Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 555:

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Chapter 555:

While she spoke, Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan’s body generously.

She looks generously without any awkwardness at all.

Lin Yuan also looked at Chi Qian.

But he is not surprised, after all, Chi Qian is perfect in all aspects.

Though naturally, Lin Yuan won’t make a fool of himself.

However, Chi Qian’s pretty face still flushed.

Maybe because it was the first time she saw the body of a man this close.

The two looked at each other closely.

They are both looking at each other generously.

Their figures are both perfect.

No one is at a disadvantage

Yu Shanshan on the side also noticed the same.

She pouted her mouth and covered her face saying: “Chi Qian’s figure is also super perfect!”

While saying that, she squeezed her belly.

Yu Shanshan quietly slipped away from the two perfect figures with a bit of sadness.

She has decided to better herself and exercise.

Although her fighting spirit and motivation may only last for only three minutes.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian’s eyes also met naturally for a few moments but they did not look at each other for long.

Chi Qian then said: “Brother Lin Yuan. I am going to go and swim with Yu Shanshan.”

Lin Yuan nodded in response.

Then Chi Qian went to find Yu Shanshan to swim with her.

Lin Yuan also stopped staring at Chi Qian’s attractive body.

He took a deep breath and dived into the water and began swimming.

Although Lin Yuan witnessed Chi Qian in that swimsuit and revealing a figure he had never seen before, but Lin Yuan’s self-control is not that bad.

It is not to the point that he will be crazy.

He only made a few glances and then tried to calm himself.

And Lin Yuan also believes that one day, he will be able to appreciate it more.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian both swam in the pool.

Both of them have a very strong physique.

They both swam extremely fast.

And their swimming styles are also beautiful.

Yu Shanshan looked like a half-dried duck on the side. She couldn’t even do a few strokes and so was filled with envy and jealousy.

After discovering that Lin Yuan and Chi Qian are both particularly good, Yu Shanshan couldn’t help shouting: “Cousin, teach me to swim! I can’t swim!”

After shouting at Lin Yuan, Yu Shanshan shouted again, this time to Chi Qian: “Qian Qian, you swim very well. Look at me. I almost drowned. Teach me.”

When he heard Yu Shanshan shouting, Lin Yuan swam all the way to the other side of the pool.

But once near Yu Shanshan’s side, Lin Yuan also saw Chi Qian coming over.

Lin Yuan then immediately asked Yu Shanhan, “You called both me and Qian Qian. Who do you want to teach you?”

Chi Qian also smiled and looked at Yu Shanshan.

As the water beads glide from Chi Qian’s body, their rising silhouettes are silhouetted against her white and tender skin

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Yu Shanshan glanced at Lin Yuan.

Then she also glanced at Chi Qian.

She looked really ‘tangled’.

“I… I just saw that my cousin swims very well. The same is true with Qian Qian. My cousin seems to swim a little faster, while Qian Qian swims a little more gracefully.”

“How about you two compete against each other? Whoever swims better can teach me how to swim. How about that?”

Yu Shanshan smiled smugly.

She seems to be very satisfied with her genius idea.

But after hearing what Yu Shanshan said, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian both laughed.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “If you say that, then it is better to lose than to win.”

“Brother Lin Yuan is right.” Chi Qian on the side also nodded in agreement.

“Ah! Cousin, Qian Qian. You can’t do this to me!”

“Just think about it! If you can teach me to swim, isn’t it a very honorable…”

Seeing that the two are not interested in teaching her as a reward, Yu Shanshan began speaking articulately.

However, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian just smiled contemptuously at her.

But in the end, they agreed to Yu Shanshan.

“Okay then. I will compete with brother Lin Yuan. Whoever wins will teach you.” Chi Qian said.

“Okay.” Lin Yuan also nodded.

They both agreed to teach Yu Shanshan to swim.

Lin Yuan also discovered that Chi Qian swims really fast.

Obviously, Chi Qian is also very good at swimming.

He does have an idea about comparing his speed with Chi Qian.

Chi Qian must also have an idea to compete.

But neither of them started from the same position earlier, so it wasn’t a match.

But with Yu Shanshan’s proposal, it seems they can compete.

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian looked at each other.

Looking at Chi Qian’s beautiful eyes, it is obvious that they had similar thoughts.

Although they said they’d rather lose than win and teach Yu Shanshan, but the eyes of the two are really serious.

It is evident that they both wanted to win.

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