Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 552:

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Chapter 552:

Yu Shanshan walked towards Lin Yuan and Chi Qian and said happily, “Qian Qian, there is a big outdoor swimming pool upstairs in your house! It looks great!”

”Can we go swimming together? It’s so hot today.”

Song Yuwei showed a helpless smile looking at Yu Shanshan’s happy appearance.

Lin Yuan also understood Yu Shansahn’s excitement.

Lin Yuan also wanted to see the outdoor swimming pool and swim.

After hearing what Yu Shanshan said, Chi Qian pondered for a moment and said: “Okay. Let’s go and swim.”

While thinking, Chi Qian glanced at Lin Yuan secretly.

The observant Lin Yuan noticed it.

Lin Yuan understood what she was thinking.

Based on Chi Qian’s character, it is certain that she hasn’t swum with other people.

That is true even for the same sex, let alone the opposite sex.

However, she invited both Lin Yuan and Yu Shanshan to her house, so she couldn’t refuse.

In addition, they are also her close friends.

If it were those people she knew casually, Chi Qian would definitely refuse.

”Young Master Lin, do you want to go to the outdoor pool upstairs?” Song Yuwei asked directly.

After all, Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan are both women and Lin Yuan is the only man.

He might feel a bit awkward going.

And so, Song Yuwei asked.

While Song Yuwei spoke to Lin Yuan, Yu Shanshan also winked at Lin Yuan.

What she meant seems to be quite obvious, that is she gave him a good opportunity to take his understanding with Chi Qian to a higher level.

If they would swim together, then he would have the chance to see Chi Qian in a swimsuit.

It is indeed a good opportunity.

Lin Yuan did not expect Yu Shanshan to be this useful.

She also became a wingwoman.

Lin Yuan would naturally not refuse this.

He only nodded in agreement.

Seeing Lin Yuan nod, Song Yuwei glanced at Chi Qian.

Seeing that the lady also did not mean to refuse, Song Yuwei smiled.

”Then I, Brother Lin Yuan, and Yu Shanshan will go up. Sister Yuwei, hope you can have someone put water in the swimming pool.” Chi Qian said.

While saying that, Chi Qian’s fair and pretty face flushed slightly.

Song Yuwei nodded.

She went and asked the maid at home to come.

Lin Yuan followed Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan upstairs.

They all went upstairs using the elevator.

Soon the three reached the topmost floor of the villa.

True enough, there is a very large outdoor swimming pool on the topmost floor.

It is half the size of a normal swimming pool.

And it is outdoors.

It seems that the surrounding environment is also very good.

It gives off a very comfortable feeling.

”It is a swimming pool in a very scenic spot. And the size is just right and cozy. By the way Qian Qian, do you have any swimsuit I can borrow?” Yu Shanshan asked happily.

”Yes, I have a few sets. You can borrow mine.” Chi Qian replied.

Song Yuwei who had ordered the maid to drain the water also came over.

She then said respectfully to Chi Qian, “Miss, I have your swimsuits ready, and I have placed them in the changing room over there.”

Song Yuwei pointed to a hut next to the swimming pool.

”Okay, thank you Sister Yuwei.” Chi Qian nodded immediately upon hearing it.

As expected, Song Yuwei has always been very caring.

Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan then went to change into their swimsuits.

Song Yuwei turned to Lin Yuan and said apologetically: “I am sorry Young Master Lin, we don’t have men’s swimsuits. But I have asked someone to buy one for you. I hope you won’t mind waiting for a while.”

Lin Yuan nodded: “Okay. It’s fine.”

Since he had no swimsuit yet, Lin Yuan did not rush into the water.

And so, he and Song Yuwei sat by the pool and chatted for a while.

It did not take long for Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan to finally come out in their swimsuits.

Lin Yuan glanced at them naturally.

Then he was taken aback suddenly.

Although only for less than a second, Lin Yuan was really stunned.

This is a rare occasion as Lin Yuan has always been calm.

But when he saw Chi Qian wearing a swimsuit, he still froze for a moment.

Because she is now wearing fewer than usual.

Or rather, Lin Yuan has never seen Chi Qian dressed showing much skin.

There is also Chi Qian’s figure.

It is quite perfect and impressive.

Perhaps she only wore a swimsuit at home and no outsider will see it.

Chi Qian is wearing a two-piece pale yellow swimsuit.

Although it has more cloth than the common swimsuit, it still shows a lot of skin.

It complements her upper and lower body.

It is also tighter in some areas than that of an ordinary swimsuit.

Compared to Chi Qian’s usual slightly conservative style, the swimsuit she wears shows more skin.

Lin Yuan regarded Chi Qian as having the most perfect and flawless skin.

It is even more accentuated by her pale yellow swimsuit.

That vast expanse of her skin is even more fair and translucent and looked fragile.

She looked too perfect that it is difficult to look away.

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