The reason why I called four men and five women was to induce competition.
Competitors are more anxious when there is one dropout than when there are many. The women tried their best not to drop out. The power of money made the young girl of the Islamic State naked in broad daylight.
“It was the most thrilling performance of my life.”
Paul put fifty franc bills into the women’s chests. Black pearl skin gripped Paul’s lower leg.
“Heh heh, it’s not the heart that’s shaking, isn’t it?”
“Wah ha ha ha! Ho ho ho ho!”
Roaring laughter and gossiping laughter spread across the beach.
“Is it fun to play like that?”
Simon D, tired of playing with eating ants, murmured. At first, we got along together, but the problem is power. No matter how lightly I hit it, the thin plastic ball was torn. Simon D was forcibly sent off after hammocking three beach volleyballs.
“Is it because you want to play with girls?”
The pair asked the newspaper with their eyes closed.
“I don’t like weak people and women who smell bad. Playing with the beads of the old master is much more exciting.”
Simon D said he had no heart. The rosary play refers to Master Daewoo’s trick of the chase. Bombing rocks that rip apart flesh and crush bones is absolutely a spec.
“Let’s go back to the Hermitage tomorrow.”
Simon D’s face darkened. To be honest, the big master is good, but the hermitage is not interesting. When I wake up in the morning, I chant the flames, and I get scolded from time to time. Every day I cook, practice, meditate, eat and sleep. Except for the fun of eating wild boars and roe deer without knowing the big boss, it’s incredibly boring. I wonder if I would have waited eagerly for Saturday. It’s because the owner doesn’t go to school on Saturday.
How pleasant it is to follow the owner. Smash it hot and play hot. It’s full of strange things, and interesting things keep happening. There is no chance of seeing a woman dancing naked in the hermitage. The Hermitage is a boring paradise and the world is a fun hell.
“I can extend my vacation time even more~”
The pair plucked the horse’s tail long.
“Wakir, are you trying to make it hard work?”
Simon D, who was quick-witted, asked.
“I’ll have to roll it around a bit to protect that house. If you’re stupid, just apply miso.”
Dino Palace flinched. Dino Palace understood the matchless words. The mechanism is unknown, but it seems to be reading thoughts rather than understanding words. Mussou and Simon D, who experienced the Ituri jungle, didn’t even think it was strange.
“Damn, did you hear me? You’re all over the good times. Don’t show me the hell I’ve been through. Heh heh!”
He said he liked Simon D, who was shivering from boredom. Kiing- Dino Palace looked at the pair with pathetic eyes. There is another eye looking at the matchless. The eyes of the women who were playing the beach ball game often turned like crosshairs. No woman would not drool over the perfect body that the David statue would be colorless.
“Hey bitches, swallow something that will make you salivate.”
Bellman giggled.
“Heh, did you wrap that yangban’s dick in gold?”
“It’s not like gold. Even if the five of you attack at once, there is no harm in doing it. I may die.”
“Oh my God!”
“I want to die right now.”
The women’s eyes twinkled.
“Crazy bitches, you can’t do anything to die.”
Paul muttered. The word death is a direct word, not a rhetorical expression. I doubted if any woman would ever be able to withstand that monster.
Black Mamba was not very interested in women’s eyes, but Dino Palace’s eyes were salty. I remembered a nigga and caught it, but it’s impossible for him. He stroked his hair and poked his nose into the social pages of Le Monde that he was reading.
[…Reporter Valisari, a reporter specializing in Canal Pli’s report, was arrested by the Military Police for disseminating false information related to Operation Fist of Justice… Journalist Balisari has repeatedly argued for the existence of extraterrestrials, call names and cannibals, blasphemed Emperor Napoleon and claimed the human rights of the kidnappers, and continued to act inconsistently. The appraisal authorities requested a mental evaluation, and the reporter was diagnosed with delusional disorder grade 2. For this, the Military Police imposed a fine of 1,000 francs and freed the reporter… Human rights group Fiardo issued a statement condemning the military for brutally killing even captive kidnappers… Operation Fist of Justice has many questions. Authorities are blocking contact with the hostages and the media because the hostages have been diagnosed with trauma… The mystery of the weapon system that killed 698 armed fanatics without harm has not been resolved… The popular media outlets are betting big on an interview with Call name claimed by Balisari…]
The pair covered their faces with newspapers and muttered.
“I am no different from an ant that has fallen into the funnel of an ant ghost. The days that lead to murder and murder hold onto their hind legs and do not let go. If you are tired and tired, you will be bitten by an ant ghost and dragged to hell.”
“Sheesh, how does an ant ghost grab Waquil’s hind legs and bite him? If he bites Waquille’s leg, he’ll break his tooth.”
Simon D stabbed Dino Palace with his finger. Quinn- Quinn- Dino Palace pretended to be dead. Dino Palace, who was beaten once to become a rice cake while fighting with Simon D, became a pet dog at the level of a Chihuahua.
Simon was bored. The owner only reads the newspaper, and the owner’s friends play with the women. Women didn’t like them very much. Of course, he didn’t like women very much. The women Paul brought did not smell as good as Miss Ethel or Miss Jinsoon.
Simon D smells the soul. They are slender, high-class call girls with good looks, but the smell of rotten souls is not to my liking..
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