Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 554:

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Chapter 554:

Lin Yuan refused the maid’s help to get changed.

He then entered the dressing room to change into his swimwear.

After Lin Yuan entered, the maid just kept staring at the door.

Actually, when she was asked by Song Yuwei to help change Lin Yuan’s clothes, she was pretty happy.

After all, Lin Yuan is really handsome.

It makes you really curious about his figure.

Although there was no chance to see it up close, she was still hoping to see it so she stood by the door.

The housekeeper Song Yuwei also stared at the dressing room door wistfully.

She was curious about the figure of Lin Yuan, the likely future son-in-law of the Chi Family.

Chi Qian also occasionally glanced inadvertently.

Ten seconds later, the door of the dressing room opened.

Lin Yuan stepped out of the dressing room.

As soon as she saw his figure, the maid waiting at the door was stunned.

Song Yuwei, who was waiting curiously with her hands in front of her body, also stared blankly.

In the swimming pool, Chi Qian, who used to play with Yu Shanshan, was stupefied.

Seeing Lin Yuan come out, the maid outside the door, the maid responsible for changing the pool water, housekeeper Song Yuwei and all the other women present were dumbfounded.

Even Chi Qian couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

After changing into his swimwear, Lin Yuan’s figure has become explosive.

After all, Lin Yuan’s strength, physique, etc. have all been increased to a very high point.

His current physique is like a little Superman.

It was hard to see it since he was wearing clothes before.

The way Lin Yuan dressed made him look personable, elegant, and harmonious.

He is just like an elegant gentleman.

But what Song Yuwei and the others did not expect was that Lin Yuan’s figure seems to explode after undressing.

Right now, Lin Yuan only wore swimming trunks.

The upper body is bare.

His perfect figure was completely visible.

Wide shoulders and strong chest muscles.

Chiseled abs, shark lines, male dog waist…

All the coveted characteristics of fitness professionals are present in Lin Yuan.

It’s a perfect textbook male figure!

This perfect figure is extremely attractive to women.

This attraction is brought about by reproductive instinct.

It accelerates the secretion of hormones.

And the most important point is Lin Yuan’s appearance.

Some men who have good figures also look greasy.

This is why women do not have a good impression of them.

But Lin Yuan’s perfect appearance complements this ideal figure.

The heart of the girls present couldn’t help but pound faster while their thoughts go wild.

The maid who was closer to him even covered her nose.

She was afraid that her nose would bleed.

Song Yuwei couldn’t look away either.

Even Chi Qian who was in the water looked at it several times.

Yu Shanshan was also dumbfounded.

‘When did my cousin get this figure?’

Lin Yuan just ignored the stares and said to the maid on the side: “The clothes I took off are inside. Please help me tidy it up.”

“Okay, okay!” The little maid nodded repeatedly.

Then the maid ran into the house quickly while clutching her nose.

She was afraid that she wouldn’t hold back her nose from bleeding in public.

After ordering the maid to tidy up his clothes, Lin Yuan then walked towards the pool.

While on the way, Song Yuwei planned to say something.

But looking at Lin Yuan who was half naked right now, her face was a little hot and flushed.

Her throat seemed to have rolled slightly.

She could not utter a single word.

Song Yuwei is actually already nearly thirty years old.

She is like a mature elder sister.

But after all, she has been serving and taking care of Chi Qian for a very long time, so she hasn’t really seen a naked male body yet.

Not to mention a perfect body like Lin Yuan.

So when looking at Lin Yuan, her heart couldn’t help but pound.

She was suddenly a little inexplicably excited and her heart throbbing.

Lin Yuan did not pay attention to song Yuwei’s thoughts and went directly to the pool.

And by the time he was near the pool, Yu Shanshan shouted at him: “Cousin, you have such a great body! When did it become this good? Did you work out without me knowing?”

Lin Yuan did not respond and just smiled and looked at Yu Shanshan’s slightly bulging belly.

Seeing Lin Yuan’s gaze, Yu Shanshan blushed.

She hastily retracted the bulging belly of hers.

“I can see where you’re looking! You need not say anything! I will exercise by myself!”

Yu Shanshan was a step ahead.

She did not wait for Lin Yuan to tease her and instead directly blocked Lin Yuan’s words.

“That’s good. You take the initiative. Look at your bulging tummy. It looks like you’re pregnant and will deliver in a few months.” Lin Yuan said to his cousin.


Yu Shanshan snorted.

Then she pulled Chi Qian to the side and said: “Qian Qian, look at my brother, he’s got a great body!”

Hearing what Yu Shanshan said, Chi Qian who had already retracted her gaze, looked at Lin Yuan’s body again.

Chi Qian nodded and said: “Well, very good. Brother Lin Yuan’s figure is indeed… in good shape.”

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