Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 551:

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Chapter 551:

Soon, Chi Qian served.

Lin Yuan caught it smoothly again.

Under Yu Shanshan and Song Yuwei’s surprised gaze, the two started their rally again.

But this time, Chi Qian only persisted for less than two minutes.

And then she lost again.

Chi Qian picked up the ball.

But this time, this high-quality ball broke.

It may be because the battle between the two was really fierce.

Chi Qian bit her red lips and changed the table tennis ball.

She doesn’t care about the broken ball.

What she cared more about was that she unexpectedly lost again.

And this loss is faster than before.

It was four minutes before and now she lost for only two minutes.

”2 to 1, Brother Lin Yuan. I will be the one to serve.” Chi Qian said again.

After getting Lin Yuan’s confirmation, Chi Qian serves again.

The angle of the serve this time is even more complex.

The speed is also faster.

But for Lin Yuan who has mastered the divine level table tennis skill proficiently, the same was still easy to take down.

He continued to compete with Chi Qian.

Even in the fourth round, Chi Qian lost again.

And this time, it was only over a minute.

She was defeated even faster than before!

Although dissatisfied, Chi Qian continued to serve again.

But Lin Yuan’s strength, reaction, and control are to a much greater extent than Chi Qian’s.

Additionally, he also has divine-level tennis skills.

She tried various angles, techniques, and styles but she still lost one after another.

Soon, she lost four times in a row.

Four wins out of seven games.

And so Lin Yuan was declared the winner.

”It is unexpected… that Brother Lin Yuan plays table tennis very well.” Chi Qian said.

”You are not as bad Qian Qian. You also played very well.” Lin Yuan replied.

Chi Qian played very well.

If he hadn’t upgraded his skills, Lin Yuan reckons that even if his reaction is superior, he cannot even win.

So, there is nothing that he could be proud of.

After several rounds with Chi Qian, she was obviously still a little unconvinced.

She wanted to have another round.

She wanted to take a break and prepare and then come back stronger.

After all, Chi Qian was still somewhat confident about her level.

The most important thing is that she felt too depressed to lose every time.

After the two stopped playing, Yu Shanshan also jumped in. She said she also wanted to play with Lin Yuan.

But Yu Shanshan only wants to join in the fun.

Even if Lin Yuan didn’t have a divine level skill in table tennis, he could easily win against her.

Yu Shanshan couldn’t even catch the serve at all.

She couldn’t last even for a few rounds.

Lin Yuan laughed and remarked: “Your forehand is weak, your backhand the same. Your footwork is loose and your response is slow. Just let Qian Qian play.”

”Hmpphh! All right!”

Feeling the significant difference and not wanting to be tortured, Yu Shanshan left honestly.

She returned the place to Chu Qian and let her continue to play with Lin Yuan.

And then when Lin Yuan and Chi Qian began playing again, Yu Shanshan shouted at Song Yuwei and asked her to accompany her to other places.

She did not mind leaving Lin Yuan and Chi Qian behind.

In fact, Song Yuwei actually wanted to watch Lin Yuan and Chi Qian play some more.

That is especially true to witnessing Lin Yuan.

She finds him so handsome.

But since Yu Shanshan wanted to go to some other places, Song Yuwei decided to go with her.

After talking to Lin Yuan and Chi Qian, Yu Shanshan left.

Chi Qian then continued to play with Lin Yuan tenaciously.

But Lin Yuan basically wins more.

With Lin Yuan’s stronger physique and faster reaction accompanied by his powerful table tennis skills, Chi Qian appeared not his opponent at all.

Chi Qian basically lost consecutively.

”Let’s stop for a while. It seems that Brother Lin Yuan is really a tough opponent.” Chi Qian smiled helplessly.

She had lost three consecutive rounds again and did not even win.

She doesn’t bother trying anymore, after all, this game is quite exhausting.

And Lin Yuan’s physique is much stronger than she estimated.

Even if she continues, the possibility of winning will just get slimmer.

Lin Yuan agreed with Chi Qian’s decision.

”Okay.” Lin Yuan replied.

The two sat down and drank some water.

Lin Yuan then heard several system prompts while he was drinking water.

[Ding! Chi Qian’s favorability +1! Reward: 1000 counterattack points!]

It seems Chi Qian can only accept her defeat once again.

Just when the two were seated and relaxing, Song Yuwei and Yu Shanshan who had left also returned.

Yu Shanshan’s pace increased slightly as she walked toward them.

At the same time, there was a joyous look on her face.

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