Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 553:

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Chapter 553:

Chi Qian’s soft and silky hair hangs at her waist.

The two yellow straps of the swimsuit are now tied around her white and slender neck.

Her abundant treasures are also wrapped in a pale-yellow swimsuit.

It has to be said that Chi Qian is really thin in clothes yet fleshy with fewer clothes.

Not only do they look good, but the shape is perfect too.

Although they are covered tightly, the charm still can’t be hidden.

Below the abdomen is a vast expanse of white and translucent skin.

Maybe due to long-term exercise, Chi Qian’s lower abdomen is not only extremely flat but there is also no trace of fat at all. And it has a charming firm abs.

It is sharply noticeable compared to Yu Shanshan’s slightly bulging belly.

Two well-proportioned and slender arms naturally hang down.

The buttocks underneath is also perfectly rounded.

The legs are so white and straight.

This figure is absolutely perfect.

There isn’t any trace of fat.

The place that needs to be thin is thin and the place that needs to be big is big.

Everything is just perfect.

Adding to her fair and crystal skin, it is really fascinating.

It is difficult to look away.

Her perfect face and this perfect body would really give anyone a strong urge to hug her in their arms and give her love.

Even with someone with a strong focus like Lin Yuan, it is still difficult to keep calm and control his impulse.

This is the first woman who almost made him uncontrollable since Mei Yuxian.

Maybe Chi Qian’s figure is not as otherworldly as that of Mei Yuxian, but still, it is really perfect.

Not only is her figure perfect, but her appearance is also likewise.

She has a different appeal.

It’s a sight to behold, but Lin Yuan won’t look at her and drool like a fool.

However, Lin Yuan did not pretend to be a gentleman who would look away.

He just looked at her like he would normally do.

Chi Qian on the other hand seems to have noticed Lin Yuan looking.

Her face blushed.

She then flicked her hair and grabbed Yu Shanshan’s hand.

She pulled Yu Shanshan directly into the water.

Her fair jade skin came into contact with the shimmering water.

Her skin looks crystal clear and shining.

Lin Yuan watched Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan splashing in the pool.

After a while, a maid handed a set of men’s swimsuits to Song Yuwei.

Song Yuwei then walked toward Lin Yuan carrying the swimsuit in her arms.

While handing the same to Lin Yuan, she said, “Young Master Lin, the swimsuit I asked for is here. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

”It’s okay.” Lin Yuan shook his head and then took the swimsuit.

Song Yuwei stretched out her hand and pointed her finger saying: “The changing room is over there.”

”Okay.” Lin Yuan nodded in reply.

While talking, Song Yuwei looked up at Lin Yuan with a slightly curious look in her eyes.

Because Lin Yuan is so handsome, she is also a little curious about his figure.

Judging from how he played table tennis with Chi Qian earlier, she speculated that his physique should be very good.

The figure should also be the same.

She wanted to see it for herself.

She is very curious to see whether Lin Yuan’s figure adds up to his perfect appearance.

Chi Qian whose lower body was submerged in the swimming pool also glanced quietly.

Then she continued to play in the water with Yu Shanshan.

Lin Yuan saw the curiosity in Song Yuwei’s eyes but didn’t care.

He walked directly to the dressing room.

Next to Lin Yuan was a maid Song Yuwei had asked to assist whenever Lin Yuan needed help.

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